Pre-Marital Sex – The MGTOW Perspective

Pre-marital sexI consider myself as an MGTOW. For those who do not understand this philosophy, I am one of those Men who are Going Their Own Way. Men who believe in this philosophy are happy in their own self and do what they want.

But I am from India. For ages, we Indians have respected our family system for ages. This is the only system that has given enormous strength to Indians or Hindus specifically to ward off all odds. This is the only system that I believe can keep me strong even in my trying times.

But today the Indian family system is in shambles. Thanks, enormous westernization and women empowerment when everything under the sun is violence against women, then having a woman in life is highly dangerous in any man’s life, especially when marriage is a legal bond rather than love or religious bond. It is true in modern perspective when we see legal interference is needed in every aspect of marriage, even in small altercations.

At an era when men are incriminated every moment, any allegation against a man becomes confirmed news and media, society and govt. start punishing men without any reason, the life of a man near a woman has become even more dangerous. The question that bothers me especially as an MGTOW is why marry?

Being an Indian I personally feel that a good marriage can take us a long way. It can not only fulfil our dreams but can take us to new heights. Problem is who to marry?

As an MGTOW and being associated with men’s cause in India and seen men’s issues directly I have enough experience in identifying the unscrupulous women. Oops…sorry that is such a great misconception. Because when someone asked me about some MGTOW tips to segregate those mischievous women, I gave many tips and in the end I told them, not to rely on those tips as those may go wrong. If I knew women so well in this small life then I would have been more than a god. I am not, so I can’t claim I am good at identifying mischievous women. Today thanks to my experience in analyzing different types of relations, I can identify the cruel ones and gold diggers very fast and part ways with them quickly. Now, unfortunately, I am not having many options left either.

When I looked at the issue from the perspective of women, I sensed a greater danger. If more and more Indian men become MGTOW and get reluctant to meeting (or mating) women simply because they can cry rape anytime they want and get away with men’s property, then what will the women do? (I am sure MGTOWs will bash me saying who the hell has asked me to THINK about women when I claim myself as an MGTOW?). Only for this discussion, I wore the hat of a social reformer to think for Indian women. I felt that men can still depend on their hands or money for pleasure but women will only have to make certain vegetables costlier. None of us will have any moral binding in life and there will be no support system in place. We need that support system very often as without that man are prone to get addicted to drugs and women to prostitution. Also, the crime rate is set to increase in that environment.

So there started the dilemma, what should I do? Whether pre-marital sex should be good for me? I was not quite sure about MGTOW philosophy on this matter and hence I asked this question in a global MGTOW forum. The answers were funny and only MGTOWs will understand their value. People asked me, why marry? Some suggested get laid with women before their marriage because you never know whether the girl you are planning to marry is already getting laid by someone else.

Oops, there came the harsh reality of Indian society to me. Even if it is under wraps from many unsuspecting Indian men today, but the reality that Indian men face in their marriages is a very high level of adultery by their wives. These men come crying to us for help as they once thought they have got the best woman in their lives and only ended up thinking of committing suicide without any legal recourse. It does not matter if some of them actually wanted adultery related laws to be made more women-friendly asking the govt. to stop the husbands filing divorce cases against their wives for their adultery. Some poor souls who have actually filed a divorce with valid evidence of wife’s adultery ended up in paying child support to her illicit children.

So when Indian women have become so unreliable in their relations and when everything has become their right at the expense of men then why should any Indian man want to get married? Those who are in love with someone may think that they have got the best girl in their life, but that is how many cruelly divorced men also thought once they first met their girls. Today, some may blame Indian laws, some may blame lawyers, some others may blame unscrupulous women who had lost respect and trust for all other women. The philosophy that NOT all women are same, doesn’t work when there is no incentive for a woman to be good in a relation. In fact, when incentives are given away to women for divorce then it is obvious that any woman can go whimsical whenever she wants. To MGTOWs this is not new as we have seen 20 years or more marriages breaking up and men being pushed out onto the streets by their beloved wives taking all their property.

But is having sex with anyone and everyone acceptable? No, at least not to me. Sex without passion and feelings is meaningless. I am sure even animals will have a passion for sex as it is said very often that our sexual pleasure is controlled by our brain and NOT by our genitals. So the recipe for getting a good orgasm is ingrained in our minds and not between the legs. This orgasm is not possible under a state of fear that the wife will file false cases and send all my family members to jail or put some false rape case and the society will demand my death penalty. UN will then say that rapes in India are actually underreported and some govt. will castrate men for all imaginary future rapes.

This is even truer in the current Indian scenario as in the madness of women empowerment any man is viewed as a rapist today and all women become oppressed. To feminists, marriage itself is the oppression of women and that poison has already ruined the minds of Indian women. Since marriage is a legal bond, this becomes more hated by men when such bond is extremely one-sided and heavily loaded against them. So marriage becomes irrelevant. And when that happens the pre-marital sex also becomes irrelevant.

