Why MRAs Are Jubilant About Deepika Padukone’s MyChoice Video

Deepika Padukone has done a great favour to men’s rights groups. Her #VogueEmpower video MyChoice gives the much-needed boost for the men’s rights movement. Thanks to this video she has the exposed feminism badly and men’s rights groups are indebted to her for this.

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If we look at the video we will see that the main objections of this video have been

1 sex outside marriage

2 carrying anybody’s child she wants

3 coming home at any point of the day she wants

4 having sex before marriage, outside of marriage and without marriage

Even though women today do not have any constraint on any of the four points mentioned above her video is criticized because the society is largely unaware of these hard facts.
In India, women can choose to have sex before marriage and then file a rape case against the man. given that the recent hype created around rape cases, this can lead to even lynching of the accused. The Dimapur lynching incident is a good example of the same. The accused had an affair with the lady and when the relation turned sour he got a rape case.
But that was not the only case where a jilted lover had filed a rape case against the man. We get such cases reported to us very frequently. In another case a college student was in love with a girl, she eloped with him but later filed a false rape case against him. In fact, in India, relationships turning sour is the biggest reason behind the majority of rape cases filed. These women choose to have sex before marriage but do not take any responsibility for their action. Men do not have any choice in such cases and nobody ever bothers to listen to those accused men. Thanks to Deepika’s video now people are aware that feminists ask for random sex as a right. But men do not have this right. When a woman breaks a relationship she cannot be booked on rape charges.
Similarly, sex outside marriage or conceiving the child of a person she wishes are also not new in Indian families. In all such cases, the husbands and their family members have no legal recourse. Husbands cannot get a DNA paternity test done on their children without a court order if they doubt the paternity of their children and Indian courts do not give this order easily. In all such cases, husbands go through extreme cruelty but do not have any legal recourse for them. All they can do is to file a criminal case against their wife’s paramour and wait for years for justice. In many cases, the husband is ordered to maintain the adulterous wife and her illicit children.

What Deepika’s video has achieved is that it has created enormous awareness around such cases. Men who were already suffering in their matrimonial relationships came out in large number with their objections. Women on the other hand also had to prove that they were not supportive of this to keep their images clean. We also found that many feminists have raised their objections in this matter, too and only MRAs know how vague those objections are.

In a recent article the feminist writer, Shobha De told Deepika that “great hair and open bra strap is not empowerment”. Today feminists are protesting against this video is because they are worried about this exposure. So everyone is trying to downplay with this. However, none of these feminists has ever protested against slutwalk, rape cases filed against former lovers when the affairs broke or sought punishment against adulterous wives under section IPC 497 (when it was in place). In reality, so far feminists tried to show that such adulterous wives are victims and should be given more benefits. This shows clearly that feminists are a bunch of hypocrites who try to mislead the society by their actions.

Men’s rights activists (MRAs) have been trying to portray these grim facts to society for a long time. They have conducted many activities, dharnas, met MPs, written blogs, created films videos, went for hunger strike and what not to create awareness among the masses but in vain. Even the people who had actually suffered from these atrocities believed that they were the only ones who had suffered this. Most of them blamed their fate and kept silence. So the problems were largely going unnoticed. As a result, society was not aware of these issues. Men suffered silently and no one except themselves or the MRAs were aware of the problem.

What Deepika’s video has done is to show the mirror to the society. Men protested because they felt danger in their homes, women protested because they didn’t want to show the truth to the world. All just wanted to save their families.

Deepika’s video has also shown that wearing clothes or wearing whatever wherever they want or not wearing anything is empowerment. Many women have protested against this as well. However, none of them has ever protested against slutwalk. This shows the double standard of society.

Today, Indian MRAs have every reason to celebrate this video because it has created enormous awareness that the MRM could never create. Today feminism is completely exposed as a movement of lesbianism, male hatred, female supremacy and anarchic movement thanks to this one video. Those who used to think that feminism is a movement of equality is in utter shock today. If India’s Daughter was a hard slap to overprotective Indian men, then this video is a mirror shown to the  Indian society and to the proud feminists who believed feminism was a movement of equality. MRAs have shown this in many ways earlier but all in vain.

This is the reason in my view Deepika Padukone is this year’s MRA of the year.

Thank you, Deepika for your awesome contribution to the Men’s Rights. You have proved that feminists need not have to say sorry for creating a disturbance in society. They just need to create a video like this to show their true self. Love you too much for exposing feminism like this. muaaaah.
Oh yes, whenever you feel sex-starved, let me know. You can once again get empowered.
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  1. NEXT:
    The Behenjis of
    The Big Bindi Brigade a.k.a.
    Girija Vyas,
    Renuka Chowdhary,
    Shobhaa De,
    Vandana Shiva,
    Arundhati Roy.

    Their bindi on the forehead,
    is merely an ornament …
    Hmmm… we are under strict orders


  2. I agree with you. Deepika Padukone is the MRA of the year !
    And Tarun Tej Pal and A K Ganguly also the MRA’s of the respective years 🙂

    Actually, After nirbhaya incident I thougt MRM is over. No one is going to believe or agree with MRAs. We really faced a hard time. Then Tarun Tej Pal gave us some hope. Section of journalists feel the heat and wrote against Nirbhaya law, later it’s AK Ganguly.

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