Alert Guys: A Molestation Trap For You!

Please have your complete attention to this news item on Time of India on 1st December –


This news says a group of women aged between 38 to 50 uses molest trap for ready cash. They were caught when they tried their hand on a lawyer who was accompanied by his wife and other law clerks.

Ladies: Who don’t want this easy way of making money and who still has some humanity left in them, – Do you all see how fast trustworthiness of all women can go away from this type of news?

If yes, are you all ready to extend the treatment that any man would have extended to another man caught for robbery, theft or pickpocket? You know what treatment I mean. If you can’t do this, please don’t expect any respect for yourself. These are the women who will take away all respects from all women as they continue to make money this way and all you hard working women work in vain to earn a decent living.

Welcome to a world of extortion with women sexuality being traded in every form and mostly by women themselves.


  1. Well it is sad that this happened. But by doing such things and writing about this aren’t we “crying wolf”? Now who will believe the genuine cases?


  2. good article partha. Still men should wake up. Very very less men waked up. Currently i am fighting through quora forum. Here i am writing on men issues. I am seeing little change in men. Still long away to go.


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