India’s Daughter To Marital Rape – Hidden Truths

For those who are wondering why there is sudden surge and focus on marital rape cases the story is mostly incomplete without a deep dive into the phenomenon. The focus started after Dec 16 Delhi rape case when Justice Verma commission was forced to prepare a massive report on crime against women in just 30 days time. If you remember, then global media has projected Indian streets unsafe for women and conveniently branded Delhi as the rape capital of India. Indian media was also not far behind. Many social activists complained that a report was ready with PRS Legislative (a feminist group of lawyers) who just wanted to make their demands legitimate by giving it proper authentication. Creating enormous hype around Delhi rape was their agenda to push for their demands. Otherwise, why should one rape create a hurried decision on crimes like Sexual Harassment in Workplaces or Marital Rape which had no connection with the Delhi Rape?

The then UN general secretary had also urged Indian govt. to ensure the safety of Indian women. Global bodies like UN projected that women were unsafe in India. Many men supported them based on emotion and didn’t see the politics of shaming India.

But that was not all. Later BBC made a documentary with an alleged rapist Mukesh Singh and named it India’s Daughter. They tried to show a rapist’s mindset as the mindset of India. Indians, especially those men who supported strict punishment to the alleged rapists were shown the mirror by BBC as they claimed the same men had the mindset of that of Mukesh Singh. However, by that time our govt. has changed and India didn’t accept such kind of shaming. UN, however, continued to comment on the views of Mukesh Singh confirming activists’ views that there is a deep international interest in shaming India as a nation and creating a disturbance.

But, with that attempt to shame India on “2015 International Women’s Day” failing big time, international bodies had no option but to change their gameplan. International media like CNN and BBC started showing that marital rape is legal in India, which is definitely NOT true

In this article below we find India mentioned as number 1 country where marital rape is LEGAL, completely ignoring the fact that marital rape is punishable under several IPC sections including IPC 498a.

CNN on Marital Rape in India

In another Article, CNN claimed that 94% of rapes are committed by men known to the women. This is as per NCRB data and this is because any relation going wrong and not culminating in marriage can be termed as rape by the woman. So women in these LARGE number of rape cases have consensual sex with their partners but call them as rapists when they don’t marry. Clearly, these rapes can’t be related to Delhi rape.

CNN on Leglity of Marital Rape

Please note that CNN also shows that number of women sexually assaulted by their husbands is 40 times the number of women attacked by unknown men. But if they knew this fact then why did they promote Delhi or any other city as UNSAFE for women? Where in fact by blindly going by what they have said women are not safe with their partners (if we believe any relation not culminating in marriage is rape).

The very fact that it was projected around International Women’s Day when another BBC video India’s Daughter was set to show the mirror to Indian men but flopped big time when India protested, show that the men who used to call themselves as proud feminists were termed as rapists by the same feminist friends. When MRAs tried to educate such men not to create unnecessary hype around rape those men abused the MRAs thinking they were saving their women, but later same feminists have shown them the mirror because when they say 40 times women are assaulted in their marriages or 75% of married women in India are raped, they include all such proud male feminists and their family members including their fathers, brothers, and other men.

Feminists always say that men do not need justice as the abuse of men is still less compared to that of women and they say when there is no law (in spite of having multiple legal remedies under several criminal and civil sections) to safeguard women, they show that they have only one agenda behind this, to shame India as a country.

Some human rights groups have filed RTI to understand the extent of involvement of global bodies in India’s family matters and surveys. What the RTI reply revealed was astounding. See the amount of monetary expenditure these UN organizations are making in India’s family-related surveys

RTI on NFHS funding

But why is this UN interest in India’s internal family matters and the countries like USA and UK that have maximum ruined a relationship, broken homes, parentless children, crime rate and drug abuse in the world are trying to intervene so much in India’s family matters? Why are global media bent on proving India as unsafe for women and NO law exist to provide a remedy to women from “Marital Rape“. The answer is clearly visible from all these actions. UN organizations are pouring money in India’s family surveys so that they can manipulate any data and show the so-called happy family system in India is a myth. Indian family system is the biggest place of women abuse and brings in-laws that break this strength that India has.

