Here Are The Evil Powers Behind Flavia Agnes’ Majlis That You Need To Know

[Tracking the money trail is a new series that will track the money trail of feminist NGOs. All NGO that receive Foreign Funds submits FCRA return with Ministry of Home Affairs in a format called FC-6 forms. The data is available online and can be checked from here

All such funding details of feminist NGOs can be seen here]


Flavia Agnes Image

Funded heavily by Ford Foundation and foreign church groups, Flavia Agnes’ NGO Majlis files PILs and influence government policy decisions and creation of new laws mainly divorce and maintenance laws.

NGO Profile

Majlis and Flavia opposed Shared Parenting, wanted to liberate Hindu women while opposing Uniform Civil Code that could ensure equal rights for Muslim or Christian women as well. Flavia promoted that marriage is not sacred and targeted Hindu marriages specifically. Not only that, on the pretext that marriage is not sacred, Majlis is trying to bring stricter criminal provisions for IPC 498a, the section notorious for its misuse rather than use; trying to implement marital rape making more husbands rapists on mere allegation, and also trying to include criminal provisions in one-sided Domestic Violence Law.

Being a Christian herself Flavia speaks about Hindu women and how bad Hindu marriages are. She formed ‘Majlis’ after she found her divorce to be difficult for herself and today helps women in getting divorces. From Majlis website, it is evident that Majlis is more bent on attacking Hindu customs, relations rather than any other religions.

Donations to Majlis

Foreign Funding of Majlis
Donations to Majlis from Foreign Institutions (In INR)
Majlis Funding from different countries
Since 2006-07 Majlis received maximum donations from the Netherlands (fig in INR)

Majlis FCRA funding

  • Majlis 2013-14 FCRA Return
  • Majlis 2012-13 FCRA Return
  • Majlis 2011-12 FCRA Return
  • Majlis 2010-11 FCRA Return
  • Majlis 2009-10 FCRA Return
  • Majlis 2008-09 FCRA Return
  • Majlis 2007-08 FCRA Return
  • Majlis 2006-07 FCRA Return
  • Majlis 2014-15 FCRA return

Countrywise share to Majlis funding since 2006

Countrywise Share of Funds to Majlis
The Netherlands and the USA are two major donors to Majlis (In INR)

Growth in foreign funding to Majlis

Growth in Majlis funding
Majlis received increased foreign funds every year since 2011 (fig in INR)

Some Donor Profiles

Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation donated 3.4 crores (34 million) to Majlis since 2006. They have also come under Indian government scanner recently for running anti-India campaigns. It is to be noted that Indira Jaisingh’s NGO Lawyers’ Collective also received 6.2 crores from the same foundation. This is to note that both NGOs work on influencing India’s legal policies and was instrumental in overhauling various Hindu laws by filing PILs and deputation in parliament etc.

International Development Research Center, (IDRC, Canada)

  • Funds researches in other countries
  • Contribute to Canada’s global policy,
  • From 2012-13 it started providing hefty amounts to Majlis for running free legal aid centers
  • Paid Rs. 2.7 crore (27 million) so far


HIVOS  a Netherlands based group work for the improvements of international cooperation and women empowerment. From the year 2006, they have paid Rs. 2.2 crores (22 million) to Majlis. The purpose of a donation from them between 2007 – 10  is not specified to FCRA, however, the purpose of the donation given in 2012-13 was for “cultural shows”.

Majlis is currently working on Introducing more criminal provisions in Hindu marriages, introducing Marital Rape and opposing Shared parenting.


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  1. You are doing a great job Partha – this is absolutely a great military strategy to choke the enemy of their resources. And the starting is as always to identify the supply line before choking them. Let’s use the superior masculine ability to understand and strategize on matters of money, resources and use our powers without succumbing to our biological drive to have more and more sex and cave in for the urge to propagate our genes which makes us vulnerable to the powers of women. For decades we have teach ourselves over repeatedly to de-link womenhood from motherhood. It means we have to teach ourselves that not all women are mothers, and we need not see mothers when we see women for most part of our life. Why should we when women don’t see father’s when they see man. Also why should we when women have learnt from feminists that being a mother is burden for their womenhood Nd their primarily role is to outcompete every man they see, in the process becoming more masculine than the an they hate.

    Liked by 2 people

    • they are NOT trying to outcompete every man ——————– much rather, they only want to possess as much as men (or, at times, MORE than men) without having to put in anywhere close to the kind of efforts one requires to give before he\she will go on to very rightly deserve that possession.

      let me explain here with an example. its like you wanting to earn as much as top sportspersons like M·S· Dhoni or Gareth Bale etc. do, however, WITHOUT you showing the willingness to go through the kind of physically demanding and exhausting day-in–day-out routine that these top athletes have to undertake.


  2. Partha, you are great. I have become a fan of yours. But I believe, men should start respecting themselves first of all. They have lost their self importance. Men’s rights are human rights.


  3. It is a mind blowing, investigative, and very informative article, Indian society has been victimised by feminists NGOs with vested interested to break centuries old family system of our nation. These gender biased laws have spoiled thousands lives of Bothe gender even senior citizens and children have not been spared.
    Time has come to review all such laws and make them gender natural and all foreign funded NGOs must be inspected as these all are spoiling Indian peace.


  4. Wow, this Flavia Agnes sounds great! Helping to stop wife-beating, rape (do you really defend marital rape!) bride burning and other atrocities against women all over the world, she’s making the world a better place. Now we just have to start valuing and paying women for all the work they do in the home plus child reproduction and rearing because women actually do twice the work that men do, laboring both day and night. How can I, and others, send Flavia donations?


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