This is What Happens When Feminism Influence Your Partner Choice


”Hi, I am looking forward to live rest of my life happily and peacefully. I have got my girl who is 17 years old and doesn’t need a father but surely wants a friend and would love to see her mom happy.”

Expectations like these from women is not new. While she and her daughter already eliminated the need of the father in the house, they still need a man. The single mother in question wanted a friend for her daughter who would marry her. Men in second marriage very often find it difficult to adjust with such grown-up children. Added to that, if a mother already belittles a father, then can a child ever respect the man who marries her mother? How will such a child ever respect any man? No matter what, the daughter will always choose a friend who is close to her age. Then why seek a man who would be much older than her? This ad also tells us that only the happiness of the women in the house was considered, no value given to the man who would marry the mother. Therefore, no man should have a reason to marry her.

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Women today have a completely weird expectation from their would-be partners. This becomes evident when we see some of the divorced and single women profiles in various matrimonial websites. If we look at their partner expectations we understand why they get divorced in the first place. Some of them don’t get married ever because of these expectations.

For instance, a 49-year-old school teacher from Bengal posted this ad on a matrimonial website –


The ad posted in capital letters tells us how loud maybe her thinking. The fact that until 49-years of age she didn’t find anyone suitable for marriage is another indication of how intimidating she may be in her personal life or in her attitude. Good enough to scare off any peace-loving, caring individual.

Another 48-year-old woman executive has posted this ad –

I can marry any caste person but with the qualities I want. First of all, I am totally against dowry and home violence. So, please don’t contact me if you have beaten your previous wife in the past or you think you can marry me for dowry. I want a person who is emotional, settled in career and can be a good companion for the rest of my life. It doesn’t matter whether he has children, is divorced or a widower. But he should be a nice human being.

At this age, only thing that matters is respect and care. Contact if you want a good caring companion to spend your life peacefully and want someone to love and give affection in return.

The above ad itself shows so much hatred against men in general that she had to remain single until 48 years of age. These women, however, do not hesitate to queue up for alimony in our courts if married in time. When she said, “I am totally against dowry and home violence”, she assumed that men only marry for dowry and create domestic violence. It is as if these men plan in advance to get married for dowry and create domestic violence. A thought that comes from extreme hatred towards men created by feminism.

The next profile, a 47-year never married teacher of a reputed English medium school tells us a lot more about how feminism has actually affected educated women –

I am strictly looking for NEVER MARRIED attractive people.
these are my recent pics. thanks.



If we ignore her preference for a ‘Thrust worthy’ partner, her comment that ‘marriage is not only about sex’ makes it really funny when we see her age (47 years). Also, she is seeking ‘STRICTLY’ never married and attractive people shows why she could never get married so far.

Her being highly opinionated about men, and her unnecessary craving for ‘respect women’ shows she thinks that she is entitled to respect simply for being a woman. A thought that feminists have planted in women’s mind.

Her profile, however, did not stop there. She went on telling how highly educated and well established her family was. Something that was unnecessary bragging about herself telling that she was very proud of herself. A sign of a self-centred person.

Here comes another 45-year, divorced animal lover –

I am looking for a decent, family oriented guy from a nuclear family or most preferably someone with an independent set up. As I am a great animal lover, I expect my life partner to be an animal lover too. Only genuine profiles having completed judicial procedure and interested in early marriage please apply with your recent pics and contact details. Thank you for going through my profile.

She wanted the man to have independent set up so other in-laws were not allowed. But how could she expect a ‘family-oriented’ guy to live alone without parents or other family members? If anyone did, how would he be considered as ‘family oriented’? An important point to note here is that she is an animal lover but not humans (in-laws). A trait specifically created by feminists who in order to create an alternative lifestyle, endorsed hatred for human orientation. How can these women be family oriented when they specifically want a nuclear family or independent set up guy? Or how can these women do anything to save their families? No wonder she was divorced. A gift from feminism.

Another major aspect that one will notice in all women is that they don’t want to marry divorcee/widower men who have children from a previous marriage (may not be staying with them). One such 49-year old never married woman wanted this –

Myself very thin, very ordinary looking, very unimpressive look; staying with ma who is 85yrs and my first priority. I am very practical, serious in all my duties, basically very shy and very introvert in nature, person of very few words. NOT AT ALL ROMANTIC, I’ve never been in any relationship what so ever. LOOKING FOR SOMEONE who can be my guardian, soulmate, a very caring, UNDERSTANDING, matured person who has seen all ups and downs of life, a person with lots of patience Businessman, divorcee and widower with children please excuse

Even though she understands her limitations, even at the age of 49 years when her ‘first priority’ was her mother (so she needed to stay close to her mother) she thought she could get a man who was a divorcee or a widower without children.

