This Is Why Dowry Should Be Legal In Indian Marriages

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Shocking Acceptance of Dowry

I know all of you might be shocked by the title, after all these years of anti-dowry movement and understanding the ill-effects of dowry in marriages this is surely a shocker for everyone. I have stopped being politically correct and started exposing the social hypocrisy in the name of women empowerment and hence this article.

No, I am neither talking about those honey wrapped definition of dowry in arranged marriages that says – Dowry is a property right given to the daughters on marriages by their parents nor the popular politically correct MRA definition that it is actually stridhan that is given to the wife but termed as dowry per her convenience later.

At the outset, let me clarify that I no longer consider matrimonial relation as a holy relationship. The popular Hindu belief that says we have tied our knot in heaven and our relation is actually immortal. Even though Indian marriages still have Saat Phera with fire or Agnidev as a witness. This may be legally accepted procedure of Hindu Marriage but our religious interference ends there. After this ritual everything that sustains in an Indian marriage is legal. If it was not, then our divorce proceedings would have been conducted with Agnidev as a witness and we taking reverse phera around Him to untie the wedlock as the pioneer of Indian MRM Mr. Radhikanath Mallick once commented.

Since Indian marriage is only a legal ritual, let’s talk about acceptable marriage per Hindu marriage laws and how this relationship transpires to Indian Marriages.

The Pre-Nup And Dowry

Today, we may not have a pre-nup agreement valid in Indian Marriages but WCD ministry is creating a pre-nup to ensure alimony for the wife. To top it all WCD minister is also trying to give single mothers tax benefits. This is on top of existing sections for women empowerment to claim maintenance and alimony (mind it, a man does not get tax benefit on the income paid to the wife as maintenance or alimony) being a part in divorces including the mutual consent (MCD) ones. This is further established by judgements from various courts allowing maintenance to working wives under the pretext of maintaining their living standards at the same level as that when they were married.

To argue in favour of this condition of ensuring maintenance or financial security for the wife, feminists have been giving reasons including those from Saptapadi (matrimonial vows taken by the couple in an Indian wedding). But, whenever it came to reminding women of their marriage vows everybody became silent. If those marriage vows were observed ever then any adulterous wives should have been punished, any woman going against the husband or not taking care of her family should have also been punished.

Under the politically correct definition of a Hindu marriage, it is considered a crime to remind women of any of their duties and I am here to break that jinx.

My definition of dowry for the purpose of this article is the definition that is considered a crime in India – “Money or articles other than gifts given by the bride side to the groom’s side in connection of marriage”.

Dowry As A Crime

Under legally accepted norms in India, any such exchange of money or articles other than gifts is a crime for both sides (even though feminists are trying to make giving dowry as no crime). So in a legally accepted Indian marriage, the man gets a house for his family, makes all necessary arrangements and interior done, builds all conveniences for the girl he is going to marry without knowing whether the girl will take care of any of her responsibilities after marriage.

When we look at a girl’s responsibility after marriage we don’t find any and hence it becomes dependent on individual’s perception of responsibility. Some may consider taking care of household work is her responsibility whereas some others may not. Some may consider being faithful to the husband and his family is her responsibility and raising his and only his children are her responsibility but some others may not. And none of these women are actually considered an offender under any section of existing Hindu legal norms. (even though they are offenders under Hindu religious norms).

Read – Indian women have no responsibility in their families

Hindu marriage that is a legal contract (as explained above) is silent about the responsibilities of one party (wife) completely. Whereas it spells out every minute responsibility of the husband. That is why all different laws are made to ensure that the husband never ignores his duties. This, however, is the cause of all marriage problems.

Financial Liability In A Marriage

Considering marriage of an average IT employee middle class Hindu man in his thirties we understand that he is forced to expenses like buying a good flat (Rs. 50 lakh or 5 Million) in a metro city, interior (additional 5-10 lakhs) is the prerequisite of a marriage. So a Hindu boy in his thirties is forced to invest at least 5-6 million before his marriage (any gifts . jewelry was given to the bride or family is extra). After marriage, he is supposed to take care of the wife completely with no expectation whatsoever from her or her family (as that is considered dowry). So no matter whether the wife is employed or is from a well-to-do family – a man is expected to take care of all his expenses. Under present-day conditions existing in India, any average two-person family in a city will need 20-30 K for a somewhat decent living considering the wife does not overspend.

Over and above these expenses are the occasional expenses like her family function, travels and other medical conditions to her or her family members, if applicable. The expenses can reach anywhere upwards 4 lakhs annually. While the husband is forced to meet budgetary expenses for his marriage, the wife comes with no liability for herself. In turn, legally it is considered that the good living conditions that the husband might have provided to her during their marriage is supposed to be continued even after separation and hence he continues to pay her without getting or expecting any of her services.

This in a way clarifies that Indian women are made parasites by the Hindu legal system and with the addition of every woman empowering family law, WCD ministry is just reinforcing this point. With no protest whatsoever from women, makes the point that they enjoy this situation of unnecessary benefits and want to ride on the hard-earned income of someone else. This is reinforced by working divorced women claiming alimony from their husbands.

At this outset let me also clarify that Hindu Laws don’t force working women to contribute in their family’s expenses and I have seen many divorces due to the reason husband expected his earning wife to contribute in their family.

So this becomes clear that a woman has no financial liability in a marriage and all liability goes to the man for trying to have a family. So it is completely based on the chance for him that his wife takes care of his family, do not have sex outside marriage, or raise his children with proper care and affection. Given the fact that there is no criteria or quality measure for these services and in most modern households these services are often outsourced to maids or ayas (paid by the husband again) the wife becomes a complete liability with a high cost attached outside the marriage records.

So, if men consider women as parasites or leeches that become obvious. I am sure no one likes this kind of image for oneself and hence the respectable solution to this problem is to consider women as really equal partners in a marriage and making sure of their equal contribution to the marriage. Not only before a Hindu marriage but also after the same in monthly household expenses, in daily workload sharing or otherwise.

