Why Feminism Is Terrorism

[In this series, as I review the book ‘Sanghi Who Never Went To A Shakha’ by Rahul Roushan, I show you how the book on political analysis explains the challenges faced by MRM. It is important that MRAs understand the politics behind feminism and the ecosystem that works against Men’s Rights. This is Part 3 of the series]

Part 1

Part 2

You never know when one of those feminists get triggered

Islamism, Terrorism and Feminism

The author has very well explained with evidence from the recent past, wherever Islamists were involved in terror activities the leftist ecosystem sprung into action to prove that Islam is not the problem but their reaction to various kafir (non-Islam) acts are seen as Islamist violence. It is basically people protesting various forms of oppression. Like the 9-11 attacks on the US was supported as a reaction to the US aggression on Iraq and the US greed on the Middle-East oilfields. And even I used to believe that.

But the writer Rahul Roushan has made more sense to me in recent times when I have observed that all Islamic terrorism were supported in one form or the other. The Islamic terrorists are often mentioned as ‘martyrs’ in the hands of Indian soldiers and left leaning Indian media mourned those deaths.

Even Feminism works the same way. If you observe, while promoting feminism and drafting gender-biased laws, a few instances of violence against women are highlighted and the violence against men are suppressed to make it look like all women are under attack, and in all modern leftist-feminist narratives everywhere women are promoted as a ‘class’. That is why we see specific benefits given out to the female ‘class’ by every political party – including the party of Sanghis – BJP.

However, when we attack the same ‘class’, based on increasing violence by women, the same feminists start saying the opposite – “how can we paint all women in same colour”, “we are being sexists” etc. But the simple logic says, when women are given blanket freebies based on their gender and based a few cases of violence against them, why can’t we make the same class (yes all women) responsible for the violence they create.

For example, leftists-feminists will give you one-two examples of good female leaders and say (all) women are equally capable; whereas when you point out another bad apple and say she is the reason (all) women can’t be good leaders, you will be sexist and chauvinist. If we (MRAs) are wrong in painting all women negatively, then how are feminists justified to project all women as victims? But that is how feminism works, and that is why feminism is terrorism.

This is also explained by Rahul in his book, while discussing the 2002 Godhra carnage and how a Muslim mob attack on innocent Hindu pilgrims to Ayodhya was later turned into a mere accident by a commission was discussed, Rahul explained this about how the leftist media has created many victim stories of Mulims and Hindus failed to do that. In this perspective his observation – “The traditional media is too biased and they will not tell your stories. And if somehow you muster the courage to tell your story, you’d be maligned and your work will be discredited.” He also added that, “Such skills and perhaps dedication is missing on ‘our side’”.

He explained that while most Hindus prefer to keep mum even when they see such atrocities around; leftists, however, will create all kind of propaganda for their message. Same is applicable for men’s rights as well. When most men think talking about men’s rights and atrocities against men will make them look weaker and hence keep mum, feminists are often very aggressive and militant in their demands.

Normalizing Rogue Behaviour

The author has very well shown how the leftists normalize the rogue behaviour of Islamists by giving examples. Similar examples we see in feminism as well. Feminists have nice sounding theories that “women make better leaders”, “women leaders can reduce violence” etc, but when it is proved with data that women are actually more rogue leaders and create more dictatorship than men ever did, the same feminist theories conclude saying, it is because of patriarchy and toxicity existing in the system, women need to behave that way to prove their leadership qualities.

In a feminist paper titled Gender, Violence and International Crises, Mary Caprioli and Mark A Boyer, two feminist researchers have started the paper like this – ‘Women work for peace and men wage war.’ This paper was published in the “Journal of Conflict Resolution” in August 2001. This is the first sentence of their paper. So, they started their study with a preconceived notion that men are aggressive and women are not. They concluded that the ‘severity of violence in crises does decrease with domestic gender equality’. But when feminists do find women leaders being violent, (Indira Gandhi the most celebrated leader in India, is the only one who imposed emergency in India and behaved like a dictator.

So, in the history of India, even though our only woman prime minister was the only one to impose ‘Emergency’ in the whole country, arrest several opposition leaders and change Indian constitution as per her wish, Indira Gandhi is never compared with the German dictator Adolf Hitler or Chinese Dictator Xi Xin Ping. But Narendra Modi, who speaks about ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas and Sabka Viswas” (with everyone, everyone’s prosperity and everyone’s trust) he is often compared with Hitler for no reason.

So, the BJP, the RSS and India’s Right-wing ecosystem fails to effectively create a good favourable narrative for their leader and succumb to left-leaning media hypocrites. Even feminism works in similar way. Every violent act by a woman has some nice sounding feminist narrative supporting her which is more popular than the right wing one accusing her. If nothing works for feminists, ‘male chauvinism’ and ‘male oppression’ or ‘respect women’ narratives always win several young hearts.

Like every exposure of rogue Islamist behavior is countered with “Islamophobia by ‘Hindutva’ organizations” by the left-leaning ecosystem, every exposure of rogue women behaviour, is suppressed by ‘misogyny’, ‘patriarchy’ and ‘male chauvinism’. It is until the time some MRAs stood tall to face such allegations head on, these were most popular narratives and even today very often people fall prey to such agenda.

