Marital Rape In India – What Feminists Will Not Show You In “Man’s World”

A 2015 short film series Man’s World has taken the entire nation to shame due to its high anti-national stand. This was another attempt by separatist forces to shame India. This series was promoted by the United Nations, showing the glaring UN interest to pull down India and create internal disturbance in the country.

The series Man’s World in its 4th Episode showed marital rape very creatively. As a creative artist, I have no doubt that the depiction by Yash Raj Films would have moved many Indians.

Here are a few details that were not shown in the movie to bring the reality of marital rape. To understand that we need to know how marital rape debate started in recent time from this debate on NDTV (watch only from start till 1:15 min) –

Marital rape on NDTV

Barkha was acting as a womanazi in this debate and spoke as the spokeswoman for global feminazis. Three points that started the debate on marital rape were –

  1. The US-based Rice foundation survey saying women are raped 40 times by their husbands rather than unknown people.
  2. UN survey saying more than 2/3rd of Indian housewives suffer from marital rape
  3. She quoted saying IMAGES survey (again done by UN groups) that showed 20% of husbands agreed that they had forced their wives to sex.

It is shocking to note the US and US-dominated UN interest in Indian bedrooms and it only leads us to think of their crooked intentions. But what the feminists and NDTV did not show the following survey results that came out in IMAGES survey –

Sexual Satisfaction - men n women

96% women in IMAGES survey said they were satisfied in their sex life. That shows rape in marriages can’t be far from the truth.


Women speaking with partner about sexual satisfaction

At least 96% of women in India who took IMAGES survey said they had a good couple communication regarding sexual satisfaction. That shows if there was rape in marriages that could be prevented easily.

You may note that both men and women showed their high level of satisfaction in the marital relationship. This is one of the highest in the world and feminists want to term this as marital rape.

If we look at our census data we will get confirmation about the same –

Marriage Stat 2001

In 2001 43.6% of women were married, whereas in 2011 the percentage of women married was 49.9%.

Women married in India 2011

We see that when there was a substantial increase in the percentage of married women in India, the percentage of married men did not increase to that extent.

This clearly shows that in one hand when increasing number of gender biased and women favoring laws and legal provisions are prohibiting Indian men from getting married, women are incentivized to marry and then divorce. If marital rape was so prominent then women would not have got married in such a large number in the first place unless getting raped is an awesome experience for them.

It is time to question the involvement and high interest of foreign nations like the US and global organizations like UN to project India as a rape capital –

Marital Rape in India - The Telegraph

It is time for all Indians to protest against such attempts to brand India as rape capital wrongly. The intention of bringing marital rape as another separate criminal provision is only to term all Indian marriages as rape heaven and term common Indian men as rapists.

If you want to save your own children to be branded as rapists, it is probably time to protest in all possible way and demand punishment for anyone associated with movies like Man’s World that will lead to a dark future in India.

War is no longer fought in war fronts, today it is fought at intellectual levels and today’s feminism has hardly anything to really empower women or do any good for this country.



    • Thanks..very well said. Actually feminists are not in favour of women empowerment as well….it is only about creating disturbance in the society for crooked benefits of a handful of people..


  1. Even after the divorce, there is no guarantee that you will live in peace.As there is a law dealing with the rights of the divorced women.Apart from this she may take away 40% of your property which you have earned through your effort and also that which you have inherited through your parents under irretrievable breakdown of marriage act(in case it is passed).And after that she may again register cases under those laws which can be registered on other than her lawful spouse like Nirbhaya etc.And she will demand money by misusing these against you.So the only option left for you is to remain in your house in a paralyzed state.


  2. Well said, Partha:

    It is important to note that there is rape and then there is the illusion of rape.

    In America, for instance, it is a known “fact” that 25% of all girls that go to universities are raped sometime within the first four years. Now, if this rape statistic were believable and true…no loving parent would allow their daughters to attend college without armed escorts, no girl would want to go to college by themselves nor would responsible college administrators allow an environment of rape to exist – simply because it’s bad business.

    The truth is: No one believes these rape statistics are actually true. Truth be known…parents continue to send their daughters to college en masse, colleges continue to conduct business as usual and attractive girls from all walks of life continue to jog or walk around campus at night…as if there were nothing to fear – except fear itself.

    Federal Crime Statistics also show that nearly 50% of rape allegations are fraudulent and of malicious intent, while the balance is primarily “rape” infractions that fall under the ever expanding definition of rape…used to usher-in a rape culture – which seeks to vilify all men, thus placing them on notice.

    P.S. One of the ways the legislature has expanded the definition of rape is to make young men responsible for knowing how much alcohol a young woman has had to drink and they must know her tolerance.

    For instance, if a young woman that weighed 110 pounds went to a party on the south-end of campus and consumed 2 alcoholic beverages without having eaten dinner first, then met a young man on the north-end of campus campus for consensual sex shortly thereafter…just to awake the following morning with regret – the young man will most likely be expelled from college and tried for rape if she is so inclined.

    Now, the young man may state that the young woman is often heard using the mantra of murder, “My body, my choice”, to promote the barbaric practice of infanticide, which she has learned through her Women’s Studies curriculum, but his defense will fall on deaf ears. He may also claim that she is a woman of little virtue and has no honor, but he is likely to be ignored. He may also point out that she wanted sex as much as he did, but he would be shunned. He may also try to convince his adversaries that a person is innocent until proven guilty, but he would likely be laughed out of court. For you see – the subject is not whether she practices risky behaviors, is a woman of ill-repute, or is considered sexually promiscuous – the real issue is that the lives of men are expendable and we are here only to appease the whims of women. Our lives, therefore, really do hang in the balance – as this is a present danger to all men of all ages.

    The feminist manifesto would have you believe that women are as pure as the wind-driven snow and are not responsible for their sexual impulses after drinking alcohol, whereas young men are. Young women are seen, in the eyes of the law, as being mature enough to have an abortion without parental consent, but they are not mature enough to have sex after drinking. In the case of abortion…her parents, friends, society and the young man are to blame, but in the case of “date rape”…the young man is the lone culprit. In all cases, however, the girl is still considered the “victim”, even though she is the common denominator in every case.

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  3. Partha – I really appreciate ur efforts and this article, which I read fully just now. Was about to share this on Twitter, but thought wud ask u if u can correct the graph (2nd one) that shoes grey bar as ‘not talked’ and the other bar as ‘talked’ – how can that be both in 90% for India?

    I am not sure how such grossly erroneous graphs get into UN’s or other reports. If it is indeed from any such report then we need to highlight such dubious reports without any meaning in another article. I bet we can get free supply of arms in almost all such reports feminists rely on. Feminists in their quest to expand are going to screw themselves up into tighter turns and twists before g-force destroys them. But we need to be careful that we don’t alter the sourced material and produce our own remotely dubious material to attack them.


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