An Open Letter To Women’s Minister From A Disgusted Indian Man


Maneka Gandhi

It is not a very happy moment for me as a man in India and I don’t feel like adding ‘Respected’, ‘Hon’ble’ before your name. But as a union minister probably I needed to add that. But after reading the latest draft National Policy for Women I am not able to add any of these, as I clearly see your and your ministry’s hatred towards Indian males well reflected in the above policy. And yes I do not find anything to empower women rather than it being a comprehensive policy to destroy men as I shall explain in this letter.

The draft policy says it is your ministry’s vision to the empowerment of women and I only wish the ministry knew what empowerment really meant. I shall try to capture my thoughts pointwise here –

  1. The policy mentions that ‘Women Empowerment’ “is a process that will make women realize their full potential in terms of access to opportunities, resources and freedom of choices both at home and outside. “ – So this could have been restricted to inform women about the existing opportunities available to them rather than using the government created opportunities only for women and depriving men of the same. Remember, Indian males had voted you to power as well and they wanted equal access to such opportunities rather than being deprived of such opportunities and making them available only to women. In this process of giving women the resources and freedom of choices, all this policy does, is to take away these rights from men as shall be elaborated later.
  2. In the context of women advancement, the policy states that “advancement is accompanied by women’s ability to influence the direction of social change”. You have also mentioned about Indian constitution and other global treaties. But remember our constitution only talks about equality to genders and not giving all benefits only to women and depriving men of the same. If women restricted from some public places before independence was a bias against them, this government is creating more bias against men and boys by restricting their access to opportunities, resources and by not giving them choices. All because they don’t have any ministry to talk about their issues. It is also a shame that your ministry is handling welfare for Indian boys and you are very well showing stepmother like attitude to them.
  3. In clause 1.4, the policy mentions that this policy was needed because after implementation NEPW, 2001 there are technological advancements in the world that had impacted women more than men. What made the ministry think so? When your ministry on several occasions created several kinds of reservations for women in different educations institutes of excellence including IITs and IIMs or given them grace marks to enter those institutes, you have created a bias against men. Today most of the social media users are women and in no way they are deprived of. Rather by denying legitimate entry to educational centers of excellence to many deserving boys, your ministry has shown hatred towards them.
  4. The 12 points stated in the introduction of the policy to clarify the need of this new policy, seems not only vague but intended towards complete destruction of the society and telling pure lies about women empowerment, gender equality, and gender equity. The twelve point objectives (Clause 4 of the policy) stated the holistic view of how a govt. can create deep-rooted bias in all spheres of life of a gender. You felt the need of affordable and quality healthcare only for women, you felt the need to incentivize affordable and quality education only for girls when our census report shows that all India Female to Male Graduate ratio is 955 when the gender ratio shown in the same 2011 Census is 943. The policy also talks about transforming discriminatory social attitude towards women by involving men, while in reality, we have criminals Rohtak Sisters getting bravery award from the state women’s commission. So is your ministry trying to portray such women as Bravehearts, goddesses by using men? Is your ministry trying to prove that women are saints and they need to be always projected like one no matter what happens?
  5. The objectives stated in the beginning also talks about developing the gender-sensitive legal – judicial system. When in India we see false cases in all sections pertaining to crimes against women is heaping in our courts, when we see women misusing every law so much and no courts  can even punish them, when we see our chief justice crying in public to get more judges to clear off pending cases (which is because of unprecedented rise in false complaints in women related crimes), when your policies have crippled the judiciary and denied justice to everyone – how as a minister of the union government you can justify this complete destruction of our society?
  6. I understand your focus on women’s healthcare giving preference to pregnant and lactating mothers. They probably needed to be treated with care as our future generation is with them but how will you describe shifting family planning focus to male sterilization from female sterilization other than making men losing their reproductive rights? What authority does the constitution of India give you to do so? If our constitution has given the government any right create “special provisions” for women that can never mean that it has given right to “take away” same rights from men. Ministry’s complete hatred against Indian men is clear in this policy. Similarly, the policy talks about giving priority attention to women suffering from Cancer, Cardio-Vascular Diseases and HIV/AIDs with suitable policies, shows that this govt. does not care about the same issues in men. Even if this mention is only about prioritizing these ailments over other ailments women suffer from, but with the intervention of govt. policies in these areas will only make sure differential treatments against men.

