In The World Of Pink, Your Life Will Be Destroyed Like These Men

Pink Movie poster

When a woman’s testimony becomes the concluding evidence in a rape or molestation case as shown in Amitabh Bachchan starrer Pink that also tries to justify “attempt to murder” on the pretext of molestation it becomes a horrendous experience for many innocents. However, it is true that in normal cases the habitual offenders are often rounded up by police for questioning but that does not mean anyone who might have committed other crime (abduction, molestation of Falak in car) would have committed another crime (molestation of Meenal in a resort room) for which the trial was held. Surprisingly, many people who had commented on this article believed that a crime committed later can be the proof of another crime that might have taken place earlier.

A 2014 study by National Law University (NLU), Hyderabad students published in Outlook edition of Dec 2014 showed that Dhananjay Chatterjee was given death sentence in a rape case because of public frenzy built up by media simply because police found the gold chain of the girl in his house. In fact, this study concluded that influential persons who had equal or stronger reasons to be convicted of the same crime had either gone unpunished or less punished. The study pointed out that in most cases of death row convicts their advocates did not fight for them at all.

Another study done by The Hindu in 2015 showed that an overwhelmingly large number of rape cases filed in India is sex on the promise of marriage between young couples. The study showed that scripted FIRs are the reason why so many false rape cases are filed. Showing the girl as 14 years old to show a sexual assault on a minor, or to show sex on the promise of marriage is a norm in such cases. As a result of this, a lot of Indian minor boys and men are implicated falsely in rape and molestation cases. Shoojit Sirkar’s Pink just promoted the concept of deciding such crimes based on a woman’s verbal statement which was proved dangerous in many cases in recent past.

Dhananjay Chatterjee was hanged because police found the girl’s gold chain from his house

NLU researcher on dhananjay hanging
NLU researchers on Dhananjay Chatterjee death penalty – courtesy Outlook

The biggest misuse of such public frenzy and media created hype against rape was found in case of Dhananjay Chatterjee who was hanged in 2004 for rape and murder of Hetal Parikh in 1990. As the National Law University research showed police only found girl’s gold chain from his house and he was pronounced as the rapist and hanged. Feminists and media had created such a huge public frenzy around that case that the court was pressurized enough to pronounce the death penalty.

Read the Story of Dhananjay Chatterjee – Here

Sensational Badaun rape and murder was the imagination of villagers

Mango tree of shame

Remember the image of two sisters hanging from a mango tree in Badaun, UP. This image was made popular by India Today by promoting that “remember these girls every time you eat a mango”. The very next day when media saw the two girls hanging they created a story of rape and murder because a villager said so. All this happened immediately and without any medical evidence. Later CBI investigation concluded that they had committed suicide and it was not raped as projected by media.

28 Day old baby’s rape in Bulandshahr was the imagination of her mother

A rape case was filed against a man who was found roaming around a house and parents filed a complaint saying their 28-day old baby was raped. This created a huge ruckus in media confirming the rape based only on the mother’s verbal statement. Later it was found to be diaper rashes. Another example of believing one’s verbal statement.

Park Street rape victim also identified a wrong man as her rapist

The infamous Park Street rape case victim first identified a wrong man as her rapist. When police, media, and investigators showed her the photograph of the accused she confirmed many times that the man was guilty unless it was revealed that the man was in the US and never came to India or went out of India around the same time. Even though the police later caught the real culprits through investigation, the man was saved only because he was in the US. His friends who were in Kolkata that time underwent harsh trial and media and public glare because of a statement.

Niranjan Mandal spent four years in jail for 2006 Mayapuri Rape case

Niranjan Kumar Mandal who ran a diagnostic center in Delhi was arrested and sent to jail for four years based on the testimony of a driver who took his name in sensational Mayapuri Rape case of a deaf and mute woman. In this case, someone’s verbal statement had implicated an innocent so badly that he could never regain his lost image and even after acquittal he had to undergo same punishment as the society around him had to boycott him. He had later asked Supreme Court to return his dignity and filed cases against media for maligning his image.

