How A Book On Political Analysis Taught Lessons To The Men’s Rights Movement

Sanghi who never went to a shakha by Rahul Roushan
Image credit – Indic Book Club that has sent me the book for review

A few years ago, a new MRA asked us whether MRM is part of any political activism. Except me everyone else said, it was not. This is because MRM is not affiliated to any political ideology nor do we support or prohibit any political supporter. The MRAs belong to all political groups. However, my point was that MRM or rather any gender-based movement is part of a bigger political movement called identity politics.

Even though we would love to call ourselves as right wingers and often bash leftists, we have leftist supporters in MRM as well (nowadays even feminists call them as MRAs just to derail the movement or seek all attention), as the gender biased laws affect all – cutting across our political faith. That is why this book, ‘Sanghi – Who Never Went To A Shakha’ by Rahul Roushan (founder of Faking News and OpIndia two right-wing news portals) becomes relevant for men’s rights as well. This is an analysis of India’s modern political scenario and how the left-liberal ecosystem works. Even though the book never talked about men’s rights (and the writer may be a feminist as well), the book becomes very important for understanding several pain points of Men’s Rights.

If we look at it, feminism is the most popular left-liberal narrative that talks about equal rights of all on paper (like any of their other narratives does) and create just the opposite results. The book discusses the ideology based on India’s religious politics (or Hindu-Muslim politics) but amazingly came out to be very relevant for men’s rights as well.

Opining Against Leftist Ideology

The book exposes the leftist ecosystem in academia where they don’t tolerate any counter view and banishes all non-conforming views. 

To give an example, the author mentioned that it was not that everyone in the academia supported the CAA protests – a leftist crafted movement in recent India, but those academicians who openly came out against the protesters were threatened of physical assaults and fake sexual harassment cases against them and one of them had come back to OpIndia to remove his name from the list of petitioners against the anti-CAA protesters. 

The writer mentioned that there is a known theory that says, eventually everyone who remains in any ‘non-right’ system will be a leftist, because their leftist ecosystem chunks everyone who does not conform to their narrative. The above example is a classic case of that.

If you look at any educational institute today and the kind of researches these institutes deliver, you will find how all these researches are left leaning researches and how any research that do not conform to their opinion is erased from the system. That is what is observed in all feminist research. One important characteristics of feminist research is they use very nice and literary language for their papers, but ultimately that’s all about their research. Their papers are more words driven and emotion based, rather than data driven and fact based.

One important feminist theory that comes to my mind is the100 Million Missing Women’ theory by Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen. However, if you see the details of his theory carefully, you will find how cleverly he had created a web of words to circumvent data or logic. In his theory he stated that in the developing nations, less women remain alive because women are not taken care of. However, he extended the same theory to claim that even a smaller number of girls are born (does not include female feticide) because of that – a completely illogical conclusion. This defies all possible logical explanation, but this had been a prominent feminist theory for decades.

Similarly, in modern days, the UN claims that the more a country becomes gender-equal, the more it will be happy. However, analysis of their own data suggests otherwise.

So, it is evident that the left-liberal ecosystem has a narrative that everyone needs to conform to and the people who refuse to do that are carefully alienated. They lose their jobs and get fake cases or threats of physical harm.

In a gender-justice workshop in IIT Kharagpur’s Law School, I have observed the same. The women professors or guest lecturers were talking about imaginary misogyny and biases against women when a male professor wanted to put forward his points, but very meekly. He was afraid that he would lose his job if goes against the leftist agenda. In the workshop were lawyers and law students, professors and research scholars from many universities but none of them had ever dared to protest against any sexist presentation of the feminist speakers. I was the only person who were showing them their lack of knowledge and protesting the bias. Later some male scholars told me in private how they could never support me because they feared loss of their academic career, but they indeed thanked me for speaking up in favour of men. Essentially, I could freely oppose feminists in all aspects not only because of my knowledge and research on those matters but also because I had hidden my complete identity from them. Otherwise, even I could be personally attacked in my workplace.

An evidence of how this leftist ecosystem is stronger than you think it is, coming from another altercation I had on FB. It was a rather innocent altercation with a feminist on her poem and she literally threatened me to strip me of my IIT degree. She identified herself as a visiting lecturer to many IITs and said that she had enough clout in IITs to strip me of my degree. Even though I didn’t cow down easily and instead warned her of stopping her visit to IITs instead, but the clout was very evident from that threat.

In the activism world, the same is observed in various Reddit forums as well. Nowadays, even men’s rights forums are handled and managed by veiled feminists. As I have already mentioned that there is a theory that says ultimately everywhere only the leftist ideologues will remain and every other non-believer will be churned out of the system, the same is already happening in the admins of various forums including the men’s rights and MGTOW ones. So, if despite being an MRA and propagating MR ideology in any MR forum you are blocked, the reason may be the forum is already substantially feminized.

Manipulating Reality as ‘Responsible’ Journalism

The book clearly mentions and demonstrates how journalists manipulate reality and propagate fake Hindu-Muslim harmony stories even when in reality there is hatred reported. In most of these cases, when Muslims actually say how they hate certain things related to Hindus, media create stories of harmony. Now if you think this is ‘responsible’ journalism, then the problem is Hindus remain unaware of the impending dangers due to this ‘responsibility’ and a fake narrative that ‘Muslims love Hindus’ are created.

