This Is How CBSE Is Brainwashing Your Child

CBSE Class7

Civics in CBSE Class VII

CBSE is telling your kids that their mothers are not valued in their homes as their work is not valued. In this aspect, CBSE is comparing the mothers’ work to the work done by the housemaids and teaching your kids that household work needs to be valued higher to give respect to their mothers. So, now you should shell out extra money for the work done by the maids and also expect mothers to start demanding money for their love and care. It was seen earlier as feminists tried to pass a law for giving salary to the wife. So, according to this feminist lesson, mothers love will soon be available in the market on sale (feminism and consumerism go hand in hand).

In India, a large population of women from poor families makes a living by working in different households. A lot of these poor women have no option but to work in different houses to make a living. It is highly unlikely that their sons are studying in CBSE schools. However, by comparing the work of mothers of the kids studying in CBSE to that of their housemaids, the NCERT Civics textbook of CBSE class VII, is creating a thought in the young minds that their mothers are equivalent to the maids or are treated like maids in their homes even if they are not.

CBSE is now trying to attach a price tag to mothers’ love and care which is invaluable. Hindu mothers were always treated like Maa Annapurna (goddess of food) who feeds everyone in the family. Mother’s love and care is an integral part of a child life and in all species in animal kingdom we find mothers taking care of their children. Feminists are now not only trying to attach a price tag to that but are also manipulating young minds to believe that their mothers are treated like maids. Today, mothers get most love and care in any family and they have the whole family with them as support. But these values are decaying fast under feminism and consumerism – ever since Indian economy was opened to the global market, and ever since foreign paid and taught feminist NGOs started deciding Indian culture.

More Labor Force Will Reduce Wages

In feminist world, driven by the capitalists, everyone is seen as individual consumers. When consumerism takes precedence over humanism, human values are respected less and that is what we see today. Feminists teaching CBSE kids that mothers’ love and care need to come with a price tag. Household work also needs to have a higher price tag. Rights are taking precedence over responsibilities and children are taught to shun responsibilities in this manner.

This textbook also tries to break the gender stereotype that women are better in caregiver role and hence they need to take care of that role. The feminist theory of Gender Justice as explained here tries to fool us on all 3 core promises of gender justice.

Will a liberal world be better for women and the society? If we try to understand this from the perspective of economics, we will understand that in a liberal world, where women equally participate in the workforce, increases the labor supply in the market and hence reduce the cost of labor. So, if a man today earns Rs. 10,000 per month as salary, when more people join the labor force, his salary decreases proportionately. If you look at your paycheck over last ten years, and how that has increased compared to inflation you will understand this. Your company might have performed well, but still, they might have given reasons each year why there was no increase or meager increase in your salary, even when you continued to deliver more value every year. That is because an increased labor supply in the market decreases the wages.

Women as Individuals Will Be Worse Off

Women as individuals will be worse off if equal participation in the workforce is ensured. The women who can find a job in a competitive job market will basically need to slog for extra hours directly impacting their personal life and the work of taking care of children at home. We see many career women not marrying because of their career but trying to marry at an old age for companionship. Many career women who take the courage to go for babies are forced to give the child-rearing responsibilities to hired nannies (because feminists have broken everyone’s family), most of whom are not that educated or cultured. Also, many of these nannies actually abuse children (like giving them sedatives to sleep etc.). So, children are not only abused more but since their parents don’t spend time with them; no bond is developed between the parents and the children. So, these children don’t take care of their parents in their old age. So, these empowered career women often end up in a lonely old age. This was not the situation until some time ago in traditional Indian society.

This kind of consumerist approach to value household work will also be harmful to women who don’t want to work in the job market. They may simply want to be happy with their humble family lives, but by creating a perception in the young minds, that women are not empowered or not respected if they are not working for money, CBSE is now making it mandatory for every woman to work for money. So very soon mothers will demand their wages for childcare responsibilities.

