“Expert Fallacy” – How Feminists Fool You

Expert Fallacy is a human psychological phenomenon that is described as believing people only based on what they are wearing or posing as.

This is nothing but the human tendency to believe in someone who looks like an expert and may not be an expert in reality. There was a National Geographic video that explained it better.

Expert Fallacy, Nat Geo experiment on Expert Fallacy
Expert Fallacy – An experiment by National Geographic

In the experiment, National Geographic person, dresses up like a journalist and goes to random people with his camera crew and mic and tell them weird things that is unbelievable and are not true. But the people tend to believe him.

When the same person approaches random people in ordinary cloth and not with his camera and mic, people out rightly deny talking to him.

The theory thus suggests, that human beings are well-trained to believe anyone looking like an expert and humans don’t look for the knowledge in reality. This also tells that humans can be easily fooled by using these fake experts or by paying some experts to talk certain language.

In the online world, Expert Fallacy comes to the point of how one person projects oneself or how one is projected by others.

Feminists very often use these psychological characteristics of the human brain to fool us.

An example is from an AIIMS study of feticide where it was found that more female human fetus under 20 weeks of gestation period was killed (abortion – which is legal) in South Delhi area between 1996-2012. But when the fetus age was more than 20 weeks, it was found that more male fetus was killed.

Read – How TOI made up a story of female feticide

Based on this, Dr. Chittaranjan Behera who published this study on behalf of AIIMS, raised a false alarm in the Times of India report that gender-selective abortion (gender of a fetus can be determined after 12 weeks) was one of the reasons for killing the female fetus.

Dr. Tulsi Patel who was mentioned in the article as “Expert” also reiterated this point and blamed patriarchal Indian mindset behind this.

Please note, that here not only professional doctors are used to confirm female feticide but a fake ‘expert’ is created by TOI. Also, a big media house like TOI is used to propagate the story so that gullible people believe this story easily.

A point to be noted here is that abortion before 20 weeks of gestation period is legal in India and can’t be considered as a crime under feticide at all. If AIIMS report did point to any crime that was killing of male children above 20 weeks. Surprisingly, all experts and media was silent about that and completely suppressed the fact that the real danger was “feminism” that demand abortion to be a right to the mothers under the feminist propaganda of “My Body, My Choice”.

Hence we see how Indian media create complete biased and one-sided public opinion about crime against women using “Expert Fallacy”.

The general people also fall into this trap easily. They tend to believe what experts say without applying their own brain. This conversation will make that clear –

Expert Fallacy Effect

To my comment above Sagina Pradhan replied –

Expert Fallsy effect, sex determination, Feticide

So, the crime of “female feticide” which means murder (as projected by the article and as she believed initially) became the crime of “gender determination” which is more innocent in nature.

So this clearly shows that how our so-called experts are “used” to create a false perception in the society. Sometimes these experts are “created” by paid media to promote certain thoughts they want to promote, as shown in a Nat Geo video. Many times we see these self-styled experts creating false public opinion in debates and other bigger national forums and promoting biased thoughts. Since common people do not question experts easily, any self-proclaimed or media created expert can change/form public opinion to a great extent.

So we understand how “expert fallacy” is used to suppress real facts and promote some media intended popular thoughts.


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  1. Partha, there is no point in replying to this kind of morons (the person whom you tried to explain the “reality”). According to her, “anyone aborting after finding it is a girl child is equally wrong” BUT didn’t utter a word about the “aborting of MALE child” !

    She is “not sure” what the “law says” but being a “wimmyn” she find it inhumane. INSANE !!!

    Strange enough, this wimmyn didn’t find it “INHUMANE” when the “law says”:

    Arrest and Prosecute a MAN if his wife files any DV/Harassment/False Dowry complaints, without any kind of proper Evidence, Proof or otherwise (Because she is a “wimmyn” !)

    A wimmyn gets 50% of the Husband’s hard earned Money, Assets, Property, including the Man Inherited from his parents (97% of cases: Father) for just “Divorcing” him; for whatever may be the reason (Because she is a “wimmyn” !)