Currently, this is considered as dowry under Indian law. But if this financial contribution from women is ensured in pre-nuptial agreement that the govt is trying to bring, only then women will be treated really equally. Since this will be covered by an agreement (pre-nup), their initial share (after adjusting for depreciation) may be given back to them in case of a divorce or marriage problems. However, monthly family running expenses that are consumed by both may not be shared.

Dowry Fallout On Girls

By making dowry a criminal offense, feminists have also blocked chances of many not so good looking or average women from getting married. Today there is an increasing number of women who are in their late thirties or early forties and looking for soulmates but not able to get married. Since everyone understands taking or giving dowry is a crime, no one talks about the same; men do not like these women and also get concerned whether these women will ever contribute to their family after marriage in addition to being a liability to them and hence these women never get married.

Many such women, in their late ’30s who were good looking in their prime (but are not so good looking today), told me that they are not able to get married when they contacted me for my second marriage. They had very high expectations about their partners and found no boys meeting their criteria and slowly lost their value in the marriage market. Some of the girls I met will probably never be able to get married and they don’t realize it is because of the feminists’ created high expectations that had ruined their lives. Earlier these women could have got married by giving dowry, today they can’t get married at all. No matter if they are highly earning and have the intention to contribute to their family. Who knows they will not raise that contribution as dowry and will send their husband to jail afterward.

Overall, the dowry menace was not dealt with well by any of our govt. Women can never be empowered by shunning all their responsibilities. Only some good looking women may win but a large number will be losers. It is time for everyone to realize that.


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  1. MD(AIIMS)-failed but male @ 1 Cr in marriage bazaar , MD(AIIMS) passed and good human – preconceived notion by society women 1) bad wife 2) bad mother 3) flirt because she works along with men ! It is not real because she earns , fends for kids ,own parents and ‘ friends’ of husband , her kids are brilliant medal holders from top universities, lady doctor gets nothing from husband because she is working, not even after she is not working due to disease and stress and societal taunts. These society women are not only blind and deaf , they pretend to be Dumb Also because of their own selfish reasons. The fault lies in women whose heart goes dhak dhak at the sight of a MD, never mind his social record! Give sanctity to flirting also ,me sure any genuine suffering woman will come out demoralized by the attitude of women in position to help the women but during the process , theses women end up Helping the men who abuse.


  2. This what partha Ji the indian marriages will end and I have my brother my frds decided not to marry. They say they r happy bachelors and would love to spend their hard earned money to themself rather giving to parasities of the society. That’s true women initially wants a millionaire and as we knw and biologically true that female gets mature early and no doubt will turn older early than men. And after 30 yrs women r consider to be old with wrikles start developing on face etc etc. And their value wich used to be for marriage in 20’s get minimal. After the time rushes they rush for a soul mate……but unfortunately in coming days there will be no family and women will have SOB.

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  3. Partha Ji I like ur articles and really proud in u as a men that u r actually working on the pain which I man can only sees. I follow ur articles u writes really amazing. And kehte hai na bhairo ke kaam pe tamacha…..

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      • Partha:

        This is difficult to answer, so it is best to err on the side of caution.

        It is safe to assume, in this day and age, that a potential bride is the product of her environment as well as her training. So, ask yourself: What does my potential bride listen to and read, who are her friends, what is her family like, what is her belief system and what is the current social climate.

        In America, it is a proven fact that women mirror their friend’s behaviors, i.e., if her friends are getting pregnant…she is more apt to want a baby. If her friends are getting married…she will seriously contemplate a husband. If her friends are having affairs…she is likely to seek out a lover and if her friends are getting divorced…she is more likely to leave her husband. In the same fashion, if women live in an area where divorce is unfashionable…she is not likely to leave. So, let the buyer beware.

        At the end of the day, women are herd animals: They show little regard for independent thought and are a slave to social trends, which makes them unstable and potentially dangerous. Let the buyer beware.

        Moreover, behavioral psychologists suggest that “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior”, while Brifault’s Law states that women engage in relationships with men only if they have something to gain. When the woman has had her fill, prospects become thin, or the gravy train is running dry…she will set her sights on another target and seek to end the former. It’s cold-hearted and calculated, but very few women marry for love, and those that do, often confuse “love” for a deep regard for what the man brings to the table.

        To answer your question…no one knows how a woman will act in the future – not even they know that. You had just better hope that you keep the money rolling in and you had better give in to all her demands, otherwise she may decide to jump ship (like so many before her).

        Women are known for their instability not their predictability.

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        • hmm..good thought. But I have observed that even if a guy has romantic relation with a girl before marriage he does not try to understand all these details. Forget about getting these information in an arranged marriage that we have in India. But I do recommend everyone to check in her family, mainly divorce tradition in her family.

          Regarding your point on checking the selfish motive of a woman, I suggest men not to show off, rather show down to check her intentions. There are a lot of questions to understand what she has within her.

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  4. Good article covering all ill effects created by feminists and gender biased laws by dirty politicians, for ruining Indian well settled family system. DP Act prohibits dowry while succession Act allows equal share to girls which is never given, why that share should not be given to new couple at the time of marriage? Legal system is not working well Fake cases are piling in courts and judiciary does not bothers to expeditious disposal of matrimonial disputes even though it effects many lives. These cases must be sent to LOKADALATS for speedy trials. At the time of marriage there is no Govt. Machinery is involved why legal system should come in picture unless some crime is committed. If DP act is scrapped many problems may be addressed in family itself. Manish faced Dowry problems even without any marriage media made the girl hero like Lakshmi Bai. Let the nation move forward by re thinking the entire matrimonial laws.
    Good carry on your fight against laws which are ruining our youths as well as families and children.