    Read – Why Selective Female Sterilization Can Bring Gender Parity in India

  7. The policy’s agenda to create special geriatric care for women aged 60 or above because they constitute 8.4% of the population. What a shrewd way to avoid the fact that women in India are actually not endangered, as the ministry and the government are otherwise promoting on all platforms but they are in fact living longer lives. So when women in India are living longer this government is again creating more bias among senior citizens by giving women special medical care. When the government knows that men are being killed systematically until 60 years of age, no matter how many of them are left alive after 60 years, the govt. does not bother about them. This shows the hatred this government has towards 51% of the population in the country. Eventually, all of them will have to face this discrimination.
  8. If the above discriminatory policies were not enough, you have made even the right to live difficult for men in unreached areas. The policy in clause 5.1.XVIII states that uninterrupted supply of food grains will be made available to women and children in unreached areas during national emergencies under National Food Security Act, 2013. Problem is, the government still do not recognize the fact that poor families in unreached areas are anyways deprived of quality/nutrient food. If men cannot survive the disaster, how will they help women and children to survive? Or is your govt. saying, men living alone and those who are unmarried do not have any right to get quality food grains? By giving control to such foodgrain banks to women SHGs, you are also opening us to a situation where these food banks will be exploited by private groups that will deny access to men completely. Is it why men in India have voted you to deprive them of their basic rights to live?
  9. If the above areas to deny men their right to live was not enough, then your ministry has also drafted a policy to rob our little boys of their right to have a quality education, skills, and jobs. Whatever section 5.II of the policy states is full of how our boys will be deprived of their Right to Education and how they will be made incapable of getting good jobs by creating a deep-rooted institutional injustice in India. When you talk about giving special pre-primary training only to the girls so that they become more competitive in primary schools, you are basically creating unfair competition for boys. This is done at a time when our Census data shows that the Gender Parity Index (GPI) which is the ratio between Females and Males (Female: Male) in class I – V is actually 1.00. How is that possible when the number of females in any age group is less compared to that of males? This indicates that today we have more than equal participation of female students in primary education, but your ministry is creating an unnecessary bias against male students who are supposed to be taken care of by your ministry only. When you make our girls more competitive at primary schools level, our boys will find it more difficult to sustain that competition and unnecessary bias created by the system and will eventually drop out. The same is true when you talk about skill development or sexual harassment complaints in schools. When such harassment can happen to both genders and culprits may be both the genders you are completely ignoring the rights of boys thus proving your ministry’s incapability to handle such issues.

