Woman Seriously Hurt In Bangalore Bus As Men Did Not Stop Her From Falling

Bangalore Volvo bus
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When men are unnecessarily termed as molesters they refuse to help women even in dangerous situations, resulting in grievous injuries to her. The same has happened to a woman a few days ago in a Bangalore Volvo bus.

For those who do not have an idea about Volvo buses running in Bangalore, these buses have a raised platform towards the backside of the bus. Normally there is a stair to climb the raised platform. The woman was occupying the right aisle seat of the second row in the raised platform, whereas I was occupying the aisle seat in the same row on the left side.

She had to stand up from her seat for something and was not holding anything when the bus applied sudden brake resulting her to strike a rod which she tried to grab initially in order to prevent herself from falling. But the jerk was so sudden that she could not withstand the thrust and went ahead and fell badly. She was hit directly in the head and then in her spine by another seat about 5 feet away.

There were three hands that went instantaneously to grab her and prevent her from falling. All three were from gentlemen. Two of them were occupying the aisle seats on the front rows in front of us and another was sitting where she exactly fell. But all of them retracted immediately and let her fall instead of grabbing her and getting headlines on news channel.

There was another woman sitting very close to the place where she fell but she didn’t stretch her hand to prevent this fall either.

The woman was lying on the floor for five minutes and everyone just looked at her without trying to make her stand or see how badly she was injured. Men were all the more reluctant (being a man I could feel that) as she was a beautiful modern girl in her 20s. All men in the bus continued to remain seated in their respective seats without moving an inch even after her great fall which was visibly very hurtful. All were just staring at her and hoping that she was alright. No one went to her to see if she was okay. No one even gave their water bottle to help.

The front portion of the bus was full of young working women but they were looking blankly without doing anything or knowing what was to be done. Only after five minutes, one woman gave her water bottle to another to help her. All these five minutes the girl was lying on the floor unattended by anyone.

So far in my life, I have always seen men running towards the woman and helping her instantly in such situations. But constant male shaming and unnecessary hype around molestation and harassment complaints and nationwide sensation created around such cases have made men immune to these pain of women. On the other hand, women have never played the role of protector for anyone. They have always been victims. So they didn’t know how to save others from danger either. Probably they still felt that some men would have come forward to help and men were reluctant to be termed as a molester.

In this case, even I could prevent her from falling by grabbing her hand. But all of us who were in the position to help her was thinking of the consequences. I was not shocked to see three men stretching their hands and then withholding it within seconds and letting her fall and get seriously injured.

I am not sure if she had got internal brain or spine injuries. She was barely able to stand even after ten minutes. She got down where I did. But there was no one offering her to take her home. I looked at her, wanted to ask her if she was okay but did not.

Dear women, the time has come that you automatically take up protector role for others. You have shamed men so much that men have stopped being your protectors. I do feel sorry for women in my home as no one will help them too when they are out, but I can hardly do anything about it. Until a few months ago the situation was opposite. But women like Jasleen and Rohtak Sisters who wanted instant fame and the media, politicians and the legal system that showed their incapability to punish such women has led to this situation. Dear women, this is what feminism has given to you, so deal with it.

If you think it is a generalization of the matter, that is the same thing you have done every time there was any reported incident of rape or sexual violence or domestic abuse. You all have denied justice to men and this is what the consequences are. You have never created hue and cry about punishing women Jasleen, you have never created any petition to close down NCW that promoted such legal terrorism, now you are the ones who need to suffer the unfortunate consequences.


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      • You mentioned in the article that this incident featured as headline news on a news channel. Was this story reported on the web as well by the same news agency? I’m interested to share the story with others.


        • The incident featured in the news channel or not this is a fact that man reluctant to help women now a days. With so much false allegation against man is afraid to help women. Why should we spoil our name for women who otherwise want special seat and separate bus and taxis for themselve in the name wome safety. Let them suffer and take help from those radical women group and hijada politician.


