Amnesty International Spreading Misandry

Amnesty LogoAmnesty International is spreading huge misandry on different platforms. In a campaign for women safety, they are spreading lies like only 1% of rape cases in India are reported. They have drafted this petition (shown below) and asking everyone to sign and send that to police  –

In this petition, Amnesty is claiming that “according to govt. data” only 1% of sexual violence cases are reported in India.


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In this, they have not mentioned which govt. data they are referring to. If there were really some govt. data existing then Amnesty would have clearly mentioned that here. They’re not mentioning of the specific source they are referring to shows that it is a complete lie they are spreading through many people by making them sign on the petition.

Even after working on India’s crime data for the last three years, I have never come across any such govt. statistics/report saying that only 1% of rape cases are reported and I am not going to believe the same unless I see the evidence of govt study (the mean report in full).

Even if we consider Amnesty’s claim to be correct and do a little bit analysis of crime data from the year 2011 (the year is chosen as 2011 as this is the year of our last census) we will know –

  1. Total number of rape cases reported – 24,206
  2. Average arrest made in a rape case – 1.2

If only 1% rape cases (in sexual offences I am excluding other sexual crimes like molestation, eve-teasing for simplicity of analysis) are reported then, in reality, there were approx 24 lakh rapes in 2011 and there were approx 28.8 lakh rapists.

According to the 2011 census, we also find that there was approx 96 lakh (9.6 million) girls and approx 1 crore (10 million) boys taking birth every year.

Now if we consider that as yearly average of sexual crimes happening in India then we find that one in every four (1 in 4) girls are raped at least once in their lifetime. We also find that approximately one out of every four (1 in 4) men are rapists if we go by this stat. If I had included the data for molestation and other sexual offences this number would have drastically shot up, meaning almost every Indian man would have become a sexual predator.

This is a direct and shameless attack on Indian men by Amnesty International and a deliberate attempt to term them as sexual predators. If as an Indian you think anyone of your father, brother or other male relatives or male friends is not a rapist and there is absolutely no basis of this kind of data then you need to protest against this campaign of terming Indian men as sexual predators and India as the rape capital of the world.

As per global rape statistics in terms of per capita rape (rape per 100,000 people), India ranks 94th in the world (source However such attempts by organizations like Amnesty International is only to put India as the topmost country of rapes and thus demeaning Indian men.

If you have participated in this campaign in any manner or if you have promoted this in any forum without raising a strong protest against this, then you have just confirmed that either you, your father, brother(s) or your male relatives or friends are sexual predators and still not punished. If you think that is demeaning enough for you and for your near and dear ones please raise your voice against such campaign of lies in all quarters and demand immediate stoppage to this campaign.

This is not a campaign to stop violence against women but it is a campaign of spreading misandry and terming every Indian man as sexual predator including you as a man and your other male family members.



  1. There is a global campaign underway to remove men’s rights. This campaign has been active in the US for decades. Why? So that women can easily destroy men and exploit men’s wealth. In the US, it’s called ‘Yes Means Yes’, Title IX, no-fault divorce, misandric alimony/child support and the VAWA. All give women great power to exploit and ruin men.

    Feminism was never about equality. The goal of feminists is the destruction of the patriarchy. What does that mean? It means the destruction of male power and wealth. It means the forced redistribution of power and wealth from men to women.

    For the time being, men should remain single and childless. Eventually however, the government will come up with ever more misandric laws and policies to punish men. For example, in the UK, the parliament is working on the ‘cohabitation rights bill’ – which is intended to allow cohabiting women access to asset redistribution and palimony. It’s de facto marriage after X number of months of cohabitation. Several countries have recently enacted similar laws. Those that haven’t are either in the beginning or middle stages of implementing similar laws.

    Men are increasingly shunning relationships with women the globe over. Why? Every day, more and more men realize that relationships with women often result in severe financial exploitation and a much lower quality of life for the man. In the US, the marriage rate is at a one-hundred year low and descending. Average out of wedlock birth rate is 40% and climbing. Even though women in the US are advantaged in every way, women will demand ever more exploitative and misandric laws and policies – which the government will obligingly give them. The same will be true of all countries. It’s just a matter of time.


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