Have Problem In Paying Alimony? Write to PMO

Dear men in India, you are very lucky to get a PM like Narendra Modiji. In fact, the way he is bringing the good days (acchhe din) that will surely bring happiness for all of you.

Per a recent news, a man from Bulandshahr, UP had written a letter to the PMO about their inability to pay a dowry for the marriages of his two sisters and asked the PMO for help. The letter was written one year back but Modiji has reacted to it recently and asked the district administration for an inquiry.

Here is the related news from The Indian Express

UP Man seeks help from PMO
Indian Express – 4 Jan 2015

Dear men in India, especially the poor men (or the rich who are made poor on divorce) and pay a heavy price for their divorce and lose everything due to these cases or are forced to sell all their assets or take up heavy debts to pay alimony to their wives; you have a messiah now and you don’t need to commit suicide.

Since PMO has taken a positive step towards helping in illegal activity (giving dowry is also a crime in India under DP act) he will definitely help poor men who are not able to pay alimony which is legal (payment of alimony is legal and once ordered by a competent court a man is bound to pay the same or face jail term). Please note, a girl has the option of not marrying if the groom is asking for dowry and if you may know there are many men and women in India who are not married ever in their life but still such help are sought and acted upon by the PMO. One also has the option of just going for a registry marriage and without any expense. You may also note that a man does not have any way out of paying alimony, because he is legally bound to pay that.

Dear alimony paying men, now you no longer need to take a personal loan with the heavy interest rate to pay your alimony, you don’t need to sell your kidney to arrange for the same, now you don’t need to worry about court orders that say “beg, borrow, steal to maintain your wife”, you do not need to worry that your property is sold out for paying alimony, you can just write to PMO for help and expect some help from there. Make sure, you attach the copies of a court order for your alimony payment and help the investigation.

Some critics may find this step by PMO as the first step to make dowry payment legal in the country. They may also find that whoever decides to marry these sisters now, will surely get a dowry case against them as PMO itself will become the prime witness of taking dowry (well, don’t argue that giving dowry is a crime, the ruler sets the rule in a country and whatever he does becomes the rule ……at least for him. But a common man can be held guilty for doing the same).

Don’t pay any heed to these critics, they are simply inspired by some PMO tweets –

PMO Tweet about criticism

You guys just cheer the decision. Start writing letters to your PMO and please don’t commit suicide or crime anymore because of your inability to pay alimony. If you are saying you wanted to obey the court order that ordered a husband to “beg, borrow, steal to maintain his wife” and turn out to be criminals for paying maintenance to your wife, hold on, now our national treasury is open for you. Go loot us openly, we idiot taxpayers are there to bring acchhe din (Good Days).



  1. Dowry and Alimony – two sides of the same coin


  1. In my view,may be I am wrong,but making dowry legal may wipe off so many unnecessary problems.Like ,if Dowry is made legal,498a need to be scrapped off and all the other anti dowry laws will be scrapped off,which have taken their toll on many a family.Also,the amount of alimony must be equivalent to the dowry and the dowry amount or other assets given as dowry must be included in the marriage certificate which should be mutually agreed upon by both the parties which must be returned to the woman at the time of divorce in case the divorce is approved incase of the man’s fault or the man wants to divorce the woman even though there is no fault of hers.This money will not allow the woman mint more money than actually what is given and also will help her to remarry after her divorce.


    • Marry someone who is financially independent rather than ask for dowry so when you get separated no one has to pay the other. The female shouldn’t consider in laws property and the male shouldn’t consider dowry from girls parents. So what happens when someone marries a homemaker and after several years they get divorced. She would have to be given maintainance. The same applies vice versa. Only if the one giving maintainance can afford it.
      Now let’s say in a situation where the wife had to leave her job to take care of a child who needed care due to health or other reasons. What happens when they divorce. What he earned will have to be distributed equally because she could as well have worked but between both she had to stay home and not earn.
      If you are talking about someone who doesn’t do any house hold work or did not contribute in any way to the family, then it’s a different story.
      Making dowry legal isn’t the right way. For those who use dowry harassment law for wrongful reasons have to be punished. This needs to be taken up seriously.


      • who told you that if one marries a financially independent woman, he doesn’t need to pay anything? Do you even watch daily news? Do you know how much Md. Shami’s wife is asking?


  2. scrape the Dowry prohibition act because it contradicts with Succession Act.Father must pay according to his status to newly married couple to settle down and start new happy life.Dowry prohibition act has created more problem for society than any solution.Multiple of laws and multiple cases are ruining life of youths and.In my views the age limit must also be changed it must be attainment of adulthood only.
    Dowry is foreign word it is Dahej which is given voluntarily by parents for happiness of cople and is a assistance ,We should demand scrape of it.


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