Feminism Seeking To Regain Value By “HeForShe” Campaign


In 2014, UN Women has started a campaign called “HeForShe” by Emma Watson giving a speech in UN about how important it is for men to come forward and talk about women’s rights. If we think it is Emma who came up with this brilliant idea you will be wrong. Because this was taken up by a UN resolution long back in the 90s. Earlier there were many ways the UN tried to have men’s role defined in women empowerment. In 2011, in a survey on masculinity in India, UN agencies showed how Indian men by ICRAW

So far you may be thinking all this is without any gender bias and is aimed at creating gender equality. Well, not so much. If we look at the IMAGES survey findings we understand there were many areas found where men needed help. For example. Men do not ask for help when needed, they are more prone to alcohol addiction. But the UN never took up any program to help men, but instead, their focus had been to use these men, neglect them and talk about women’s rights ONLY.

The HeForShe campaign is also no exception. Well, for those of you who have seen the initial Emma Watson version of HeForShe video you might be excited that she spoke about men’s rights as well. She did speak about how men get discriminated against at times and then she spoke about feminism being gender equality movement and it was the need for men to talk about women’s rights. The main two points she mentioned about discrimination against women are gender pay disparity and violence against women.

MRAs have busted the wage gap myth many times. I don’t think I should reiterate the same points here. But, if that pay gap ever existed then all corporates would have employed only women employees. Also, violence against women has always been talked about but not violence against men by women. Even though Emma spoke about the same she wanted men to talk only about violence against women and not the opposite or both.

Now for those male feminists who are proud of this UN initiative HeForShe and from the discussion so far if you are convinced that feminism is about equality, I will request you to go back to Emma’s video again. See how Emma points out to the fact that feminism is being hated by everyone today especially by women and that is why the gender parity needed to be implemented.

I will explain what went wrong here. For those who regularly do research on feminism know that WomenAgainstFeminism is a movement that started in early 2014 and that had taken the world to the storm. Women debunking feminism theories including feminist created rape hysteria became a concern for all. This movement proved feminism as a movement of male hatred, bigotry, female chauvinism and sexual enslavement of men. This was the reason people realized that feminists are actually hateful women who hate even women when they don’t like feminism. The way women from WomenAgainstFeminism movement were threatened worldwide told many that feminists were terrorists in disguise. Since feminists were exposed in such a way and since women started mocking feminism as a movement of losers, feminists felt the need to re-brand themselves. Hence the movement called HeForShe. This clearly showed that the UN realized that their feminist agendas will not be successful anymore and hence they needed to create a more egalitarian approach to gender roles.

Coming to the  HeForShe campaign, from the campaign page we get to know that from the beginning feminism had been a movement led by women, but now men also need to talk about women rights and hence the campaign HeForShe. This page also shows that men have started talking about women’s rights only recently and they needed to be encouraged to talk about the same. After seeing these two reasons for creating HeForShe campaign on the campaign page, I was wondering who gave women equal voting rights in Europe or in the US? Who created job opportunities for women in those countries or who were all those male feminists who fought in parliaments of different countries to pass laws favouring women? In India, we had Raja Rammohon Roy abolishing Sati or Ishawrchandra Vidyasagar starting marriage of widows or advocating and working for women’s education. We had Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose inducting women in Azad Hind but none of these was even considered by UN as work for women rights. The men who had worked tirelessly to fight against the social bias existing during their times are completely ignored by feminists today when they say men have started talking about women’s rights only recently.

This is not a surprise for me. Having known feminists for some time now and seeing their actions we anti-feminist men understand feminists are like that. Now for the feminist men need to understand that no matter what they do for women’s rights, feminists will always undermine their efforts.

Another example is Deepika Padukone’s My Choice video. Initially, feminists were proud of it and even male feminists like the MARD team proudly shared that video on their FB page. But the people reaction to the video that exposed feminism completely had cautioned feminists quickly. They initially tried to reduce Deepika’s video to a light-hearted joke. But people were not fooled by that and more and more people became anti-feminists thanks to that video. MRAs were jubilant, too –

Read – Why MRAs are jubilant about My Choice

So feminists chose a convenient way of blaming men for the video. One male feminist had scripted the original My Choice video and he became the target this time. The video was termed as patriarchal oppression.

