“Minister: Play The Victim Card” – Indian Man Challenges Women’s Minister

After a man wrote an open letter (published by us earlier) to Maneka Gandhi, The Union Minister for Women and Child Development in India, she wanted to know his suggestions on Twitter.

Maneka Gandhi Open Letter

In his mail, he challenged the constitutional validity of the existence of the ministry as he said that when the basic premise of Indian Constitution is about creating equality, there can’t exist a ministry specifically to create benefits for women depriving men and create inequality. The “Special Provisions” mentioned in Indian Constitution can’t be construed as “All Benefits given only to women” as he challenges the ministry’s concept of considering women as an oppressed gender.

He said that the minister can also claim as a victim tomorrow with he being the oppressor. Here’s the mail –


The Minister
Ministry of Women and Child Development
Union of India,

It is unfortunate for me that I am writing this mail to a ministry on the request of the minister herself when the ministry has lost constitutional validity of its existence.

Indian Constitution that talks about giving the government right to create “special provisions” for women never gave the right to the government to give ALL benefits only to women. The very existence of this ministry today proves it is set up to deny all rights for men and should cease to exist any longer. This is because the basic tenets of the constitution are about equality and NOT about creating bias. So the existence of a ministry only for women while the same is nonexistent for men, shows the violation of our Constitution itself. This cannot be considered as a special provision for women in any manner.

You might have already read my articles on why The National Policy For Women is outrageous, shameful and should be withdrawn without a second thought because the benefits you plan to give to women simply for their gender is not special provision but violating rights of men like me directly.

The policy clearly shows tyrannical nature of the ministry that promises to snatch all rights of men to live peacefully and with dignity. You have shown plans not only to take away reproductive rights of men by proposing a focus on Male sterilization but want to snatch right to have a dignified life from differently able men as well. You are openly talking about creating a bias against boys so that they find it difficult to be competitive in education or in developing skills for getting jobs. If that was not all, you have plans to manipulate govt data and monitor media as well. I can say this because I read the intentions behind the innocently worded policy.

I am sure you and people from your ministry have read all the articles I have written against this policy before asking me to send this mail with my concerns. Hence, I am not elaborating it any further.

Do I expect anything from you? What can anyone expect from a ministry which doesn’t have any constitutional validity of existence? What can I expect from you when in-spite of being a minister, you are oppressed and I am the oppressor only because of our genders? What can a normal male citizen with no political backing expect when he knows even a minister can play the victim card tomorrow because of her gender. Because if you didn’t consider any of the above as true then you wouldn’t have created an outline for denying all rights for men like me and given all benefits to women like you.

So, I will not be surprised if tomorrow this mail is projected by Indian media to show how oppressed women in India are that even a minister received this mail when she asked for a citizen’s concerns.

We surely do not want a ministry like yours that is set to take us backward. This ministry has lost all its legitimate rights of existence as the open hatred created by your actions are clearly visible now.

Not sure how much of this letter you could understand. I don’t expect too much either. Had to write this mail only because you wanted me to. Now you can play the victim card. Since I am born as a male, I will always be the oppressor and women like Rohtak Sisters will get bravery award from women’s commission. After you fill media with feminists and consider everything said against women as online violence, they may be considered as good as well… Because no one will dare to say criminals need punishment, not an award.

No, we normal citizens have stopped expecting anything from this government and the politicians of forever oppressed women. You better know that not many people like this treatment anyways and the ever-growing victimhood of women is under question now. Even by monitoring media you can’t contain that.

The oppressor Indian male who does not have any rights…



  1. This ministry passed this act 498A and they consider husband and family as criminal where this ministry works where there is open prostitution biggest of asia in mumbai and kolkata why they are not women??Why goverment is not paying them any maintanance??Where are our so called smart judicial people.It seems prostitution is legal and marriage is are illegal in india. Those ladies who are helpless and thrown out by their parents nothing for them so ultimatly they becomes Prostitute and the Ladies who want to take whole family on toss are victims??Do you have answer for same??Why arent your ministry for women welfare do not pass law and make sure all bothrals are closed down??why those ladies are forced to do that business??why they are not victims??Why blindly laws are made gender based??We are males by gender because god has created us as male , then first file case against him??When he has created two genders then why passing such laws you are trying to break family??Pass law which simply states No Wedding function Everyone should only get married in court??Pass act which say No gift should be given by any relative or anyone?? Pass laws which says If there is any incidence of DV physical then immediately file complain.Why after 10 years of marriage you talk about dowary??Girl and her parents were sleeping through out those 10 years?? Why DV all of sudden because girl is not able to adjust, to allow her for ilicit relationship??Section 497 deals with Adultary which says circumstantial evidence as proof to prove adultery and in same court if girls photograph is shown with her boyfriend then she is consider to be mental tourtured DV do you have justification or answer for same??


  2. Special provisions means special facilities for women such as a “women” only learning centers,special “clinics” run for women,special cabs run for “women” by the government.Advocacy of special provisions for women by the constitution in no way gives the government a sanction to ignore the basic precept of equality before law while framing legislations neither does it mean to give free license to women to misuse laws “specifically” framed for them.Existence of laws “especially” framed for women is against the constitution as constitution is clear to state that “All men ‘and women’ are equal before law”,implication being both genders are to be equally punished if any law is violated.Excluding men from the applicability of certain laws is in clear violation of this basic precept.
    If there needs to run a ministry specifically for women it must be funded by women only.Extracting money from men through tax and running a Ministry especially for women excluding men is a direct discrimination of the male gender.


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