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  5. Sadhukhan ji, your this article is equally brilliant. But the main point is how to enforce some measurable responsibility on hindu wife. They have really become more than leeches as they not only survive on hindu husband, but also lead them to suicide. So, our full hearted effort should be enforce MEASURABLE RESPONSIBILITY OF HINDU WIFE.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Let it be financial responsibility. Like, Her spending equal amount in building the family and then contribute equally in family expenses monthly. Women need to take such responsibility voluntarily and many of these actually can’t be forced. So they should also have security of getting their ‘investment’ back in case the marriage does not work.


      • So they should also have security of getting their ‘investment’ back in case the marriage does not work.

        How come, man invested, who will give back to man? Best way all family expenses wife should bear 50% including rent (even if boy has own house, nothing will come at free of cost), insurance, travel expenses etc.


  6. this is a stupid misogynist article… This Partha guy says “Giving dowry is a crime”… who wants to give money for free to someone…u kind of chauvinists torture the wife either physically or mentally for dowry… “Husband does interior decorations of the house” is the shities lie in this article… a bride’s father on average spends 17 lakhs for a Hindu wedding with all arrangements putting atleast 30 pawn of gold even for middle class family is the standard gold otherwise the chauvenist guy n his mother will hit the gal either with words to defaming her in front of relatives, indirectly taunting her….

    And also, the girl does the entire household work, if the chauvinist husband even puts his plate in the sink after he eats dinner then I would say he is the least chauvinist guy in India. I dont know what these chauvinists still want after sucking the wife’ body for lust and money, these guys want all girls to commit suicide after these guys enjoyment is over and done, so that these misogynist psychos can re-marry and enjoy another gal… In which wonderland girls’ family forcefully give dowry to grooms family.??? In which wonderland a husband does household chores… in which wonderland the groom’s family gives back the money which the girls’ parents have spent on the lavish marriage which the chauvinist groom family mercilessly demands??? And who will give money to children born out of the wedlock????? if the guy just wants to enjoy her body and give her a child and escape in the name of divorce or the worst case torture her mentally and physically so that the wife has no other option other than divorce, then who is going to pay for every need of the child??? and why the hell Single mother’s should not get tax benefit?? the shameless moron guy only to satisfy his lust has given her the child and ran away from his responsibilities and now the lady has to raise the child single-handedly in this male dominated society where from passport office to RTO office has a bias towards single mothers and torture them every where… what happened to the guy who was responsible for the child birth, where did he and his so called mother hide in this situation without taking care of tje kid… these misogynist shameless morons wont have answers to all these questions… all they want is to bring this indian society back to Sati deaths, female infanticide and polygamy so that they can enjoy their lives at the cost of poor women….God save India and erase these misogynists from this earth


    • So the name you have used is a male name and the email is that of a female. Are you a confused identity? Anyways, I will discuss only the points you have mentioned. If you say, no one wants to pay free money to others, you need to understand that even if dowry is paid that is her investment to the family she is going to have. Why should only the husband pay and then bear her lifelong cost? According to your logic maintenance or alimony both needs to be crime. Husband paying an estranged wife when she has no contribution in his life or family. So the crime is happening one way against the man in any relationship. But I am not surprised by your take here as that is justified take for any female chauvinist parasite.

      Also your assumption that a middle class Hindu woman pays 17 lakhs with gold etc is all imaginary, baseless comment. Typical of feminists though.

      Your story about ALL Indian households and how the work is divided is amazing but everyone understand them to be baseless female chauvinist rants only. Regarding a woman taking care of all household work etc. is a myth that I already busted in this as well as another article “Indian Women have no responsibility in their families”. If they really did they wouldn’t have employed maids (paid by husband) or electronic gadgets (again paid by the man).

      Coming to the point that husband enjoys her body tells me that women don’t enjoy sex and it’s only men who enjoys. Then these women are impotent or frigid women and they should not marry in first place. In any divorce maintaining kids also become dual responsibility. But when the husband gets the custody (in rarest of rare cases) he doesn’t even ask for any maintenance. That is reality. Now even if the woman has paid her share (call it dowry please) for setting up her family on divorce she needs to work and earn money like the way all men do today. That is a civil way of earning a livelihood. Your comment shows once again that feminists do not want any responsibility, they only want benefits like parasites do.

      Also your comment that the mother is forced to maintain the child is completely baseless. In most divorces where the mother gets custody does not even allow the father visitation rights. They scare the child away from the father while she continues to enjoy that man’s money, home etc. This is how shameless you feminists can be.

      Now, your comment on stating bias in different govt. offices clarifies a point that you don’t want to give the child name of his father on divorce. That shows how cruel and self centered you feminists are. Natural and we understand this very well. So if any case the single mother is asked the name of the father of her child, she should be able to tell unless she herself does not know the name (or she had slept around with so many people that she did not realize who fathered her child). Well, another typical feminist phenomenon.

      Lastly you spoke about Sati death, female infanticide, polygamy. Not sure how Sati Deaths is becoming relevant here. clearly you have gone out of your mind. Also females taking equal responsibility in marriage and having their share only after their investment in marital property can not lead to infanticide. because then they will be within their limit to find their groom and illiterate and less literate women will not dream of marrying highly qualified established grooms. They will still have not marrying at all as many would do even today. Lastly, today men are forced to pay alimony or maintenance to their wives. Dowry is not a force. Women still have a chance of not marrying and get their share documented and secured in pre-nup agreement. So on eventuality of that marriage breaking she gets her share back (after depreciation) – what’s wrong in that? What is the security for men in a relationship? They invest the full amount in their marriage without knowing whether the wife will be there with him for life or she will take care of him or will have multiple sexual partners from her matrimonial home.

      The main reason you find these as male chauvinism is because constant male pampering led you women demand for the sky without any of your contribution. You love a parasitic lifestyle and your comment has strong reflection of that. Come out of this mindset and only then real empowerment will happen.