        • “But all of them retracted immediately and let her fall instead of grabbing her and getting headlines on news channel.” – was mentioned as a sarcasm. these men didn’t want to feature in the headline as ‘molesters’ if they tried to save her. Understand now?


  1. Partha:

    I am sorry this happened to you. I cannot imagine what it would be like for a man with an honorable character and noble heart to be forced into looking the other way for fear of prosecution. What a horrible state of affairs!


  2. Get the difference. It is the media which is creating the hate between genders, not women. It is the media which is shaming men, not women. It is the media which is stereotyping men, not women. Media shows misandrists, they do not necessarily represent women. But, you have a point. Women brainwashed by the media are not to be trusted.


    • Sorry you are mistaken it is women who have used the media to attack shame and persecute men. The media is culpable because they are trying to promote Marxism which is what feminism is really about. But Ultimately it is women who have allowed themselves to be used by feminism to this end.


      • The women you are talking about are feminists who have NGOs in India funded by the Ford Foundation. I agree that the belief system these feminists promote through the mainstream media (which BTW is controlled by Western powers)is readily accepted by women. But, saying that women use the media to shame men is fallacious.

        Check this out! The anchorwoman is a NAWALT. She stood by the men in the case of Rohtak sisters too.

        I am a MGTOW BTW.


      • Randy:

        Women did not take the gavel of power…it was handed to them. The average woman did not know she was oppressed until she was so informed. She did not know she was “equal” with man, until her twisted sisters on television erased all doubt. She did not know she was unhappy until she learned of it on the evening news. Feminism, therefore, is not a grass-roots movement – it is an organized State-sanctioned feminist movement espoused by the social elite and delivered to the masses through media bombardment.

        If the media moguls were only telling the stories (instead of making the news), they would grant all grass-roots movements equal play. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for Men’s Rights Activists or those fighting for Father’s rights. Clearly, the plight of the average man is placed on the back burner, while the suffrage of women (real or imagined) is brought to the forefront of societal consciousness. The average woman, on her own, could not garner this kind of support in a million years.

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    • No women have only been too willing to grab on too each and every goodie that feminism claims to get for them – not caring whether it is good for society, or even for them in general. Ultimately they end up grabbing all the benefits, without generating much of the return. All clerkish jobs – teaching, HR etc. are taken up by women – but all the ones with real responsibility are mostly male. This is not by discrimination – women want pocket money to spend on themselves. IF a job requires them to give more than they get, chances are you won’t find many women in that profession.

      Ultimately the “independence” that feminism seems to grant them is a lonely life dependent on corporate job or big daddy government.

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    • Fighttillvictory:

      I tend to agree with you. Social engineers and the social elite are behind this movement. Women, in general, do not have the wherewithal to fight their own battles or even lead themselves to safety, let alone champion a cause. They are mere children being led by the Pied Piper and they know not what they are doing or where they are going. The average woman is just along for the ride – which is, unbeknownst to her…to hell in a hand basket.


  3. Indian judiciary says that if a man touches a woman for any reason and in any circumstance and if the woman calls that touch as molestation, then this will be treated as sufficient evidence that the touch was molestation.
    Indian judiciary also says that if a man puts his hand on the shoulder of a woman and if the woman calls it as molestation, then it will be taken as molestation.
    Therefore, there is a valid reason for men to be afraid of touching women.


  4. I am studying India for the past years and my conclusion is that women from India are the biggest piece of shit walking this Earth. They do not deserve a man, or a man’s help. They are the most disgusting horrible living thing I had to know. Sad situation…

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    • A sad situation indeed. In India, a woman will scream at you, say highly offensive words to you, make baseless and false accusations on you, physically assault you and humiliate you in any other way she feels like. In return, if you raise voice on her even once, say one word that she does not like, then she will make a big issue that how you dared to talk to a woman like that. If she physically assaults you and, even in self defense, if you hit her or just push her aside or hold her hands in order to stop her punches, then she will accuse you of touching a woman without her permission. And the gender-biased Indian legal system will support the woman and send you behind bars.