Also, this kind of brainwash to our CBSE children will ensure that boys will start expecting their wives to work. Because, when the average salary comes down. no family can sustain on a single income. With consumerist attitude fueled in every action of ours, these material benefits will cost higher for us. Our greed to acquire new and modern benefits will always keep us running after something that we can never achieve.

Mother’s Love on Sale

Who Gets Benefits of Women Working?

Women participation in the workforce and this increase in organized workforce, however, works very well for corporates and the govt. The corporates get cheaper labor force and govt get equal or more tax, as the taxable base increases. People who can engage in corruption and cheat others will appreciate this kind of empowerment (that basically says, get empowered by working like slaves or demanding maintenance and alimony from your husband), because of their selfish interest. Gynocentric male feminists may also support this initiative because they will now have a lot of women around them, but in the long run, all families will be worse off and will suffer the worse economic, psychological and social situations.

Women will surely not be better off as they will be forced to work (like slaves) in a competitive and highly measured environment (household work quality is not measured, there is no competition and moreover it is peaceful compared to corporate world). We already see the result of such feminist policies, where women do not get any family and keep looking for soulmates even at 40/50 years of age. Many of these women were feminists in their young age and didn’t find any man suitable to be their soulmate (another problem of having too many choices). So, they end up in a lonely old-age dying alone. Family love and care in this feminist world will become so costly that it will be needed to be bought from market without any guarantee that it will actually work.

Results of Valuing Household Work at A Premium

First of all, let’s understand that mothers love and care can’t be valued, it is invaluable. Trying to attach a price tag to our mother’s love and care is not only inhuman, but also unethical. It will take away human values so much that children will stop loving their parents. Children will not take care of their parents in the old age either, and this is what is happening increasingly in Indian society. However, our society was not like this until feminism and consumerism came in. This has created a situation where Indian women do not have any responsibility in their families –

Read – Indian Women Have No Responsibility in Their Families

For other kinds of household work (like cooking, cleaning etc.), even though men did not participate in that work, it was they (and not women) who invented all electrical equipment to help in domestic work. (details – here). Men have also taken the responsibility of paying the household maids to ease the workload on the women in their house. The result of valuing this work at a premium will be devastating for the individual household as many would not be able to employ such domestic laborers. Since the supply of such laborers are aplenty in India, if this work is valued at a premium many of these workers (most are women) will not get any employment. So, many of them will not get any work as a maid, as households stop employing them. We have seen this situation in the US where the families need to do their household work themselves. As a result, stay home moms (and dads as well under modern feminist norms), who would otherwise be happy with a maid, will be worse off with all work needed to be done by themselves.

If anyone gets the benefit of such a situation that will be organized companies that will get an abundant supply of cheap and skilled labor for their work.


Today, our children’s minds are being corrupted in the name of civics education in CBSE schools. They are told lies that their mothers are not respected because they remain in the home. It is also a myth that women (or anyone for that matter) will be better-off by slogging in big corporates. It is an empowerment that is already turning generations into psychopaths and children into criminals in the western societies. This was unheard of in India until recently but India is also catching up. All this in the name of empowerment and freedom. If this gives some extra money to some women it will take away jobs from an equal number of men and women around them will be worse off, too. And all these come with a high cost of losing one’s family life, destroying the future generation and creating more and more psychological issues and crimes in the society. Our innocent and unsuspecting children are made a target by feminists so that they are converted into believing such feminist theories early in life and become feminists. This is nothing but taking our society to a bigger crisis by CBSE – all by manipulating our children.



  1. Guess you need to add that getting someone for company in old age by paying them is already a budding industry in India… They pay college students for spending time with old parents from far off land or big cities.

    I must say, the only thing that has the best possibility of failing the feminist grip on society is the mass production of sex-bots. Men even though driven by sex-drive have way better grasp of macro stuff happening around them that enables them to put sex-drive in locked mode and think about society at large from long term perspective. Women even though seem to be more caring and sharing, share very little for the society’s benefit and only worry about passing lion’s share to their offsprings.

