Do Elite Women Think Male Shaming Is Feminism?

Now Sonam Kapoor has said that elitist women think male-bashing is true feminism. The hidden meaning that we understand from this statement is the elitist women think male-bashing is their empowerment –

Following uneducated and dumb women in the name of feminism ruins the social fabric. Sonam Kapoor thinks male-bashing is feminism

She said, and I quote “Elitist women have always had wrong ideas about feminism. They think male-bashing… hating men…makes you a true feminist. I don’t have to make a video to voice my opinions. My actions have always spoken louder than my words.”

We understand that when Deepika Padukone makes a video “My Choice” or Madhuri Dixit says bearded men are dirty in her view while she dated only bearded men in her life or she says “ let’s teach our boys not to make women cry, or Nandita Das says “all men are potential rapists” we actually know what is playing in the back of their mind. They want to show others that they are true feminists who are empowered enough to disobey patriarchy by putting it down.

So should we as men rejoice that an actress is openly confessing what’s wrong in feminism and why they give those male-bashing statements? Well, not really. Especially when we know sometime back Sonam Kapoor herself has said –

…true Anil Kapoor brought her to this world 🙂

Great contradiction?

If you are wondering why this sudden change in her mind, you need to read this news and understand how their ranking system works –

Deepika Vs Katrina
Celebrity ranking is nothing but bitching index. Why follow them?

Once you know that the more one actress is discussed on social media, the more one is searched online or the more headlines one can make or fan the following one gets on social media actually contributes to their ranking and eventually the money they make; then you will know such statements by our actresses are made ONLY for money and without any social change in mind.

She earlier said “men bring negativity” because then the feminism concept of male hating was hot and no one used to bother about such negative statements. So it was COOL for her to make such a statement and be famous.

Today, Deepika had understood what negativity she had created by making the My Choice video. Even Madhuri’s message that men become violent because they are asked to control their emotions and instead of telling them ‘not to cry’ we should tell them ‘not to make women cry’ was not well taken. Madhuri had earlier faced the flak for acting in Gulaab Gang as well. That movie was not accepted by the audience and it was boycotted by all.

Today after Deepika’s video anti-feminism and egalitarianism is high on social agenda. Feminism is completely exposed as a movement of male hatred, female chauvinism, lesbianism, bigotry and immoral behaviour thanks to the latest feminist actions.

So when Sonam Kapoor saw the first chance of upholding egalitarianism in a way to show male-bashing is not needed to be empowered, she has just used that to be on top of everyone’s discussion. Men no longer bring negativity to her. We understand it is all about keeping their ranking and business going. None of them cares about feminism or empowerment or any social change. They just need the money and need to be on top of our minds so that their business continues. This once again confirms we should not bother about what these celebrities say. They are not concerned about any real issues.



  1. I want to present religious perspective of feminism…a small but genuine attempt on my part to make religious people understand the dangers of feminism to the society from my end..

    Satan sends soldiers from his throne every day to incite people against each other.

    After every day he appraises each one.

    One among the devils says to him….”I have done so and so to such and such person”..

    Satan says…..”You have done nothing……”

    Then the other one says…”I have caused this and this dispute between this man and his wife….”

    Satan says…..”You have done a good job..”

    So it is better for even the religious people…especially followers of Abrahamic religions to recognize the truth about feminism.


  2. This may be out of topic …but much of the feminist laws have been made after The SUPREME court of JUSTICE’s power originally given to by the constitution has been snatched by emergency imposing Honourable Late Mrs Indira Gandhi.

    Proof:- Originally the learned and the least corrupt and the most reliable Judiciary who is approached by the good and the bad alike for JUSTICE had the power to overturn a LAW which was made by our set of politicians who are either NOT learned,elected through CORRUPT means,some even who have CRIMINAL cases and some who even eye the post only to make PROFITS, based on 1/3rd MAJORITY gained through VOTING against the LAW amongst themselves .

    But ,Smt Indira Gandhi ji changed the MAJORITY required to 2/3 rd.This is the reason why we have so many bad laws in implementation.

    A great has once said…”It is more important to kill the bad laws than to frame any laws….”

    Another great said…..”If you want the people to follow the law…make the law respectable….”.

    In my view…..A National Judicial Appointments Commission(NJAC) must be framed which should comprise of three judges each one who has retired after serving as Chief Justice Of Supreme Court and this commission should elect the Chief Justice.

    And when this newly appointed judge retires he should enter the NJAC panel and then the oldest and the most experience member should be bid adieu.This will not allow the Government(a constitutional body) to regulate the matters or scratch another Independent Constitutional Body and the most important one .i.e The JUDICIARY.

    And the snatched Supreme court’s power to correct the wrong laws must be restored.


  3. My argument in favour of giving the SUPREME COURT OF JUSTICE more power to correct or remove any law which it feels is not right is because the legislature passes a bill based on 51(YES votes) to 49 (NO votes).And these 51 votes are not but the votes of MP’s.So if 51 MP’s say ‘yes’ and even though 49 MP’s say ‘NO’ the law is passed.But these very 51 MP’s approach the SUPREME court of ‘JUSTICE’ for justice if they fail to get justice in any other court .So does it not mean that ‘The supreme court of justice’ has got the ultimate authority in the matters of justice.And as India is a country of laws should not ” The ‘SUPREME’ court OF ‘JUSTICE’ ” have the power to decide whether the laws framed are killing ‘justice’ or ensuring ‘justice’.I think it absolutely has because even these MP’s approach ‘The COURT’ asking for justice and accept the judgement reposing their ultimate faith in none other than the court itself.So if the number required is 51/100 to pass the law by MP’s and these MP’s approach the courts for justice …’The SUPREME court’ should even require a lesser number to have the authority to say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ to a law.


  4. I would probably blame her Father as well for this. He probably agrees to her little delusional beliefs, hence empowering her status quo. God, I hate male feminists too.


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