But as a social reformer, the institution of marriage is very important to me. In a pre-historic age when there was no marriage even then pre-marital or outside marriage sex existed. The bonding of marriage was created probably as a religious ritual and to protect the children. But with the bonding of marriage comes a lot of responsibility. When we see that only women rights in a marriage is spoken about and not their responsibility then the institution of marriage will surely get a hit.

We all love our partners to be celibate before marriage, even when we are divorced we look for unmarried partners; unmarried because we THINK they didn’t have sex before and hence they are pure. Purity in Indian marriages is a very important factor. That is what holds the trust that can break when one partner becomes adulterous. But the same Indian mind will not hesitate to have pre-marital sex with someone else. This is because even though by nature we humans are polygamous, our belief in purity in marriages makes us antagonistic about partner’s involvement in a pre-marital sexual encounter while provokes us to have pre-marital sex.

But we were not like this until sometime back. One reason for this decaying value system is because of the forceful entry of western values in our culture. Nowadays women are not considered empowered without having some pre-marital relations. Sex is considered as just another requirement and all shame surrounding pre-marital sex has gone away. Now NCW speaks about making prostitution legal in India and when that happens, sex itself does not matter to anyone.

Even without being too much religious, I can say that I believe in restriction in our lives as it is needed in every matter. This is probably against the MGTOW philosophy but this is at per with Indian value system.

Today, in the name of modernization and freedom too much of Indian values is eroded. I still feel India had a very strong family system that is consistently being destroyed by feminism and westernization. It does not matter whether I am an MGTOW and I am against marriages, but what matters for a good future is restraint in certain matters like sex. If we engage in pre-marital sex and then for any reason end up not marrying the same partner then we should not expect our new partner to be a celibate in our marriage.  But we all expect the same and hence we have problems in our marriages. Since I do not accept this, pre-marital sex is a big no for me.

Even otherwise as an MRA who understands the dangers of women turning back at drop of a hat, and filing a false rape case to snatch a man’s property; this becomes a big risk for any man in India unless one is ready for the death penalty. It is important to note that most of the rape cases filed in India are filed against the lovers. And I think the death penalty is too much of a price to pay for men.



  1. Awesome Partha. I am a regular reader of your excellent and brave posts. I want to connect to you through mail for some questions and guidance for my personal messed up life. Please tell me if that is fine. Need help.


  2. Strictly speaking:

    • An MGTOW closes the door on all relations with all women, permanently.
    • This means no premaritalsex, no live in relationship, no marriage, no girlfriends and no worshipping of women in any form / no Devi worship and no festive preference, that highlight women e.g. Rakhi and Bhaiya Duj etc.

    • It also means cultivation of self sufficiency in all aspects of life. Personal, professional, financial and spiritual.

    • Being responsible to associate with other MGTOWs and standing by them when they need help and support.

    • Being alert on the impact of current social trends on future generations, especially young boys and men. And educating them for their benefit and protection.

    Partha, you are doing all of this. Thank you.

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    • @Augustya

      I disagree with your first point…Our mother is also a woman! So worshipping our mother, Devi worship should be OK. If we have sisters let us try to make them understand how a woman should be by showing our mother.

      Rest as you mentioned…agreed!!!


      • @ Krishna Prasad B:
        Agree about respecting mother and sister.

        But sorry, no cult of mother worshipping.
        That is the cause of Devi worship, and Devi worship is a regressive, primitive, superstitious, supercilious, incredibly stupid and irrational practice.
        There is only one source of all creation. And to assign a gender to it and dress up an inert doll or deity, like a prom queen, and feed ‘her’ delicacies, and to sing ‘her’ praise, is not much different than a dress rehearsal for being pussy-whipped.

        The indoctrination of Devi worship translates into the sanctification and sacralization of each female and all feminity. In other words, all feminine qualities are elevated to a superior status. Sorry! No can do! So sisters too don’t need to benefit from the pedestalization of females. All too often, these sisters are themselves the ugly Feminazis, who tie rakhis to their brothers while destroying the lives of other men.

        As an MGTOW and/or MRAs, men should realize that manipulation starts early at home, and the females in our lives, are preparing us to be gender slaves to another woman. No more and no less. Only a crystal clear realization of this dynamic will break the hypnotic hold the feminine has on our existence.

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        • Well said Augustya. If Men were to worship Mother and “treat” all other women in the same way, then why CANNOT women worship their FATHER and “treat” all other MEN with the same respect ?

