What Is ‘Saptapadi’ And What Do You Need To Know About It NOW

Most of us, Hindus who get married by traditional Hindu rituals by pronouncing some Sanskrit Slokas don’t even know the vows we take during our marriage. We take saat phera or seven rounds around the Agni  (fire) and take some vows that make us husband and wife. These are the vows that bind our relationship in the form of religious binding that is also legal. Here the god Agni  (Fire) is considered as the witness of our vows and hence the bond becomes a holy one.  It is important that as Hindus we know these vows –

Phera 1 – To nourish each other

Bridegroom’s vow – I will love, cherish and provide for you and our children. You will support me and offer me food.

Bride’s vow – I will honour my husband. I take upon myself the responsibilities of the house and children.

Phera 2 – To grow together in strength

Bridegroom’s vow- I will support my wife forever. Together we will defend our family and home.

Bride’s vow- I will stand side by side with my husband in protecting our family and home.

Phera 3 – To preserve a couple’s wealth

Bridegroom’s vow- I promise to work for the prosperity of the family. I will be faithful to my wife and will lead a spiritual life.

Bride’s vow- I will be faithful to my husband and will support him

Phera 4 – To share their  joys and sorrows

Bridegroom’s vow – I declare my good fortune at marrying my wife. I pray for a happy life and good children.

Bride’s vow- I will do my best to please my husband.

Phera 5 – To care for children and parents

Bridegroom’s vow- I pray for happiness and well being of our family.

Bride’s vow- I will trust and honour you. I will be with you always.

Phera 6 – To be together forever

Bridegroom’s vow- May we be together forever

Bride’s vow- I will always be with you in all your endeavours.

Phera 7 – To remain friends, forever

Bridegroom’s vow- With this last phera (round), we belong to each other forever

Bride’s vow- I am delighted to be your wife. May we be together forever.

…..and thus we marry wanting everything from life.  

…..and get divorced after a few months over trivial disputes. We realize actually we didn’t want this marriage. We lose all expectations and become close to wanting nothing from life.

Marriage Vows

Additionally Indian govt. is bringing the amendment to Hindu Marriage Law to rob the husbands of their inherited, inheritable property in the event of a divorce. Our Govt., too want to stop Hindus from getting married.

Then the question remains? Why marry?

When marriages itself are not desired, then why bother about pre-marital sex or lack of it?

Be an MGTOW, avoid the unnecessary danger of pre-marital sex and then getting false rape cases in India. India is ready to hang you or beat you to death on the mere allegation. You will find wanting everything being more dangerous, you will end up not even being able to want anything.



  1. This is the process of SOCIAL ATOMISATION. It is the desired mode of lifestyle, that benefits a consumerist and corporatized economy, but robs the individuality and collective security. It makes us insecure, fearful, paranoid, untrusting, unsure, uncertain and most dangerously, uncaring, greedy, selfish, aggressive and materialist.

    Look at Partha’s points for each phera above.
    They are the hallmarks of interdependence and each takes two to tango.

    Then think of the women you meet these days. What value are they pumped up on?

    Answer: I N D E P E N D E N C E!
    A hyper worship of false individualism. With fashion and the cult of success focussed self-help (Made in USA ), as its twin crutches. It’s the deceipt where a caring family life is supplanted by a corporate slavery mill.

    No wonder, while the pheras speak of eternal lifelong cooperation. That is, giving 100% to each other. The feminazi stormtroopers speak of competition with men, and demand 100% from men, claiming a 50-50 partnership, but stealing 50% of his wealth and destroying 100% of their life.

    No wonder, these women aren’t ‘dependable’. Good riddance. The more Indian men realize this, the better. Zor Se Bolo ~ “Jiyo Solo!” Step up and become an MGTOW today and stay one for life.

    You have nothing to lose, but your chains.

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    • @ Augustya Shutriya —
      So what you are suggesting is a lifelong Satyagraha against the feminazi imperialists?

      The British despite their oppressive bent, had short moral fibres, what makes you think the feminazis with wild long waving hairs, have any moral sense?

      If you want to defeat them, you must minimize all interactions with them and avoid them completely. Is that possible?

