Even Barkha Dutt Had A Molestation Story, And Why We Didn’t Believe That

Barkha with her sob story in “Women in the World” summit – News and image from Indiatimes

There is a popular feminist theory – sob, ‘cry rape’ when you are in trouble. Create something new, something extraordinary, imagine rape either child abuse, rape or gang rape – people mostly will believe your story. If they don’t, call them chauvinists, pigs, morons, rapists…etc.

Yeah, I know I am already branded as one because I did not believe her story. Rather I think it is merely a publicity stunt by her. Here are the reasons –

  1. Barkha Dutt told her child sexual abuse story in her latest book after 36 years of the crime. She is not a shy or fearful woman. One who could divorce two times (I don’t care about her personal life though) can’t be taken as a meek or a shy person at all. If one has seen her debates and the way Barkha silences men, one will easily understand her male hating attitude (and I am sorry if I mix that with her multiple divorces) but one does not need any intelligence to understand that Barkha couldn’t have been silent for so long on her own childhood abuse.
  2. The second incident was in her college. A person Barkha dated had abused her and lawyers intimidated her against going to court. Oh, what a bullshit story! In India, violence against women is already taken seriously. If Barkha was really hit, she had a thousand ways to get justice. Also, her attitude in open forums, tell us Barkha is not the one who is ever afraid of shouting her mind out and she herself could be violent as well. Then why she didn’t go ahead with her plans to teach that man a lesson? Something not quite right here. The story she wrote about violence against the woman could actually be violence by the woman.
  3. Incidentally, these stories were written in her latest book. So how many ways you know to popularize a book? Well, learn this trick from her. Barkha got an international platform to popularize her book so she did. All global and viral media is talking about her stories and everyone wants to know more about it. Either they want to criticize her or they want to sympathize/empathize with her. They only have one option – read her book. So quick, free and easy method to gain publicity. Anyways people are not reading books these days. They need some masala to even buy it.
  4. While elaborating why she broke her silence after so many years, Barkha told that while she believed women should come out and report sexual violence, she had to become a leader and show the way to them. We understand that very well, but don’t understand why she needed so many years and an international forum to show the violence against her when she had already attended other international forums earlier and she had been very vocal about these issues always. So what changed? Oh yes, Barkha didn’t publish the book earlier. We understand.
  5. The recent time is very much against her. Indians know her as an anti-national more than anything else. Her intention to shame India and her culture in every possible way is also well known. An image building was necessary. Nothing else works better for a woman rather than bringing in some sob stories. When feminist mothers can imagine rape of their 28-day old babies in India and when mainstream media publishes and makes that a confirmed rape based on such stories, how could Barkha be different. After all, she comes from the same NDTV and media background that knows how to popularize any crap.
  6. Barkha didn’t publish any names. Both the incidents she narrated are so vague. One incident in childhood with one relative. Another one, a fling in her college days. She does not have guts to take those names because those incidents might be completely made up stories. People still believe such stories because the finger is not at them. Let her publicize the names and fight it out in courts if she is telling the truth why telling stories to outside world when we don’t have any check on the veracity. She is only trying to create a sensation around her recent book and not on child sexual abuse. Because in terms of child sexual abuse a WCD survey showed male children are abused more than female children, so if Barkha wanted to bring that perspective, she is at a loss too.
  7. The fact that lawyers told her that the case would take 20/25 years, could have been correct because her case lacked substance. Because they could have realized that she could have done the wrong in the college incident and actually she was at fault. Who knows? It is time that she published the names of the lawyers who suggested her the same. Hehe.., I know she can’t do that because the incident could be a fictitious story. I am also interested to know which criminal cases in India ran for 20/25 years. Yeah, I am really insane because I don’t believe such sexual harassment cases run for so long if they are based on facts.
  8. We have seen both Jasleen Kaur and Rohtak Sister cases. We have seen how Barkha and her gang made them Bravehearts, idols for women. We have also seen how they became silent after those criminals were exposed. All in the name of being women. When these criminals become victims for her, we know what she is talking about in her own story.

The same analogy can also be drawn for complainants of #MeToo cases. All of them are very vocal about social situations. They are educated and come from the privileged strata of society. So, when they start shouting about their childhood abuse after 10/15/20 years, they don’t generate any sympathy for their tears. It becomes almost impossible to believe their stories. Some of the stories like the one told by Tanushree Dutta is already debunked. We all understand that all liar junkies come forward with fake stories for instant publicity.

We can only tell these women and Barkha that “(dear) Barkha, please don’t create so much drama that people start being insensitive towards the pain of those women who had suffered these in reality”.


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  1. Feminists have certain vested interest due to involvement and influence of foreign funds. Nation never believe such media who make Rai ka Pahad out of fake and false stories to spoil our society.


  2. What nonsense. Lots of women never talk about abuses that happened in their childhood. What’s the point of talking about them when the “statute of limitation” is over.
    Ohh and she merely wrote about the abuse in her book. It’s the publishing house, that wants to highlight that, in order to sell the book. Why? ‘Cause, sex sells; even if it’s in the form of abuse,


    • You are exactly on the point…. But as per some established survey, and also as per my experience, young boys get sexually abused more than young girls…. Not only that, abusers are not always of opposite gender and certainly not always much older, or even somewhat older boys / girls or adults…. And another thing that far few men report rape, of DV when women do it to them, than it is the other way round…..

      So how is that you say a well written blog piece is non-sense, when it tries to expose the hypocrisy ??. I ask this, as the crime of sexual nature is not limited to women being always the victim and men being always the perpetrator….. So when crime is gender neutral from both sides, how is that speaking against misuse of public emotions and laws a nonsense ?? Did you read even the last line of the blog ?? And here again the feminist inside you is trying to shift blame of seeking publicity to sell the book on to the shoulders of publishers…..

      Problem with any movement like feminism or leftist ones or even rightist ones is that in the name of movement which tries to remove the barricade of harshly and blindly enforced stereotypes, they create their own set of stereotypes….. They forget that stereotypes are not wrong by default, but when they are blindly enforced they become stereotypes that need removal….. At least in those count, I favor many rightist movements (even though I mentioned it above along with leftist ones), because they are not hypocritical to the point that they say they are fighting against stereotypes….. I would clearly help rightists, if I can scientifically use knowledge and traditional learning to figure the origin of stereotypes and their efficacy if any in current setting…..


  3. This is sheer blasphemy. Every time a sexual abuse happens, it’s the man who is held responsible. But honestly speaking without elaborate discussion, I have been in a phase when a psychologist actually took advantage of my confessions and lured me into a sexual relationship and then accusing me of sexual abuse. She threatened me that if I ever raised in the issue, she would put me behind bars and accuse me of raping her.


  4. This is sheer blasphemy. Every time a sexual abuse happens, it’s the man who is held responsible. But honestly speaking without elaborate discussion, I have been in a phase when a psychologist actually took advantage of my confessions and lured me into a sexual relationship and then accusing me of sexual abuse. She threatened me that if I ever raised in the issue, she would put me behind bars and accuse me of raping her.


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