They are today using Indian media to promote this concept. The partnership of NDTV with BBC in promoting India’s Daughter as a mirror to Indian society failed so a need was created to bring Marital Rape in the foray to show Indian men as rapists. This need is aggravated after the recent Supreme Court judgement (Arnesh Kumar vs the State of Bihar) in reiterating CRPC 41a amendments restricting arrest and with the recent government decision to amend dowry laws in India.

With these changes happening to Indian laws and the misuse restricted the legal terrorism racket that feeds women’s NGOs with the hard-earned money of Indian men and their families will be abolished. Rape will bring huge shame to any individual and family, they will suffer social atrocities and push back from the society and this will force them to compromise easily. This is how it was happening in the initial years of dowry law implementation.

If you as an Indian do not foresee the danger now imagine how will any man keep his job after getting such a false case. Because all companies in their background verification want to know the details of the criminal cases one had undergone. This background verification also takes place in the passport renewal process. If one declares that one had a rape case against him, will he ever expect a job or a passport? When men are refused jobs, will women take over? Don’t you think this is forcing our women to work more or are our women even ready for this kind of change?

This story is still incomplete if we don’t understand this entirety. Recently the UN is trying to rebrand feminism under HeForShe campaign where prominent men will vouch for women empowerment and will ask other men and boys to do the same. The underlying assumption in this is women need more empowerment when in reality they have around 50 different provisions to protect them when men have none. So we don’t get surprised when Deepika Padukone asks for ‘My Choice‘ as for right, or Madhuri Dixit asks boys ‘Not to make women cry‘ or when Leslee Udwin tries to show the mirror to Indian men through a rapist’s mind.

We will understand how desperate media is to prove the urgency of marital rape by the following example. In a recent debate on NDTV, Barkha Dutt didn’t allow men’s side stories to come up properly as she clearly said that she had a prejudice against men. Later we came to know that she thought people who came in their debate was for publicity and NOT for discussing different points on the issue. Barkha’s comment to one of the participants from men’s rights side Deepika Bhardwaj on Twitter makes it clear –

Barkha Tweet

This makes us wonder if the women victims who allegedly suffered marital rape and came in the show or the other women NGOs went there for publicity.

Today, Indian media is used to show Indian men as rapists in their bedrooms. This is the invasion of foreign countries in our bedrooms and when they 75% of Indian housewives are raped by their husbands they don’t keep almost any husband outside this rapist group. I feel pity for those men who were demanding the death penalty for rapists. We repeatedly tried to stop them but they abused us. I had a big debate with fellow bloggers on a bloggers platform. They all thought it was the other men or losers like me who were misogynists or probably rapists. Otherwise, they thought how on earth anyone could not demand the death penalty for a crime like rape? Well, today all those bloggers with their father’s have been termed as rapists by the feminist criminals. Hope now they won’t have any problem in getting the death penalty.

We need to remember that our lack of understanding or inaction in the past had led to 300 years of slavery to the western world. Today the war is on intellectual grounds. If we do not understand this invasion then very soon we will get into another long drawn slavery of the western world.



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  1. I watchd the entire debate and Ms. B Dutt was so arrogant as always and portrayed the complete show the way they advised as mentioned in the post by some external force. And wanted to show the Indian family as false bonding. This is really humiliating and govt shall understand the threat which is coming soon to India for destroying our country India.

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  2. Not only the global or national media, but even the local media are expressing a wrong view that marital rape is legal in India. Just yesterday there was a big heading in Marathi newspaper Loksatta on first page that government does not recognise that husband can rape wife.

    Media thinks that news portraying victimization of women would sell like hot cakes and increase their sales. What they don’t understand is that you can’t keep on fooling everyone all the time.


