5 Colourful Ways to Wear A Suit

Standing out in a sea of navy and black suits can be quite a challenge, particularly when you work in an office or in a big city full of suit-wearing men; however, there are a number of ways you can bring a bit of colour into your suit-wearing life.

Suits don’t have to be drab and all the same any more as there are many different fashion choices and accessories which can bring some colour and creativity to this traditional outfit, without losing the desired formality.

Colorful Suit

Here are five colourful ways to wear a suit:

  1. Choose a colourful tie

Perhaps the most obvious way to wear a suit more colourfully is to add a brightly coloured tie to the outfit. You can choose a colour which clashes with the suit or shirt colour to stand out more or pick a complementary colour to be super stylish.

Ties can be patterned as well as coloured so you could opt for stripes or spots or other patterns featuring contrasting colours to create a bold and dramatic effect, or go for a bright geometric pattern.

As long as it’s appropriate for the occasion and the venue you are attending, your tie can be as creative and colourful as you like, adding great personality and individuality to any traditional suit.

  1. Choose a colourful shirt

It might be that you are choosing not to wear a tie in which case your choice for creating colour within your suit lies with the shirt or t-shirt you choose to wear under the jacket. Again you can be as traditional or as creative as you like.

You can opt for a shirt which matches or clashes with the main colour of your suit or goes for a floral shirt with multiple bright colours for a really bold look. Your shirt can also clash with your tie if you want to create a vibrant statement.

It might be that you opt for a white shirt with colourful buttons and collar edges, for a touch of colour rather than going all out or choose a shirt in one very bold, bright block colour for a strong impact.

  1. Wear bright socks

It has long been the choice of the office rebel to hide brightly coloured socks underneath a traditional office suit but now it’s no longer a taboo to reveal colour-clashing patterned socks paired with business attire.

Coloured socks enable you to add colour without going overboard so if you work in a very traditional office this might be your only option to be slightly creative with your formal work suit.

As long as your shoes are polished and clean, the chances are most people won’t take much notice of what you wear on your feet so if you want to make a colourful impression you need to do it in a different way, but if you want to be colourful so that only you know, then get creative with your hosiery.

  1. Wear a pocket square

While they are often worn with wedding suits and on formal occasions, if you want to wear more colour in the workplace then try adding a colourful silk pocket square to your everyday business suit.

You can match it to your tie for a traditional approach or if you want to be really colourful then opt for different colours for your tie, shirt and pocket square to really bring a rainbow to the office.

Pocket squares come in a huge range of colours and patterns so this is an area where you can get super creative and come up with a new look for every single day of the week, using the same suit but different squares.

  1. Choose a non-traditional coloured suit

The final colourful way to wear a suit is to opt for a non-traditional coloured suit – clearly this has to be appropriate for the occasion and the venue so wouldn’t work for a black tie event or a very formal office.

However, there are many colourful suit options out there including bright blues, reds, burgundies and of course white suits. Particularly in the summer months, people tend to be more relaxed and where different colour suits so are creative and let the colours flow. One place to start looking is Dobell – a great site to find men’s suits.

If you work in fashion or creative industries you could even go a step further and opt for a floral suit or brightly patterned suit to really show off the colourful options out there in the world of men’s attire.


Suits don’t have to be drab and boring and even if you have to be formally dressed every day, there are many ways to add a touch of colour and creativity through the clever use of suit accessories, from ties to pocket squares, from shirt buttons to waistcoats.


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