          Lord Shiva (and incarnations) and Lord Vishnu (and incarnations) are MALE/MEN, then why CANNOT women value MEN ! AS you said, there is only ONE force/power and that is GOD (not goddess).

          I puzzles me why MEN should treat all females are something “special or extra-ordinary or angels” ? Females are weak, inferior and are meant to “accompany” MEN, for copulation and breeding.

          This Civilization has been built by MEN. Science, Technology, Medicine, Education, Banking, Logistics, Transport, Engineering, Communications etc. are Invented, Innovated and Discovered by MEN.

          We MEN are seeing the double standards each and every day and still we keep quite, how shame !. A women can physically assault (kick and punch) a MAN on the pretext of “VERBAL” abuse in the public place and her friend takes “video” of whole episode AND other people, include “Manginas” just keep looking !!! No proof of what she said. And she becomes a celebrity and goes “UN-punished” for physically assaulting (opposite sex), for a Verbal Abuse! Is there any law and order in this Country ? Are we living Democracy or Hypocrisy?
          Just imagine the episode with genders reversed !

          Group of “low class” women parade a guy “naked” (OMG, looking at the genitals of opposite sex !) because he was “calling” them with “sexual abuse language”. What right they have to undress and parade the guy naked ? Can’t they “report” the case to the Police. Guess this is not “medieval age” ! Again, just imagine the episode with genders reversed ! Imagine group of MEN paraded a women naked because she called them in “obscene and filthy language” !

          These kind of women do this NOT because they are brave or strong or courageous or independent; because they CLEARLY know that they can go “UN-punished”, doesn’t have to face any consequences and will not be held accountable. Wake up MEN ! Wake up “Manginas” !!!

          I am with you Augustya and I agree with you 100%. Time is nearing for this smelly femicunts.

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  3. As far as I am concerned, while making prostutiton may or may not cripple marriage.the fact does not change that indeed many women do it and some of it do it for luxuries.All the while protected by even the police as policemen are also humans and they ,for the sake of their pleasure may in their power choose to ignore such things.Also they may themselves benefit from the revenue generated from this channel.But ,the fact is ,in case if its made legal,it may benefit some who are widowers and divorcees who have no formal education or any other skill to survive in this modern India ,whose cost of living is not bearable and especially for those who belong to lower middle class and poor class.And also ,in addition to fend for themselves ,incase they also have children,then the situation even becomes worse for them.So it may help them to survive.But at the core ,every person looks for commitment from the other person and fidelity and nobody deliberately looks for an adulterous partner.It’s just that some people’s inclinations are more towards such things.Now,if prostitution is made legal,what will happen is ,such women can earn the livelihood without fear of legal consequences.And also ,there is an added advantage.Those women,who are committing such things for luxuries,will be identified by the society at large,and there are more chances ,that such people ,will be shunned at the time of marriages,contrary to the sutuation prevailing now.which makes it tough to recognise a good woman.So ,if made legal, those women ,who commit ,will commit or may commit,may be identified by people easily as these people will resort to such things openly as it is made legal.So ,at the time of marriage,it is more possible ,that such women will be shunned as partners.Also,what is moral ,what is bad,what is unethical,what is acceptable,what is evil is a subject matter of religion or any philosophy or ideology but not the subject matter of any law.A legislation should only take note of any offence(whether civil ,or criminal) was committed,and to what extent the punishment must be given incase a person has committed an offence.Morality of a person is subjective,It differs from community to community,culture to culture,and it is also influenced by a person’s social status.So,for example,a person belonging to a higher social status(interms of money and power) may deem it acceptable to have consensual sex before marriage ,going by the argument”As long as I am not forcing myself upon anybody,it is entirely my private affair and I have the right to my privacy”,But similarly a person ,who belongs to a lower strata of society may be brought up with completely different set of values.So ,for him it may not be acceptable.So,it depends and varies from person to person and the morality of a person cannot be dictated.But each society ,community ,culture has itself a power to reject such practices irrespective of what the law says.Say for example,the people may socially ostracize people who drink alcohol,who do gambling and dissociate themselves from them and may not offer any solidarity or moral support when needed by them or may not offer any humanitarian support in terms of crisis,also may not offer any financial support in case of calamities etc ,etc,It depends ,what we as a society at large are.If the society at large has good people at the helm of the affairs,then such people who do such things will be castigated ,ostracized and boycotted and marooned,thereby not giving them a chance to perpetrate evil.So it depends on our social values,cultural values,personal ethics,moral values rather than law.Let us be honest.Prostitution in India is illegal.How many are doing it under the carpet?.I would guess many.So why feigning that you are very pure person when you are in public,but all the while doing such things in secret.It would only ,increase in deception and cheating.So making prostitution legal would only lift the mask on such people,which would enable us not to be deceived by their feigning.