This is another hard slap to men who work for women’s rights. Now in this video which is written purely in a feminist way exposes feminism completely. Once again you can hear about nudity, lesbianism, male hatred, right to kill the fetus, right to adultery etc. This video goes one step ahead of Deepika’s video and claims the right to live on oneself and use one’s hand for sexual pleasure. This clearly shows feminism is NOT about equal rights at all. It is about some frustrated, lonely, sexually bored criminal women who want to promote everything as their right. Have you ever heard or seen any men’s rights activist demanding the same as their right? Have you ever seen any man talking about killing his child as a right?

Guys, if you are aware of what feminism is all about and if you are scared about the same The UN agenda of HeForShe is coming to haunt you in your cities, colleges, universities, workplaces. It will also target our MPs from May 2015. Under this agenda, UN Women is going to create strong internationally funded programs to influence men and boys to talk about women or in other words creating misandry by using men. MARD team is already inducted into this campaign and they had the first round of visit to IIT Indore.

If any of you so-called proud male feminists think that this campaign is for equality because UN Women or some powerful men may be talking about it now, remember how the same campaign had ignored the good work done by legendary men to empower women. If the contributions of the likes of Raja Rammohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar or Netaji or other international leaders are ignored by feminists today, if the scriptwriter of My Choice video is shown middle finger, you are the next. Dear men and boys, before you engage in this campaign ask yourself these questions- could patriarchy save the three innocent men in Rohtak bus incident? And if patriarchy could not save men, will feminism ever save a man suffering from domestic violence by the wife? Will the UN ever ask the government to give an equal share in the wife’s property to the husband?

I know none of the answers to the above questions will be yes. So, you know that the campaign HeForShe is actually a campaign to use men for creating misandry and more misandry in society. Because most women no longer associate themselves with feminism, it is the need of the hour to use men to keep the UN business going. If you get trapped in this, get ready to see their middle finger very soon.


*For other campaign analysis click – here


  1. Partha:

    I will come back and read your article in its entirety, but for now, I only have a moment to respond. Truth is, women owe their existence to men and they need us far more than we need them. This is not a statement of sexism…it’s just a fact of nature.

    My second point, is that men and women are not equal – we never have been and never will be. Men and women are equal in the same regard as oranges are equal to bananas. I have to ask myself why a woman would want to be equal to a man? Does she really want to put up with all his hardships? Does she want to see ten million of her sisters littering the battle field covered in blood? No…of course not.

    Feminists want to have all the privileges afforded to men…without any of the consequences or responsibilities that come with it. In a sense, they want something for nothing. At the end of the day, feminists do not want equality…they want superiority. They don’t want equal rights – they want special rights and privileges that supercede that of men.


  2. The gynocracy and the patriarchy hate men’s rights groups. To these folks, men should be living on bended knee and sacrificing their lives for misandrists the globe over. Anything short of that and you’re a misogynist. Google “men’s rights” and you’ll find hundreds of articles excoriating men’s rights advocates as misogynists.

    The question is why? Why is the idea of true equality so deeply frightening to the gynocracy and the patriarchy. Why are men who point out the obvious so horrendously despised? A simple pass through a site like realsexism.com should make anyone at least think twice about the whole “women are oppressed” thing, but when you point them in that direction – nothing. They simply ignore it and come back with more man-hating replies.

    I’ve become a big believer in the idea that hatred of men is culturally instilled – which is how we ended up with male-only selective service, VAWA, “yes means yes”, affirmative action, man-hating alimony and child support, etc. I think most people just view men as the disposable gender and believe men should willingly suffer whatever fate they’ve been given (take it up the …) by the gynocracy and patriarchy. You know – “man up”. Not this guy.

