9 Cruel Lessons Learnt From This Interaction With WCD Ministry You Need To Know

Recent interaction between WCD ministry and general public tells us a lot about feminism in India.

  1. Single mothers want more benefits, and yes these are the women nominated for WCD ministry’s coveted #100Women program. These are the women who were single mom by choice and want taxpayers to pay for their choice –
Single Mothers want more benefits

2. Some single moms are one step ahead. They want similar duration leave as maternity leave even for the adoption of a child. No hassle or pain of childbearing but equal fun. Corporates can flee away –

WCD Exposed

3. …and to all these proud single moms, we have this answer on the timeline. The proud single mother gets the lesson of her life in her old age –

Cruel Lesson to Single Mother

A mother raised her three daughters independently for forty years but then when they are settled, they wanted to sell her own self acquired property. WCD minister however, redirects her to NCW instead of forwarding her complaint to NCW or helping her directly.

4. Some men go overboard without realizing they were digging their own grave.

Q&A with WCD Minister

This gun will be aimed at these men one day.

5. We see the reality of gender sensitization when men start behaving like females –

Expose WCD. Man concerned about female safety.

6. Ministry is instilling a sense of guilt in younger boys from the childhood in the name of gender equality.

..and when it comes to speaking equality –

Man asking 498a misuse to Maneka Gandhi

7. or about women being more juvenile than real ones –

Women more juvenile than children

8. Some didn’t get any answer from the ministry but their comments tell us a lot –

Ask laws for men to Maneka Gandhi
WCD ministry and rape
Seeking justice for boys from Maneka
Rape and WCD ministry
Women and child same to WCD ministry

9. It’s only about money; honey

Helping females
Seeking help for girl's education
Money, money, money for WCD
Earning money for a school from WCD ministry
Seeking money for girls

Now, do you realize why women in India are never empowered? Do you realize why we have an ever-increasing rate of ‘Crimes Against Women’? Let us know your thoughts.



  1. I know this is an old article but I was going through the articles in this site one by one.
    This is indeed a wonderful post. Just curious, why are we using the terms “Misuse of 498A”?
    To say that a law is misused would mean that there is nothing wrong with the law itself but it is being used in a way that it is not meant to be used. But to my knowledge, 498A is a draconian law in itself and it is being used in exactly the same way that it is meant to be used – that is to hurt men. Or I am missing something here? Could you kindly clarify this?


    • Why can Madam Minister not believe that married daughters too can be abusive for old widows living and working in own self acquired flats. Married daughters call the shots through their husbands stating that their marriage is under threat due to menace of Dowry. Sell the flat or else face the consequences of an Abandoned wife?? where do widows go? Vrindavan or elsewhere ? How long can Widows go on working to support self and to run the kitchen? Why can the married daughters Not contribute to widows? Why is it expected from sons only to support parents? Women want equality but do not want to work at it. Educate,Earn,get married and behave like sons.


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