RTI Reveals Police Procedure In Adultery Cases

[This effort of aggregation of all RTIs filed for the cause of men’s welfare under the series “The Causal Affair” is to share knowledge with others.

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In this RTI, which was part of a bigger RTI we present the questions asked by the applicant about his adultery case proceedings and the reply obtained.

Questions asked were –

RTI questions on Adultery

Answers obtained were –

Police reply on Adultery questions

So it is seen that even if the husband collects all evidences of his wife’s adultery and presents them to police, police does not arrest wife’s paramour while the husband is arrested in such cases under false 498a.

Tips for husbands suffering from wife’s adultery –

  1. Even if the police does not arrest her paramour, do present the evidences to police and raise a formal written complaint to all relevant police stations.
  2. Please note showing wife’s adultery related evidences to anyone else other than legal, and judicial authorities is crime and the husband may be arrested for the same.
  3. Please do not file divorce on the ground of adultery even if you have solid proof (like DNA test report, that she has an illegitimate child in marriage).
  4. You may file criminal complaints against your wife, her family members or her paramour
  5. Call national helpline for men 08882 498 498 for more information. (Do not share your evidences with anyone).

Important – In your adultery complaint (under IPC 497), please keep in mind that her paramour is guilty and not your wife. So draft the application in such a manner so that it shows her paramour as guilty. Even if you know she is guilty and try to show that in your affidavit, your case becomes weak and you lose even at the filing stage. Hire a good criminal advocate to file such cases and do not hire civil advocates for the same as the drafting in such cases makes huge difference at a later stage.

Find the complete RTI Here

RTIPage 1, Page 2

ReplyCover Letter, Reply Pg1, Police circular


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  1. This is silly. If women are to be reprimanded like children…then they should be compensated like children as well. The establishment cannot have it both ways. If women are nothing more than grown children (in the eyes of the establishment), then take from them the burden of responsibility, accountability, and equality – so they may live in peace with men. As it is, the establishment has already taken the burden of responsibility and accountability from women, but continues to press the notion of “equality”. This is truly insane by any standard.


    • Mahesh:

      It would seem that in order to prove the wife guilty…one has to first make the case against the paramour. If this is successful, only then can one entertain the notion of an adulterous wife. Then again, even if she is found to be guilty…I really don’t think the establishment will hold her accountable.

      Please keep in mind that it is not the women of the lower castes in India that are cheating with paramours, planning their lucrative divorces, pushing for “equality”, flooding the courts with fraudulent lawsuits, while covering their lecherous tracks under the guise of righteous indignation – it’s India’s upper-caste daughters and their affluent parents who are to blame.

      I know this sounds insane, but in ultra-feminized India – you have to be careful what you say about these precious flowers, so as not to offend her family line or besmirch her pedigree. And remember, for every rich girl of ill-repute – there is a wealthy family with political ties that back her play.

      At the end of the day it’s all about corruption, politics, greed and control. Having said that…it seems that wherever Great Britain has flown a flag – feminism, fags, broken families and ill fortune are to follow.

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  2. If in a housing society if we face such a case what should be our response as a neighbour.
    There is such a case in which the husband does shift duty in security agency. The wife’s paramour visits her in day time as well as whole night when the husband goes to work. Their innocent children’s one 10 years old and another 14 years old have to witness this. At nights the kids are locked in bedroom and the women enjoys in hall. Some neighbours are aware of this but fear due to the abusive behaviour of women and no body complaints to the husband.
    I fear that there areally families with kids living in the building a day this case can cause bad learning to the kids in the building as well as kids on the same family.
    Kindly help and advice how this bad thing going on can be prevented.


    • Hi Ravi,
      Thanks for contacting me. This can lead to crime like murder later if you don’t act immediately. I have sent you a mail with next steps that the housing society can do. There are other steps that husband needs to do and I will tell that to him once he contacts me after first two steps are done.

      No discussion here.



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