  3. there is a very high probability the anchor and host of the tv show herself seems to be a victim of marital rape. not just victim she also seems to be product of marital rape perpertuated by her rapist father… why I am saying this is because if 75% of women are victims then it means more than 2 out of every 3 women… so very high chances that in a family of mother, daughter and daughter in law more than two women are victims of marital rape! ridiculous thought…

    on similar lines every believer of marital rape hoax should believe that atleast two if not three among her father, son and brother are marital rapists! there is data to prove this. 🙂


  4. So Marital rape is a crime in India? I am a lawyer and I have never come across a provision on any law which talks about marital rape. Section 498A of IPC talks about cruelty by husband. That is like saying we have punishment for assault, every violent crime involves assault and therefore, no need to prohibit or provide penalty for other violent crimes.

    I actually know victims of marital rape- a girl who was raped continuously for months after marriage, when she told her family, everyone thought it was funny that her husband was so “enthu” about sex that he did not listen to her when she said no. She may not hit him back, probably having been raised to think its her husband’s right to have sex with her, irrespective of whether she wants it or not. Is that how we want to raise our girls?

    Also please be done with the abuse of law rant. We have seen enough abuse of Section 302 of IPC. People convicted for murders they didn’t commit or accused of murders they did not commit. No body seems to want to repeal Section 302. Is it because it is not typically perceived to be a women’s issue, hence has to be important.

    Please stop blaming western media for everything. They have their agendas but before you assume everything is peachy, walk into your backyard, hear the people who actually have been through it and then make a judgement. I have had family members in states like Bihar come and say to me that no eve teasing ever happens there, because hey they never saw it or did it though their sisters have a different story to tell.


    • See the NDTV debate in the link below and see another advocate speaking about the sections under which marital rape is a crime

      Expected better informed lawyers to comment. If you have found marital rape cases we have also found marital rape of husband but husband can’t even expect to file a complaint or expect some kind of remedy either civil or crimial.

      Regarding false accusaztion in murder, did you see that without a dead body who is murdered, or without police getting some proof of the accused being present near the scene of murder or having some connection to murder. But there are many cases where even abusive and most cruel women file 498a, DV or rape cases. Lawyers like you create more danger to society than anyone else. It is you people who have made justice a mockery in India.

      You know what if you are a lawyer and know such cases, I am also a social worker who work on these cases every day where men are falsely accused. Is there anywhere these men are even heard? It is clear from your comment that no matter how many benefits you get you women only want more.

      Maam have some better understanding of legal sections before you start preaching others. I say because I do research on feminism and I see their actions globally, more than what you do keeping blind eyes to social problems.

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    • I am surprised with this kind of an insensitive reply by a lawyer!! She knows that there are 50 odd GENDER BIASED laws in favor of women which are leading to one married man committing suicide every 8 minutes. Still she isn’t satisfied and wants more. Mam first know that almost every married men we met are facing domestic violence from their wives and are just forced to have sex to please their wives or to avoid being called namard or gay. But they suffer silently Bcz they are not considered worthy to have any law in their favor and is expected to keep his criminal wife happy at his own cost.
      Ma’m before asking for a new law, first these biased laws be made gender neutral. Else pls ask government to criminalize marriage itself so that men know what kind of trap they are falling into….


    • Why should we mras leave the issue of misuse of women centric laws by women ? You feminists always whimper that every law is misused. But there is a difference between other laws and women centric laws. All people are potential victims of misuse of other laws. On the other hand ONLY MEN become victims of misuse of women centric laws. You women are not affected by it. So some cruel women like you are not bothered.


    • Nidhi Rani it is pests like you and Barkha who has been responsible for degrading the Indian soceity. Your job and your man doll husband is bred with these nonsense regulations……so you have to bark loud. Wish you encounter the same problem very soon. It is disgrunted and frustrated women like you who have planted the seed of rivalry, pain and anguish among couple. You dont want equality, you want priviledge and when you cant… cry the Victim Card and to your aid the foreign media jumps.

      Very soon men will not marry and family system will be completly abolished…..but Nidhi Rani this agenda of yours and your foreign media will actually backlash you and your femnazi zombies. Because men without marrige is actually better.

      It is ahigh time the governmnet of India must stand up for this slow decadence by these insects.