    Read – Govt. Data Shows Boys Are Forced to Drop-Out

  10. Your policies mentioned in 5.II.V and 5.II.VII and 5.II.IX are also significantly biased against our boys. Mention of recruitment of more female teachers and then talking about teaching gender roles to our little kids is outrageous. Because that will create feministic role models and a skewed idea about gender roles. The provision of encouraging females to join technical/scientific courses through financial assistance, coaching and quota system only tells me that govt. is again trying to destroy our educational excellence in these areas. Quota in centers of excellence like IITs and IITMs will only create an unnecessary debate of incompetent women getting the opportunities depriving deserving male candidates. This is nothing but showing your hatred to the boys unfortunately who are supposed to be taken care of by your ministry. Same goes for other benefits created for girl students including govt. collaboration with international universities. So this policy of yours clearly and openly states that this government is bent on taking away all educational rights from Indian males and unless they are super intelligent they can’t sustain in the race of life. This is NOT creating women empowerment but unfortunately, this is wasting govt. resources in wrong areas and looting Indians of everything. I am ashamed to see you as a minister now.
  11. The policy’s finding that because women do not engage in the economy and they are mostly employed in unorganized sector with less paid jobs and thus a comprehensive plan to engage them in mainstream economy is not well thought out. Giving them priority in all govt. land redistribution, purchase and lease schemes and giving them tax benefits for any such acquisition is not women empowerment but women appeasement. While this takes into account the land and real estates owned by women this does not take into account the gold and jewelry they own. They also own house and real estate property. As this analysis from different reports show that Indian women own more property than men. Indian women own USD 58.5 BN worth of property whereas Indian men own only USD 40.8 BN worth of property. This clearly shows that your ministry’s objective in this national policy is solely to deprive men in all possible ways which are nothing but shows profound male hatred. Giving tax rebates, excise duty exemptions to women will only increase the tax burden on men. So while men pay taxes to your government they will be deprived of all their rights by such institutional measures. Also while your ministry is increasing factors to increase women acquired properties you have not yet made it illegal for women to demand rights in their husband’s property where they don’t have any contribution. This is a double jeopardy created by you that only shows how much hatred you have for men and how this govt. is creating injustice for our future generation.
  12. In this policy when you spoke about the creation of equal pay environment for women, you have also spoken about giving them financial benefits and quota to increase their numbers in positions of CXOs, Civil services or as judges and also creating part-time work, flexible working, and other benefits. This will not only create a bias against deserving male candidates but will also ensure that men get paid less for doing more hard work. The unemployment and under-employment of Indian males will increase and only incompetent govt. sponsored and funded women will acquire positions leading to disaster in every possible area. While the intelligent men will be shunned by the system, the incompetent women will run the govt. and judiciary. This is a clear signal of the demise of Indian society in the long run.

    Why India’s Gender Pay Gap is The Biggest Lie

  13. If the above cruelty against Indian men was not enough, this policy also talks about creating discrimination against differently able males by ensuring that all provision of The Persons with Disabilities ACT, 1995 will be pro women. This is not very difficult for men like me to understand what your plan is to create some biased benefits for women in future citing Article 15(3) of the constitution. So in future, your hateful policies may be as cruel as giving less disabled women more benefits, financial help or reservation than more disabled males. We have understood your hypocrisy by now and can understand how much hatred you are trying to generate through this policy. Even differently able men are not spared from your cruel intentions. Really, what else we men can expect from such an incompetent administrator who is ready to create more such incompetence in different fields.

    Differently Abled – More Males But Females Enjoy All Benefits

  14. What the policy states under enabling environment Clause 5.VI is pure tyranny and not anything else. Employing/encouraging more women in media and ensuring ‘gender – sensitive’ language in media is the biggest dictatorship I have ever seen. Even though you have used it in a polished language, let me tell you that we understand that this policy basically wants to feminize the media and create more heroes like Rohtak Sister, Jasleen Kaur (false molestation fame) or Nisha Sharma (false dowry complainant). We have seen enough of women group’s hypocrisy of making women criminals as gods and such attempts of feminizing media are only aimed at that.
  15. If crippling media was not enough and if the CJI crying openly for more judges didn’t send enough panic alarms to the government, let me tell you that your plan to cripple judiciary in the name of “Gender Sensitivity” (conducted by feminists groups) training to police, judges, lawyers and law schools only give a signal to a man like me that now justice to men will be completely denied and government is openly forcing men to commit more crimes. And yes, even though many women may not like this way of empowerment by giving them all benefits, depriving men and boys but they will not speak up against this policy. What your policies are aimed at creating is making the line between capable women and incapable women very thin. So, now even really capable women will lose value because of these policies and no one will know who was really pampered by the government and who was not. The result will be a disaster, as all women will be seen as parasites and there will be no credit given to women who will sweat it out without any reservation. Because the social bias thus created will always eliminate some more deserving boys to create the rosy future for less deserving women.

Hope the above details were enough for you to understand (if you can without any assistance) why Indian men like me do not endorse such tyrannical policy. Empowerment and equal rights do not mean you will deprive other sections of the population. We are really ashamed to have a dictatorship and open abuse of the constitution under your ministry. If this stunt was to show the importance of your ministry in India, let me tell you that it will create anarchy in India in future and history will never forgive you for that.



  1. Very well written article. If there have been discrimination against women, it cannot now be rectified by discrimination against men! This will only lead to discrimination against women again when another party makes it an election issue and comes to power!