      I think it is possible if in India we also make MenSheds, i.e. Men only clubs and associations of MRAs and MGTOWs. Such a network can become a parallel society and also sustainable network.

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    • Almost every working woman I meet now a days, says ” I am an Independent woman” during the course of discussion. They never trust interdependence and if you ask them whether you can cook…they see you like an alien…Oh God! this male egoistic is insulting me …..they doesn’t want to cook, children???? her parents or in-laws (if they become servants to her) can take care of them… BECAUSE…She wants to be “INEPENDENT”…
      Do you ever heard any man saying during discussion “I am an Independent Man”..??? No…Man means responsible, man means care….

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      • Independence like perfection is an unattainable fiction created by the mind. Its purpose is to idealize a desire and seek those approximate qualities which are most appealing.

        However when immature minds such as Feminazis and Fascists (they go together) confuse a mere template for a perfectible totality, they discount the humanity’s grey and flawed areas, and seek a black and white. No wonder, these so called independent airheads want perfection in their life partners, but end up divorcing or remaining spinsters.


      • Well said Krishna. What’s wrong in asking “whether you can cook” ? If they don’t know how to cook then what they are eating daily ? Is it “food” or “something” else !!? If they are eating out are getting parcels, then they could have simply said: ” I don’t know how to cook and daily I will eat out or get parcels “. What is there to be offended ?

        You didn’t asked them: “Do you wipe or wash” !?
        You didn’t asked them: “Do you use vibrator or vegetables” !?
        You didn’t asked them: “Do you give BJ’s to your Boy Friend” !?
        You didn’t asked them: “It seems you are using b****t pads, do you indeed” !?

        I really wonder why they are always out of the REALITY and TRUTH. Everything (almost) they are using in this world are being made available to them by MEN !

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        • Yes, most working women influenced by bad things in western culture’s now a days don’t want to cook / wash their clothes / raise their children by attending their every need. This is slowly like poison disturbing today India. Good Westerners getting tired of their broken family system are marrying Indian Men and settling as home makers as they think Indian men are those who really care, responsible towards family…….I think even if we are ready to explain these working women about true Indian family system, they are not ready to listen.


        • Why go for working women? Why not choose a woman who wants to be a home maker.
          There is nothing wrong to ask a woman if she can cook? There is nothing wrong for a working woman to ask if the man can also cook? If both paying bills equally then both should share house hold duties equally too. If one of them only wants to work, and doesn’t want to do any house work, then that person should marry someone who is willing to be a home maker and would love to take care of kids. If both of them are working, and both not interested in cooking, then, they should together agree to get a maid and a cook. These points are very important to discuss before marriage. Not just checking each other’s looks, connection between them but also to know each other’s expectations.


  2. MGTOW makes more sense than MRA. MRAs campaign for lighter chains and are treated with contempt by feminists and the powers that be. MRAs are fighting a losing battle against an enemy that is firmly entrenched, well-funded and supported by a corrupt political and legal system that has a vested interest in pandering to the female collective. In such a scenario, MRAs don’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell in making any headway. If you look at the history of men’s rights activism, you’ll find that the MRAs have NEVER succeeded in the ninety-odd years that they have been in existence. Google “why MRAs will never succeed” (quotes and all) to know the facts. As a wise man once said, “You can’t outargue feminism because you can’t outargue female nature”.

    MGTOW, on the other hand, is a different kettle of fish altogether. As another wise man once said, “You win by not playing the game.” MGTOWs follow the winning strategy of not playing the game. That’s the reason feminists (and women in general) are SCARED SHITLESS of MGTOWs because, by going their own way, men deprive parasitic females of victims they could have sucked dry. By boycotting marriage and relationships, MGTOWs can live a drama-free life of peace, happiness and prosperity. Therefore, Go Your Own Way and live happily ever after.

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    • Marry someone with equal status. The problem is most women want to marry someone who earns more than them and has more properties compared to what they have. This worked long back because the woman was willing to live with in laws, take care of them and the house and was willing to adjust in several ways. But now they don’t want to live with in laws or adjust with them. If women want equal rights, then they should equally contribute financially and when divorced shouldn’t ask for any maintainance.


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