Feminists Wanted To Use Sex To Manipulate US Election Results, This Is What Happened

Feminists use sex as the biggest bait to win all debates, arguments, favors, benefits, laws, and resources in the world. They win most of the time unless it was US election, 2016.

The campaign named #VoteTrumpGetDumped called for everyone to dump Trump supporters and deny sex with them.

The Change.org petition created by feminists clearly said –


This tried and true tradition of influence worked for the Greeks and women during the temperance movement in the United States. We’re employing those same tactics in 2016 for an election that will shape history.

We believe that women are more than an interest group – women are the majority of Americans. As such, we deserve a candidate that represents us – not one who objectifies, uses, or belittles us.

Donald Trump is unsuitable to represent the majority of Americans – women.

We are a movement of women who have committed to using our influence with our vote, our voice, and our… influence to stop Donald Trump.”


In the countries where women are less in number (like India), feminists employ same tactics to gain sympathy as a minority and weaker gender. In countries where they are more in number, they want to control everything and that once again exposed the reality of feminism.

So feminists clearly wanted to control the election results by their body – like always this was another cheap feminist strategy reducing women’s identity to their genitals.

Not only this petition has failed miserably and received only 352 supporters until this article was written, but also got a royal bashing from the general public and their answers have been an eye opener for everyone.

This comment by Michael Brewer of CA posted after a few days of this petition going live received maximum votes –


This comment that received second highest voting came from a male feminist and was quite shocking –


However, there were some desperate male feminists like this man as well –


Clearly, men like John is the reason why feminists can use sex as bait to get their work done from any man, without any problem.

Trump supporters like this voted for a reason –


Some men spoke about purging defective feminist genes in this way and that was surely a shocker for feminists –


Clearly, Trump supporters used the same feminist logic to their advantage.

People were both funny and angry at this new feminist propaganda to use their bodies to manipulate election results –


These comments made us LOL –


These messages would have shown the mirror to feminists


The tactics that feminists covertly use to get all benefits did not work out this time. Clearly, feminists are exposed, globally.




  1. It is evident that the radical feminism is not supported even by sensible women all over the world. In India too, they have a very few supporters. However, they have developed knack of making loud noise. Wise men and women should come together and protect Indian families.


  2. The reason it worked in Lysistrata, other than it being a work of fiction, was probably that the men soft enough to persuade were getting sex in the first place. When the bold men don’t pay attention and the soft men were denied in the first place, it makes no odds.


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