Sexual assault of a 3-year-old Bengaluru school girl in 2014 was her mother’s imagination

The sensational 2014 rape of a 3-year-old Bengaluru school girl was the imagination of her mother. The mother misconstrued urinary infection in her daughter’s private parts as signs of rape. This had created huge public outrage in Bangalore in Dec 2014, all because of a mother’s statement. Later it was found that Nagraj was not even present in school on the day of the alleged rape. But Nagaraj lost everything in his life. He lost his dignity, he lost his job, family everything. Details here

Rohtak Sisters were not Bravehearts, they were criminals but not yet punished

We all saw them assaulting three men, but still, most of us believed they were innocents and were beating the men on camera because those men were the criminals. This is how Rohtak Sisters, the habitual offender had sought to fame and were given bravery awards by the state women’s commission. When these two women were the real criminals, people who watched them committing the crime believed in their version until of course, we fought for the three men.

Jasleen Kaur was an attention seeker but only Sarabjeet Singh is undergoing extreme pain

Jasleen Kaur the AAP attention seeker girl had created 15 minutes of fame unless we exposed her. Media, public everyone believed in her version of the story and concluded Sarabjeet as the offender, until the eyewitness came forward in support of Sarabjeet. Jasleen too is not yet punished.

When male feminists are rapists

Khurshid Anwar lived alone in Delhi as he was a divorcee. He was also a women rights crusader and formed the Institute for Social Democracy (ISD) to fight for women’s cause.  He was accused of rape by a woman from his own NGO. After the Nirbhaya incident in Delhi, his NGO was at the forefront in Violent Delhi Protests against crimes against women but that was in the morning. The woman alleged that same evening he tried to rape her when she was in an inebriated state. Later the FCRA details of his NGO revealed that funding to his NGO skyrocketed in the year 2012-13.

Another feminist leader Tarun Tejpal too had committed rape in one evening when the same day morning he had hosted a protest meeting against rape. He stepped down as Tehelka chief to avoid so many punishments.

Feminists support rapists when rapists are one of them

Feminists who are all praises about the movie Pink supported the accused whenever the accused was one of them. In both cases of Khurshid Anwar and Tarun Tejpal, feminist leaders came forward in their support and tried victim blaming, sexism and all other possible ways to put the victim down. In fact, then these feminists did not bother to respect a woman’s verbal statement.

The same happened for Athlete Pinki Pramanik as well. When Pinki was accused of rape by her live-in partner the leftist feminist brigade of West Bengal went all out to support Pinki and protested against the police investigation and harassment Pinki was going through. All because she was a female.

Movie Pink clearly showed that no one except the individuals knew what happened inside the closed doors of the resort room but surprisingly the court believed the version the women said. However, the version against Andrea told by the man fell flat in court’s eyes.

Some men who commented on this article argued that director Shoojit Sirkar did show both good men (Advct. Sehgal, Neelam’s first boyfriend and bad men (Rajveer and friends) and Amitabh’s comments to expose daily sexism against women was not against ALL men.

So what will happen if, in reality, Meenal files a rape case against her boyfriend (with whom she had her first sex and lost virginity) in the same court under the same judge? First, her statement given in the case shown in the movie will not be considered by the court unless her boyfriend submits a certified copy of her statement in his case. Even then Meenal can always say that she was under threat or something else (she wanted to differentiate between good men and bad men etc. Any change in Meenal’s statement about her first boyfriend will neither change the verdict in the case against Rajveer (because it is unrelated) nor will prove her boyfriend as innocent. In neither of the cases if a woman’s verbal testimony is given prime importance over anything else it becomes extremely dangerous for innocent men simply because they ever had any sexual relation with a woman.

These men who cheer Pink don’t understand the future implications. They don’t understand how people like Niranjan Mandal and Dhananjay Chatterjee get punished because of this feminist agenda of putting a woman’s verbal testimony above everything else. The overwhelming misuse of Indian dowry and rape laws are because of this reason where women’s verbal testimony is making simple household feuds into raging dowry war. But that is not all, the movie Pink has another hidden feminist agenda behind this.

Feminist hidden agenda behind Pink

Currently, Supreme Court of India is hearing a PIL filed by feminists in support of waving off the clause in our rape law that gives less punishment for a man if he is in a matrimonial relation with the woman. Feminists want these cases to be called rape under ‘Marital Rape’ and they want to promote the concept of ‘No means No”. Apparently, this may be a harmless concept to everyone but if this becomes a law, then every future Indian divorce will have a marital rape case included. That will not only make India a rape capital of the world but will also take away their dignified life like the way it did to dowry menace. Marital rape will be another extortion racket to extort money from men whenever their wives think so.

So decide whether you want to cheer for the film Pink or expose feminist hypocrisy shown there.