We have seen that in gender politics as well. We have seen how Sarabjeet Singh (the victim in Jasleen Kaur case) was repeatedly forced by media to accept the crime he didn’t commit. We have seen that despite a video footage available to the contrary, how media tried to protect the Rohtak Sisters and the list goes on.

Many times this responsible media hides the names and identities of the women criminals or unnecessarily reports women casualty alone and hide the male casualty which is often higher. All these are considered as ‘responsible’ behaviour by the leftist ecosystem. However, thanks to the social media and general public being online now, media is forced to check their behaviour to some extent.

Another manipulation tactic you might have observed was in gender debates where only one MRA is called along with several other social activists who would speak in favour of women and the MRA is often not allowed to even speak. This manipulation, however, was continuously highlighted by us in different forums and as the gender debates started yielding the opposite result from what the leftist-feminist gang wanted, now we do not see such debates at all.

The Hypocrite Leftist Morality

While discussing morality of Indian media, the book showed how the BJP led Gujarat was painted in bad light post Godhra incident, but the leftist ally Congress led states including Bihar were not projected negatively during Anti-Sikh riots in 1984. The left-leaning media hypocrisy is long been exposed and can be seen in our gender-politics as well.

It is this hypocrite media that projected the sexual act of a couple in Kolkata Metro railway as an act of their ‘freedom of expression’ and many netizens came in support of the couple. However, the same netizens went berserk after a man was caught masturbating in a moving bus. I have protested the first incidence while I was bashed by everyone when I reminded people that our ‘freedom of expression’ comes with boundaries.

Also, the left leaning media came down so heavily on anyone who protested against the Metro rail incidence that a woman RJ lost her job in her FM-radio because she tried to explain why making love in the moving Metro rail was immorally wrong. People cutting across party-lines have protested that moral policing without realizing that they were just conforming to the leftist ideology.

Similar situation is observed in our gender politics as well. The evident cases are where a woman is caught in any immoral act including adultery or in domestic violence. Immediately the feminists create a victim narrative of the women and tries to find fault with a man somewhere. But in all these years, we MRAs have been successful in exposing this feminist plot and recently we have seen how in Bangalore Zomato case, feminists tried to defend feminism and got exposed.

(Creation of) The Self-Loathing Hindu (Males)

The book explained how the Nehruvian secularism as basically an extension of a British conspiracy that created self-loathing Hindus by depicting everything Hindu as bad. This is carefully created from our childhood through modification of our textbooks and through various other ways, including creating and spreading false and biased news.

When the Indian society was patriarchal in nature and kept males as the heads of the families, men came naturally under attack of this left leaning philosophy. Like the secular Hindus destroy Hinduism the most, the liberal males destroy men’s life the most.

But while the above is discussed wrt India, it is true globally as well. The leftist ideology is to destroy every society by putting across such hatred against the majority people. If in 2021, an Australian school could dare to make all boys apologize to the girls simply for being boys, that is also an indication how this left-leaning system is set to create mayhem.

If we look at India, we see that it is mostly the Hindu family laws that are targeted and changed and made gender-biased, Muslims still find an easy escape through their Shariat laws. Even the creation of Uniform Civil Code, will not be beneficial for males and will not bring equality as explained here.

The Libertarian Male

The book explains how the Cambridge Analytica helped Indian National Congress to maintain a Hindu narrative while working to destroy the Hindus. While average Hindus (like the author of the book and I) kept believing that Congress was friendly to Hindus, and we continued to be proud Hindus until it was too late.

It is the same thing that is happening in gender politics as well. The average Indian male is kept under the illusion that the gender-biased laws are only ‘affirmative action’ to protect women from abuse, but while the misuse of such laws is never punished by any court, only men are meant to suffer. We MRAs always upheld a transparent judiciary to punish the guilty irrespective of gender, but leftists make men feel great by having such gender-biased laws as if they are giving men a chance to repent for their past misdeeds. This is why even when we find blatant misuse of sexual assault laws by women, the victim males give statements openly that they want such laws to exist.

Like only a well-read and updated Congressi Hindu understands how Congress was destroying Hinduism, self-loathing Hindu males do not even understand that because of lack of meaningful MR content. Also, the left infested universities continuously churn biased and irrational research papers upholding these laws and TMF study on Modern Feminism research is simply NOT ENOUGH.

The author also explained how the erstwhile USSR had engulfed Indian minds in various ways and injected their own ideology in our mind to turn the society into self-loathing one. It is this leftist mindset that has created and sustained these biased laws that self-loathing males like while considering they are just being liberals and ahead of their time.

The Reservation Politics

1990s India saw heavy reservation politics where the political parties promoted reservation for various ‘backward’ classes and many political parties sustained their political career based on that. Even today, when SC asked the government how long the reservation politics will continue, we see all parties including the BJP want to lure people through freebies and reservation. Feminists also have theories that promote reservation for women in sectors where women representation is less. While the most egalitarian countries in the world showed the opposite trend and a Norwegian has already exposed these feminist theories through different interviews.  

Policies like free rides to women in govt transport, 50% reservation of women in Govt jobs (when govt is selling off all businesses 😊) and various other special policies only for women in the name of affirmative policies only creates institutional blockade for the unsuspecting males. The left-liberal ecosystem works in such a way that these self-loathing males think the society is becoming better while women are lifted, but they hardly understand that by injecting more skilled workforce in the system, the leftists are actually making skilled labour extremely cheap and forcing everyone to slog and to deprive the worthy men of their right positions in the world.

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