What Do We Come To Know From #BlameOneNotAll Campaign

#BlameOneNotAll is a media campaign created to reinforce the point that NOT all men are rapists. However, from the social media reaction to this campaign, many things become clear –

Proud male feminists having an identity crisis

Identity crisis

The idea of this campaign tells us that many men are having identity crisis under feminism today. They are the PROUD male feminists who want to protect women. These are the men who supported the feminist monster and created a rape culture demonizing their own gender. Hence, they had to come out clear saying ‘No we are NOT rapists‘. Only to be given back by their women friends – “So what?”. These men realize when they created rape hysteria against ‘other men‘, they have created a Frankenstein that is ready to kill them today.

Male feminists have no option but to endorse masculinism?

Masculinist IndiaThey shamed their gender, openly claimed they are ashamed to be men because someone else had committed rape. They slammed Masculinists like me as misogynists. They thought women will support them. But this campaign where they wanted to regain their lost glory as a man, they are slammed. It gives a clear sign to these men that they are not special as a ‘Non-Rapist‘. They still need to be shamed for their gender. Well, that precisely means that unless they get castrated or become women, they will always be hated by the women they fight for. Now to remain feminists, they have only one option – to become she-males.

Feminism is about male hatred


This campaign once again proved that feminism is about a gender war and shaming all men. It is not about equality, because if it was, then it would have given space for men who supported them and it would be spoken against rape hysteria because that makes all men guilty and exonerate women rapists

NOT all women are same” the biggest myth created by feminism

Not all women

Feminists who slam a campaign like #BlameOneNotAll also promotes the theory ‘Not all women are same’. We know they are the biggest hypocrites.

Men, women both feel safe by blaming other men

Pointing finger
Image courtesy

Call it misandry or give it any other name. This nature of the genders is leading to the crisis today. The campaigners created the campaign with the notion of saying that it is the other men who are rapists not the campaigners. They didn’t realize that other men are also thinking of them like that. As long as some other man is blamed, everyone feels safe, so much is the prevailing misandry.

NO, we won’t talk about a crime committed by women?

Crime by women

Well nobody talks about them. The campaigners only wanted to show other men as criminals, they never showed that crime does not have a gender. With the overwhelming majority of false cases filed under ‘crime against women‘ and the crimes committed by women against men being non-reportable, everyone seems to be happy slamming other men.

Feminism is about rape culture

Mattress Feminism

This campaign makes it clear that feminism is about rape culture. That is why they don’t talk about women rapists, false rape or rape cases being decided by their own testimony rather than any scientific evidence. So when someone talks about the unnecessary hype around rape or tries to say that not everyone is a rapist, one is slammed. How can someone challenge the biggest feminist weapon ever, RAPE?



  1. This campaign and the feedback/backlash it received reminds me of a quote by George Orwell :

    ‘In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act’.

    This act by Mintified was definitely revolutionary. And as expected due to the atmosphere filled with misandry it got backlash. However we mras need to be strong and determined in putting forth our views, and not be perplexed by the opposition and criticism we receive. Feminism is a universal deceit and the fact that we mras are ‘opposed by most people’ itself suggests that we are on right path.

    One more important thing. Though this campaign received criticism, it certainly wasn’t of the degree as portrayed by online media. Many people have supported it. But their views were purposely ignored by the media obsessed with showing ‘women as victims and men as perpetrators’.

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    • Yes Roshan, that is what happens in all anti feminist campaigns. I remember when I first exposed Rohtak Sisters on my blog the media was still praising them. Until the eye witness videos came out. We need to keep exposing media.


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