    A wimmyn can accuse a MAN for false rape, can destroy his Life in ALL aspects (Reputation/Good-will/Career/Future Job Prospects) BUT can still “WALK-AWAY” without being PUNISHED, even after proving it’s a false accuse (Because she is a “wimmyn” !)

    A wimmyn can Physically Assault a MAN because he “VERBALLY” abused her BUT just reverse the Genders and it’s not acceptable and “inhumane” (Because she is a “wimmyn” !)

    If she finds “aborting girl child” is wrong because she is a wimmyn then she should have “common sense” then a MAN finds “aborting MALE child” is wrong because he is a MALE !
    But I guess not, simple reason; common sense is not common !!!


  2. So I took the time to research this, unlike you apparently. It turns out male fetuses are actually more likely to cause pregnancy complications, being the reason they’re aborted more after 20 wks, considering that almost all abortions after 20 wks were specifically related to the fetus already being dead, or the mother risking her life in pregnancy. Also, as a person FROM east asia, I can guarantee to you that theres a social concept about how female babies are more worthless, which most likely came from the idea that when families were poor in the early 1920s, they would have a son be their heir, but a daughter would be useless, so some poor families killed their daughters as soon as they were born. Daughters were considered a bad omen, and still are in some cases.
    Although can we talk about how you literally just used the expert fallacy for this entire article? You literally just used Dr Chittaranjan Beheras expert opinion to base all these assumptions on, without looking into any of the information on this.


  3. These Western “Entities” have hijacked people of Asia/India, not all but people who are morons, have no common sense, selfish, low-self esteemed, no self confidence, suffering with inferiority complex and who are “ever ready” to use EVERY opportunity they get to take revenge on others; without even going through the Facts and Realities.

    Take for example, the person who replied to Partha in the Twitter (Proud Creation of MEN). This person outright ignored “inhumane” attitude towards MALE gender, even though the details outcry the fact. She “conveniently” generalized the information and responded with one-sided argument.

    There are several facts/factors that are IGNORED and below is only partial list:

    Feticide may have been done by women who are in “illegitimate relation(s)” because they dont want to take any responsibility and want to come out “clean” from their acts of sex hunger/lust.

    In case of couples, in majority of cases, the women “FULLY CONSENT” and are HAPPY to go for the Feticide; because she/they don’t want a daughter.

    Again, in case of couples, women play the major role in aborting a fetus: male or female

    When a couple decides to abort a female fetus, there could be hell lot of REASONS: They already have daughter(s) and are looking/hoping/want/need a SON (Successor) / They just don’t want a daughter (for whatever may be the reason). After all, it’s their responsibility to raise the kid and it’s their CHOICE, who the hell you/we are to decide !

    Maybe they/she are/is NOT yet READY for a child and it (getting pregnant) happened accidentally and so the Abortion took place and the Fetus happened to be a female.

    In ALL the cases, there is not point in generalizing the issue and blaming the MALES.

    I am (guess majority of MEN) literally FED UP of this attitude of wimmyn and guess we need to IMPORT BRIDES for our SONS ! And we might do it NOT because there is less population or number of wimmyn (proven fact that the population of wimmyn is at least equal to MALES), it’s because our wimmyn are (majority of them) Arrogant, Bitchy, Plays VICTIM card when ever it suits them but claim they are EQUAL to MEN !!!, Manipulative, Flirting and NOT monogamous anymore and the list goes on … ! They Never show any gratitude and are NEVER grateful to MEN and always find it empowering by IMITATING MALES !!!

    Don’t use the same old excuse that wimmyn give BIRTH (ONLY possible when a MAN fertilizes/impregnates them) ! They are NOT doing any favor and they are not great ! it’s 100% natural damn it !!!

    Penicillin is NOT Natural !
    Power/Current/Electricity (in the form we are using) is NOT Natural !
    Washing Machine is NOT Natural !
    Refrigerator is NOT Natural !
    Television is NOT Natural !
    Camera/Lens/Audio/Video Recording is NOT Natural !
    Computer/Internet etc. are NOT Natural !
    Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are NOT Natural !

    Lookout who Invented, Innovated and Pioneered things that are NOT Natural !!!!


  4. In India 100% married men are facing domestic violence in the hands of wife and her relatives but nobody dare to talk abt this,India is not safe country for married men


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