Bengaluru Mass Molestation: Primary Victim Changed Her Story

Earlier in this article, I have shown how media could not provide any credible evidence of alleged mass molestation in Bangalore. The first person who claimed molestation in her FB post had natural tendency to blow things out-of-proportion as she would “punch a man’s face with a bat” on mere receiving a friend request.

In that article, I used this picture from Bangalore Mirror –

Bangalore Mass Molestation

After publishing the article I received this comment on The Male Factor (TMF) from Chaitali Wasnik –

Primary molestation victim story

Around the same time, she has posted on her FB wall about TMF article.

The reason we did not publish this comment earlier was that we did not believe in her story told here for following reasons –

  • The face of the girl in the picture did not match that of Chaitali Wasnik
  • Chaitali mentioned in her FB post that she was returning from office when the ordeal happened to her. There was no mention of MG Road / Brigade Road area which was very natural.
  • She claimed in this comment that the guys circled (by me) were trying to hold her back while she was hitting the molester. This argument seemed vague as the circled guys are not even close to the girl. And –


We found Barkha Dutt being her idol.

So we knew what was cooking.

In another comment, she tried to justify her abusive nature towards men –


I have never seen any other woman being so abusive on FB or blowing things out of proportion –


Obviously, she didn’t seem normal to me and I left it to police to investigate the matter and waste their time because they didn’t have a choice anyway.

The reason I am forced to write this article today is that contrary to what she wrote on 3rd January, now she is claiming that the incident with her happened in Indira Nagar area which is approximately 5 Km away–


So the question is, why does she have to change the place of the incident now? Possibly because she realized that she wouldn’t be able to prove her presence in MG Road / Brigade Road area where the Mirror journalist was present and her molestation claim will fall flat easily.

Women may be able to claim molestation easily and everyone will be forced to believe that unless it is found that she was not even present in the location of the perceived crime.

If her claim was right and Mirror journo took her photo then the Mirror Journo’s version that he took the images in MG Road / Brigade Road area falls flat.

There was also a possibility that what she told us was a lie. After all, she didn’t have to tell us the truth anyways. But if that was the case, then it would prove that she can tell lies about molestation.

There is also another possibility that the comment was made by someone else and NOT by Chaitali? Then it confirms feminists’ desperation to prove Bangalore molestation. But this can be ruled out as I found the email id to be hers but the email ID is used to maintain a different FB account with another name.

Even though this photo does not prove anything, the changing storyline of Chaitali’s claim raises many questions that we need an answer. I will share the IP address and email ID used to write the comments to Bengaluru Police if needed.

Today, claiming molestation is very easy, no evidence needed and if the police can’t nab the culprits that become police’ fault. If someone raises a question about the authenticity of the claim, he is attacked as a patriarch doing victim shaming. But why should we cower when we see discrepancies? After all, how long do we need to undergo this emotional blackmail in the name of safety of our mothers, sisters, and daughters?



  1. Bangalore mass molestation – how media created stories


  1. Another thing is that, she has all of a sudden changed the ❛visibility❜ of her facebook posts (i mean her personal timeline’s \ profile’s posts) from ❛❛PUBLIC❜❜ to something else {which is why, none of her posts can any longer by seen by normal people such as us ny more}.

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  2. //// But this can be ruled out as I found the email id to be hers but the email ID is used to maintain a different FB account with another name. ////


    //// I will share the IP address and email ID used to write the comments to Bengaluru Police if needed. ////

    ^^ I would implore you to publicate the I∙P∙ Address from which that comment had been made {𝑇𝐻𝐴𝑇 comment which came on The Male Factor ‘s previous article regarding this so-called ”mass molestation” saga 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐯𝐚𝐥} by some wordpress or gravatar user named Chaitali Wasnick.

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  3. Nowadays misandrist women are taking advantage of women tilted laws and harass men and sometimes demand money to settle the matter. This is due to radical feminism imported from the USA and popularized by English speaking populace. It is high time that Indian cultural ethos should be inculcated in the minds of children from the beginning and they should be saved from western influences. In the instant case, the police should investigate the matter thoroughly and punish the guilty.

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  4. And don’t forget the virus that is spreading everywhere!

    I have ZERO sympathy for drunk semi naked women “celebrating” a calendar change in the middle of the night throwing all caution to winds. I wish you had mentioned about the growing Jihadi menace called “Taharrush” that is popular in Europe, I won’be surprised if there were elements of the same this time around in Bengaluru. Again, I wonder how many of these drunk semi naked women know the threats of Jihad. Women cannot have it both ways. Except for few (collateral damage) most of these women are the exact same kind ( Christian OR SICKular ) who were earlier opposing Rama Sene protecting them from Jihadi scumbags but responded with their “Pink Chaddi” campaign. Then they indulged in “Kiss of Love” to rub salt. ZERO SYMPATHY for such #MyChoice scumbaginis! Ask them about Jihad or Love Jihad and they’ll look the other way! Worse they will be salivating at Khan movies! ZERO SYMPATHY!


  5. Who will punish the Media? Media wants public rating and some women wants the popularity.
    What laws controlling the media?
    People think emotionally than practical with prejudge men are criminals women are honest.
    This kind of incidents damaged men, created sympathy for women. Now no one worried once it is false. Celebrities made lot of statements, now become salient.

    Either celebrities or politicians should not make any comment.
    Media without proper evidence should not show.

    I am in USA, when i fight it is false and we should not point all men. I am blocked by what’s group admin. Kannada NYC what’s app group.

    Some people said #NotAllMen, it is convenient way of escaping. But when false cases happened, same Media, feminists are escaping Not all women are like that.

    Best way supreme court should guide strict guidelines for Media and Laws to punish Media required.

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  6. There is similar incident happened in Bhubaneswar where 3 woman are playing victim role and they filed cases against many boys .This happened on new year day .The girl is trying to sympathy by putting her youtube videos .
    No one has known that the girl took the bike keys first from the accused boy and overtook them in bike .This kind of activity can lead to unwarranted situation. This as a orchestrated story by the girl and her friends .COMPLETE MISUSE OF LAW

    One of the news channels @kanak_news in odisha has called those accused boys and they revealed the above truth.

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  7. My question about all this mess is – Would a female who has been groped use words like ‘half inch nipples’, ‘dick’, ‘land’, ‘muut’, etc!? Really. I should know that from the female who had actually been groped in the viral video. Gathering the strength to talk about groping is in itself a very big thing, and she’s talking about half inch nipples?

    What if from now on, people start calling her ‘Half Inch Nipple Girl’ and catcall her with the same? What will she do about it? Write another fb post, write another article in a feminist magazine, or dream about being interviewed by Barkha Dutt and many other channels?

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  8. Great article Partha.
    But sadly in reality people like Wasnik and her ilk will be always lauded anyways by the MEDIA and subsequently the public who love to have a diet of sensitized issues (esp women’s empowerment) in order to belch out their frustrations (mostly on the social media)
    It’s sad and really sad to see as to how many educated men also ridicule condescend and even abuse other men speaking out on men’s issues..
    People like you, Anil Kumar Yajna and others are inspirational..
    Can only really hope that in this era of becoming publicized misandry what with ad campaigns blogs to even stand up comedies we have fearless writers like you and others who make others (esp men) understand that how such destructive empowerment can ultimately lead to the subjugation of men instead of achieving the very equality they seek..
    Hope that men unite for our cause
    God bless
    Don’t stop writing please


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