HOT On Social Media – Deepika Vs Deepika


Social media is boiling with a war between two ladies, Deepika Padukone (henceforth referred to as DP) and Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj (henceforth referred to as DB). Both have made their choices and while both agree that the other should have her own choice but still they and their followers are at loggerheads and subject of discussion today.

It was DP who started the controversy by talking in favour of all women and saying anything that they do is their choice but DB came up with her own objections saying this My Choice will ruin our social fabric because even men should have their choices –

War of Choices – If you have, HE HAS TOO!

But social media especially feminists did not take it lightly. Many women have openly bashed DB for taking sides with men. We find these comments on her blog –

comment-about-women's-choiceObviously, she doesn’t have any knowledge of what she is talking about. DB handles such cases every day for last almost two years if not more, telling her that she doesn’t know the reality only show poorly on the person commenting.


Then came the lady with Dowry Death sword, again with little knowledge. She didn’t know that 80% dowry death cases close in acquittal. Well, also the definition of dowry death is also vague. Any unnatural death of a wife within seven years of marriage is dowry death. But the opposite is not true. And husbands committing suicide within seven years of marriage is much more compared to that of wife’s suicide. Now if you have thought dowry death is always forceful murder, you are wrong. Study such cases, you will know.

Then comes a male feminist (don’t ask me how I know, the comment made me feel so) with supporting the video. So, his point is since women are traditionally suppressed they expected to be rebellious. It is said at a time when the women who made the video were not suppressed. The person, in fact, portrays that having unlimited sex or wearing (or not wearing) any cloth anywhere is empowerment and equality. Well, I wonder when did I see a man in his knickers in a national TV debate or a man in his slippers in a board meeting. Even nightclubs have a dress code for men and not for women. And this male feminist seems to be totally blind and ignorant about his society.

Misandry in a message

Now comes the woman who identifies DB’s choice as filthy –

Misandry in a message

Ironically, she didn’t find anything filthy or vulgar in My Choice video which promotes nudism, objectifies women, promotes sex outside marriage or promotes adulterous relation and children. Well, we understand she is another filthy creature called a feminist who wants to create a lesbian world, as rightly said by DB in her article. No wonder why Zia is furious here.

…and then someone else comes in support of Zia


Here again, someone who supported men’s rights is immediately compared with Nirbhaya’s rapist Mukesh Singh’s mother. Lol.. a true representation of feminazis. No sense, only ranting …gibberish.

Then comes a big curse in the name of Anamika-


This comment is longer so couldn’t copy the entire comment. I was astonished to see when did men have the right to fuck anytime they wanted without consequences? Also, I did not know scratching balls in front of others is my right. When I saw this comment, I was thinking if it was indeed real. All DB said in her article was if girls say it is my choice, then they needed to take responsibility of their choices as well, they just can’t blame men for everything happening to them. Many girls are offended by that. Looks like taking responsibility is not something they want.

Then comes Amoni. I am not sure if she really knows what she wants to say. Well, she said something that doesn’t go well with the article, because the DB article talks about women getting ready to accept men’s choices as well.


Also if Amoni was little open-minded she would have understood that it is the feminists who constantly nag about rape and molestation and never talk about false cases.

The next comment comes from a feminist blind person


Well, I mentioned her blind because even after checking the news links mentioned in the blog she preferred to be blind on today’s social dynamics -a complete hypocrite narrow-minded woman. However, the woman who responded to the reply put her in her place. Once again the comment from Just Me proves she is a typical feminist who just wants to criticize anything that is against feminism, completely blind and negative person. The name Just Me also shows she is egoistic, self-centered woman – very typical of any feminist though.

So these comments make it clear that feminists only want to discuss women while they discuss equality. How unfair. Anyone talking about choices of men or saying every choice has its own consequences that the women need to bear becomes a problem. While feminists claim that she has a choice but they don’t allow women like DB to express their choices.

Then I came across this news –


A careful examination of all parameters to rank actresses told me their social media ranking and followers help them in getting the top spot. That, in turn, helps them in getting more advertisements, sponsors. So there is no doubt why celebrities make these videos. They create paid controversy so that they can remain in business.

And when our Bollywood celebrities talk about feminism, this is what they do and promote-



Gay relation

Well, they may be like this in their personal life and it is their personal choice. But they want more people to be like them so that they get more likes, better social ranking, more calls for advertisements and more money.

Unless we stop celebrity worship this will continue. So if you call yourself a proud feminist you know what you are actually promoting.



  1. India is mad about celebrities.. They r the ones who spoiled .. By following them whole nation is getting spoiled.. Role models should be Saints or freedom fighters or social activists.. Ever one is getting attracted to the phyisical beauty and they want to behave like that beauty..


    • Celebrities are a shameful lot and detestable breed.

      Two thousand years ago, special laws were enacted by the Roman Empire with hopes of curtailing the shameful antics of “celebrities”. Even though Romans citizens were never considered prim and proper, by any stretch of the imagination, the actors and actresses of the Roman Empire were known to sink to deplorable levels of human depravity and wallowed in societal filth, far more than the average citizen would dare.

      It is funny that times may change, but people do not.


      • Yes, this is called expert fallacy. There are experiments that shows random men dressed in suit with camera can make people blv any crap. Whereas the same men are not blvd when they r in normal dress

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  2. It is said that 50% of a woman’s charm is an illusion.

    Now, apply this principle to Deepika Padukone. Take away her fine clothes, cosmetic treatments, spot lights, and center stage…and what does she have left?

    I maintain she is one facial scar away from losing everything – including her fan-base. This woman, like so many others, depend upon the superficialities of the flesh to pave their way through life, but once they lose their sex appeal – they are put out of sight and quickly forgotten.


  3. Parth, which factor or feminist organization is spreading the disease of feminism the most among women? Which are those organizations? And what are their primary platforms, ?


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