    HeForShe is just the latest attempt to play on men’s socially programmed sense of chivalry. It’s a shameful attempt to get men to white knight for those strong, independent women. What a rotten world we live in. Women get more manipulative, cunning, calculating and narcissistic as each year passes.


    • Well said, ActualTruth:

      In America we are shown pictures of women sitting at sewing machines during the Industrial Revolution (all wearing a frown), which is meant to serve as a battle cry for women’s suffrage and to prove how victimized and abused women have been historically. What they don’t show you is men working in the coal mines for 18 hours a day, getting black lung and a host of other terminal maladies that no one cares to talk about.

      These feminist groups do not want to talk about the victimization of men forced into military service, while it is against American law for women to be drafted into military service. It’s all just a bunch of piss and wind by a group of prima donnas who expect preferential treatment throughout their lives. The same guilt trip is used by Israel to extort trillions over the years.

      The truth is that men have always loved their women and have always coddled them to the best of their abilities. For example…the ancient Egyptians would not allow their women to wash their clothes down at the rivers edge, because they feared their women would be attacked by Nile crocodiles. They also would not allow women to reap the wheat of the fields for fear that women would cut themselves on the blades.

      While it is true that women have seen tough times on planet Earth…SO HAVE THEIR MEN!!! But as is said in America, “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.” Men, for the most part, do not complain, while most women see this character defect as a beneficial asset and manipulative tool that hits its mark time and again. In particular, whimpering and whining is seen as a birth right of privileged little brats, whose wealthy and influential parents cannot stomach. So, what they do is concede to their daughters wishes in order to shut them up. Unfortunately, these kinds of people rule each country, so this problem has become systemic. And, the more we allow women to flex their cleavage, the more we can expect the same.

      At the end of the day, women are only passionate about issues that benefit themselves or issues that they can relate to personally. A woman’s viewpoint, therefore, is typically egocentric in nature. With all the virtue that is available to women, it has been noted that it is impossible for a woman to sympathize with a man’s plight or understand his hardships, therefore she can never and will never champion his cause. So, when a woman gains political office, she inevitably begins to impose her will and pushes for legislation that benefits her own kind, while disenfranchising all others.

      I think the madness of misandrists took full bloom when Queen Elizabeth began to rule in the mid 1950’s. When a woman rules, she expects everyone and everything around her to come into compliance with her personal world view and personal desires. This, I believe, is why the feminist manifesto and madness of misandry is sweeping across the globe at the speed of light. Women need not rule…but they must be managed wisely – or all hell will break loose to the detriment of men, marriages, children, families, economies, culture and civilization itself.


    • ActualTruth:

      You stated, “Why is the idea of true equality so deeply frightening to the gynocracy and the patriarchy?”

      Please consider that women can never be equal to men in practice, therefore it must be legislated. Gravity is a universal law and act of nature, therefore it needn’t be legislated, whereas female equality is a philosophical and theoretical pursuit that requires legislation to survive. In the end, God did not make women equal to men…lawyers did.

      When all is said and done, the “powers that be” know that women are easily led astray by whatever political Pied Piper comes her way, promising power, health, wealth, and heaven on earth. Truth is, a woman without a good man is a lamb without a shepherd; therefore, sheep without shepherds are easy pickings for ravenous wolves who seek to control and corral them, with the hopes of harvesting her wool and feeding off her young.

      In order to get to the sheep, a wolf must convince the sheep to leave her shepherd. The serpent of the Garden knew he could not seduce Eve in the midst of her husband, protector and overlord, Adam, so he lured her away from him. The same scenario is in effect today. The powers that be want universal control, but cannot have it while the shepherds guard the flocks.

      So, to lure the women away from men, they simply plant the seed of suggestion (that she is powerful, independent, superior and entitled to whatever she wants), knowing full well she will be impossible to live with once the seeds sprout forth. This little stunt will chase good men away and cause all honorable men to think twice about entering into marriage with such women in the future.

