This Independence Day – Lets Say ‘NO’ To Legal Terrorism


The news item was shared on Facebook by some of my friends. The headline says “Woman allegedly commits suicide over dowry harassment”.

By simply reading the headline one gets a feeling that the woman committed suicide because of torture by her husband and in-laws. A deeper look at the news item reveals that this suicide is committed by an unmarried woman and it was dowry torture of a different kind. This time a married woman threatened an unmarried woman of false criminal cases. The reason for the legal threat was also unique. She started giving a threat when she was asked to share the household work in her husband’s family.

When the whole country is concerned about crime against women and when one gender-biased law is created every now and then, when the constitution is getting amended to bring in these extreme provisions then why is this legal terrorism continuing. So far we were concerned about the suicide of married men in the country and observed a disturbing trend over the last few years –


But what everyone has omitted is the suicide of relatives of husbands by the legal terrorists. In our govt. records this kind of suicide is recorded as a family problem as there is no category of legal terrorism included in our suicide stats.

These news items raise an important question to our mind. Are we really doing justice to our citizens? If women need their rights, can that be ensured without protecting the men around them? Without creating a sense of justice among the citizens how can we claim to achieve independence?

So come join hands with me in demanding gender justice this independence day and demanding to stop this legal terrorism. This does not empower women, this kills them in the form of sister or mother. We need to understand that women empowerment is not possible without empowering men around them. Let’s not be competitors and dividers, rather let’s believe that men and women are actually complementary to each other. They need each other, and one can’t be empowered without the effective participation of the other. Let’s say ‘NO’ to legal terrorism.

Jai Hind!! Happy Independence Day!!

Independence from what?


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    • Thanks Akhilesh. To know more about legal terrorism, may I request you to go through other articles in my blog where I have discussed all different laws and different types of crimes in detail…regards..


  1. It was altogether a nice read ! Though I am unable to understand you have a problem with helping the women or a problem with not helping the men ? 😛 The description of views is wonderful !


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