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  2. Very good article. Exposing real face of our politics. It is d biggest unfortunate if u took birth as a male India. Our govt. n judiciary has made our constitution a mockery. No body is ready to see d real problems. Every time vote politics. But what I feel this time men biased policy, all d political parties may have pay cost.


      • Correction. she needs to be KICKED out (remember like Indira Gandhi threw her out?)But then who’s gonna do that?It’s easier said than done. And how to do it until men (including the brainwashed chivalrous male feminists including the celebs of MARD etc. the founder being kicked out of his own house ) unite for the upliftment of their own rights? The moment we speak out against misandry we are silenced by umpteen trolls (mostly from so called INDEPENDENT women) On an average many a time a MRA or a MGTOW (who I firmly believe is also a form of Men’s rights Activist)is abused or made fun of.
        Men should unite. And until and unless they realize that they are better off without freeloading alleging feminists or wannabe matriarchs like these our movement will be in dire problem.
        Partha btw congratulations on being on the top 5 blogs list.

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        • You are wrong about your contention that a MGTOW is an MRA, bro. MRAs are fighting a losing battle against a a well-entrenched and well-funded monster and there’s no hope in hell that they’ll succeed. Of course, MRAs are creating awareness about the perils men face but that’s about all. In fact, the first MRA group was formed in 1926 and they’ve been fighting ever since against the afore-mentioned monster called feminism which has only grown stronger. MGTOWs, on the other hand, are not “activists” but are peacefully leaving the plantation that has regarded men as slaves since times immemorial. That’s the reason feminists poke fun at MRAs all the time but they (the feminists) are scared shitless of MGTOWs. 🙂


  3. Replace all words related to ‘females’ with caste and religion based reservations which are certainly the biggest folly of our country of 69 years. Economic status based reservations would be the best. Make that an open letter to all political parties


  4. बहुत सही लिखा है. आज के राजनीतिज्ञ हर काम को सिर्फ वोटों के तराजू पर तौलते है. महिला सशक्तिकरण के नाम पर दहेज, घरेलू हिंसा, रेप के मुकदमें आम हो रहे हैं. केस झूठा पाने पर भी महिला को दण्डित न करना, महिलाओं के पक्ष में एकतरफा कानून बनाना- एक साजिश लगती है भारतीय परिवारों को तोड़ने की. आज हर पुरुष अपने को असुरक्षित महसूस कर रहा है. गुज़ारा भत्ता के नाम पर पति की संपत्ति को लूटा जा रहा है. सशक्तिकरण के नाम पर महिलाओं को भिखारी, लुटेरी बनाया जा रहा है.यदि पढ़ी लिखी हैं तो उनसे खुद कमाने को क्यों नहीं कहा जाता ? पर कोई क्यों कहेगा ऐसा ? इससे वोट जो नहीं बढ़ेंगे. जाति धर्म के नाम पर समाज को बाँट चुकने के बाद लिंग भेद की दीवारें पैदा कर वोटों की खेती की जा रही है.


  5. हुत सही लिखा है. आज के राजनीतिज्ञ हर काम को सिर्फ वोटों के तराजू पर तौलते है. महिला सशक्तिकरण के नाम पर दहेज, घरेलू हिंसा, रेप के मुकदमें आम हो रहे हैं. केस झूठा पाने पर भी महिला को दण्डित न करना, महिलाओं के पक्ष में एकतरफा कानून बनाना- एक साजिश लगती है भारतीय परिवारों को तोड़ने की. आज हर पुरुष अपने को असुरक्षित महसूस कर रहा है. गुज़ारा भत्ता के नाम पर पति की संपत्ति को लूटा जा रहा है. सशक्तिकरण के नाम पर महिलाओं को भिखारी, लुटेरी बनाया जा रहा है.यदि पढ़ी लिखी हैं तो उनसे खुद कमाने को क्यों नहीं कहा जाता ? पर कोई क्यों कहेगा ऐसा ? इससे वोट जो नहीं बढ़ेंगे. जाति धर्म के नाम पर समाज को बाँट चुकने के बाद लिंग भेद की दीवारें पैदा कर वोटों की खेती की जा रही है.