      This is exactly what is happening across the globe today. It’s all about gaining control of the masses and their resources. And, like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, the Pied Piper will use the unsuspecting woman to achieve his diabolical goals at the expense of man.


  3. In 1920, American women were given the right to vote. In 1964, they were given the right to earn the same wages as men. In 1973, women were given the right to have abortions without consent from their husbands. In the 1980’s women were given the right to divorce their husbands and break up their family for no reason at all (“no fault” divorce).

    In 2010, women in New Hampshire (USA) were fighting for their right to go topless around town…like men are allowed to do. So, 50 “brave” women paraded down main street exposing their breasts, hoping to lead the way for future generations to follow.

    Now, it is important to note that in all these cases women did not have to prove they could responsibly handle the privileges they were freely GIVEN – privileges they were freely given but never had to earn. So, the grim result was that in 1960 women exercised their right by voting for a presidential candidate (John F. Kennedy) because they liked his hair and because they thought he was handsome.

    At the end of the day, when someone doesn’t have to earn rights and privileges, they neither respect them or handle them responsibly (like rich kids spending their parent’s money). Women in the USA can vote for a president, senators, governors, and congressmen that can lead us into war…but since they don’t have to fight that war they can vote for a candidate with the nicest shoes and best hair. Inevitably, women vote for candidates that expand their “rights” without ever thinking about how much is too much and never contemplating what their newest “rights” will do to our families, communities and country.

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    • Very eloquently put, C.J. Sledgehammer, as were your previous comments. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m confused by the whole oppressive patriarchy thing. Isn’t the oppressive patriarchy composed of those powerful men that voted in:

      Title IX,
      Yes Means Yes,
      Affirmative Action,
      Male-Only Selective Service,
      The VAWA,
      Higher federal and state funding for women’s health, education and welfare,
      Male-only combat roles,
      Man hating, wealth redistributing alimony, asset division and child support,
      Default maternal custody,
      Removal/denial reproductive rights for men,
      Shorter/no criminal sentences for women,
      Etc, etc, etc?

      If this is what women mean by the patriarchy, then I agree 100% that the patriarchy is most men’s primary enemy. As a matter of fact, if one spends 10 minutes at realsexism.com, one gets an even broader picture of how the patriarchy has not only implemented laws and policies that heavily discriminate against men, and in some cases destroy men’s lives, but how it does nothing to ease the overwhelming burden on men and ignores or castigates men when they do speak out.

      Now, to believe in this version of the patriarchy, you must also believe that the patriarchy implemented all of the above at the behest of feminists and the gynocracy in general, right? In other words, these powerful, naive, captain-save-a-ho, white knights did this so they’d get re-elected next go round by the gynocracy, right?

      See, I can’t figure out why feminists consider the patriarchy such an oppressive group given that women are far, far more privileged than men and carry far, far less of society’s burdens. If seems to me that the patriarchy gives women whatever they want, shields them from most burdens and/or transfers those burdens to men. The realsexism.com site makes this abundantly clear.

      Am I wrong here? Help me out. Is the patriarchy composed of the men that make the rules or are men in general the patriarchy? If I’m a part of the evil patriarchy, then I’m kind of miffed. I’ve always been a little too accommodating and forgiving with women, especially when it came to money, which makes me feel like a complete moron if I was actually supposed to be a part of the oppressive patriarchy.

      From where I stand, as a man, I’ve been far more oppressed by oppressive masculinity than any women. All my life, all I’ve seen is women being given the easy way out and “the pass”. I see men being told to suck it up, man up and men being held accountable for themselves, their choices and their actions 100% of the time. These expectations are a given for men. Why are the not expectations of women?

      I know that my mother gave me birth and all – but if men are only brought into this world to be the beasts of burden for the gynocracy, women really aren’t doing men any service by bringing them into the world. It would be better if women just had a bunch of less attractive women, fit them with an appropriately sized dildo and sent them off to do the more attractive women’s dirty work, right? No more oppressive patriarchy, right? A very limited amount of men are necessary for reproduction right? Most everything you see when you drive down the road was invented by/build by women anyway, right?

