This Is How A Norwegian Comedian Exposed Feminist Gender Specialists And Proved Them Idiots

Herald Eia a Norwegian comedian who exposed feminist gender experts by his documentary called “Brainwash”

Feminist gender theories of equality emanating from gender studies specialists in Nordic countries (that are top rankers in gender equality) were stripped to reality when a Norwegian comedian Herald Eia asked them a few simple questions. So much that Nordic council of ministers has later decided to defund this university.

Eia filmed a documentary where he tried to understand the answers to a few questions related to gender issues. He found that even in #1 egalitarian country Norway there existed a disparity in terms of choice of jobs. To show that, he first went to a Norwegian construction company and found only 10% female engineers there. Then he went to a hospital where all staff nurses were females. There were no male nurses. Norway was #1 in gender equality in 2008 and had been a top ranker in terms of gender equality ever since.  Even in those countries, these jobs were not shared. In fact, a report stated that almost 90% of nurses in Norway were females. The ratio of genders in certain jobs in Norway was found to be stable since 1980. (it is called Norwegian Gender Equality Paradox).

Eia asked about this gender divide in jobs to Norwegian Equal Opportunities Commissioner Kristin Mile. She admitted that govt. efforts could get one / two year effect after which the ratio falls down. Former cabinet minister Huitfeldt said – “girls do better in school in all subjects except Physical Education”.

So, why fewer women were found in technical fields in the most egalitarian country?

Some women he interviewed mentioned that technical jobs were boring.

Camilla Schreiner, who studied the trend of girls’ technical education in 20 countries found that Girls in less egalitarian countries were more interested in technical education. Camilla had taken a survey with a set of 108 questions and she didn’t find any equality in job interests in most egalitarian nations. In fact, she found that the more modern a country was, the more was the divide in job selection.

Some common women that Eia surveyed believed that it’s always been a woman’s job to take care of children. Some believed that it was human genes to select and like jobs. Some believed the two genders to be different. Feminists, however, believed that this was because of Social and Cultural training of human brains.

Eia then visited Catherine Egeland at the Work Research Institute to understand the gender preferences of job selection. Catherine has written several books on job preferences by the genders.

Catherine didn’t think there was any difference in the brains of two genders at all and thought that studying brain difference in genders was irrelevant when trying to understand their different behavior.

Another Nordic gender researcher Joergen Lorentzen at the Center for Interdisciplinary Gender Research at Oslo University thought the study of brain difference was “Old fashioned” research. He mentioned that most researches on studies on brain differences had been refuted later. He also confirmed that only gender difference that existed was in outer signs of gender and innate traits like Intelligence, capacity etc. of the genders were in fact identical.

Joergen said that it was about the social reinforcement of gender roles that made the two genders choose different jobs. Martin Aurdal, Columnist said gender reinforcement by society happened from childhood that leads to different job choices.

So Eia went back to his mom and to his daughters to understand about the social reinforcement of gender roles and to understand if his mom treated him as a “tough little guy” from childhood or if he was discriminating against his daughters. He found that none were true.

Feminist gender specialists always talk about sexism in toys, TV shows, videos etc. to reinforce gender roles in humans. To examine the same Eia asked a few male toddlers if they wanted to play with girls’ toys and found none of them to be interested in female toys.

Feminist gender researchers like Jorgen believed that there was no limit to the extent a child could be molded through social conditioning that led to such toddler toy preference.

To understand this, Eia then visited Richard Lippa, Professor of Psychology, California State University. Lippa had conducted a study on job preferences in 53 countries. He got over 200,000 responses from those countries. He found that men were more interested in thing oriented occupations and women are more interested in people-oriented occupations. He found the trend to be the same in ALL 53 countries. So he concluded that the job preferences are linked to human biology.

To understand social conditioning and to understand how early we can find gender differences, Eia then visited Professor Trond Diseth at the National Hospital Department of Child Psychiatry.