    • Shaik:

      “But ,the fact is, in case if its made legal (prostitution), it may benefit some who are widowers and divorcees who have no formal education or any other skill to survive in this modern India, whose cost of living is not bearable and especially for those who belong to lower middle class and poor class. And also, in addition to fend for themselves in case they also have children, then the situation even becomes worse for them. So, it may help them to survive.”

      I realize prostitution is a quick and convenient way for women to make money, but it is better to die with honor than to live with guilt, thus entering eternity wearing the scarlet cloak of shame.

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  4. @ Shaikh Rizwan:
    Prostitution must not be legalized in India or anywhere. The opposite should be done. Prostitutes and Call girls should be publicly identified, socially shamed and legally prosecuted.

    I find your long screed to be a poorly reasoned and endless prevarication. Need an alibi for private indulgence and public forbearance?

    Prostitute rings are managed mostly by Madames, who being women themselves, exploit other women. Forcing a constantly supply of young girls into their pleasure dispensing factories, through kidnappings and intimidation. It is the tip of an iceberg of immorality. A train of serial crimes!

    There is no justification for the continued preservation of this social malignancy, for either sex.
    MRAs and MGTOWs, should advocate this false feminazi empowerment project that is being used to fill the vacuum left behind by the broken and dying institute of marriage.

    Previously women could count on masculine protection and intimacy in the construct of marriage. With the growing disillusionment of MGTOWs and MRAs, a larger section of women, whether employable, employed or not, find themselves without a means of sustaining themselves and their materialist and survivalist appetites. Offering their sexual access for money, is their stratagem. And MGTOWs and MRAs should not give them this option. NEVER!

    That’s the difference between their amorality (which is worse than immorality), and our moral stand. They deserve no sympathy whatsoever. Instead they. Red to understand how the BIG BINDI BRIGADE is using them as mere political props. What a heinous and vile bunch. Absolutely abhorrent and disgusting.

    NO! NO! NO!

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  5. I agree,that Prostitution is a shameful act.But these days more women are doing it willingly is what I perecive.Either it be for pleasure or free money.But ,socially shaming and ostracizing is ok.But as far as the law ,is concerned,it is akin to restricting the sexuality of both the women and men.See some people have principles and some don’t .If you are to control the sexual urges and sexuality,I think it is a good idea.But we are a democracy.So ,I have made the above comment,in the light of what could be made a law or must I say what matters must fall under the purview of the law.But one word,a person who is unethical,will anyways resort to such things ,even though there is law,and because of this,middle men and the police are benefitting because they are doing it under the carpet.


    • As a Cascadian, I see little difference between harlotry and arranged marriage. In both cases, women are offering their bodies to virtual strangers as a means of achieving financial prosperity – without the benefit of emotional attachment, spiritual unity or loving bond. The only differences between marital harlotry and classic prostitution, therefore, is that marital harlotry gives the illusion of permanence, while the girl’s mother and father act as her sex broker – whereas classic prostitution is a short-term sexual liaison, with a madam or pimp acting as her sex broker.

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      • @C.J., I agree with most of your comments but one thing about what you said, and not just you but the MAJORITY of people, that women “offering their bodies” or “giving sex”. What a cowshit it is !

        They are not “offering” their bodies or “giving” sex, they are getting access and are enjoying “body” of opposite gender (MEN !). They enjoy every bit of MASCULINITY. They are “getting” sex. Women get the Enjoyment, Pleasure (probably more than MEN !), Satisfaction, Relaxation and other Health benefits (feel good hormones !) just as we MEN. Nobody is doing any “FAVOR”.

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  6. If these women ,were actually forced into prostitution with criminal intimidation and kidnapping etc ,then if these women are caught,then after investigation it is found out that these women actually were victims ,then the judge may pardon these specific women with minimal punishment.And punish those ,who indulged in criminal intimidation and kidnapping etc,according to appropriate laws as we already have laws for these offences.I opine that that we should have less number of precise,well defined laws,but good and robust implementation.For example,if laws related to kidnapping and criminal intimadtion etc which are the precursors to force these girls into prostitution are implemented properly ,then many of the women will be prevented from this business.Hey,it’s just my opinion .I may be wrong too.


  7. Partha:

    When you said, “This is the only system that has given enormous strength to Indians or Hindus specifically to ward off all odds. This is the only system that I believe can keep me strong even in my trying times”, it occurred to me that India is no different than America was 50 years ago.

    Fifty years ago, the family was the corner stone of the American civilization, while Christian ideals supplied the wind to our sails. God was glorified, our Savior worshiped, men were respected, women were honored, and children were adored. Once feminism took root – everything changed. Within one generation…God was condemned, men were vilified, children were forgotten, while women were worshiped and glorified.

    Peace be with you

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