Bangalore Mass Molestation – How Media Created Stories

On the morning of 3rd January 2017, one of my readers from a different city asked me about Bangalore’s mass molestation on NYE night and my observation of the same. I was clueless about any mass molestation that could have taken place in MG Road, Brigade Road area as I opted to stay at home this year. Also, I stopped following mainstream media stories after realizing how they had created false stories around Nirbhaya rape.

So to understand and to investigate into the matter I tried to search on the web and in social media. The source of all news seemed to be a Bangalore Mirror article that first claimed about mass molestation of Bangalore women on NYE night. So I tried to read the same to understand what really happened –

bangalore-mirror on Bangalore Mass Molestation
Bangalore Mirror report on Bangalore mass molestation

Bangalore Mirror took one full day to report such a crime or it was an afterthought?

Looks like Bangalore Mirror’s Swamiji didn’t realize until 2nd January that there was such a grave crime committed in Bangalore. He thought his images would be convincing enough for the world to believe in his words.

I started investigating the images that the article shared.

The most discussed image to prove molestation happened media showed this image –

drunken-men-grope-women - Bangalore Mass Molestation

This image was shown as a woman being groped. Except for her facial expression, we don’t see anything and if her facial expression could prove anything of molestation then the two irritated men circled by me also shows to be raped. I am not sure how Bangalore Mirror could show that image as molestation unless being surrounded by men (and we don’t know if they were known to the woman) is actually molestation for women.

Given below is the second image in the article but I have taken it from India Today News for clarity.

drunken-men-grope-women - Bangalore Mass Molestation2
Where are the drunken men groping women?

This image also does not show any mass molestation unless men looking at women is considered as mass molestation. It is only on journalist’s imagination to find out molestation here.

The image below shows a woman being rescued by a policewoman and another woman is with another man who looks like her boyfriend and media captioned this as “Bengaluru Molestation” –

drunken-men-grope-women10 - Bangalore Mass Molestation
Drunkard women in drunken bash became molestation

The reason the guy looks like her boyfriend or husband is because she is also hugging that man closely. I guess no woman will clutch on to their molesters like the one shown here.

So the question is, whether the drunken girl who is visibly in no condition to walk, was being molested? Clearly, men didn’t come forward to help her (could be a possible feminist reason to bash insensitive men if this story was not about molestation) and here the policewoman just could be taking her to a place where she could rest. From no angle we can see mass molestation here, neither does this photo suggest any.

Given below are another photo where a woman is helped to walk and no molester in sight. Anyone who ever went to such crowded New Year Eve parties would have noticed how women get tipsy over a small drink and behave that way. Nothing to show mass molestation.

drunken-men-grope-women3 - Bangalore night of shame
Drunkard women

So helping someone walk or rescuing a woman become evidence of molestation here in the lens of Swamiji.

drunken-men-grope-women5 Bangalore night of shame

The above picture shows a man rescuing a woman and not too many people around. This could be that they were trying to avoid crowd unless the man himself is shown as molester here. However, this picture does not show anything like that.

Bangalore molestation – a mother gives a fitting reply to Akshay Kumar

In the image below, we find a group of men and woman walking. None of the women seems to be disturbed but still, it is shown as an image of molestation and women safety issue.

drunken-men-grope-women6 Bangalore night of shame

Now let’s come to these two epic images that even in your wildest imagination you can’t think of anything wrong happening to women.

drunken-men-grope-women7 Bangalore night of shame

In the first image of three men, one Punjabi man is helped by his friends to stand. Visibly he may be drunk heavily but with no woman around, it is unlikely these three men were mass molesting someone.

In the second image, there is only one worried man whom the girls are not even noticing. But the creative Bangalore Mirror journalist found a molester somewhere. Surprisingly, the only man (who could be possible molester per the media) in this second image looks more worried than the women. 😀


In the image above, also shown by Bangalore Mirror and all the leading Indian and Global media, we see the crowd is being dispelled by police. The people seem to walk calmly and we find girls talking to each other. The boys around the girls look like walking in a group and no way look like molesting the girls. The man who looks scared of the policeman is far from any molestation unless the photographer could read his mind beforehand that he was about to pounce on the girls.

drunken-men-grope-women9 Bangalore night of shame

The above image is also shown as proof of molestation where we clearly see two guys taking their girlfriends along.  Visibly the girls are not hitting out to these boys and they can’t be molesting the girls while seeming like taking care of them.

The Guardian reported this to prove mass molestation based on a woman’s FB post –

chaitali-wasnik on Bangalore NYE Molestation

Surprisingly everyone is supposed to believe her statement especially when on merely getting FB friend request she can “punch the guy’s face with a bat


Her other Facebook posts also portray her to naturally abusive and it is a surprise to see that media like The Guardian promoted her FB post to prove a story that happened elsewhere.