      Liked by 1 person

      • who said veedu is a male name?? u guys resort to attack when u lack logic that is what u misogynists have been doing for centuries , u have no base or have only wrong manipulated statistics… u r a confused misogynist.u male chauvinists say all utter bullshit which is not even 1% close to reality. U people want to enjoy ur sadistic pleasure and social status as u had been suppressing women for generations and when law tries to pull out weeds in the society u misogynist people start to cry because u were enjoying undue advantage and u r slowly losing it to justice system…. good try to bring back the social evils… all ur posts show how desperate u r to bring back patriarchy to its fullest as it was during the earlier days.. even today the situation has not changed, male chauvinists and misogynists are trying hard to hinder women in every way possible, only because of fear of law, society is under control….

        How can u lie ur teeth out when u say gals’ dad doesnt sheel out 17 lakhs for wedding.. this proves how genuine u n ur points are… a mandap rent for one day is around 50000 to 1.5 lakhs, marriage happens for 3-5 days and 4 times meal for guests, stay for groom’s side in a five star hotel as demanded by the groom side. All my friends’ circle, irrespective of love or arranged marriage , all my dads’ colleagues are living examples of this and even me, i can show the bills as proof,my friends’ mom-in-law didnt allow her to sit for post marriage puja as she was wearing 5 poun less than what her mom-in-law demanded,,, they even read out the streedhan that gals’ side has to give the grooms’ side and openly negotiate they want more and it happens in all hindu marriages which is a fact no one can disagree… gals go out for work, earn and pay for the family expense…., even delivery of child/taking of care of pregnant gal from 7th month is the responsibility of gals’ parents …it happens every where in India,if u say it doesnt happen then u r a bag of lies.


        • Dowry is not a compulsion???? Dowry is illegal only in papers but under the threat of sending the bahu back home, abandonment, dowry is still full fledge with so much physical harassment in North India and mental harassment in South India… there is no Hindu marriage which happens without emptying the bank balance of gals’ dad… so many PF withdrawals of employees above 50 happens for their daughter’s marriage… guys can have any amount of bad habits and drink alcohol and come n beat the wife daily but if a gal goes to a restaurant on her own then there so many men to leer and tease and abuse…. Women cant even go to a road-side restaurant sit and eat alone that is the level freedom women enjoy here and cant help laughing at ur post which only shows that u misogynists some how wanna bring back social evils just for ur social and financial advantage…


        • One moment – “Threat of Sending bahu back” – well, have fixed contribution amount so that it never happens if at all it is happening anywhere today. Per the logic in your earlier comment why should a guy maintain a woman ‘free of cost’?
          You have also given fictitious stories of torture – women who think like that have liberty not to marry. No one is forcing them.
          All others are your stories, no backing data and women have redressal for any such cruelty. So these stories are useless. In fact, with wife doing these abuses, husband has no recourse under any law and we need to discuss that.
          Everything else if your unnecessary fictitious story that can’t be discussed in interest of time. Also if you think men are misogynists please find a different state for you or start living in isolation.

          Liked by 1 person

        • how was you used to be attacked in last century? 😛 lol..
          Society is under control because of fear of law – haha, who said one sided laws that deny justice to one gender or one section of population can ever bring justice? Mentally retards may think so but that can’t be a reality.
          Hregarding your long list of stridhan articles that you said, these stories are abound everywhere without any evidence. These kinds of stories are also told in courts without any proof. So keep you imagination to yourself. If minimum 17 lakh is marriage expense many women in India wouldn’t have got married in first place. Also these women still have freedom of not marrying or marrying a woman like you..hehe.
          Reality is none of what you said is legally binding on the girl’s side and they can anytime break the marriage or call police. When on divorce the same gets reversed. That time the guy is forced by law system to pay alimony to a non existing wife. You are openly displaying parasitic behaviour, typical to any feminist.

          Liked by 1 person

        • u openly exhibit psycho n criminal behavior.everything is happening even today and FIRs are getting filed daily. Why should i live in isolation? i have all rights to live in my country where ever i want, if u want u misogynists live in isolation n never even attempt to marry, else the gals life will be miserable and god sake if u get a daughter that lil one’s fate is too miserable … u male chauvinists cant even digest a woman speaking up and then if these laws were not there then ram jaane what will happen to girls in India…only u male chauvinists dont have evidence for the false cries u make to bring back polygamy and live luxuriously in streedhan from all wives….. u people are barbaric and dont shy from snatching money from gals’ dads.. and give back the streedhan once u leave ur wife n nt shamelessly cry and fight cases for streedhan even after you left her….if u my stories are baseless and lack evidence then u r just plainly lieing will do anything downtrodden to bring back polygamy n social evils…. ur stories are very manipulated, far from truth… if my stories were myth then our law makers wouldnt have made such strict laws and ur cry for polygamy and snatching, stealing money from gals in the name of marriage and marrying multiple gals to get multiple properties and u people think women are naive enough not to understand ur greed for others’ money should never succeed….


        • Yes anybody who speak up against feminists is criminal, I know. FIRs being filed does not mean everything happening. Lies by women like you is exposed now.
          Now you feminists have problem with marriage. You say men are abusers, then why marry men? marry women and be happy after all that is what you feminists preach too. You say we don’t have evidence when you speak nonesense. Simply calling someone male chauvinist will not make one. Your comment clarifies that you enjoy such privileges, one sided laws favouring you so that you can continue your agenda, that is chauvinism.
          Again calling us barbaric etc and enjoying free meals provided by us males – very enjoying right.
          Also when you women are snatching, stealing property from men and marrying multiple times or hiding income to get alimony isn’t that a crime too? Everytime you comment, clarifies how much you love free lunch provided by men, while you shame them. Law makers made laws because you women cried foul and men being kind hearted people believed you. Their fault indeed. But nowadays your false stories are all exposed and will no longer be tolerated.