    Traditions evolved and stabilized around human biology and evolutionary process impacted psychology. That was first hijacked and now thrown out purely for Matrix (movie) like environment where everyone except few are slaves. And feminists think they are the rulers, because for the time being it seems they are ruling. But they will see soon who are the real rulers, and then there will not be enough traditionally masculine men to protect them from hyper-masculine men, who will be happy with their sex-bots as feminism made those normal masculine men obsolete and valueless in the name of progression.

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  2. Hi! I am not a feminist. Women suffer as well as men suffer when the other partner is selfish, cruel etc…. to me it is all about humanity…. yes…. mothers unconditional love cannot have a price tag to it. The children or husband should not take her for granted and should understand that she would also need some financial freedom, space and will have her own needs, and security and above all love, affection, respect and good communication is equally reciprocated back to her.

    I would like to share a few stories of people that I know.
    1) A lady of older generation has put her husband and kids first and unconditionally has done everything for her family. The husband never even talked to her properly, was not given any money for her needs. Her health bills were also considered a burden.
    A few years back the husband died due to cancer. The children bush with their own share of property and hardly have any time for mother. They have learnt from their dad that she need not be valued in any way. I know of similar situations where women felt that they were always taken for granted.

    2) This is the story of a couple where I highly appreciate the husband thinking. He made sure he fixed some money on his name and on his wife name so that she doesn’t have to beg the kids or anyone when he is not there.
    The kids are wonderful but he wanted her own financial independence and never. W surprised later if things change.

    3) Couple in US – Both husband and wife were working and after they had two kids the mother decided to stay home(required due to health reason of second son). When both of them were working, they paid bills equally.
    But now the husband doesn’t consider that the wife has any right on his money as she is not earning. When he spends for what he needs, he is never happy for the minimum money she needs for her expenses.
    He very well knows that she has to stay home. He can buy a gift for his family but any gift for her family(not expensive) is not needed. He decided the menu at a restaurant….. movie etc anything her choice is not given any importance. She can’t wait to get back to work……

    4) Another couple in US- The husband gives her $500 a month and tells her that she needs the financial freedom to do what she wants to do. She has three daughters and is a wonderful house wife. Is he paying salary for the unconditional love of a mother- “No”. It was his choice to give her money to give her that financial freedom to do what she likes without asking him every time.

    There are many mothers who have given unconditional love but felt that they were not treated well….the point is mother is not maid and she need not be give salary. But a mother should also feel secure, have some financial freedom and be taken for granted.

    If the woman is working and the man is taking care of the kids, the man should also have that financial freedom.


    • Typical woman talk….going on and on. There are 10000 examples of men too like that.
      And yes when u say these sob stories, when all your stories hint a good man as one who gives money to wife and when he is a good boy….you are indeed a Feminist. One who seeks just priviledges. .now dnt answer ne back here. Your complains and long list is outdated.

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      • Hi,

        So you give yourself a right to reply but I can’t?. A loved one of mine as been filed false dowry cases and have seen parents suffer so much in old age. I have see women who are cruel. I am not asking for those women, but women who deserve it. To me those are not privileges but a situation where women is not taken for granted!


    • Don’t talk about consumerist US mindset. They view everyone as consumer and equal rights is leading to the notion that it is ‘my’ right. The concepts of feminism, consumerism and capitalism are all western concepts based on sense gratification. Vedic gurus say, that this illusion (maya) of sense – gratification is so strong that it leads everyone towards it. So we need to essentially stay away from it to save ourselves and to save the society. All the examples you have given, come from greed, lust and other forms of ‘sins’ and it is going to increase in consumer world.
      Coming back to modern style of philosophy, one can say if laws punish a crime and not the gender then these problems can be handled legally. But that will not resolve the root cause of the problem unless we uphold human values. Traditional Indian society and values automatically upheld these by creating a society based on individual responsibilities and not ‘Rights’. The way we have such crimes, is we are bothered too much about individual right and not on responsibilities.