Ladies’ gang uses molestation trap for money

When I failed to see anything beyond mass gathering and unrest thereof, I tried to find out the videos posted by mainstream media or individuals on NYE parties in Bangalore. Surprisingly all videos contained the same images to prove molestation as given in Bangalore Mirror.

Then I saw a tweet from Bangalore’s Police Commissioner that if the complaint is raised by anyone they will take action –

praveen-sood - Bangalore police commissioner on Bangalore NYE Molestationpraveen-sood - Bangalore NYE Molestation2

So that clarified that until 2nd January evening 8:50 PM IST there was no complaint filed by anyone including those journalists who were showing us their story of supposed molestation. This also included women helpline numbers.

The Logical Indian came out with a story on this matter as well but only after two full days. In the article, they claimed to have spoken with one of the victims and her story is not worth believing too. Per The Logical Indian article, this girl was in a group of seven when she was molested by a stranger. Then other six surrounded her. Still, she was groped by another stranger and she chased him. Surprisingly, when her friends were surrounding her they could realize all these happened. A Story very difficult to believe by commoners.

Also, the question arises, how could The Logical Indian team meet a victim. The article does not say the victim contacted Logical Indian, it says The Logical Indian met the victim. It is not possible unless TLI was present at the molestation place. Again, when her own friends didn’t realize what happened, it is only idiotic to think someone else will realize that.

Finally the golden words from the editor in chief of The News Minute. She examined the CCTV evidence and still there was no evidence found –

There is no denying that on every NYE, MG Road, Brigade Road areas in Bangalore see a mass gathering of unruly people. The celebration turns wild. So much that three years ago when I went there for the first time, I decided not to go there again for my safety reasons. Anyone who visits such places needs to remember that pushing, shoving, random comments etc would happen. One random drunk woman tried to hug me and wish Happy New Year. There were women throwing flying kisses to random guys or hugging strangers. Only when it is done by women it is not considered as groping or molestation, else media is there to create such stories. It is like Times of India creating their own campaign that the juvenile was most criminal and everyone believed that even though that was media imagination.

Addition on 4th Jan 7:38 PM IST

And after examining the CCTV footage the Bangalore police chief says this –


One word of Caution

Recently there is a video of molestation came up from Kamanahalli. It shows a woman being manhandled in deserted streets in the wee hours at night. The video does not show mass molestation in MG Road as projected by the media but is being used by everyone to prove what media said. This is indeed shameful for us as men are being stereotyped by such campaigns without any evidence. Our urge as always is let the police take action if there is evidence but the initial evidence shown by Mirror does not show anything.



Bangalore mass molestation – primary complainant changed her story

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  1. Bengaluru molestation: Politicians add hype, but where is the evidence?


    • OK. hold up. girls were molested and guys are saying that it’s all fake. to all the guys out here, who think this shit is fake.. it’ll be fun to see y’all motherfuckers suffer is shit like this happens to your mother or your sister if you have one. too easy to blame others and talk big over here. and whoever the fuck wrote this article, actually underlined the word ‘fuck’ multiple times to prove somebody wrong. guess your momma’s too proud of you boy. you bitches talk, and complain about how India is fucked up on so many levels.. don’t forget that it’s only cos of the choots like y’all. too many abusive words? but when guys like y’all abuse each other’s parents or moms especially saying that.. ‘mazak hai bhai’ ..then it’s completely fine, eh? there’s a fucking cctv footage which fucking went viral you choots. be glad that it wasn’t your mother, sister or girlfriend. but don’t be too glad.. karma will come and bite y’all in the motherfucking ass. that’d be real cool bruh!


      • Hey..hold time I see your dirty mouth bad mouthing on this I will show you your real worth. Your comment shows your respect for women and anyone the retarded mind listen carefully..

        You are a sick mind and do not have the capability to understand what this article says. There is no evidence of mass molestation found even by the police. If they find it let them act on it. No one is concluding anything here. We are not judges or investigating officers. So keep you little brain away from the topics that you don’t understand. You are not the one who decide things. So keep your dirty mouth shut.

        Liked by 1 person

      • You type of guys who are not even having any self respect and don’t know how to write in a public platform are the biggest molesters. As you said Karma will hit back, mind it it will hit back on you very harshly. Any ways your name is very nice “MOTHERFUCKER”, please tell your surname also.

        Further, all those who are crying in the name of molestation, must know that one false case of Rape/Molestation/Dowry is worse that a gang rape of a number of women. Just go to a house of a victim of a false case and you will get to know what happens to the whole of the family.

        Also, every brother, father, mother, boyfriend and every girl also knows that every year a stamped kind of thing happens at MG road then why do they go? Because they are mentally prepared for all this and therefore there is no complaint lodged by them.


