“India’s Daughter” – A Hard Slap To Overprotective Indian Men

Amidst huge uproar around the Leslee Udwin’s documentary “India’s Daughter” for BBC world, that has violated so many norms that Indian authorities’ have to do soul searching about the security lapses which has become a great concern today.

Even though it was clear to many that Mukesh’s interview could have been scripted and he could have been asked to say what he said, because his words, context of use, intonation, voice modulation, a conviction in voice was good enough for a close viewer to understand that his portion might be scripted by the filmmaker herself.

Read Is “India’s Daughter” scripted?

There are also reports that suggest that BBC has a history of making fake documentaries –

BBC fake wildlife documentary

BBC-Fake documentary1

But in a mood of outrage, emotional men who want to protect their women forget all rational thinking when news like Dimapur lynching comes up alongside a fake video like “India’s Daughter”. There is enough evidence against the filmmaker Leslee Udwin that she wanted to malign India and specifically Indian men through her video and also raised questions and the Indian mindset of being protective of her women.

The views expressed by many Indian men that women should not roam freely at night after a certain time etc. comes from the overprotective attitude of theirs. Indian patriarchy forces Indian men to save their women, they feel safe when their women are safe. Many of these Indian men are visibly overprotective when they comment women should not move freely after a certain time at night. What they don’t understand is that as a society we need overall safety ensured rather than being protective partially and creating unnecessary barriers.

If we look at this protective Indian society, we will realize such barriers exist for our boys too. Even when boys come late our mothers get afraid. This never becomes an issue because Indian men’s rights activists have better issues to deal with. Only the feminists who get easy funding from men can have the luxury of making everything a women’s rights issue.

For a moment let’s forget that the BBC documentary was done with criminal intent to malign India and Indian men and concentrate only on the message that created huge uproar worldwide; we will know that the radical views of some men featured in the video were projected as Indian view. It is basically the restrictive view that suggests the restriction of women’s movement.

Recently Amnesty International had a similar smear campaign in Bangalore Social Media Week (SMWBangalore) where they have demanded (citing Shakti Mills case, Mumbai) that women need safety measures to go anywhere, anytime. Ironically, even as a man, I set restrictions on myself in going to criminally infested areas or deserted places in wee hours of the day. I can’t blame police or authorities if I get terribly mugged up at those places. Many would raise questions about why I went there in the evening. Let’s face it – we do have criminals around and NO society is free of criminals. We need to take some responsibility for our own safety and that can’t become a rights issue all the time.

But feminists love to make such videos a big issue. They want to shame every man for putting restrictions on women which more likely comes from men’s protective nature.

Recently in Bangalore on the occasion of cycle day, two feminist leaders felt offended by the following posters of MRAs–

MRA posters on Cycle Day

Bangalore Cycle Day

Initially, they tried to snatch the banners, failing which they called MRAs dogs and tried to shame men by citing the BBC video, “Indias Daughter”. Their point was that as men we should have felt sorry for the video. Just imagine some feminists standing with their banners shaming men, and some MRAs trying to pull those banners away. Don’t you see that as a huge global issue and the UN giving a statement on that? Truly feminists want to make every Indian man feel sorry for a crime they had never committed. Many men feel sorry too and that is because Indian men are protective in nature and any violation of women makes them feel as if they are responsible for the crime even without doing anything.

So lastly, I had to intervene and remind those feminists that they were criminals who wanted to shame their own nation based on views of a criminal.

At this outset, I remember one event on International Men’s Day (IMD) at Kolkata in 2014. In that meet one retired Supreme Court judge who himself got a false rape case was promoting gender-biased laws and was advocating for more such laws. Another popular male Bengali actor was openly bashing men for celebrating IMD. I am amazed to see the stark difference in situations on IMD and IWD.

Read – Supreme Court Judge supported the abuse of the court 

Men are bashed everywhere and it is the men themselves who feel proud of the same. Men feel proud when they shame their own gender because all these men feel it is their duty to save women around them and hence they bash other men for any crime against women. Unfortunately, when each one of them continues bashing the other, they actually end up bashing one another for the crimes they had never committed but still feel sorry.

Women, on the other hand, do not have this problem. They can conveniently get all facilities and still blame men for everything. Men by nature are apologetic and they take all feminist shit openly. In turn, these men expect other men to behave in the same manner, too.  But women never feel sorry for crimes committed by other women. If they did, they would have demanded severe punishment for every false rape complainant or for women like Rohtak sisters.