In their experiment, Professor Diseth and his team had designed 10 different toys – four feminine toys, four masculine toys, and two neutral toys. 10 toys were placed in a particular pattern and toddlers are sent there without anyone else being around. The entire experiment was monitored through CCTV cameras and there were clear differences found in toy selection among healthy boys and healthy girls starting from age of nine months. Male toddlers chose masculine toys while baby girls chose feminine toys. Dr. Diseth thus concluded that – “children are borne with a clear biological disposition as far as gender identity and behavior is concerned, then environmental influences either increases or decreases that behavior”. Diseth also confirmed that he had done a lot of research through several years to prove that gender differences exist from early ages.

Simon Baron-Cohen is a British professor of psychiatry at Trinity College in Cambridge was a distinguished researcher for Autism and he discovered some distinct gender differences through his studies. Eia visited Prof Cohen to understand his findings of gender differences.

Professor Cohen designed two types of objects, one mechanical type and the other was a human face. He found that even one-day-old babies had gender differences as his study showed that more boys looked longer at the mechanical objects and more girls looked longer at the face. Professor Cohen also explained that this difference in gender behavior was because boys and girls produce different amounts of testosterone. This hormone determines how their brains develop. Boys produce ~double the amount of testosterone”, he said.

Prof Cohen also elaborated that as a part of his research he studied the testosterone level of babies at the pre-natal stage and found that higher the amount of testosterone in the pre-natal stage of a baby, they were likely to –

  1. Slower to develop language
  2. Make less eye contact

He concluded that more Testosterone leads to slower language development and slower social development. He also told that girls with higher testosterone level show masculine toy preferences. Prof Cohen studied these children till 8 years of their age and found that they were less on empathy, less on recognizing other people’s emotions or taking someone else’s perspective. But they had more interest in systems and how things worked.

Evolutionary Psychologist Prof Ann Campbell of Durham, Northern UK explained to Eia the differences in X and Y chromosomes and why they carried the respective characteristics genes. Campbell believed in Darwin’s evolution theory and the process of selection of better genes for survival.

Campbell also explained that if women needed to carry children and raise them and if there were some psychological traits that could help them achieve that easier, then human evolution had sustained that trait as well.  So women naturally developed qualities of empathy, avoiding confrontation, avoiding social exclusions etc.

Ann explained that today’s women are more oriented towards other people than men. She said the gender-typical behavior is observed more when one is put under severe stress. Women under severe stress want to be with other people whereas men typically choose to be alone. She explained, that this social behavior of women makes them comfortable with professions like nursing, teaching, social work etc.

But if gender difference is in our genes then why do more girls in less egalitarian countries like India want to study Technology?  This is because with equal opportunities both genders show typical gender behavior without any restraint whereas in poor countries like they are forced to choose whatever they get easier and whatever can give them money.

Ann also explained that if evolution had changed our body and reproductive systems, it was highly unlikely that it didn’t change our brains that control everything.

When Eia confronted the feminist gender champions with the scientific research on gender differences, Norwegian feminists say that they had theoretical belief in what they proclaimed to be gender equality. Feminist champions of gender studies spoke only about their hypothesis on gender equality while refuting scientific research by biologists and evolutionary psychologists of The US and The UK.

In short, this simple yet powerful documentary by Norwegian Comedian Herald Eia exposed feminist gender studies experts. It showed irrelevance and stupidity of the Norwegian policy influencers that were sucking Nordic funds for years and leading the nation to a fools’ paradise. Once exposed, a group of Nordic ministers has decided to end funding for the NIKK gender studies department that was at the forefront of creating various policies in Norway since the 1970s. This led to the closure of the institute but it has reopened later with a different name (Nordic Information of Gender Knowledge).

Nevertheless, the efforts of Herald Eia in exposing feminist stupidity is commendable and we salute him for enlightening us about critical gender issues.

See his original documentary here –


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