          Liked by 1 person

        • only u and ur upbringing is getting exposed….may be ur mother had free lunch+dinner+etc with many men that is why u think like this…. there are newspaper evidences of how stove bursts and only daughter-in-law dies after the -inlaws demand for dowry, u people have been then crying foul and using brute force to enjoy polygamy and others’ money.. u r the one who shamelessly wants to sleep and eat in ur wife’s money that too not with one wife, u want multiple wives. and their money….but u misogynists want to bring a cruel practice back to society which shows u are a criminal and ur blog is a proof of how much criminal mind u r… u r shameless who wants to eat the food which wife cooks and its her effort that she cooked meal and which wife is not working now a days?? u bulshit ugly misogynists want fair skinned, beautiful, working woman and want her to do all household chores + dowry and when people protest u criminals lose ur mind and start abusing the people who protest…i will never let u misogynist criminals and ur sick minded money snatching day-light robbers to succeed in traumatizing women.. then why the hell u misogynists go after women and propose … start romanticizing with ur fellow misogynists n why do u marry a woman..


        • stove bursts..haha..are you talking about those paid feminist articles? Did you ever notice husband burning cases? Do you know more married man dies than women.
          Now polygamy and living on others’ money don’t go together. Please correct it. Men pay for sex only women enjoy free sex.
          And your dream of me sleeping and eating on wife’s money when I only spoke about equal contribution. mother has contributed 50 years in her family, your comments show you didn’t.
          Regarding cooking food, I don’t mind helping my wife or appoint a cook, but will women do that ever if it was her duty? When you ask – Which wife is not working nowadays? can you tell me how many of them contributing money to her own family and how many are asking for maintenance. Most of these working women keep their money for themselves and for their parental family. Nothing spent on her husband’s family as that becomes her husband’s responsibility.
          You call us sick minded money snatching robbers, when in reality by seeking alimony you display the same behavior. Still you don’t get punished, even worse not even accused of that crime because there is no section for that.

          Liked by 1 person

        • its day-light robbery that u misogynists scum are doing in the name of marriage and the women who want to be single mothers instead of marrying a scum misogynists are ur targets for eve-teasing and rape… u people want to rape and walk happily as ur god-given right as at-last u misogynists are just perverts and the only cause for ur foul cries is to enjoy multiple women and their money too and when laws are not heeding to ur pervert demands u people start abusing, putting false statistics, brainwashing public and ofcourse because u people killed girl children for generations and women population is less than men, u people say ur manipulated false opinion as popular opinion as u people are in herds enjoying the death of every single female infant and adding count to ur misogynist population.. u men even rape cows and this news is famous, proven and the criminals punished.. u men are such perverts who dont even have shame raping cows then u can stoop to any level to bring bakc any social evil… if there have been no evidence then alll the dowry deaths wont be recorded with statistics and laws enacted to such a deal and u misogynists put up a manipulated errant statistics just to bring back the society to its perverted peak… no wonder Y chromosomes are getting weaker generation by generation…hope that Y chromosome disappears and u misogynists vanish from this mother earth one day


        • See how you feminists create stories. We were discussing about dowry, about contribution of women in family, then suddenly you bring in rape. Well, I will women rapists who are three times more than male rapists are not even accused due to lack of IPC sections. They are indeed walking happily as victims and getting govt. aid.

          You also brought killing girl children. Okay, so how do you know? I am eager to know that.

          Raping cows, proved..what? Are you in your mind. You rare talking about dowry death when any unnatural death of a woman within seven years is called dowry death and similar death of a man is never considered dowry death. regarding enacting laws, I already gave explanation. Men trusted you won’t misuse, but you have shown your true self.

          Lastly you hoped that Y Chr disappear. no wonder I told you to become lesbo, you proved my point. So why don’t you have your peace and let others have theirs. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

        • being lesbo is not a crime but being a gigolo taking money as dowry and sleeping with multiple women does… u butthurt male chauvinist gigolos prove what ur mothers have dome to give birth to u in ur comments…. how can ur mothers be pure when u urself say women in this country are that kind.. then ur mothers are also that kind and perverseness runs in ur blood….how can a women rape a man, it s impossible as rape requires penetration and no women can make a man penetrate without his consent at all, it shows u misogynists are only false complaining rape when u get activated and have consensual sex and fooling law that is why when u creep minded misogynists false complaint on a woman as rape, which is physically impossible, just to add to ur false manipulated statistics, law kicks you people out and doesnt heed to ur foul cry… if u want to live in peace dont propate ur lies and pollute our country with ur perverse driven views and when u have the shameless right to propagate a illegal and inhumane cause , i have all rights to protest for good


        • how do u know wives ask for husband’s money?? what proof do u have.. they brought from bureau to cot to mattress to washing machine from their dads’ money for furnishing their matrimonial home which is actually the husband’s duty and then ur parents get her service for free when the good-for nothing misogynist husband doesnt even care for his in-laws…how insane can u be to tell a rotten lie that wife asks for dowry … haha.. u can say such a blunt lie to propagate social evil… female infanticide and rape are related to dowry and every social evil from the start of humanity were started by men and women were made the victims by killing girl infant they ensure the women population stays less in count and also can be scared anytime and later due to burden of dowry and burden of protecting the child from getting raped, that is the main reason for female infanticide. if u dont even get this point then all ur foul cries proves how badly u want to infilterate false statistics and alice-in-wonderland concepts like men are victims….


        • what a bunch of morons…. ur mothers were roaming around sleeping with guys and u guys go around abusing other women…. there is no logic in ur misogynists arguments.. just bunch of butthurt, born of good for nothing mothers screaming here, venting pout their frustration as they are unable to do their criminal activities openly…. ur title post of the post is illegal and spreading hatred and vengeance.. u people breed like anything and increase ur head count and start abusing women… if ur mothers were doing illegal activities and u go ahead spreading hatred for other cultured women… also look at these illegitimate morons talking crap about my name when they are mentally retarded and have no valid argument except for the amount of sexual arousal by seeing their mothers and sisters doing illicit activities… how when all the women in India are immoral and their mothers are moral… ur misogynism started at home by seeing ur worst mothers roam around having no value for law or culture


      • Partha I do not know why you are wasting time arguing a feminist?!! I always knew you to be one of the most sensible person I met. You pretty well know these female chauvinists will always bring you down to their level with their dimwitted argument and then bash you at their comfort zone.
        Give a damn to their rubbish gibberish and just concentrate on the noble thing you are doing. Keep spreading awareness how these useless and criminal minded feminists are spreading lies and shattering the basic fabric of the society.
        Do not try to reply them and be idiots like them. Let them comment on your post and let them expose their hypocrisy.
        The end of feminism is near.