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      • Avinash:

        This is exactly what happens when the State becomes the 3rd marital partner. Marriage ceases to be a divine union between a man and woman when it becomes a State-sanctioned institution. As you know…a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, therefore the State tempts the weakest link with unreasonable powers, all-the-while hoping she will use them against her groom. Once the groom is removed, the unholy union between wife and State continues – until death do them part.

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  5. This could be a strange thinking that men Retracted from helping her thinking that it would become a harassment case in future. When there is more than 10 or 20 ppl to witness what you are doing, how can one can think this way and hold back their hand from helping? If at all they think this is just an excuse they find to convince themselves.
    From my experience over 7 years in Bangalore, this is the reaction of Bangalore mob. You go to any other place than Bangalore you will never be in such a bad situation when you are in this kind of situation.


    • If a false accusation is made, then any number of witnesses cannot save the accused. Indian judiciary says that if a man touches a woman and if the woman says it is molestation, then it is molestation. If people had tried to save her, then definitely they would have touched her.

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    • Hello. Why should man take risk to help women when women themself demanding separate buses, taxies cabin for them. They are treating man like lepresy patient or untouchables. If I was there I will also do the same act because bloody Indian law says women’s word will take as true and man has to prove otherwise. If I try to save her and in that action I may hold her body and if she don’t like it I will be a molester. So called 30 people may support me later but by the time I will be behind bar and whole media will flash me as a molester because women’s word will treat as face value. This happen many times in mumai, pine, Delhi etc. Why should we take risk? You want blame man, you want called man rapist/criminal at the same time we need to take risk? My foot that time is over women, tell your sister hood to help you. Why don’t women come out and help the sisterhood.

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    • Not only in baglore but whole India man stopped taking risk to help women. Why should we? We are not spent force. Radical women group and fiminist media treat man like garbage and every man has inner feeling and anger about women altogether. What you think z, you can blame man for everything in the name of women empowerment and foolish man will continue to help you . ..

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    • A few years ago a woman accused a lifeguard of assaulting her while he saved her from drowning… despite a crowd of beachgoers.


  6. In Modi’s list of 100-smart-city-plan, many wondered why Bangalore hadn’t been included in that list.
    Bangalore is already a smart city, perhaps trying to make it smarter might turn out to be an ‘over-smart’ city and situations like this would occur frequently.
    In this article, even the female co-passengers didn’t come forward for assistance and everyone was traveling in a bus of Volvo, which is probably a public transport service of a highest cadre in India!!
    Are well-off people selfish or are they scared or are they ignorant?


      • @Partha, And they will never play the role of a savior ! It’s not that “they are not used to it”, it’s just that “they cannot do it”. Women (well, majority of them) have always been Selfish, Self-Centered and are leeching out MEN. “It’s my choice”, is it ? Then you ALONE face the consequences and don’t look for MEN. We Are Fed Up, Period.


  7. I do not know how to put it in legal jargon, but sometimes judges hesitate to punish females even though knowing that they have committed perjury by filing false cases.The need of the hour is to decide which women need to be pardoned from perjury and which should not.The following I am writing here in lay man language even though a better usage of terminology may convey what I am about to say.
    If a woman alleges and has produced a proof and the judge comes to know that the proof produced is 100% fake, then the female should be punished fully.i.e the punishment must be 100%.And the man should be compensated for monetory lossess he had to incur during false case100 %.If the proof produced by the woman is not sufficient and the element of reasonable doubt is more than 50% ,it means the chance that the man might have committed the crime is less and there is more chance that the woman might be lying.Then in such case the man must be acquitted.At the same time,the woman must be punished for perjury. But the punishment must only be (100%-the percentage reasonable doubt) % of the total prescribed punishment for perjury.And the percentage monetory compensation should be equal to the percentage reasonable doubt.But if the percentage reasonable doubt is less than 50%, it implies that there is more chance that the man might have committed the crime and therefore the woman must be spared from being punished under perjury.If the percentage reasonable doubt is 50% , even then the woman should be spared from perjury .This is only my opinion.I don’t know how much I have made sense.

