Interview That Showed Development Is The Last Priority For WCD Ministry

Many Indians are made to seriously get concerned about female foeticide issue. Even though I have never understood why the gender ratio in 0-6 years of age group is considered a statistical evidence of female foeticide (because any death after birth is infanticide and not foeticide) but I still wanted to check the same data from census records –

As a first attempt, I tried to compare the number of children in 0-6 years age group with that of 10-16 years group in 2011 census. Because these two numbers should ideally represent the same group of children. This was the result –

Census 0-6 years
Census data 0-6 years

I have never understood how could the number of children in same age group increase when in natural circumstances this number should have decreased. To check this in detail I have also checked the same details for other age groups.

India census - Age group wise analysis
Source – Census India

It was seen that for all other groups the numbers have decreased (natural, because of death) but only for first two age groups, the number of females has increased. Clearly indicating that our census data is fudged to show female foeticide.

While it was clear from the census data that female foeticide is a hoax created by the feminists using government machinery, the main reason behind it would have been unknown unless I have seen this interview of minister for Women and Child Development and Welfare (WCD) Ms Maneka Gandhi.

Maneka Gandhi interview

In this interview, she said every day at least 2000 girl children are killed in India and some of them are killed by putting a pillow on their faces. The question comes, how does she know? and if the government is aware of so many details why is that they are not able to take punitive action to stop this crime? This clearly shows that she is spreading lies on national television.

This interview also clarifies that our government wanted to bring institutional delivery or a mechanism to control our sexual freedom from a bedroom in the disguise of a fake issue called “Female Foeticide”. So now GOI wants to bring govt. controls in our bedrooms and cut down on our sexual freedom and that is in no way in favour of women empowerment. Because in institutional controlled delivery mechanism even mothers will be monitored.

The second part of her speech talks about girls being thrown out to orphanages instead of being killed. She also gives some statistics but a quick look at census data about India’s homeless data shows us all that she said was untrue –

Census - Homeless Data

In the above analysis, it can be found that male children are abandoned in higher numbers compared to female children. But this was the statistics from 2011 census and the interview was taken in 2015. So is the situation reversed in 2015?

Currently, we don’t have any mechanism to check her claims. But if the male children were abused and abandoned for so many years as seen in census data, why WCD ministry didn’t bother? In 2007, WCD ministry had conducted a survey that found the following –

Children on streets
India Children on streets

All possible data that could be found from govt. sources are not current but all data shows that a number of boys are on the streets, rather than girls.

Maneka’s interview giving a high number of abandoned girl children is clearly an attempt to shift focus from the real issue of abandoned boys and they become criminals in turn. This was also shown in 2007 WCD report –

Children in conflict of law

We don’t know the real number of abandoned children in 2015. But from the data available to us only shows that WCD ministry which is also responsible for boys’ welfare in India is keeping a blind eye on their development.

The new adoption laws are gender neutral but special provisions like privileges for the adoption of girl children etc. can jeopardize this initiative. As she mentioned in the interview that all 89 girls were adopted in one month and only tells us about the grim future of Indian boys. They are left out by the ministry meant for their welfare to be criminals in future.

This clearly shows that by promoting and spreading lies or half-truths our WCD ministry is taking our country far from development. Because, when a country starts making laws or legal provisions based half-truths or lies; that signals the end of prosperity there.


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  1. A well-written piece, Partha, thank you.

    In the late 1960’s, feminist groups (headed by the National Organization of Women) sought to make abortions, not only legal, but they wanted them to be Federally funded and welcomed by the American people…who currently viewed this barbaric act as cruel, evil, and a detriment to society.

    In order to infect the American public with their poison (and get them to pay for it), these feminist groups decided to create fictitious stories and fraudulent studies that incorporated the grisly “fact” that thousands of young women were being forced to use rusty hangers in back-alleys to abort their babies – only to die later of complications. The stories were so alarming that feminist groups were able to sell their fictitious stories and fraudulent studies to the United States Congress, who, in turn, quickly made abortion legal (and federally funded) in all 50 states.

    Forty years later…after Americanized women had become so deeply ensconced in promiscuity, no-fault divorces, abortion on demand and every sexual freedom known to humanity – it became known that the studies and stories that sold the American public and Congress on Federally funded abortions, had been nothing more than lies, distortions, manipulations and fabrications – meant to deceive a nation. But, at this juncture, the ship had already sailed and Americans had become so debased and desensitized over the years – that it no longer mattered.

    Once lies, fabrications, distortions and deceptions are accepted by a population – that nation will become indoctrinated and brainwashed into that system. The current population will have to learn to accept and adjust to the lie, whereas the young will be born into the lie – never knowing any better.

    In closing, please keep in mind that men and boys are the disposable sex. According to the establishment, we are only good at supplying labor, making money, paying taxes, producing sperm and dying on the battlefield. Since these qualities are beyond a woman’s reach…she can neither honor nor respect them. Consequently, those agencies and individuals who focus solely on feminine issues are incapable of understanding or identifying with the issues of men – finding it more expedient to ignore the obsolete and irrelevant segments of society.


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