Movie Review – Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed

Can we end all violence? Maneka Gandhi, India’s Minister for Women and Child Development (I have stopped putting Honorable before that ministry, as that has lost credibility and constitutional validity to exist) may disagree as she thinks all violence is male generated and as long as males exist in this world, violence will also exist but Scientist Dr. Sophia Rikkin of Abstergo Industries think otherwise. Her research dedicated to ending all violence was on ending violence using science. She explained her idea somewhat like this in the movie –

We have tried to end violence through politics, religion, consumerism but not succeeded, now we want to end violence using science”.

Abstergo a modern day incarnation of the Templar Order, gets funding in Billions for this project. Sophia, their lead scientist thinks that the first sign of disobedience in humans started with eating the forbidden Apple of Eden (and that makes Eve the first disobedient person on earth). If humans didn’t eat the apple, they would have been obedient and free.

The forbidden apple was last known to be safeguarded by a secret creed called ‘The Assassins’ that for centuries had opposed the Templar Order. Sophia’s research was to find the apple and end the root of all problems and end all violence (probably Maneka Gandhi will try to end male genes for).

The movie based on a video game series is an extraordinary work of special effects and fight sequences. Even Rajnikanth fans will be amazed to see the stunts shown that could be performed someone other than the great Rajni sir. Oscar nominates Michael Fassbender as the lead character Callum Lynch was outstanding and can shame Bollywood star Salman Khan as he was shirtless in more than half of the movie.

The movie was a recreation of memories from 1492 through a modern-day machine that could take Callum back in the memory of his ancestor Aguilar de Nerha in 1492 Spain and trace the memories to trace the apple. In this process of retrieving memories, there were violence and dream escapes with best of Hollywood mastery all over.

Finally, with a lot of action, the original apple was traced back to the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Rikkin presented it at the Templars’ elders meeting in London. But The Assassins strike The Templars sanctuary and retrieved the apple and escaped in another action-packed sequence.

The main attraction of the movie can be only enjoyed in 3D and thus one need to visit nearest theaters to watch the special effect. The special effects and the action sequences can be a real treat to one’s eyes.

While this movie is a sure treat for action and fiction lovers, this also raises some serious questions. If at all violence is curbed, will that be good for mankind? What if all of us submit to the eternal obedience of a superpower? Modern man is happy with consumerism, they don’t bother about being in the modern-day slavery of capitalism too. Their rights are taken away slowly and they are dumped into eternal slavery by a few who control power. As Abstergo bosses might want to control all resources through this obedience. Their goal of ending all violence was to be able to control resources without any disobedience from anyone.

While this may give some unabated power, the majority will be in the bliss of eternal slavery.

In this aspect, Sophia’s words that “we all behave the way we do is because of morality or law” in thought-provoking. Both are enforced by a few. If we were really free then the world would have been a completely different place to live in.

Even though all through the movie I was wondering if Adam and Eve really eat the apple, then how could someone retrieve it today even in imagination. Whatever may be the answer, feminists will surely be enraged with the analogy that the first signs of disobedience were shown by a woman Eve (by eating the Apple first). Thus, to the disappointment of women like Maneka who believed men are the root cause of all violence, it seems that it is indeed women who are the root cause of all violence. Movie Assassin’s Creed proves it once again.


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  1. Smt Menaka Gandhi’s Grand Father in Law So called Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru brought laws to spoil Indian Family system simply imitating Western Marriage system, he was not aware of greatness of Indian culture and good practice in India. How can be expect a lady belonging to that family can do any justice to Indian Family system. These feminists know only blaming our thousands years old practice which were created for the welfare of newly Wedded couple. wherein both families of bride as well as groom family used to contribute for settlement of new couple. Such people should not only condemned but Voted out of power.


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