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  1. The Reality behind the so called fashionista who just blindly support anything and everything that comes out of Feminism, wonder who is in this World of ours so pious, divine and more than godly that on whose mere words people will be punished without a proper trial or on biased views only. Wonder how a particular gender attained this God-hood/Sainthood and whether is it a scientifically proven fact that Women cant/dont lie. But who cares about rights or wrong, good or evil, Feminism must rule and mental fools must serve them !!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nice article. Recently an incident took place in my society where the woman took the advantage of being a woman and misused the law.
    Once a lady abused all the male members of our society (all kind of abuses that you can think of), misbehaved with them. When the society members called the police, she cried in front of the police that the society members tried to force themselves on her. She even scratched her chest with her nails got her medical done.
    Police did not listen to the society members. We had the video footage that showed the woman misbehaving and abusing yet police did not file our complaint. Eventually the society members had to apologize to the woman with no fault of them.
    This shows how women misuse the laws and even proofs don’t work when the women is in the the party. What else is required.
    I had captured the video with my mobile and uploaded on youtube but people told me that if the woman is so characterless, if gets to know that the video is uploaded in youtube, she can file the complaint against me for publicly insulting her.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t belong to any group – feminist or others but yes have had horrendous experiences living in Delhi till i was 25 years old. Be it at minor age of six or youth of 25 years old, I have stories to tell which can be concept into another Bollywood hit. Unlike, many others females in town, I have had luxury to have an educated family. Still, I could picture myself as Alia in highway not cos she was abducted but cos of within the family molestation among educated classes. Thats what i faced at age of six- harsh but truth which scared me for life. And from then on somehow it never stopped, be it my bus rides to school or walks to private tutor or anything. Getting ugly calls on my home landlines from a stranger who would spit out what not to an adolescent. I would shake everytime phone would ring. Be it me standing on busy bus-stops at rush hour or taking lone auto ride. I had to decide on my dreams with the minimalistic exposure to strangers. I started to drive on my own- but yet it did not stop, time and again i was stalked, followed. I cant even explain how disgusting it feels to be ogled on 24/7.

    Long story short — this is the harsh truth and we have to EDUCATE our men – our sons, our brothers, our fathers, our husbands all men in around us to create a liveable world for our daughters, our sisters and every women.

    I have started my bit – wherein i seriously prevent women being considered as an object or anything even as a joke — cos dats how it starts. I refrain my friends to pass on any comment or judgement for anyone – dats a least i can do – of course i am branded as an annoying friend but i am ready to take that name to create safe world our future generations.


    • So when you had these troubles. You should have raised your voice and protested. I understand at times it may be difficult but it is needed for everyone. Be it a male or female. But based on someone’s verbal evidence others can’t be punished for criminal sections.


    • Another cry baby. When a woman talks / writes big and bigger know she is another opportunist. Glad men are not provoked and hardly few commented to ur tears.
      Lady your emotional hardly appeal. Take responsibility and act. No need to EDUCATE men, but DEVELOP your wit and character.


    • Sorry brother!!! you seem very naive in your thoughts. in reality, you are no different than those feminazis… both suck to extremism!!! every feminist doesn’t subscribe to extremism. You could only recollect these few incidents of male victims in population of 1.5 billion!!! you gotta be kidding.. I really wish people like you get more liberal outlook and stop seeing everyone with the same glass.. If feminism exists that’s because of advocates like you!!! I am appalled to see someone actually can exhibit their mental excreta so blatantly!! cheeers!!!! rot in peace…..


      • Your comment actually shows who is exhibiting ‘mental excreta’ here. You have no logical point to counter only some vague comment. You also have no knowledge of why feminists actually exist, but you think you know it all. These are only few examples that is given, and you missed the point in those examples. There is an organized effort to create this kind of hysteria everywhere and justice is denied for men. Innocent men are being accused and forced to go through the hell of judicial process and innocent people are suffering to the extreme. But little brains like you won’t understand. Because to understand this, you need to have some knowledge, that you are lacking big time.


  4. Hi, nice blog…i read a similar hindi review of pink as yours…it was in some comment i guess..can i have the link…thanks


  5. The law will always be blind to female criminals. Take the case of Joe Cinque and Anu Singh + Madhavi Rao. The latter two got away scot free … now being released as a film in Australia. Partha, hope you can contrast this case/film with the malebashing barrage output of Bollywood in your future columns.


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