      Friends please read the following as well:


      • I have read the post and all comments here.. i would like to say one thing that no one of us can claim that marital rape doesn’t happen in India. it does happen to both men and women we should fight against rape and other such crimes against humanity and not against each other.. i watch guys blaming girls and girls blaming guy… this is not how we can make our country better.. we need to be human before being man or woman..
        specially to the blogger.. i would say.. you are intelligent, talented and energetic.. please use your energy in writing positive things.. you have power to change things 🙂


        • Totally agree. This is what happens in most cases. Taking time after marriage to know each other, being affectionate and understanding helps.

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  5. Marriage in India is truly a double-edged sword.

    On one hand, many couples marry on the advice of their parents and elders, hence they marry someone who is almost a complete stranger (and within a short period of time).

    Once married, there is no chemistry, trust, rapport or love in the beginning of the relationship and no guarantee that there ever will be any. At some point, the couple is expected to consummate their marriage with the most intimate of all acts.

    Because the act of intercourse is more “personal” to a woman, she is naturally more guarded than a man would be (unless she is American). For the most part, men only need a warm body and a place to have sex, whereas a woman needs a good reason (unless she is American).

    The problem seems to be that the business-like nature of Indian courtship often comes into conflict with a woman’s desire for intimacy, which may never happen without the proper chemistry and affection. This problem is then compounded when the husband’s sex drive and marital expectations kick in, making her feel like a whore in many cases.

    It is said, in the holy Book, that when a man and woman marry, they are to consummate their marriage, and once this is done – they become “one flesh” in the sight of God. They are also instructed not to put each other off sexually, because the groom’s body is no longer his own and the bride’s body is no longer her own (because they are now “one”). It’s beautiful when you think about it.

    So, when we consider all the pieces to this complex puzzle, we can see that there is often a problem with chemistry, trust, attraction and love with many of these marital matches. Now many of these pairings may look good on paper, but the reality is that no one would trust their parents to pick out a good-fitting pair of shoes for them, which must be worn on a daily basis for the rest of their lives, yet these same people are given the ability to choose their child’s life partner, which can be far more damaging than an ill-fitting pair of shoes. Strange…so very strange.

    In summation, there is often a different set of expectations between the sexes regarding “marital relations”, and how they can achieve “oneness” with their mate, which ought not be overlooked. Fact is, most grooms and brides are not on the same page at all in this regard.

    Taking all these things into consideration, it then becomes increasingly problematic when one of the parties in the relationship is given the ability to file rape charges against the other – the very party that craves love, affection, chemistry, intimacy and trust. Truth is, many women feel like whores or feel like they are raped, each time they “lay down” with their husband, because she does not feel a close bond or any emotional or spiritual connection with her groom.

    India, if she is to survive, must do better than this.

    Peace be with you


    • Totally agree. This is what happens in most cases. Taking time after marriage to know each other, being affectionate and understanding helps.


  6. I can tell you that husbands, in America, have to worry about rape allegations as well.

    Having said that, I find it difficult to believe that rape is even a possibility in “love” marriages. I just cannot imagine two people who have made their own decision to become “one flesh”, as the holy Book says, turning their “right arm” in to the authorities, for a crime against itself. Sounds retarded to me, but wives have been known to do it.

    At the end of the day, the powers that be want wives to retain their own identities and their own independence (from their husbands), thus seeing themselves as separate entities, such that, there is no marital union and no sense of “oneness”. Marriage will thus become little more than a conglomeration of legalities on a piece of paper that will ensure the state has a front-row seat in your bedroom and ruling authority over your marriage, family and assets.

    Truth is, “Big Brother” is already watching what goes on in your bedroom and the “Nanny State” wants to impose its will in your home. Rid yourself of these politicians, change agents, and social engineers before they destroy the very fabric of your civilization. When they are done, there won’t be an India to speak of. The ruling elites (globalists) are using your own women to destroy you, just like they have used ours against us.

    Peace be with you


  7. Awesome post Partha, complete with facts and figures.
    Great !! truly an eye-opener.
    This has laid bare the ‘feminist’ agenda of the international agencies as well.
    Why these agencies are not doing a Survey on the plight of Indian Men and Husbands who are victims of marital rape?