Just check the expectation of other single mother profiles and you will know how they devalue their potential male partners. You will find a very self-centred approach in women (mostly all women). They don’t want to marry men with children from their previous marriage, but they expect that men including ‘never married’ men to marry single mothers.

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Another factor that comes with the evils of feminism is working and highly employed women trying to get men only from the higher income category. Even though feminism on paper talks about equality, in no case it is found that such women want to get married to a man who is unemployed or less employed. All matrimonial profiles only seek high-income individuals.

Take, for example, this 40-year Never Married woman who is working and earning 15 lakhs salary. Her profile said this is what her family expected –

A caring husband who will always stand by her in days of both happiness & sorrow. Well settled in his professional life with handsome compensation compatible to her. Since she is our only child, we wish that the boy will be like our son and my daughter in the like way will be accepted as their daughter. our family is a small unit of three- quiet & peaceful with good bonding with well understanding & feeling for each other. She wishes to continue her service till her health permits. Relocation to places where employer company has its office will be tried subject to availability of matching position.

So, we see that whether a husband is caring or not depends on whether he is earning ‘handsome compensation’. Also, her relocation was based on the availability of the matching position, which made the marriage less important to her career. Thus, on one hand, she wanted a high earning individual and on the other hand, marriage was of secondary importance to her. So, the question that comes here is why should the man marry her? What is the value the man would get?

While feminism brought the need of every person being gainfully employed, it created an urgency for women to hold on to their jobs (while they continue to seek alimony). When these jobs became most important to women, they continued to look for men who were earning more.

Now let’s look at a 41-year-old divorced teacher’s partner expectation, she had a son –

He will be a good human, should have strong bond with Indian culture, loving, caring, romantic and must have good sense of human. I do not like people who is judgmental about other people rather take the cognizance of the situation and be rational about taking decision. I am expecting complete acceptance of my son from him. He should be positive about life and love to have someone who is fun loving and easy going.

A single mother talking about her potential mate not being judgmental about her, reminds me to be careful and raises suspicion that she would have done something wrong (like the child being illicit child) in her previous marriage and now trying to play the victim card and prohibiting potential companions from judging her for her previous choices.

As I cautioned everyman searching for the second soulmate, not to marry single mothers under any circumstances, this expectation of the man not being judgmental about her reminds me of typical characteristics of those women.

This article will not be complete if I don’t talk about this 36-year divorced profile who had a photo with her overdone makeup.  Her profile said, –

We are looking for an Issue-Less, demand-less, classy, Dependable, matured, honest, LOYAL, humane, educated and established (tall, fair, young-looking, smart) bengali/ non-bengali, Brahmin/ Kayastha groom. kundli-matching is a mUST for us. bald-headed groom or groom with unmarried sisters / in live-in relationships or with any kind of perverted mentality & those who are in search of a cook, maid or ayah, instead of a ‘life-partner’, please excuse. the husband should not be jealous of his wifes’ success, achievements and independence. N.B.:- only-serious-genuine-people-contact.

This profile clearly shows the influence of feminism on the family. Just look at their long list of expectations from the potential groom. Also, they were not willing to marry in families where there was an unmarried sister. Also, the mention that if one is looking for a cook, maid or ayah tells that the woman may not be willing to take care of household responsibilities at all. In fact, her long list of partner expectation is quite intimidating for anyone and it also clarifies that she doesn’t want any responsibility. Any such expectation would mean that the family is sexist and oppressive to women. This clearly tells us why she got divorced in the first place.

If the first part of her profile tells us that feminism teaches women to be irresponsible and over-demanding the next part of her profile tells us that feminism also brings a strong hatred for men along.

In the next part of her profile, she narrated what she wanted in her marriage –

– peace, mutual respect, understanding & TRUST. infidelity is not accepted. need a friend like guardian for my daughter; not a manipulative, insecure lord. ·

– she should feel proud of her spouse, not embarrassed for his deeds.

– the prospective husband should be MAN enough to reproduce a child. God forbid if not, must be progressive in thought, to go in for medical treatment ON TIME, instead of playing the blame-game. because, only earthworms can procreate alone, not a LADY!

-the would-be groom must marry the Woman, not her money earning potential.

– her partner must be free from any type of anti-social association.

The way these expectations were narrated, e.g. ‘partner should be man enough’, ‘must marry the woman not her money earning potential’ or ‘should be man enough to produce children’ shows the kind of male hatred and female dominance that family have. Also, it shows that the woman may have a problem in conceiving and is arrogant enough to negate that in advance so that her partner does not dare to raise questions. Clearly, these are not bold expectations of an independent woman but sounds more like arrogant expectations of a self-centred brood.