There is one more similarity in this leftist agenda against Hinduism and against men. Secular Hindus are behind the maximum damage of Hinduism as they challenge Hinduism from different angles, including ‘Brahminism’, ‘Casteism’, ‘Manuism’ etc. Educated Hindus strongly believe that they are right in their way of thinking because they are reforming their culture. That is why often we see these people propagating various things against Hindu festivals as well. Suddenly all popular narratives of ecological damage pops up during Hindu festivals. This is nothing but shaming Hinduism and Hindu identity so tomorrow Hindus start hating themselves as being inferior.

The same is seen in leftist-feminist campaign against Indian men as well and it is the male feminists who claim to be equalists are biggest hate mongers against their own gender. These men often feel shamed by some random criminal act by a male criminal elsewhere. While we MRAs propose and encourage these men to castrate themselves and start the process from their near and dear ones, these men continue to remain as men and shame men for all crime happening around. So, when these men or their families come crying to any MRA for help, I suggest MRAs not to help them anyway rather advise them to ‘enjoy’ the monster they have created.

The Manipulated News

Like we have seen in mainstream politics, anyone supporting nationalism in India, is called a ‘bhakt’ and a member of BJP IT-Cell. So, even the Hindus who had so far believed that the Congress party were serving Hindu interests as well, suddenly found themselves labled as ‘Bhakt’ and a member of BJP IT-cell. Similarly, anyone talking about men’s rights, even without being an MRA, is marked as a misogynist, male chauvinist pig etc.  The leftist ecosystem wants to shame their opponents like this. When this shame doesn’t work they attack in all possible ways. This is how any free speech is curtailed and surprisingly these are the leftist voices that talks about free speech the most.

In India, the leaked Radia Tapes had put many people behind the bars while exposing the nexus between the media and the political parties. So, while media is celebrated as the fourth pillar democracy while being compromised, they fail to generate people’s respect. Mainstream media lost all its respect and dedicated readership when leakes such as Radia tapes exposed their intentions as well.

Even we have exposed media many times on TMF and have shown how media is biased in reporting everything. If the book has exposed the religious bias against Hindus, we MRAs expose the gender bias. But soon this will be a thing from past as well. The national policy for women, introduced in 2014 in India wanted to prohibit the same.

Exposing manipulated news is a big issue in the rights movement and Men’s Rights do not have access to necessary resources. No insider can leak such bias without being heavily punished by the ecosystem and outsiders like us won’t have that much reach. We only can depend on repeated and consistent exposure all mainstream media houses to make them look like complete fools to achieve that. This is very time consuming and also need people to keep their eyes open.

Men’s Rights Vs the ‘Ecosystem’

In the chapter ‘Hindutva vs ‘Ecosystem’, Rahul Roushan has shown how the Hindutva supporters are sidelined by the leftist ecosystem and attacked at a personal level, to strip them of their job. So, someone who is part of the ecosystem, has to comply with the popular leftist agenda, else will be attacked in all possible ways.

The current ‘cancel culture’ where every voice of dissent is silenced in the name of ‘Safe Spaces’. People are leveled as ‘fascist’ and their speech is labeled as ‘hate speech’ randomly. This is what O’Sullivan’s First law essentially says, eventually all institutions will have only leftist voices. This law says, ‘All organizations that are not actually Right wing, will eventually become left-wing’. I will rather add, that even right-wing organizations will become left wing.

While talking about the difference the author said, “Left leaning guys are more vocal, more aggressive and get away with their whims, while a Sanghi like me will keep quiet, observing the events from a distance.”

This is the same point applicable to men’s rights as well. An average man or even an average MRA will remain silent in open forums even when he finds misandry or male hatred being created. It happens with me at times as well.

In our housing complex every year we celebrate Durga Puja. And in every puja, there will be at least one drama, or some kind of nautanki around every woman being Goddess Durga etc. Even when youngsters organize some program, they will have these themes. And I watch in silence without doing anything as I want live a peaceful life in my housing complex. Imagine such a program claiming every man being a god, and you will see a whole lot of humour and bashing started.

Even if a man finds it a problem, he will hardly be able to raise his voice against such a culture.

In the aspect of attacking Hindu culture of tolerance and claiming that India has become intolerant, the author mentioned Karl Popper’s Paradox of tolerance. – For a tolerant society to continue to be tolerant, it needs to be intolerant to intolerance. Because otherwise the intolerant will obliterate tolerance. So, it is true for men’s rights as well. If you become tolerant to feminist intolerance, then the whole society crumbles under intolerance only and we don’t see that ending.

The entire ecosystem around us is such that voices of men’s rights are banned immediately and shamed in any manner possible. So, MRAs prefer to be silent. But in many aspects, it is because of sheer ignorance about the matter or even worse, not knowing what to say and how.

Women can get away with many crimes simply by crying, but men can’t. Even when a woman cries to an MRA after committing a crime, the MRA is supposed to forgive her. I myself have done this many times to my ex-wife. But later when I realized my mistake or paid even higher price for that mistake, I have channeled my anger in different ways through this blog or in other discussions and also get banned from many forums for not conforming to the mainstream voice.

MRAs need to constantly battle this cancel culture but unless other men realize this, it is a very tough battle especially when we see the number of MRAs can be literally counted. They are so few and numbered.  


MRAs need to understand the leftist ecosystem thoroughly to understand what they are up for. Unless that ecosystem is broken Men’s Rights will never be successful. MRAs currently are engaged only in a few numbered activities and even many MRAs are not convinced about men’s rights. This is because MRAs have failed to create that value for the movement. So, activities in a variety of different areas are needed for MRM to succeed. In most cases we can learn lessons from India’s mainstream politics.



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