    • This article proves your lack of empathy and inferencing skills. Thoroughly disappointed just reading it because your article might probably influence hundreds of fools, who will go on to show even little empathy towards the whole situation. Your entire dissection is stupid and have completely disregarded the stories of the women who actually had the courage to share. Thoroghly disgusted.


      • Also, every brother, father, mother, boyfriend and every girl also knows that every year a stamped kind of thing happens at MG road then why do they go? Because they are mentally prepared for all this and therefore there is no complaint lodged by them.

        All those who are crying in the name of molestation, must know that one false case of Rape/Molestation/Dowry is worse that a gang rape of a number of women. Just go to a house of a victim of a false case and you will get to know what happens to the whole of the family.


  1. That’s not a women in the video it is infact a man who is probably drunk and is being taken care by his friends or family. If you look carefully he is wearing a man’s ganji underneath his shirt and no breast and do consider the shoes too.

    Liked by 1 person

      • I didn’t say that this video shows the events on 31st night but this is fresh news and with video proof and I can’t wait to see how you work your magic to discredit, distort like you do in everyone of your articles.

        Finding truth is everyone’s job, may be not yours. Yours looks like that of ‘creating’ truth that appeals to you and the other like minded people.


        • Truth is this that in case if a woman is molested or Raped the perpetrator of the crime must be prosecuted.

          At the same time if a man is framed in a false case by a woman then the perpetrators of such a crime i.e. the WOMEN SHOULD BE PROSECUTED AND HANGED TILL DEATH. The crime of filing a false case of molestation or rape is far more heinous and it destroys the whole of the family of the accused.


  2. It’s strange you as an author spent so much time dissecting the story and showing women their place. You are an example of pathetic upbringing by your parents n teachers. You do not respect your mother for a start.


      • I don’t advocate believing “everything” that media says but that doesn’t mean that everything in media is a lie. That’s why it’s “a pinch of salt” and not “truck load of salt”.


    • More than 78% fake rape cases,
      More than 98% fake Dowry and Domestic Violence Cases,

      Have you ever stood against a fake case on a man.
      Have you ever known how it feels to a man and his whole family when a false case is lodged against him.

      Here a stamped is being termed as mass molestation by media. Have you understood why media is so keen in saying transforming a stamped in to a mass molestation case. This is because they need TRP and it can only be there if these kind of masala news are in the fore front.

      Two years back there was a news that in Badayun UP 2 sisters were raped and killed by hanging them on tree. 5 men were accused by the family members of the girls. For around 2 months on a daily basis the news was at the fore front and on a daily basis the family members and school going kids of the five men who were accused and in custody were tortured mentally, physically and financially. In the end it was found that,:

      Can you even understand the pain undergone by the 5 man and their family members.

      In another incident around a year back, a man in North East was stabbed to death by a mod and he was accused of Rape.



  3. Wow! If you so believe in the article written, why put it in the men’s website? Why not try and put it in a site where women can also see and comment? Secondly, I do agree that it’s a woman in the video and I guess it is hyped up. But why not? Isn’t molestation a big deal or is it not coz U don’t think so? Coming to mass molestation, it’s called mass if more than one lady is molested. That is pretty evident from the pics where you see women are hugging and crying. There is also another pic where the woman clearly cups her breasts explaining gropping. But obviously you will not agree coz u didn’t bother checking with anyone. Lastly, yes it’s true that these things happen every new year and nobdy reports it. Thanks to some media who actually bother reporting although a late( coz they want to validate the story, but u think only u speak the ultimate truth) that thing are being noticed and men do fear consequences!!!!!!! Oh btw I am not even a feminist, I just believe what is wrong is wrong!!!


    • So when Bengalurur police do not find any molestation after examining the CCTV footages your imagination is stretching beyond all limits. If you see molestation in all photos shared by Bangalore Mirror, then all those boy friends need to be booked and in some cases probably women cops. You prove that women see molestation everywhere and that makes this website more relevant. because guys need to be made aware about women like you.

      Regarding comments from women, this is a free website where no comments are sensored. Mass molestation is only in your mind. Please grow up.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Keep living in denial. You constantly claim that it’s police’s job to find the truth and yet here you are airing your opinions as if they are gospels of truth. Why don’t YOU let the police and journalist do their job if you believe it’s not your job?

        Here’s the evidence you have been asking.

        Scores of women and men came out with their stories –

        In fact Praveen Sood tweeted that police found evidence of mass molestation –

        Police found the evidence full 13 hours before your reply showing that you are here just to spew venom and not interested in reality. It almost feels like you have something personal against all women.

        Now that you have evidence or the confirmation of the same, do you date issue a correction to your article on your site and issue an apology?


        • Journalists are NOT doing there job honestly? They are creating unnecessary hype.

          Also no one is saying that mass molestation didn’t have happened. This article only says whatever evidences media showed us first to prove mass molestation was not enough. Now if police have evidence let them act. Can we sitting at home change facts?