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      • Spot on…Actual Truth:

        “…to believe in this version of the patriarchy, you must also believe that the patriarchy implemented all of the above at the behest of feminists and the gynocracy in general, right?”

        The “Patriarchy” as it currently exists, has no real love for women, their causes, or their rights, but then again, neither does the matriarchy. What they care about is alienating women from men, and once this has been achieved, this secret cabal of social elites will have destroyed the nuclear family, pushed men to the curb, and will have gained control of women and their children, as well as all the resources they had previously stripped from men in the name of “equality”.

        “In other words, these powerful, naive, captain-save-a-ho, white knights did this so they’d get re-elected next go round by the gynocracy, right?”

        Truth be known, none of America’s politicians, except perhaps those at the local level, are voted in by the people. There is democracy and the illusion of democracy. Americans live under the illusion of democracy. All the major politicians, including the president, are appointed to their posts by the ruling elite from behind closed doors. All major American politicians are front men for the social elites who rule in secrecy.

        “See, I can’t figure out why feminists consider the patriarchy such an oppressive group given that women are far, far more privileged than men and carry far, far less of society’s burdens. If seems to me that the patriarchy gives women whatever they want, shields them from most burdens and/or transfers those burdens to men.”

        Fact is, the world has never seen a more coddled and entitled creature than the average American female – a creature that will believe anything if she stands to profit from it. LIke dogs, they can never eat enough or consume enough. They have been so completely indoctrinated and brainwashed into misandry, victimization, and the entitlement mentality, that it will take generations to recover.

        This social experiment has been so completely successful, that it has now gone worldwide. Virtually every country, including India, sees the potential of transferring wealth and resources to women, who, in turn, will hand it back over to the ruling elites without a fight.


  4. Consumerism,materialism seem to be the TWO main driving forces behind this “evil” feminism.There was once a woman in Andhra Pradesh (not going to name any names),an engineering college student on whom was acid poured.That incident caused a great furore of humongous proportions here.Without even meditating the details of the case,a wild frenzy was created by media ,claiming he poured it because she refused his love proposal.While ,as a matter of fact ,it was not the case.Because of the hysteria,the government became cornered and three students were taken and shot.The reason given is they tried to escape.People fired crackers and celebrated.The wave of madness was so huge that the girls of my college were also warned by the respective professors and woman welfare officers advocating them to not to speak with men and stay away from them altogether scaring them that they would also meet the same fate.WOW.MASS INDOCTRINATION indeed.


    • Thank you for your important input, Ridwaanahmed…I had no idea this horrible thing had happened.

      I, for one, believe women were given to men by our loving Creator to love and adore, but not to worship and serve. Our holy book tells us that women were made for man’s glory, while man was made for God’s. Feminists hate men, God and other women (if they are living as God intended).

      In my mind, the very first feminist was Satan, posing as a serpent in the Garden of Eden. He could not influence the man, so he alienated the woman from Adam, and filled her head with fanciful thoughts of power, wisdom, superiority and a disdain for her natural state. Adam, as the Word of God states, did nothing to deter his bride from falling into sin, and because he loved her, allowed her to lead us all to destruction.

      One of the curses that happened as a result of Adam sitting back and allowing his bride to do as she pleased, was that all future brides would despise the direction and leadership of their husbands and would seek their own way and try to rise above him.

      So, what we are dealing with today is a creature of elegance, loveliness and grace that demands love, worship and glory – just like our original mother, Eve, had done. Unfortunately, women do not often see the consequences of their actions nor do they see evil and danger before it overcomes them.

      This is why this beautiful creature must be managed by worthy caretakers, loving fathers, and prudent husbands who are willing to love them enough to tell them the truth and protect them from all the dangers of this world and from the evils if hell itself. Most often, however, a good man must protect his daughter or bride from herself, which has never been easy to do when his heart is filled with love.


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