Meet The Pioneer of India’s Men’s Rights Movement – Mr. Radhikanath Mallik

Many of us, the present Indian MRAs were merely school kids and unaware of our future ordeals when he started his struggle for truth. I used to see his name in newspapers but never took him seriously in my school days. Divorce was still a distant occurrence in our lives then so there was no need for me to be serious about his work either.

Radhikanath Mallik

If 1992 was still too early for many of us to bother, that was the time when he started his struggle. It was not like anyone else in the movement. He was the one who understood the real danger for men in Indian society due to increasing misandry.

As a student of political science and history, he understood really quickly where the society was headed. He remembered the time when IPC 498a was passed by blowing up a few wife murders as a reason. The famous case Mr. Chandranath Banik was made a big issue by the then feminists to pass laws like 498a or 304B. But he questioned that 11 women who received a death sentence in India after independence was never prosecuted? In his view, when there is a section for murder there was no need for a separate section 304B for wife murder. Bringing the term dowry in a murder was completely unnecessary.

Being a literary man from early in his life, he started his first literary publication সোনার তরী (Sonar Tori) in 1977. This was on literature and not on men’s rights. However, this was the stepping stone for him to start the first men’s rights paper in India in 1998.

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His struggle in initial days was not accepted by his family members. The highly misandric society then believed that women could do no wrong and hence he was cornered in his own family. After his first interview was published in a leading Bengali newspaper আজকাল (Aajkaal) in 1994 the opposition within his family became even stronger. This interview was taken by journalist Madhimita Dutta and was published as Shri Ramchandrer Pati Parishad. This name was innovatively designed by the interviewer for him with the name of his men’s rights group Pidito Purush Pati Parishad. (Shri Radhikanath Mallick = Shri Ram.)

Manabkantha Conference
ManabKantho Conference In Kolkata in 2015

He, however, says that his first conference on men’s rights at Mahajati Sadan in 1994 under the banner of his literary magazine সোনার তরী (Sonar Tari) was well received by everyone. Many had congratulated him for starting the struggle that many felt necessary at that moment. He recollects that IPC 498a was very strict at that time and many women were ruining families without any consequences.

Manabkantha Paper
Manabkantho – A Voice for Human

After the start of his first Men’s Rights Magazine মানবকন্ঠ (Manabkanthathe voice of humans) which he started in 1998 and which claims that critics or gun are not its enemies, but its enemies are the intellectual celebrities who are hiding behind political banners for their misdeeds. This magazine claims to be apolitical, fearless, honest, protesting and criticism oriented monthly magazine with a dedicated reader base of 5000.

In this magazine, he writes on issues affecting Indian men. The main article written on the first page of the magazine talks about the burning men’s rights issues. Some of the latest issues shown here had articles on rape, marital rape, the problem of increasing of unscrupulous women in India and love and dedication of women in relationships. In these publications, he raised important questions on politics of gender equality in India and feminist promoted false rape culture. He writes these articles in the nickname of চোখে আঙ্গুল দাদা (Chokhe Angul Dada – one who shows the social hypocrisies clearly)

Outcast gender

In this name, he has also written a book called ব্রাত্য লিঙ্গের ইতিকথা (Bratya Linger Itikatha or Tales of the outcast gender). He is candid in discussing all men’s issues including sex and sexual relations. In this book, he had discussed different burning issues affecting men and women in India and exposed feminists.

In an article in this book, he has shown how feminists and the existing legal system is making women cheat, benefit seekers and how nudity is promoted as empowerment. In another article, he questioned why women are not getting self-sufficient in India despite getting all benefits? He raised his concern for increasing number of false cases and demanded that if one is acquitted of false cases let the govt. pay him sufficient compensation. He had also shown how some movies instigate wives to burn their husbands and get accolades from political leaders, or how sexuality is deliberately distorted in the name of globalization. According to him, in this new era of globalized, hypersexed, pervert feminist world of nudity, men are forced to be criminals. This book creates awareness about the dangers of feminism to the future generation and shows the silent population (law-abiding and peace-loving in nature), the dangers of overhyped feminism.

He says that Hindu marriage is only sacramental marriage in the world. We get married by keeping the fire or Agnidev as a witness. It is Agnidev (the Fire GOD) who gives us permission to marry. So no govt. has any right to create laws for divorce. Hindus should again create fire, take saat fera (seven rounds – Hindus take seven rounds around the fire to get married) in opposite direction and then douse the fire to get divorced. There should not be any legal interference in our marriage or divorce, he says. He added when Saptapadi (seven special marriage vows for each of husband and wife signifying their duties in marriage. Know more here) is strictly enforced on the husband by making him maintain his wife throughout his life even after divorce, why is the same not enforced on the wife, too.

He argues that adultery law was created in the 1860s when women used to be behind the curtains, completely isolated from the outside world. That was the time it was natural to think that only a man could seduce a woman in adultery but today with women roaming around semi-nude, this is no longer true and this section needs to be scrapped and women are held accountable for all their sexual extravaganza.

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His concern that male talent is getting wasted in this battle against criminally minded females. They are only taking rounds of courts and fighting legal battles in their prime time instead of contributing to the growth of the nation. He agrees that men’s rights are even more prominent, strong and vocal in India today compared to what it was in the 1990s. He thinks that men are not united and when it comes to talking against feminists. These men very often do not realize they are talking about criminal women and not against all women. They are only protesting against some gender biased laws that treat all women as saints and empower unscrupulous and criminal minded women.

He, however, thinks that the future for Indian men is bright despite so many new laws being made every day. He thinks this is the lull before a storm. It may take some more time but men will definitely be heard in some time. The politics of women empowerment will no longer work.

We hope that his high hopes come true very soon and we see the silver lining asap.


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  1. Dangers of feminism,
    Rise above feminism,
    The feminist hounds,
    Above listed are some of the names of the books to be written by any experienced Mens Rights Activist who had to go through the ordeals of misandric system which has accepted feminist commandments without any second thought.Peace.


    • Add to the above list Feminism Unplugged.
      Perhaps we can even educate the younger generation to take precautions against feminists by introducing in every video game children play a character named “Feminist” which would place obstacles in reaching the game goal.
      Behold!! They are lurking in everybody’s backyard ready to take a plunge on their prey.Stay put.Peace.


  2. I have read the article in your MEET THE PIONEER OF INDIA’S MEN’S RIGHT all the words ,according to me are heart touching and fiery truth. Your fight for the ignored men is awesome.I think that we who demand that we are men, are not because only genital part does prove manliness ,the real purus the real MEN you are.For you are only fighting alone in the battle amid the crores. Thanking you.
    pratul barua from Midnapur .


  3. At last, my search stopped. I was desperate for years to find whether I am the only person to face such upheavals in life due to female infidelity. I am willing to reveal my tragedy and want to subscribe to the magazine, publications etc. even in Bengali as I have grown up in West Bengal. Kindly give details for obtaining the publications. Wishing all the success in the mission .

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is to be really observed that Only Jewish women in the world are unaffected by the rise of feminism. All of Jewish women preserve virginity till their marriage. Why so? But it has affected every other community in the world.

    Jews are behind this.


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