        Liked by 1 person

        • thanks for exposing urself and ur mother… i can use this link and ur comment as proof of how u men resort to hate speech instead of logic and u have nothing valid in ur comment. how retarded can u good-for-nothing misogynists be. if u end feminism ur sisters and ur daughters are dead by other men for sure….


        • I would ask feminists who accuse us for hate speech… to pls go and see the mirror… i guarantee they cant withstand the hypocrisy for even a second…

          Liked by 1 person

      • ur this post link is example and proof of how u misogynists morons resort to abuse and hatre speech and harassment if u dont have logic.. this is a online forum and if u guys are harassing openly here, it implicitly proofs what is happening in real world with u bunch of perverse minded morons roaming around, who dont even leave cows to live in peace….


    • what a hypocritic comment … ur mother is contributing to family and all other women out there are not contributing… how in a society where every woman is snatching money from her husband and only ur mother turns out to be the only female who is contributing to the family.,if ur mother is a reflection of women in the society and cannot be a exception… there is a proven report of single mother who was harassed for not filling up husband;s name…. men always give their salary to his parents and strictly torture the wife to give her salary to his parents too when she has rights to give her salary to her parents who brought her up and got her educated, will be taking care of her when her in-laws and husband kick her out after using her and her money… only wife is expected to serve her in laws and they can complaint if the daughter-in-law doesnt take care of them and that can be a ground for divorce.. the reverse doesnt even hold good, there is no expectation from the husband to serve his in-laws, the husband can act like a boss with in-laws and disrespect them but still cannot be a ground for domestic violence or divorce… husband can harass girls’ parents and not allow the wife to meet her parents when they are sick but that doesnt count as torture…never seen a single misogynist serving his in-laws but expect wife to be his parents’ slave… husband can rape his wife but no section for marital rape.. husband can roam with any other woman but no case can be booked on him until he marries the other woman…. these are not because of laws but because of the mentality of the people enforcing and protecting laws…u are the person who will marry multiple women and take money from all of them, torture them and when they apply for divorce and claim their share u will cry that as false complaint and join with some useless misogynists to make her life miserable…


    • Achha freeme sex chaahiye, khaana chaahiye, protection chaahiye, luxory chaahiye… kiske baap ka maal hai ? Bhai kaam tho kuch karthi nai aaj kal ki abla naari, bas ghamand ki koi kami nahi hai. Are hum tho mehnathi aurathon ki ijjath karthe hai, ye jo empowered indian women hai na, kuch kaam ki nai hai, na family ko suppoert karthu hai na desh ko, bas saaab paisa lootne ka naatak hai, agar sach me empowered ho tho alimony ka bheek math mangona, bachhon ko weapon ki tharah use karke pathi ko majboor karnevale ghatiye kaam choddo, mehnath karo, jhute case banana choddo.

      Liked by 2 people

      • acha tumhare maa ne tumhe aisa kardiya isliye toh tum itna bada hokar yahan comment kar raha hai bewkoof …. tum logon ki maa ne jaise tum logon ko bada kiya aise hi sare maa bada karti hai bacchon ko ..kaana banati hai… baap chodke chala jaata toh bhi maa nai chodti bacchon ko… isme woh nalayak baap alimony bhi nahi deta toh kis cheez ke liye woh zinda hai.. sirf baccha paida karke bhaag ne ke liye??? arey tum auraton koh bekar me abuse karta hai.. tum kya cheez hai aur tumhari maa bhi aise hai.. kya farak padta hai uska aur bakhi auraatein mein… tum logon ka behen bhi aisa hi karti hai bheek mangti hai uski pati chodne ke baad… aur tum aur tum logon ki maa paisa lekhe tumhe bhejte hai sex karne ke liya dowrye ke naam pe.. tum logon ki maa toh broker ban gayi .isliye besharam ki taraf bakhi auraaton pe inzam laga rahe hai.. dikhta hai acche se… are kya proof hai wo kam nahi karti hai aur tum kam karta hai.. toh yahan jo bhi besharam misogynist comment kiye hai tum logon ki maa free me sex karke, free me rahti hai aur tum logon ko bakhi auraton ko harass karne ke liye bhej diya, kahan hai woh free sex wali maa log jo woh free mein sex karti hai aur tum logon ko paise lekhe bhejti hai dowry bolke… aur ‘dowry should be made legal’ title ko promote karke illegal kaam ka saath dete ho… tum logon jitna bakwas karte hai na illicit kaam ko support karke toh jitna sare comment karenge utna sare tum aur tumhari maa expose ho rahi hain.. iss site pe bakhre ki taraf itna ghoomte hai yeh neeche log jinka family ka auraton ki behaviour ko post karte hai besharam log


    • You are living in assumption world. Why husband should pay all the expenses like Rent, Insurance, utilities, life long? Men too do house work. Why men should do?

      What is the woman role simply sitting idle by keeping hanging on husband ?


  7. Feminism took birth,metamorphasised into a fully grown and freely flying butterfly until the wings are shot at by the “Mens Movement”.
    The “butterfly” has fallen on the floor and is lying dormant hoping for a saviour to resurrect it.Let us hope
    that it “totally” vanishes in the thin air.Peace.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Pray that the flies carrying the feminism fully vanish into the thin air before infecting with the poison of their sting.
    The idealogy of feminism has more or less hampered both the spiritual and material progress of the nations to a “considerable” extent.It has “certainly” caused psychological impairement to many.