  6. Dear ALL,
    World& India is increasingly Unsafe for Men due to Anti-Men stance by Pro-Women Fanatics, Biased News Hungry Media, Divide& Rule Hungry Western Countries and Vote-Case-Sex-Power Hungry Politicians/Police/Judges/Other officials.
    It happened because Men generally keep quiet being more broadminded.
    However, if we keep quiet more, MEN MAY BE DESTROYED- Now Most Men are being Harassed by women with more suicides and good-living concept of Marriage systematically destroyed by Law-Rules Misusing Official-Criminals as above (they never detect& punish False Women Complainants).
    1. MEN must actively RALLY& VOTE for Gender Equal (Non-Anti-Men) Party like SP or even BJP (anti-national& antisocial Congress enacted many anti-men laws)
    2. MEN must PRESS for enacting GENERAL LAW/RULE providing for Sacking/Arresting/ Prosecuting/Punishing Police/Judges/Other officials for Not detecting False Cases& Not Punishing False Women Complainants.


      • I don’t know, I don’t belong to any party. Buth they seem to be a bit better than the congress. During congress rule, all these laws were enacted. Indira jaisingh, the greatest feminist of them all was placed as additionional attorney general. Foreign funding for feminist cuases were readily made available….. The new government seems a bit more level headed.


        • If BJP government was any better, it would have tried to make the laws gender neutral. But this is not the case. So I’ll stick to my opinion.

          After all, we didn’t want a government which was ‘a bit better’. We wanted a government with gender neutral mindset.

          PM Modi is a feminist himself; and until he manages to develop a gender neutral mindset, he is no better than any other feminist in this country.


  7. Meanwhile – here in the USA:

    It’s all about power, wealth and control and which gender will wield it – and women’s groups have proven that they’ll do anything to make sure that women not only hold life destroying power over men – but will also ensure the steady increase of that power over men with each year that passes. As more and more men wisely decide to remain free of the most anti-male contract ever invented – what we foolishly call marriage (slavery for men) – laws and policies (i.e., VAWA, Affirmative Consent, Title IX) will change or be added to force as much wealth and power from men to women as possible – giving women ever increasing power to destroy men’s lives – the thrust of which has already been going on for many decades. In many Westernized countries, merely living with a woman for a relatively brief period can give women the same rights to asset division, alimony and child support that their married counterparts so enjoy (see ‘de facto marriage’, ‘de facto relationship’, and ‘cohabitation rights bill’).

    Marriage has long been obsolete for men. The NAWL (National Association of Women Lawyers) wrote the no-fault divorce law, first introduced by Reagan in California, with one intention: To allow women to dispose of their husbands while simultaneously giving them the power to keep their X husbands current and future assets and income. NAWL heralds this legislation as their greatest achievement for women. Since that time, trillions of dollars have been forcefully transferred via state enforced theft from men to women – resulting in many a man’s suicidal death.

    It’s ridiculous to expect men to counter the feminist nightmare. Any serious attempt at doing so will land you in jail/prison and leave you unemployable for life – essentially forcing you into homelessness, starvation, rape and beatings, early death and/or suicide; hence the intense efforts and wins by feminists to criminalize criticism of feminism. Affirmative Consent is a chilling attempt by women’s groups to remove men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process. That’s insanity – but it’s just one more example of the desire of organizations like NOW (National Organization of Women) to silence men’s voices and forcefully transfer power, wealth and control from men to women. In reality, it’s all organized, legalized theft. It’s all so very obvious – yet deprogramming men from decades of misandric social engineering – in most cases – is a kin to brain surgery. What’s more, thanks to gynocentric mandates, most men prevent other men from seeing the truth, thereby enabling the destruction of men through feminist ideology, anti-male policies and laws. The Istanbul Convention, spreading like wildfire across the EU – criminalizes anti-feminism and goes further to mandate that men – by force of law – support feminism through their thoughts, finances and actions in everyday life.

    Never give a woman the ring of power – or any significant legal power over your life – lest that power be used and abused to destroy your life and future. Every year, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of men – in the US alone – learn this lesson too late . Every year – tens upon tens of thousands of men commit suicide as a result.

