Here Are The Safeguards On Matrimonial Websites For You

Matrimonial websites
Matrimonial Websites

Fraudsters can no longer trick alliance seekers on matrimonial websites as new advisory implemented by GOI from June 2016 proposes stricter measures for the matrimonial websites and matrimonial mobile apps.

Here is the advisory in brief that takes a step closure to ensure the safety of marriage prospects –

  1. A user agreement in accordance with The Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules 2011. This will clearly seek the agreement of the user like –
    • Confirmation that the user wants matrimonial relation and wants to take it further
    • Confirmation that user information provided on the site is correct to the best of his / her knowledge
  2. A Privacy Policy with clear statements of protection of personal information
  3. Matrimonial websites to verify each users profile information by registering his / her mobile number
  4. Matrimonial websites should strongly solicit submission of one’s identification documents with the site.
  5. Matrimonial websites should clearly state that the website is only for the matrimonial purpose and not for dating services.
  6. Matrimonial websites should get national/international data security standard certifications (e.g. IS/ISO/IEC 27000).
  7. Matrimonial websites to prominently display and send regular communication about  –
    • Terms and Conditions agreed by the user
    • Specify that unless specifically stated on the website, no information of any user’s profile is verified and should be checked thoroughly by the alliance seeker
    • Caution users about possible fraudsters on the site who ask for money, favors or about such fraudsters as reported to the website
    • Encourage registered users to report any fraudster to the matrimonial website and to the law enforcing agencies
    • Other Safety Tips as appropriate
  8. Matrimonial websites shall publish the name of Grievance Officer and contact details along with complaint redressal mechanism
  9. All matrimonial websites to develop FAQ to help users
  10. Matrimonial websites should store the IP addresses of profile creation and access logs with date and time stamping. This information needs to be stored until one year of account deactivation.

We hope that now fraudsters will stay away from matrimonial websites.


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