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    • A small correction…..if the reasonable doubt is more than 50% then the punishment/compensation must be a corresponding % of reasonable doubt.In case the percentage of reasonable doubt is less than 50% then the government must provide monetory compensation equal to % reasonable doubt and the woman must be excluded from perjury.:

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      • Ridwaanahmed:

        In my mind, if a person speaks a partial truth with the intent of deceiving – they are just as guilty as those whose tongues depart completely from the truth. Why must “the law” be so complicated? If one cannot deliver the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – they are a liar…plain and simple.


    • After the woman has provided her share of monetory compensation, the remaining share must be compensated by the govt which is responsible for drafting such laws which are open to misuse due to which the citizens have to take a heavy toll.This must be done only if the victimised man hires a govt lawyer.Peace.

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      • You may use whatever word u want. Your mom gave birth to you, she is a woman and nothing wrong in considering woman superior. Law is for protecting a citizen, but sometimes if it is misinterpreted we cannot blame the whole system.


        • Simply because my mom is a woman that does not mean I need to consider women as superior… You may not want to keep your mom and a criminal in same level… Unless of course she is a bigger criminal..


        • I was equating your mom with a common woman not a criminal and the woman you saw in the bus falling wouldn’t have been a criminal. The woman who fell down in the bus is first a human then a woman.


        • Isn’t your DAD is a MAN !? Then how come a women deserves “special” treatment or expects “respect” !!!???

          Do you ever acknowledged, appreciated and/or even aware of how much PAIN, TROUBLES, ANXIETIES (to name a few) your DAD has been through (when your “mother” is pregnant) Psychologically and Emotionally ? What he has been through is 100% EQUAL to what your mom has been through (while carrying you).

          Only difference: Everybody CAN see what your mom has been through BUT people CANNOT see or even imagine what your DAD has been through. That’s the gift of being a MAN !

          By the way, Partha is right: You are indeed a “Mangina” !


        • Mr Krishnan, just a biological process does not make anyone superior or inferior. People are superior or inferior based on their swabhava(nature). Please read vedanta


    • Swoosh:

      Psychologically and emotionally, the average woman is not much more than a grown child – who still thinks the world revolves around herself.

      The establishment is keenly aware of a woman’s nature and thus utilizes these natural vulnerabilities to lead her around like a lamb. And, make no mistake…women are being led around by a nose ring, but have no idea what the consequences are for doing so.

      Can a child firmly grasp the ramifications and consequences of his or her actions? No…..and neither can she. This is why women are not held to the same standards men are within any given society and why she receives preferential treatment in the courts.

      Please keep in mind that the average woman is neither the enemy nor the source of the problem – it is the powers and principalities that emanate from the privileged classes and social elite that have brought this present darkness upon mankind. If you want to eradicate feminism – you must cut off the head of the serpent. Once this has been done, everything will fall back into line.


  8. Krishnan:

    I am a Cascadian…not an Indian, yet from studying, reading, and conversing upon the travails, tribulations, and tragedies of India – it would seem that a fair number of Indian men view Indian women in this logical sequence: female, informant, threat, persecutor, oppressor and last, but not least, a fellow human being. Can you really blame them? Please advise.

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  9. Articles like this make me glad I live where I do. There is no misandrist and no misogynistic crap. Everyone helps everyone no matter the gender, race or sexual orientation without fear of consequences. Everyone is just happy to live. Everytime I turn on the TV it just looks like the entire world is going insane, meanwhile I’m lucky enough to live in a civilised little bubble.

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