    Smart men won’t leave any progeny for their X wives to confiscate nor wealth to transfer through anti-male laws to themselves – leaving women in increasingly dire straights. Nothing could possibly bring me more joy.

    What is it that women’s groups and white knights most depend upon? That’s an easy one: Cheap, disposable male lives and cultural misandry. Western nations can’t survive without a constant supply of outsourced birth. Did you ever ask yourself, “What happens when the outsourced birth rate of cheap, disposable, culturally hated supply of male lives runs dry?” I did. Here it is – playing out before your very eyes!

    Behold the power of man-hating women’s groups and their man-hating white knights. Here’s the future of the world and why feminists and white knights will bring nothing but death and destruction to themselves:

    Feminism is spreading like a cancer the globe over. I cannot overstate my joy that things are going exactly as I anticipated. The import of cheap, disposable, culturally hated slave men will ironically be ended by man hating feminists and their ever-to-eager-to-appease white knights. The irony is pure bliss.

    The outsourced birth and low wage enslavement of men to third world nations – for import by man-hating white knights and man-hating women’s groups – will soon be the death of the same. I find nothing – and I mean nothing – more appealing. I only hope their deaths are so severe and pain filled that the men who so needlessly and foolishly sacrificed their lives for the same man-hating women and white knights have an afterlife in which to receive justice. In other words – I hope these men – and in many cases boys – rise from the dead to spit, defecate and urinate upon the decaying corpses of feminists and their white knight enablers.

    An effort to give you some global perspective…

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  8. A well thought analysis, GOI’s intention is clear to oppress men as mush as possible, a men should live as a slave to women. With such policies in place you mention that government is forcing men to commit crimes, but my friend men will prefer suicide rather committing crime’s.
    The law makers doesn’t care anything else other then getting votes by giving freebies. For Indian males it will take another century to get recognized as human being.
    Keep doing the good work !!!

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    • There is ONE SUPREME POWER, the GOD. It is just matter of time. MEN built this Civilization, MEN Invented, Innovated and Pioneered ALL the areas on which the World/Society depends upon; Science, Technology, Medicine, Engineering, Communications, Education, Banking … you name IT !

      The moment MEN are united, that will the END of fcs !!!


  9. India is a country to punish the innocent and honour the corrupt and criminals. No hope to a common “man”


  10. The blogger rightly raises the question: Why special provisions for women?
    I intend to break the norms and answer this question with a question. Hypothetically, you belong to a socially backward class, let’s say generations of manual scavenging, you deprived of education but your son worked hard through school, securing a chance to get into India’s premier educational institutions if you used your categorical reservation. Would you prevent your son from taking the seat? Do you not deserve a chance to lead a better life?
    Incidentally, the policy of reservation is a debated issue, abused by many classes of individuals, shunned by the upper classes as unfair. But, isn’t it the job of the people elected government to uplift the socially and economically weak population. One of my friends’ recently pointed out that: yes, the concept of reservation is flawed, but isn’t improving the life of a family worth the trouble?
    Similar is the case with provisions for women, the physically weaker sex has faced extreme oppression in the society. Few feminists and those against them have a skewed idea that feminism aims at bringing unto us a gynocentric world, not true. In the run against feminism, we are ignoring the actual recipients of these incentives or provisions. Sure, some women abuse their place in the society, but what of the women and minors being sexually assaulted every year. Isn’t providing relief to the victims of trauma and educating them to protect themselves not worth it. Will empowering a woman to take charge of her life, not teach her to deal with consequences of an assault? Isn’t protecting the vulnerable population of our country our duty??
    Ultimately, feminism should be the face of our unified fight for the dignity of an individual. And just as men say “not all men are rapists”, “not all women abuse their position in the society”. We are definitely not goddesses, but we deserve basic respect as an individual and human being. It need not just be “he for she”, let’s also ensure “she for he”.


  11. Very well written. Even I have started reading the draft and already find it disgusting. She is creating discrimination in children itself by giving clear preference to girl child as if there aren’t enough initiatives already. God save this country!


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