          Regarding police finding evidence 13 hours before is not understood. My article is written much before police told they have evidence. On 4th CNN qouted police chief saying they didn’t find any evidence. Where did you say me saying anything or concluding anything?


        • As Rahul mentioned, and parthasadhukhan concurred. It did happen. We take it that parthasadhukhan wrote his article much before police showed their evidence, and at that time he was not convinced with what media reported. Anyway, fact of the matter is that it did happen.
          So parthasadhukhan can just edit his article to convey the correct meaning as per his comments below, that the despicable act did occur and what media reported wasn’t enough for him to accept it and media should be more diligent in their reporting. Also that he underlines the line “random guy groped me” by Chaitali above, as that is the motive behind her bashing that random guy and being pissed out of her mind.
          Then we shall call it perfect journalism on the part of parthasadhukhan and say kudos to you boss, post haste.


        • Where did I concur that MASS Molestation did occur? That only means you have not read the article or the comments properly. This article only says that based on the evidences shown as images by Bangalore Mirror on the first day and the evidences that in the beginning forced us to blv that MASS molestation happened, do not prove anything of molestation. Media showing men with their fiances and telling us mass molestation. What sick propaganda is that?

          So far I didn’t see any evidence of MASS molestation. If there is any let police inspect the evidence (not based on someone feeling or perception pls) and take action.

          Liked by 1 person

        • I don’t see a REPLY button to your comment below and so I’m replying to my own comment.

          You have maligned every victim’s story and the reports from journalists to suit your agenda based on your assumptions and twisted sense of reality. How can you now deny the fact that the sole purpose of your article was to downplay the incident and decry the “foul play of liberal media and feminists against innocent men @ Brigade Rd”.

          Even after the clear video evidence emerged, you didn’t condemn the molestation caught on video in Kammanahalli. In fact, you tried to twist it into your narrative of how men are being victimized even while molesting a woman.
          You posted reference from everyone but not tweet from Praveen Sood that police found evidence in Brigade road mass molestation incident, why don’t you post that tweet here too?


        • The clear video evidence that you referred to as does not show – 1. MASS molestation but shows only one case with two men. 2. Was not in MG Rd, Brigade Rd area but from a different area. Also where was the victim stories when the article was written? There was none and only media imagination. Like by seeing that K’halli video you are blving MASS molestation.

          Regarding police chief’s twwet, did you see what he told CNN (screengrab in my blog) later? Again if police have credible evidence, let them act on it, why are you being so desperate to prove that MASS molestation did happen?

          Liked by 1 person

      • Rahul, Chethan and other who see Mass molestation in a stamped, it shows that man in your family are doing molestation of woman on a regular basis as you know how and when it is done. At least guys like me can never ever think of doing such a thing since we are well mannered and have self respect. Those who don’t have any problem with false cases being filed against them want that these kind of stamped should be termed as mass molestation.


  4. Mister Parthasadhukhan,

    I belive you are the author who wrote this article.
    Thanks for writing something in support of men. I would thank you from my heart if you do not write anymore please. Being a man I am deeply saddened seeing such type of cooked up investigation and with your denial of mass molestation. I was there on the time of incident and seen wrongdoing made by people.

    I wish your mother,daughter,wife gets molested very soon so that you can write one more article denying that there was no molestation happened.



    • Your name is Shame boy and we know your intent. Please keep your opinion to yourself and if you have any evidence of wrongdoing happening please submit your evidences to police. Hope you have credible evidence for mass molestation to prove your points..however if you are a woman you don’t need evidence, just say you are molested and everyone will believe.

      Liked by 1 person

      • the name was intended to you.

        This page supports adding comment hence keeping my opinion here seems to be logical to me?

        You are nothing but a attention seeker who likes writing interesting fake studies or investigation and making some moron public happy with it or probably get paid for it.
        oh, how do know that whatever a woman says, people belives?
        Hope you have not tried out dressing as a woman and blamed men for molestation.

        You are sick man!


        • @Shame Boy,;, As Partha Sadhukhan already told you once, I am repeating the same {and am infact CHALLENGING \ DARING you} ———————— go and submit \ produce your evidences to the police since you claim to have been present on that day during that time and have witnessed some alleged ”wrongdoing”.

          //// I was there on the time of incident and seen wrongdoing made by people. ////


  5. okkkk guys….those who r saying that there is no proof….then one day ur mother,sister ,wife ,daughter will be fucked……then u search for proof…aask for help…. shame on u guys


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  7. another well investigated article partha. the no. of (deluded)male trolls that too the emotional ones with the personal attacks just prove their mis-handling of the truth…
    very nice


  8. Not just Bangalore! Women in India face varying degrees of molestation anywhere, anytime. Whatever possible, whenever possible, however possible but nothing is done.


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