It is this NEED of being the best protector for their women that makes men more competitive with each other and shame each other. The men who openly endorsed the BBC video ‘India’s Daughter’ saying the views were Indian society’s view actually proved that they too endorsed the same views. Many Indian men felt proud of it. They openly defied the ban and shared the video on social media. They ended up shaming their gender as a whole.

But did this introspection help these overprotective Indian men? These are the men who had gone nuts after Dec 2012 Delhi incident as well. These are the men who violently protested every rape, these are the men who had brutally lynched a rape accused in Dimapur but still in India’s Daughter they were accused of having the mindset of a rapist. In short, the overprotective men who wanted to save their women were termed as rapists by the same women they wanted to save.

These women were never repentant of this act, too. These are the women who had gone everywhere to shame men. In fact, what these women did was only to shame men and blame men for everything. They spit on the men who save them, they create videos like “India’s daughter” and slap the men hard, but still, the protective breeds of Indian men do not understand that no matter what they do to save their women, feminist criminals will always shame them by making videos like “India’s Daughter”.



  1. Partha,

    Repurcussions of that b@#$%^&t video are being felt now…please check ndtv website’s story
    (link provided here…
    One women adding masala to it and citing b@#$%^&t feminists reports that for every 20min there is a rape happening in india …

    Thanks to these kind of women, now getting admission into foreign universities will be banned soon for boys….
    For this the men are to be blamed who support these feminazis….

    I am getting really depressed by this kind of movements against Indian men… For how many people should I have to send your article written on rapes by you “https://themalefactor.com/2014/12/25/rape-in-india-why-it-becomes-a-worldwide-story/”….

    Now recently one indian woman was stabbed/killed in Australia (around 0930pm) when she was coming back from work to home through a park by walk. It is not safe anywhere in the world when you go out in night through places where people are less. But no body blames Australian men or their government. Why India ? Why Indian men are being targeted???

    Really getting depressed……


  2. First and foremost,excluding the fake rapes ,is India the country topping the number of female rapes?.

    Is Nirbhaya the only woman who was raped ever?.

    Are there not women who rape,who murder,who burn their husbands,burn their own kids……?.

    So why aren’t these women are being touted as India’s daughter.

    So,only one woman who was raped is the India’s daughter.India’s image is being systematically being tarnished and Indian men are being presented as sex starved hungry psycho rapists.

    Is this to divert the foreign investments to other countries?.

    Who knows man.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. To have peeped into a criminal’s mind and heard his version of the story was not a terrible act of drudgery for me. The fact is women still get raped, will get raped and men like you will think that women raising a voice for their rights hate all men. That is why feminism is a failed movement in india. because men feel threatened of it. Having said that, leme tell you that my best friend is a gay man. Gay and man.
    Feminism isnt about hating men. it is about demanding equal, yes you heard it right, equal rights for men and women. And please do not protect us. We do not need to dwell in the shadow of overprotective men as you have said in your post, to thrive!


    • You said it all..Your friend is a gay man. That once again confirms that feminism is about lesbian women taking us to lesbianism because they don’t find value in men any more. Men who still do not understand this make the mistake of falling in trap of feminism in the name of equal rights. Feminism is NOT about equal rights at all. It is all about a world by the woman, for the woman and of the woman. You have not studied feminism that well. If you did then you would have known that the movement that started as equal rights is no more a movement of equal rights. Feminists openly mock men in every sphere and think that is their empowerment, Criminals like ROhtak sisters are given bravery awards, Innocent men like the one in Dimapur is lynched, feminism starts with Fem..which is for female. So women comes first in feminism. Any man who reads this needs to know that when elderly women tortured by young Daughter-in-laws approached NCW for justice, they were denied stating NCW only hears complaints from DILs. This is what hypocrite feminists can do to us.


    • You are asking men not to protect you but you still didn’t say that you are responsible for your own safety. You are not claiming any responsibility of your own safety and it proves that you always want to blame men. A typical feminist mindset..!


  4. What does your gay friend has to do with feminism and how is it about equal rights?.You are talking here that as if all the MRA s conform with the aired views.A citizen has both rights and responsiblities and that includes women too.As long as men do chamchagiri you are OK and when men speak up and fight for their own rights ,you say they are feeling threatened.Why should I feel threatened by anybody as I have not done any crime.Rather the ones who have framed these draconian,one sided,inhumane,unconstitutional laws should feel ashamed for deceiving the entire nation.Time will come when the gender appeasing illiterate mangina and white knight politicians will be ousted and those who can think sensibly instead of dancing to the tunes of feminazis will assume power.Then will the real and true equality hopefully be achieved.Until then people who support feminism are hastening the economic and moral decline of India.The sooner they realize this, the lesser the damage.


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