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  9. It is also striking to note that the governments world wide celebrate Womens Day but not “Mens Day”.

    No idea at all on how that particular day came to be known as a “Women’s” Day.

    Not only there is a National Womens Day but also a “National Girl Childs Day” which is being acknowledged by the Government.

    Boys seem to be off the human chart in the eyes of the establishment.

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    • Your mother is leaky cunt who exposes her pussy through you here. you are a bastard born out of cobweb pussy fucked by all these partha and his side whores.your name sounds like the name of brothel run by ur mother. that leaky bitch mother of urs is rubbing her pussy reading this comment and to satisfy that leaky pussy which never closes. tell that bitch i will send some dicks to fuck her leaky cunt ass today.


      • This is in response to this Pathetic, Parasitic, Weak, Inferior, Coward smelly c**t who commented about Me and Partha (Partha posted the Tweet on his page). I don’t even want to take the name of this bitch. I CAN comment in a more insulting, humiliating, harsh, belittling and “*******” way but NO, I won’t.

        I only want to REMIND you that you have used the: Infrastructure, Transport, Science, Technology, Devices and Amenities that are Invented, Innovated, Discovered and Pioneered by MEN (including Toilet paper you use to Wipe your a** h**e !!!). For your information, below is the “minimal list”:

        Power/Current/Electricity, Generator, Transmission/Vehicles/Cars, Locomotives/Transport, Telephone/Communications, Firearms/Bullets/Guns/Rifles/Pistols, Engineering, Stove/Refrigeration/Miro-wave/Washing machine/Dryer/Dish washer/Vacuum cleaner, Camera/Lens/Bio-Scope/Telescope, Medicine, Surgery, Diagnostics (X-Ray etc.), Computers, Typewriter, Keyboard, Mouse, Press/Printer, Xerox/Photo Copying/Scanner, Web/Internet/Router/Modem/USB/Bluetooth, Television, Watch/Clock/Batteries, Fans/Air-Conditioner, Martial Arts/Karate, Radio/Tape Recorder/VHS/CD/DVD/Blue-Ray, Musical Instruments, Mathematics, Physics/Chemistry/Botany/ Zoology/Geography, Sewing Machine, Aeronautical, Shoes, Cigarettes/Matches/Lighter, Plastic/Couch/Sofa/Blinds, Whiteboard, Markers/Crayons, Sewage System, Tampon, GYNECOLOGY( !!!), Toilet paper !!! … Oh My GOD, the list doesn’t seem to end …

        You f*****g smelly c**t. You want Reservations, Freebies, Free passes, Entitlement and yet Demand respect and still claim for “Chivalrous gestures” and Zero contribution !? Aren’t you Ashamed, you parasitic whore !?

        The Government spends more (Tax Payers) money on Women Healthcare, Education and what not. And the majority of the Tax Payers are MEN. For how long you want these “facilities” ? For how long you want these “preferential treatment” ? For how long you want the “subsidies” ? For how long you want “reservations” ? ALL this while shamelessly “claiming” that you are Equal to MEN !!!???

        Your kind of women simply “walk” into the “Life and Home” of a Man with ZERO (especially financial) contribution and yet expect EVERYTHING should be provided for; including FREE SEX.

        Last but NOT LEAST; You are such a MORON that you can’t even recognize that whatever you said about Me and Partha, actually APPLIES to you. YES, you are speaking of yourself. YES, you are talking about your Mother !!!

        As someone else pointed out above, there is no point in responding to your kind of “floozies”.
        Because it’s like “Throwing stone on Shit”.

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        • Look at the fringe gang member abusing not only me but entire women race including his mother and Mrs. Sadhukhan. he says entire women of this country, Mrs. sadhukhan and Mrs. wife of ephub’s father or wife of the entire dck community aka fck side btch of ally partha and ephub all wiped their smelly vagna with the toilet paper made by the fringe Partha. He is telling the erotic details of last night’s violent fc between and the whre he calls as his mther but she is sn fcing bitch who sat on the plastic seat of metro and had sx with every dc in the metro rubing her vagna in on the holder of the metro built by our goverment. This ephub guy forget to use the cndom, which our govt sponsors, while fcing that big pssy which wont get satisfied by one dck and another fat pssy btch sster of him was born who was later fcked by his fther and partha and fngered by Mrs. Sadhhan and that Mrs. Sadhan bitch never stopped leaking watching Adult only movies filmed on tax payer’s money. Here these mther sn *cing btches have come to rub their bldy p**ssy by watching their n dck heded sons comment at the internet infrastructure made by our govt.


      • It is very bad to use such language against any one, particularly mothers who are always respectable from deepest corner of our heart. Such language must be condemned by all.


    • your name sounds like sonaranj brothel name. fuck off brothel born. Mrs sadhukhan leay bitch whore never stops smelling


  10. David, ur name suggests ur grandmother has been sleeping with british and got converted to Christianity… and ur name suggests what a coward ur family women are that u men can roam around abusing gals and putting a anti-social, illicit title in the name of male chauvinism….there is no logic in ur comment just abuse just like ur gunda family who and this partha guy is just worried abt my identity when his identity reveals nothing but his women have snatched everything from him and ran away with other men, sowhatever he saw he thinks that is what is happening in India… I am not going to leave this until this comes on a national television and justice is served,… ledt us see if this dont act as proof of provoking online and starting harassment and how u men escape telling it as false complaint…. u kind of misogynists who want to bring taliban rule in India and ur title says u are working to make dowry legal in India…


      • i will block ur blog for promoting illegal things in India… also who do u think u r… i have all proof with time stamp as to u abused me stating my identity and let me how u shameless freak turns the plate and foul cries for false complaint now… u kind of criminal promotes illegal things and spreads hate speech against women n threatening… how dare u spread such a low level illegal thing , uper se abused and falsely manipulating.. let me see….