Feminism Made Women Selfish

If feminism has done anything to women, that is to make them extremely selfish and self-centred. In the name of success and progression, feminism has made them arrogant and disrespectful. That is why we see the number of ‘Never Married’ women in India grew in all age groups in the last two years (details in another article). Some divorced and widowed women can never get a soulmate. Question is, if feminism can really bring social and psychological well-being as their fundamental principles state, then why are these women still searching for soulmates at the age of 40+ years?  Clearly, feminism could not give these empowered women the much-needed peace and secured future and that is why they still look for a man in their life even when they show extreme hatred towards men.

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Not only women but men also suffer from the clutches of feminist choices. There are many men without children who are still marrying single-mothers. But men who had children in their previous marriage, do not get married even if their cases were settled and the child does not live with them. Feminism has forced these men to accept a life they probably didn’t want. Again, the feminist gender justice promises seem to fail for men as well.

There is no denying that gender justice can’t be achieved only with economic empowerment and without any sense of responsibility. When feminism had broken large families and created nuclear ones, it has also created the need of every human being working for large corporates. So, the care work today is necessarily left out or set to be costlier in the liberal economy. Women do not want to take up the care work in their homes and increasingly they think their high earning male partners should take that up. With a potential of children remaining uncared for, it has almost become a never achievable dream to have happy families.

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There was a time when only bad looking girls didn’t get married. But today, there are many good-looking women in their ‘40s who are not married and still look for a partner. Some of them are searching forever. The reason for them not getting any partner is evident from their partner expectations and this is what feminism has gifted them – a never-ending search for a soulmate.



  1. Marriage was designed by society long back. Every designed thing break one day. I believe now is time when marriage should be shifted to last place, specially for men.


  2. Such demanding women can be safely ignored and allowed to die lonely deaths. Look for a woman who is actually dharmic and has strong anti-feminist tendencies. She should know to cook and take of a house and likes children but doesn’t have any yet. While it is not an absolute she should be 8-12 years younger. None of this “friend” or “equals” BS. Females are NOT equal to males. But male and female need each other for social cooperation. She should respect males. Also look into family history. If the girl hates her father stay away. If she loves her father it is a good sign. Females who hate their father will have negative image of men. Also see who dominates in that family, if it s the mother then avoid. She should have respect for you and your parents. Those who want nuclear family should be nuked.


    • Wow you support these sort of views that man and woman are not equal.Women should do all the housework.
      very impressive


      • No, women should stop being snooty hypocritical bitches who demand respect just for being women. Says me, a snooty hypocritical bitch of a woman. Who likes doing all the housework because men can’t do it right.


      • They should be equal but woman should take standard responsibilities like taking care of babies or also cook for husband if they do that they do not become a servant.


      • They should be equal but woman should take standard responsibilities like taking care of babies or also cook for husband if they do that they do not become a servant. Its ok sometime to live a happy life rather than just earning money.


    • Too bad you don’t like older women. 😉 Just kidding, I’m probably younger than you. But I’m also one of those “rare treasures” of an anti-feminist housewife who likes to cook and clean like a good woman should. Don’t really like kids, but I love my dad, even though I’m technically adopted. My point: Don’t give up on finding a good women, but don’t forget that feminism has fucked us ALL up.


  3. My goodness, these women are terrible! I honestly feel ashamed of being a woman! These attitudes, among many others, are some of the reasons I absolutely hate feminism. But I also hate the MGTOW movement too, and we should totally respect and love other animals. Just like men and women should respect and love each other.


  4. 1)”Hi, I am looking forward to live rest of my life happily and peacefully. I have got my girl who is 17 years old and doesn’t need a father but surely wants a friend and would love to see her mom happy.

    I don’t see anything wrong with above. I have seen the same posted by men.
    I don’t expect you to take father or mother responsibility that would need lot of your time, involvement and financially support but a friendly nature is all I expect from you towards the child.

    The daughter here wants her mother to have her own life and happy to accept the guy as a friend but not willing to accept him as a dad. It’s difficult for someone at that age to accept someone in that role and maybe the daughter has good connection with her own dad and she doesn’t need one.
    My friend’s daughter is the same.

    2) The second one “could not find a caring mature understanding person”.
    What is wrong in the above. It’s her life experience and that is how she feels.
    You have the right to judge don’t marry “Single mother” based on your experiences in life but based on her experiences she cannot mention that she hasn’t come across one. At least she is not mentioning that there are no good men in the world. She is saying that she hasn’t come across one and hoping to meet one.

