This Is Why I fight Feminism

Fact vs FictionSome of my friends were sharing a disturbing video of a boy being brutally beaten up by a girl on the street. The seemingly poor guy was begging for mercy, falling on the girl’s feet but she was still beating him severely, at times kicking his groin. There were many onlookers and some of them joined the girl too. My friends sharing the video commented that all girls should be like the girl in the video. None of them actually knew what did the guy do to be beaten up like that but still thought that he was a criminal. These young guys sharing the video did not even know that tomorrow any woman can beat them in the street, and everyone will hold the boys guilty. Even worse their own friends will share the video extensively and will ask all girls to be brave like the one on the video.

Probably I would have done the same thing a few years ago when I used to read and believe every media report that I read or watched. I would have commented the same way asking the girls to be brave and beat up men openly like that. Probably I would have joined the crowd in beating up the man as well without knowing the facts.

Women around me taught me how wrong I was in thinking of being a protector and provider for every other woman. In my workplaces, I have seen how these empowered women get extraordinary benefits and at times not punished even for most serious offenses. The woman who I have protected and taken care of (I never realized women empowerment only meant to demean every man associated with women) could assault me physically, economically and emotionally time and again.

My friends and neighbours used to envy us. Her friends used to tell their husbands to be like me, cheerful, ever enjoying, outgoing, loving. Little did they know how I was killed emotionally but didn’t have anyone to discuss my pains. Probably my mother would have been the best person to share but I always stayed away from her due to my work (now I know it was good for her), so, hardly she knew anything.

I was late in realizing that whatever was happening to me was not right as I was under the hypnosis of feminism. For years, I have taken the assault on myself as a token of love, thought those pranks to be very cute, her mother’s abuses as my mother’s scolding and her father’s showbiz of power and politics as my strength. But then my education came to my rescue, my inner sense told me that something was not very correct. I did not know where to go for help, I did not know that the internet as a tool is so powerful that it can bring every solution to our home.

It was not easy for me to throw away the rubbish of feminism from within me and be a part of those men who so far were ‘losers’ to me. I never knew it is only a matter of time that I would be on their side and so I am today. I have no shame in stating that ‘I was the biggest idiot’ that I used to make my opinion without even understanding the reality.

Now I fight alongside those ‘losers’ against feminism that hypnotized my youth and took away the truth from my life and still I thought I was very intelligent. Now the same feminists call me a ‘rapist’, ‘a loser’, ‘an idiot’, ‘a chauvinist’ and what not. I smile because I know ‘it is only a matter of time that they will be on my side and all others will call them likewise.

I fight feminism because I understand that women empowerment can’t be demeaning men or stripping them of all their rights. I fight feminism to fight against all those politicians and media that create the social hypnosis by projecting one-sided social picture by creating a victim class and a criminal class based on gender.

I fight feminism because I want to fight that misandry within us that makes all men guilty of being a man because some criminals were engaged in some criminal activity in Delhi. I want to fight the feeling that all males need to be ashamed of some criminals. I have never seen that happening to women even when they know about false rape cases or false dowry cases. Females are never ashamed of women criminals. Rather it is said that these brave girls who came forward (maybe without any evidence or with an ulterior motive) needed more support so that they can fight.

I fight feminism to save all those women who have grown an intrinsic fear in their mind because of constant propaganda as women being victims and their lives being in danger everywhere and feel unsafe today. I fight feminism because feminists will never let this fear go, they will focus, exaggerate or do whatever it needs to be done to create a false sense of urgency and fear among women and suppress everything else.

I fight feminism for all those women, who don’t want this false empowerment but want to be happy in a simple married life but who are progressively being deprived of that life by this false sense of empowerment. I fight for them because tomorrow when these girls (or their daughters) cannot get married as guys stop marrying due to these biased laws, they will not know that feminism has caused this. In the changed society they are not empowered without filing a few rape cases, without wearing revealing dresses or filing a few divorce and criminal cases. They are not empowered unless they can screw a few men around them and still pretend to be innocent victims.

