No One Will Tell You These 33 Facts About Crime Against Men

33 Facts


  1. Andhra Pradesh was ranked 4th in terms of the number of dowry death cases filed (599) in 2011 after UP, Bihar, and MP, But 87% cases where the trial was completed in the yr the accused were found to be innocent.
  2. Andhra Pradesh was ranked 2nd in terms of the number of 498a cases filed (13376) in the yr 2011, but in 88% cases where the trial was concluded in the year, the accused were found not guilty.
  3. Andhra Pradesh ranks #1 in terms of the number of cases filed under Dowry Prohibition Act in 2011, but in 94% cases where the trial was completed in the year, the accused were found non-guilty.
  4. Any unnatural death within seven years of marriage is termed and recorded as dowry death.
  5. For each Dowry Death case (IPC 304B) reported in 2011, there were 2.9 persons arrested out of which 1.9 were innocent.
  6. For every IPC 498a case reported there were 1.8 persons arrested in 2011 out of which one person was innocent.
  7. For Dowry Death there were 104 persons under the age of 18 years were arrested in 2011, out of which 34 were women.
  8. For Dowry Death there were 759 persons over the age of 60 years were arrested in 2011, out of which 208 were women.
  9. For IPC 498a there were 370 persons under the age of 18 years were arrested in 2011, out of which 148 were women.
  10. For IPC 498a there were 7876 persons over the age of 60 years were arrested in 2011, out of which 2536 were women.
  11. In 2011, trials of 17483 accused were completed in Dowry Death cases, out of which 64% of people were acquitted.
  12. In 2011, trials of 105242 accused were completed in IPC 498a cases, out of which 79% of people were acquitted.
  13. Any woman can file a domestic violence case on any man she is in a domestic relationship with on a simple affidavit.
  14. No proof is required for a woman to file 498a or DVA complaint. Simple affidavit is enough.
  15. Only a woman is considered a victim under the Domestic Violence Act. No man can file a case even if subjected to violence by a woman.
  16. A simple affidavit is enough for a woman to get required relief under DVA. No trial is needed. Interim relief and ex-party relief granted easily.
  17. Even insults or ridicule to wife is considered as domestic violence. The opposite is not considered violence.
  18. Denying money to your wife for any reason is domestic violence.
  19. Seeking money from wife, for any reason is domestic violence.
  20. Once a DV case is filed, the husband may have to renounce domestic inhabitation rights in his own household.
  21. You may be asked to maintain your adulterous, bigamous wife or her illicit children.
  22. BaThe bastardization of a child is not allowed, and hence no court will declare a child as illegitimate. DNA proof done by private agencies is not enough proof of a child’s paternity.
  23. Wife can’t be punished under adultery laws no matter if it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Husband may still have to pay for her maintenance.
  24. No woman is ever punished for filing false complaints. Even though law commission says there are provisions under sections CrPC 358 (fine Rs 15,000), IPC 182 (Fine Rs. 1000, or imprisonment of 6 months or both), IPC 211 (court’s discretion, 2-7 years of imprisonment or fine or both), CrPC 250 (fine) to punish any false complainant. (source – Law commission report 243, Aug 2012).
  25. Any woman can file multiple 498a in different police stations. There are instances of women filing up to three different 498a complaints. The husband and his family still need to undergo harassment from all different police stations and courts.
  26. Once a case under DVA is filed, the protection officer assigned in the case can take any step against the accused and the officer can never be accused under any existing or new section.
  27. Based on the sole testimony of the complainant, the court may conclude that breach of a protection order has been committed by the accused and take necessary action.
  28. The complainant always gets a free copy of judgments whereas the accused need to pay for getting each judgment.
  29. WB, Maharashtra and AP are the top three states in India with the highest suicide rates. These are the states in highest 498a cases filed too.
  30. WB and AP were always within the top four states in terms of suicide.
  31. AP is second in terms of the total number of victims in family suicide in 2011.
  32. Family problem is the biggest reason (24.3%) for people committing suicide in 2011 whereas poverty is the least (1.7%).
  33. The maximum increase observed in suicide rate in 2011 over the previous year was due to divorce (54.5%).

If you want to contain the skyrocketing suicide rate, ever-increasing crime rate and establish family harmony in India, join any of the Men’s Rights Groups in the country. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. Like terrorism can hit you any time, growing legal terrorism too can hit you anytime. Join men’s rights today and be a part of the revolution.


  1. Hi Partha
    Wonderful effort uncover this truth.
    I appreciate your efforts. Its not the case with AP only but whole country is facing this issue but surprisinlgy law makers are only interested to punish more harshly to rape victims than to punish the criminals and scrupulous wives who files false cases to settle scores.


  2. Dear Parthaji,-making very good efforts.Expose shortcomings of Judiciary also, as cases are delayed in courts also. Why the cases can not be finalised in six Months as laid down in Act.The pendecy of cases must be exposed to CJI and Memorundums be also sent bringing out all loopholes.


  3. I wonder who has made such Draconian Rules and who has approved it. For punishing anybody for any offence, it should be legally proved. Here a lady’s word is taken as sermon and the court punishes somebody. Which primitive country are we in?. This is to be dealt with severely to scrap such brainless rules and I whole heartedly welcome any move to counteract this menace and can extend any help for achieving this goal. Wish you all the best in your endeavour.


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