Indian Mother’s Powerful Reply To Celebrities’ Will Blow Your Mind


After the media created hysteria of mass molestation in Bangalore, celebrities like Akshay Kumar and Virat Kohli slammed Bangaloreans. Akshay Kumar in his message slammed Bangalore men for their outrageous dance and also said that he was ashamed of being a human. He said, that a society that can’t respect their women can’t be deemed as a society for humans. He also said that some men even dare to justify harassment of women. In his address, he admonished them by saying they should correct their behavior without any delay.

India’s Cricket team captain Virat Kohli also joined the bandwagon of male bashers by saying that women should now boycott Indian men.

An Indian mother of a boy, Jyoti Tiwari has given them a fitting reply to both.

In her message, Jyoti said that it felt very strange to her that an actor like Akshay Kumar had the audacity to give this message when the films he endorses shows high-end sexism and objectification of women. These don’t have any respect woman notification at the beginning of the movie either. Telling Akshay that his remark was solely based on one isolated video, a couple of eyewitness’ statements and blurred images, Jyoti reminded that the same happened after Badaun rape case or during Jat protests as well but no celebrity tendered any apology when those cases turned out to be false.

Bangalore molestation – primary victim changed her story

Jyoti slammed Akshay and other celebrities for their selective humanity and for no reaction when videos of male bashing by women come to the light. She reminded celebrities that none of them ever felt ashamed when men were subjected to violence by women.

Jyoti stated that the focus of celebrities like Akshay and Virat is for selling products, be it a movie or other brands they endorse. Their ads also objectify women or show how men can get women by using those products. So she felt very strange that they spoke about respecting women when they themselves don’t.

Challenging the celebrities for their mindless messages without verification of facts, Jyoti Tiwari expressed her grave concerns as a mother of a boy. She reminded them that they had created a society where boys don’t get justice or share their problems and are shamed without any reason. She expressed her grave concern that if this mindless male bashing continues, then boys will be depressed and eventually succumb to this enormous social pressure.

Ladies’ gang uses molest trap for cash

She also reminded the higher suicide rate of males compared to women and strongly criticized both for making their views without any knowledge or understanding of the current social situation. She asked these celebrities to think why they didn’t get angry when a man is cut in 19 pieces by a woman (16 Dec 2012, Mumbai) and why no celebrity felt ashamed to be a human then.

This message is given in Hindi clearly showed the fear of a concerned mother of a son and is going viral on social media ever since it got published.

It is pertinent to mention that ever since the media allegation of mass molestation in Bangalore there is no evidence of the crime happening en-masse. One isolated video, some statements, and blurred pictures were circulated to convince people about molestation happening in masses. In spite of the fact police checking 70, CCTV footages police did not find any evidence of mass molestation.



  1. Excellent article. The selective humanity exists in almost all of the celebrities. I am pleased to know that slowly some women are coming forward to understand men as humans. I also applaud women like Jyoti Tiwari for their courageous stand and concern for their sons. Your web site is a great one. Please keep up the good work.


  2. I am not against a gender. But if someone is saying something against what happened in banglore, which was heinous in every sense, i dont understand why is she raising this meaning less issue. If something is wrong, it is wrong whether done by a girl or boy. When will such ladies except the fact girls are molested by boys everywhere and this does not mean that boys dont go through such situations, but crime against women is higher than men and therefore it is mostly talked about. Raise your child in way that he/she becomes human before becoming a boy or a girl. And despite speaking against people who are criticizing something wrong, raise your voice against what you feel is wrong.


    • What happened in Bangalore? Akshay Kumar and Kohli’s message was against mass molestation. Did you so far see any evidence of mass molestation? Was the K’halli incident which was an isolated incident tantamount to mass molestation?

      Coming to molestation, what is your definition of molestation? Do you know what the extremely drunk women were doing there by falling over others? Will that be molestation per your definition? Crime against women is higher because such cases where nothing of mass molestation happened is projected as if it had happened. Initial complaint was that it happened in MG Road, now it is said it happened in k’halli because nothing came out from MG Road. What are we talking about here? Are we in senses to even assume that it had happened when no other media reporters had found that but simply followed the Mirror claim to substantiate. Really no wonder why someone said “90% Indians are idiots”…


    • On New Year’s Eve I was at a mass gathering of people with both men and women. No one one was drunk. No one got molested. The difference was that it was in a temple and we are all singing bhajanas and kirtans. India has lost its culture and is becoming like the yavanas and mllechas in the West. So if a woman goes to a venue that will be full of drunken people what does she expect? Who ever made a good decision when they were drunk? And now it turns out after some research that there was no or very little molestation. Rather the feminists trying to turn mice into elephants in order to get media attention and funding for their NGOs. A pox on all of them.

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