Finally, I fight feminism for the little kid whom I love more than myself and always loved that way. For the kid whom I have taken to school every single day on my lap and brought back the same way as his mother could never find time for him. For the 2 yr old who played with me every night, gave me a hard time making him sleep or who would love to eat from my plate. Maybe now he thinks that I am the biggest criminal on the earth who used to beat him and his mother (no matter if his mother used to beat him and he used to come running to me for shelter) under influence of alcohol (it doesn’t matter if I am a teetotaler) every day or maybe he thinks that I am the beast who slept around with every other woman I met and he and his mother was thrown out of the house every night. I fight for the kid even though I will never be allowed to meet him again because he should not face the same ordeal in future. I fight for him as I know he is not a born ‘rapist’, not a born ‘criminal’ or a born ‘domestic abuser’ like the other girls who are not a born ‘prostitute’ or ‘law misuser’.


  1. This is my story. And the lakhs of us facing false criminal cases – this is OUR story too.

    I, too, have decided to continue the fight so my child knows the truth and for the future. A “settlement” beckons – but after losing everything, I really don’t give a damn anymore.

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    • Aren’t you aware that MEDIA & Vested Interests “manipulate” things ? The video you are so excited to see might have been removed to hide the “facts”.

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  2. it feels as if my brother (late) anurag is writing this story , i congratulate you for talking about it . Time has come when men should speak up !

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    • I think all MRAs will have similar reasons. My idea was to give food for thought everyone to come up with their stories so people know feminism can never give empowerment to women. It will only separate men from women.
      My latest blog on 10 reasons to fight for neutrality gives at least one reason to each Indian citizen to fight for the cause. we can share this with others as marketing tool

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  3. I’m someone who fought for the females thinking that they will fight for the males too but I was wrong.New rules against male came,I didn’t see the even the so called liberal who brag that they are not feminists comment on it.The fact is almost all females are feminists and guys it’s time for us to be proud male chauvinist.I know this comment won’t open my friends eyes so I’ll be making a blog,a youtube channel to promote man hood.To empower males.To teach them why males should be superior to females.I’m pretty sure that there will be guys who do is being fair but they don’t know females are not into equality but ruling men.

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  4. i know how u r crying inside when writing this. because i have seen you in someone else. some women including me will always support you.

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  5. Great article! Only a man who has endured untold trauma caused by rogue women can pour out his emotions in the way you did. However, its a pity that only men who undergo such trauma realistically oppose radical feminism. Others are too consumed in savoring the juiciest fruit that women have to offer to even think of opposing their excesses. They are too scared that being even slightly politically incorrect with regard to women might rob them of the life’s delicacies. Men, unlike women, dig their graves when they think — it may have happened to him, but it can’t happen to me. Until finally it happens to them. And when it happens to him, he laments how unjust the world is! Men will continue to be persecuted unless we unite with a zero tolerance to any insult or injustice to anyone of their kind. It starts early. Think of our college days. How boys back stab each other in order to woo a girl. We deliberately try to demean each other in front of the girl so we can clinch our girl. Ever thought of what the girl thinks of each one of us? Just “disposable options.” In professional life, the boss showers extra niceties to females than men who slog their ass out with the hope of developing some intimacy with a few women. Politicians can go to any extent to satisfy their libido and sacrifice the most promising of male political workers at the alter of lust. Businessmen use women to secure deals and trap their competitors.

    How can we expect women to respect us when we ourselves screw others of our kind in this way? Unless, beyond a point, we are put self-esteem above personal pursuits and pleasures any hope of realizing a world that is fair to men, is just a dream.

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  6. Partha!

    Very Well Articulated my friend… I firmly believe that till the time “Victims”, do not come out in open (on their own accord) through the power of Pen or Keyboard, nobody would get to hear their side….
    Your writing should Inspire more and more Men, young and old alike, to come out and share…. Dispassionately… The experience as it was… The Farse, that was perpetrated on them in the name of gender biased assignment of “Victim” and “Oppressor” roles. The source of their Courage…. The Journey from there on….

    Quoting from the Prologue of a Book That contributed to my Strengths – “Small Acts of Resistance”

    “Big changes often start with acts that looked pointless at the time: small acts of resistance, bold acts of defiance, subtle acts of subversion, even witty acts of disobedience. Small Acts of Resistance celebrates the inspiring ingenuity and awe-inspiring courage of the human spirit and pays tribute to those who have been standing up to say “no”.

    Keep Writing, and Keep Inspiring! All the best!

    Akhilesh Yadav

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