    • I agree with you, DVACTor, but this really isn’t a “feminist” issue and this really has nothing to do with rape, victimization or justice.

      Just 150 years ago, wealthy families were still employing African slaves to work their fields and run their plantations in the “Deep South” of America. When the wealthy slave owners wanted someone beaten, tortured or abused, he or she would often send out an African foreman to beat, torture and abuse the other slaves.

      This was done so the slaves would associate pain and maltreatment with the African foreman and not the slave owners themselves – the very ones who had sent him and the very ones who had given the order. The slaves would, therefore, direct their venom and hatred upon a man who looked like themselves, one who shared their own ancestry, and one who was considered “their own” brother.

      The same ploy is being used today. You have the ruling elites who send out the order for change, then send one of your own to do the dirty work. The people see the messengers as the villains, thus they take their eyes off the small cabal of elites who sent them. It is a brilliant scheme of misdirection, made famous by magicians. These elites get the masses focusing on their right hand, while they rob and enslave them with their left.

      Truth is, the holy Book tells us that our beloved mothers, wives, and daughters are the weaker sex, and as we all know, a fence is only as strong as its weakest link. All trespassers, intruders and thieves will look for the point of least resistance and will use that point to infiltrate our homes. In most cases, it is the unsuspecting, fool-hearty female who is seduced into flipping the latch and opening the door.

      Peace be with you


  8. To whom it may concern:

    It is important for me to stipulate, with this brief disclaimer, that I am not a sexist, nor do I believe that men are superior to women or that men are always right. What I try to reflect are Godly perspectives and principles that relate to interpersonal relationships.

    Please allow me to further express that the institution of marriage and the “fairer sex” are subjects near and dear to my heart. Let it be known that I am not at war with women. On the contrary, I am fighting to protect them, their marriages, their children, their families and their health and welfare, which may necessitate, on occasion, that I must don my battle gear in order to wage war against those entities that are leading them astray.

    As I have said before, I believe our Creator blessed mankind through the creation of woman, so man could experience the euphoria of love, and through this love, become all that God had intended him to be. Ideally, the woman’s weaknesses should play into his strengths and vice versa. True love, therefore, is the most precious gift mankind was ever given, and the woman is the greatest source of that love (this side of Heaven).

    I had mentioned a little earlier that I do not believe man is superior to woman, because in order for one to be superior to another, one must be made of the same substance or cut from the same fabric (for just comparisons to be made).

    I believe the woman is similar to the man, in the same regard that the moon is similar to the sun. Just as the sun and moon work together in order to fill the heavens with their light (by day and by night), so too, a good woman completes her man, while he completes his bride.

    Now, I have said all of this in order to come to this point: Men should never misuse their God-given authority in the home or their physical strength to intimidate, harass, threaten or abuse women or children. We are their caretakers, their spiritual priests, and their protectors. If harm comes to them, it is because we have not been vigilant in our duties and have allowed the clever foxes access to the hen house, while allowing our hens to wander about freely. But, who protects mankind’s most valuable resource and his most precious gift from an abusive caretaker?

    Indeed…husbands should always love, honor and cherish their brides (especially when she’s not at her best). In fact, it has been said, “The greatest gift a father can give to his children, is to love their mother.” I know it isn’t always easy, but, then again, nothing worthwhile ever is.

    Finally, it is paramount that husbands bond with their wives emotionally and spiritually and make them feel cherished, honored and adored. In doing so, a good man is fulfilling his God-given directive, as well as ensuring his bride’s willful participation in love-making, while adding to her overall joy and satisfaction. If this is done with due diligence…marital rape may become obsolete (in most cases).

    Peace be with you


  9. So many incomplete stories, so many India’s daughter raped everyday either under the umbrella of Marriage or not.
    It’s a sad state and such a debatable topic, everytime a daughter is raped , people raise slogans for justice, but then justice get delayed after every hearing, and justice delayed is justice denied. I have also written a story of India’s daughter an incomplete story.

    I hope we all can complete her story by writing a line for her.

    Well compiled post.


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