    3) same with the third one! She went through some harassments(dowry, violence and was not respected) and hence at this age understands that more than looks, intelligence etc respect and care are what she feels is important. You are not able to see through why they have written and what might have led to it but rather want to point out that any single mother writes something, it is just because of hatred for men. If it is hatred for all men, they wouldn’t be looking for one more. They are hoping to find someone who would respect and care and not someone like before.
    4) Nature lover, Educated family and loving. When she expects someone from educated family she has to mention that she is from one. The only sentence “I do not like someone who does not like dogs” could have been “I love dogs and would marry someone who also loves dogs”.
    5) “I want an independent person and animal
    She is upfront that she wants an independent life… that is so good compared to those women who marry keeping in laws money in mind and then want it all but don’t want the inlaws to stay with them. Also animals won’t interfere in your marriage life like inlaws do. I meant about inlaws from both sides. Be there for ur parents but staying with interfering in laws would be difficult for a man or a woman

    6) The next one no doubt is about a selfish person who wants to marry someone who will address all her needs but not willing to address his needs.

    7) The mother is asking for someone who earns as good as her daughter… looking for someone equal, not more… she would relocate her job if she finds compatible partner… they want a son and just the same she would be their daughter.

    The remaining ones are influenced by feminism… Just because someone expects his wife to cook or be home maker doesn’t mean they are looking for a maid and not a life partner.
    If the women works and doesn’t want to cook , she should marry someone who is ok with it but not degrade people who want to marry someone who could cook. They are many women out there who also expect their husbands to cook. Does it mean they want a cook and not a life partner?


    • “….I Dont See Anything Wrong…” “…I Have Seen Men Posting The Same…”

      Let me Tell You Miss Veena Just Because Males Also Have Posted Such Sort Of Stuffs That Does’nt Mean Women Can Also Demand Such Irrational Relationships. In Both The Cases It Will Be “…Judged…”. Now Dont Start With Meaningless Arguments Like “…Dont Be Judgemental…”, These Type Of Discourses Are Itself Feministic. Now Coming To The Point As Stated In The Article, This Mother And Her Daughter Already Wiped Out The Need Of A Fatherly Character Or Male Friend. Now If They Start Demanding Male Friends Just To Be So Called “…Happy…” Then It Will Be Termed As “…Using Someone…” for Your Own Lust And Benefits. Isnt It The Samething Against Which Feminists Have Set A negetive Discourse Of Men Using Women For Their Own Benefits?? Then How Come A Woman Demand The Same? This Demanding Attitude Sucks And Is Illogical. Why Should An Indian Male Act As “…Just Friend…” For Such Women? And For What?


      • I am not saying it’s right because men have posted it. I said it to explain that both male and female post it and there is nothing wrong in it. Because Parthia keeps pointing out “single mother with child” I thought he will understand better if it’s from male point of view. Also I was saying friend to the child, not to the mother. The mother wants to be married but expects that the relationship with a child as a friend is good enough. At the age of 17 it will be difficult to accept someone as father but easy to accept as a friend. At that age they are very close to being independent and mayber the teenager has good connections with father and wants decisions to be taken by her mother and father. Because they will live together after marriage, she wants some one who is like a friend to their daughter. People don’t marry again for lust. There is affection, care, companionship, to be together for ups and downs of life. She is asking for someone to get married and to share her life with him but friendly relationship with daughter is good enough.


        • Whatever You Are Saying Is Nothing But A Cheap Fallacy And Is Far From Being True. Academic lectures dont Rule Us No Matter How Much Fancy It Appears Before Us. “…Friend To The Child Not To The Mother….”, these Sounds Somewhat Like A Movie Draft. I Dont Know whether Any “…Male…” Will be ready enough to do that. Provider Of “…friendship…” is also a negetive commodification of a male ( in this case of course ) , which is also a crime. Anyway Best of luck to such mothers and theirs Daughters, if they find any such Friendship providing males.


    • You are absolutely right Veena . Thanks a lot for spending a lot of time for this bulshit blog ..I found it so stupid that I didn’t reply all of his answer. Such a complaining forever single kid 🤣


  5. Such a stupid blog .. For everything this person has problem. I am sure this person himself a forever single type person . Stupid fellow. Has complain about everything . Your are literally against marriage..or a gay for sure


    • ..and you are a spoilt brat…wish your mother whipped you in childhood so that you behaved better and knew what is behaving in a relationship. Because if you ever behaved well, only then you would have understood the problems..also you needed some brain but that I no longer expect from many women nowadays..


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