This Wife Did Something Horrific And Learnt This Lesson


The two episodes of Crime Patrol – Dastak on Sony reveals the heartbreaking truth of relationships today –


Crime Patrol: Episode 275 – 27th July 2013


Crime Patrol: Episode 276 – 28th July 2013

This case from West Bengal shows how an adulterous wife kills her good husband simply because of her adulterous relationship. She conspires with her paramour and threaten for money first and make it look like an extortion case. Then after a few days, she lets the goons enter her house at midnight to kill the husband.

Today a wife has all possible laws in her favour to extort her husband. So she could peacefully walk out of the relationship with huge alimony, maintenance and child custody. Still, she decided to kill him. There could be no other reason but only to grab his full property.

Today the child is an orphan. He has lost a good father and can’t trust his mother. As a mother, the wife in question acted in her selfish interests and ruined her son’s life as well.

Different men’s rights groups under the umbrella organization of Save Indian Family is fighting for gender justice in India. Join hands with them today and make this movement stronger to see justice prevailing in the country.

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