  11. what a bunch of morons…. ur mothers were roaming around sleeping with guys and u guys go around abusing other women…. there is no logic in ur misogynists arguments.. just bunch of butthurt, born of good for nothing mothers screaming here, venting pout their frustration as they are unable to do their criminal activities openly…. ur title post of the post is illegal and spreading hatred and vengeance.. u people breed like anything and increase ur head count and start abusing women… if ur mothers were doing illegal activities and u go ahead spreading hatred for other cultured women… also look at these illegitimate morons talking crap about my name when they are mentally retarded and have no valid argument except for the amount of sexual arousal by seeing their mothers and sisters doing illicit activities… how when all the women in India are immoral and their mothers are moral… ur misogynism started at home by seeing ur worst mothers roam around having no value for law or culture


    • Your comment says it all. Clarifies that feminists are abusive creatures devoid of any logic. You only want benefits while accuse others and shame them while taking favours from them. Shows who is a criminal in reality.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Partha Partha….. choro use…. let her or him (not sure) burn in her own hatred… why are u increasing ur blood pressure…. u are providing him/her the oxygen he/she requires that is to vomit her nonsense ideologies in your post. Cut the oxygen off Partha…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Partha He/She has exposed feminism herself/himself by abusing other’s mothers. Since your and our mom were strong women who took the responsibilities well…. she started abusing them also… The person who can not respect an old lady, how do u expect them to actually do something for women. They are just fighting for the funds they get from Govt and foreign NGOs… panic is creeping in as slowly they are getting exposed and their funds are being monitored… 😉

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  12. Hi veedu,

    I understand your anger but you have to understand the problems of MEN who suffered from violent women.I am asking you don’t blame all the MEN in this country as criminals.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. In my mind, if a bride wants a divorce…it should be granted immediately, regardless of the circumstances.

    Having said that, the disgruntled wife will have to make her own way in life and will not be allowed to remove anything from the marital home, including the children.

    In addition, the only employment this ungrateful and dishonorable woman should have is working for her former husband, since she decided to break her children’s hearts, her marital contract, and her promises before Almighty God.

    The wayward wife shall rent a separate room in her former husband’s house, pay for her meals, all energy consumption and for the storage of her belongings.

    To off-set these expenses, she shall be paid to parent their children, cook the meals, and clean the house.

    If this woman wants to make extra income, that exceeds her living expenses, she can perform sexual acts for her former husband and receive gratuities for a job well done.

    This plan, I believe, would be quite agreeable to feminists of all ages, because it eliminates the expectations of “marriage”, removes the yoke of submission, provides steady employment and allows women to exchange sex for money (which satisfies the inner prostitute found only in those with the XX chromosome).

    Even though this is a win/win situation for all parties involved…the only caveat is if an innocent woman is genuinely suffering at the hands of a tyrannical or unfaithful husband. This woman and this woman, alone, shall be given just compensation, including, but not limited to: 3/4 of the family assets and all children involved.


  14. Your article is so full of bias and has the mark of a disgruntled man. From your articles, I believe you must be a victim in your marriage, or at least believe to be the victim. Dowry has no part in a civilized world, be it in India or any part of the world. Men and women need to take control of their lives, be equal partners and work like a team towards a common goal. That is, build a healthy and peaceful family. If that means a man has to earn, and the woman stays at home, or both earn, have other caretakers help raise kids, that is upto each couple to decide. Instead of talking about dowry, it is better for the couple to come up with a discussion to talk such important matters before the wedding so that the expectations are known beforehand. The argument that dowry should be legitimized because in many cases men are the financiers for the household is laughable. Women in India own up a lion’s share of household work on a daily basis that many men don’t even notice. Indian men barely spend 20 mins a day average, on household work. A working woman takes care of both the house and is responsible to complete the work for which she draws a salary. Again, the money she earns, if she does, also goes to the family income. Alimony shouldn’t be just paid by men. If the woman is earning much more than a man, a woman should be paying the alimony. Raising a child is the responsibility of both parents. Hence child support should be shared by the two equally, unless the woman or the man was unemployed and not likely to be employable. I also believe a child needs both parents. So withholding the contact of one over the other is a real abuse of the child. I wish Indian men and women understand hatred doesn’t go very far. Children should be allowed access to both parents and the interference of parents of the couple from both the sides should be none.


  15. In india different class of people is there according to there income.if we look a bit down the system or women’s position is not same.more over a selfish person irrespective of sex will be selfish only ,in what ever role he/she plays.


    • Shreyovi

      Even if we look bit down system, it is the men who have hell of responsibilities, 100% bills paid by the men. Come to rural India, take middle class families, where is woman always at home with no work, where as men struggling in farms, small business etc. What do you know the pain of men? I came from lower middle class with agricture, now my position is changed by god grace, i am seeing upper middle class too.

      Except in labor class , some small business women who are selling fruits, vegetables. Remaining middle class, upper class women are not working. Simply they hang on husbands.

      Some women are working in middle class, upper class out of that how many are paying the bills.


  16. We need to change old rotten baised misused Indian marriage laws which kill man. Issue is more and more working woman are greedy and if they are earning 15 lacs+ they would hunt for man earning 30 lac+ (Long live gender equality). Earning stress on man is huge and there should be law to check reverse dowry. If boy demands money then it is crime and if greedy working women is seeking richer husband then it is not ‘crime’ but her ‘choice’… why feminist picky hypocrites are silent when it comes to sharing financial responsibilities post marriage. Damn double standards!


  17. A man having to give expensive jewellery and clothes and gifts (bari) should also be illegal. Women should buy their own jewellery and clothes. Women giving dowry is illegal but receiving jewellery, bari, alimony, child support, half of a man’s property isn’t. Blatant double standards.

    A woman forcing a man to spend beyond his means after marriage should also be illegal. Extravagant shopping should also be illegal. Wasting a husband’s money on frivolous things should also be illegal.


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