      • All the examples you have given, come from greed, lust and other forms of ‘sins’ and it is going to increase in consumer world…..
        basically any woman according to you should be totally selfless.
        If a man has such requirements would you say the same?


      • “If we have laws to punish a crime and not a gender, that should take care of your concern – at least legally………”

        You are right… not just legally but a gender or certain situations should not be generalized, judged or punished based on individual experiences.

        One of your previous topic “Here’s why you need to avoid Single Mothers for your second marriage” is a statement that is applying to all single mothers just because of few individual experiences”.

        Women have experienced the same with some men. One woman was willing to accept his child but the guy wanted her child to be with her maternal grandparents and he gave her the permission to see her child every weekend.
        Now with similar cases, should we be writing the topic “Here’s why you need to avoid single fathers”?.


        • That means you didn’t understand that article. Under present legal and social system in India, we can’t trust single mothers. In fact, trusting women itself has become a big problem. Single mothers show some additional characteristics that makes then not trustworthy.


        • I know single mothers and I don’t generalize based on few individual experiences. It almost feels like scaring people to a point that if a woman with child divorces everyone should be scared to marry her. I know of single mothers who are happily married again too. Both sides suffered and they got married. Both of them accepted each other kids. If some single mothers are not trustworthy then some single fathers are also not trustworthy.


    • If the mother is to be given salary for what she is happening to be doing for the child, then, that child {when he grows-up} shouldn’t have to take care of the mother {when she will become old} because that woman had already got paid [paid by her husband] for THAT WORK previously.


      • Will the mother do the same?
        A mother has done a lot for her son. She paid his school fee, took care of him in every way any wonderful mother would and gave him principle money for his business etc. Now she is in her 70s and her son has brain tumour. She is taking care of him in his old age? Will the mother say “I already took care of you as a child and gave you so much money at that time. Why should I take care of you now”.?
        Salary isn’t the right word. I would say everyone should have some kind of financial security. It is sad to see parents in old age homes.


        • Honestly do you want to hear out why sons abandon their parents in old age ? Sadly you will have neither courage and sincerity to admit the reason. The reason is men are forced and nagged and bittered and forced to drive out their parents ONLY by their wives. All he needs is peace and the only one siliently to accept all is the mother and father. It is the wives and femnazis who have destroyed families. Yet you and your team will always be in denial and rather watch women empowerment TV serials.


        • Peace is the lamest excuse to send parents to Old age homes. They have done it for own selfish reasons and when it backfired on him, then he went back to his parents. When one gives priority to what is right regardless of mother, father, partner or kids and and always stands up for what is right and not based on emotions or selfish reason it won’t lead to it.
          That needs to be done from the beginning and it applies to anyone, man or woman.


  3. These stupid factually_incorrect lessons by the C∙B∙S∙E∙ can easily be debunked by virtue of some of the comments present here on 𝑇𝐻𝐼𝑆 post.

    On 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 post, pray check out the threads of ⦂⦂⦂⦂⦂
    ①❯ Saurabh Banerjee’s main—comment
    ②❯ Harshavardhan Deole’s thread {the reply comments of Siddharth Sohom Das and Vishal Saurav inside that thread}
    ③❯ Abhilash Goud’s thread
    ④❯ Swaraj Sahu’s thread
    ⑤❯ अहं सत्य ‘s main—comment
    ⑥❯ Dennis Gonsalves’ thread
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    ⑰❯ Riya Ghosh’s thread
    ⑱❯ Roshan Joseph Braganza’s main—comment.
    After having gone through those eye opening remarks, thoroughly, you would see that such lessons being taught to Class Ⅶ students {in the subject known as Civics} in C∙B∙S∙E∙ schools, are actually easily refutable.


    • those eye opening remarks, thoroughly, you would see, that, such lessons being taught to Class Ⅶ students {in the subject known as ‘Civics’} in C∙B∙S∙E∙ schools, are *


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