He Is In His ’70s And His Story Will Make You Cry

P M Sahay 2

Image courtesy – Mayank Austen Soofi

Recently on Indiblogger platform, I came to know a shocking story of a septuagenarian puppet salesman Mr P M Sahay. This blog of Mayank Austen Soofi tells us more.

If this link is to be believed then Mr Sahay has retired as a Bank Manager and after retirement, his entire life’s savings was given to his CA son for opening his own office. Unfortunately, his son died in an accident in Bahrain (but he does not believe that) and his entire life’s savings are gone with the death of his son.

Even though the bloggers’ platform has raised their voice to support this man, to get him an office of his own in Delhi and support of another kind as he has no option but to continue like this till he dies. And the reason stated by everyone is that he has a wife and a daughter to support.

The sickening part of the story is people (and mostly men) reading this story first thinks that his son needs to be kicked in the** if found alive. People from the CA forum are trying to trace his son’s whereabouts from the CA registration number.

Whereas it is a good sign that society recognizes the issue faced by a man at his old age, I am surprised to note that no blogger or writer has ever found anything wrong in his wife or daughter or Daughter-in-law not working to support the family. Instead, they depend on this 74-year-old man for their life support. This is not only a shame for society but also for those who shout women empowerment all the time. This once again proves my point that women DO NOT have any responsibility in their family and still, we are fighting to give their property rights in husband’s property.

This story of Mr Sahay being forced to sell puppets on Delhi street to support his family once again establishes the need of immediate setting up of a National Commission for Men to look after men’s issues and a Ministry for Men’s Welfare so that people like Mr Sahay can live in peace in their old age and their young daughters-in-law take some responsibility in life.

Hope the political parties who are busy making election manifestos for 2014 election with hefty promises for women empowerment are listening and they feel ashamed for making the lives of the vast majority of Indian taxpayers (the men) unsafe by not keeping any support system for them. It is time for everyone to realize that Rights do come with Huge Responsibility.


  1. Really shocked and aghast at reading the plight of this gentlemen. He is made to work during his sunset years to support his daughter and daughter-in-law who I believe are able bodied and can take care of themselves….


  2. Dear Partha,

    Thanks for posting such stories. There r many such cases here in India. I had heard one judge telling one 70 + husband if u cannot give IM i will send u to jail. And she did that to the horror of even her own court room staff. I cud sense that that husband is not in a position to work anymore. He looks so old, whereas his younger wife can easily do some work. But No! Law is Law. To hell with those kind of cruelty.

    It is these pathetic laws here in India that has made India …. I purposely do not want to put the actual words. I hope u understand and know.

    Best wishes,



  3. a person who is responsible can understand but who don’t care anything, who don’t want to work, who want to depend upon others whether male or female – the society, the law or anyone cannot force them. there are many people (male or female) who are responsible, who are caring, who value the person will make sure other’s depend on him/her rather than vise-verse.


  4. People see society as ‘patriarchy’, when it comes to enjoy ‘Rights’! When comes responsibility, its all man’s duty to feed women at home and fulfill all there wishes!


  5. As you rightly said, it is sick, IT IS REALLY SICK that those making comments are hurling abuses on a dead son and dont even dare to think why Mr. Sahay being the oldest has to work and work till his last breath to support his wife (younger than him), his daughter (atleast 20 years younger than him), his Daughter in Law (atleast 20 years younger than him).

    Men are forced to be a protector, a provider, they are not allowed to fall sick, they are not allowed to take leaves, they are forced to be legal provider to their parents (when it comes to property, daughters have been given equal rights under Hindu law but is Section 125 changed to give responsibility of parents on daughters too?? NO).

    It is high time that law is changed to give equal responsibilities for equal rights.

    If we really look at the absurd logic that Feminists give for Female Foeticide is that sons are seen as those carrying pedigree and would support during old age. IF THIS IS TO BE ASSUMED TO BE TRUE, did feminists ever ask the law to be changed to give responsibility to daughters to maintain their old parents? No, that law they wont change, they wont touch because those who want to inculcate habit of “chori or seena-zori” in Indian Women would never want responsibility which even goes as per their own absurd logic.


  6. I have met this man in Rajiv Chowk and enquired with him about his status

    I was really saddened to hear his story and bought couple of puppets to support him

    The saddest part is this man travels daily from Haryana to Delhi and sells puppets in Delhi till late at night to support his family. This is his daily routine. Also no government will take up issues like these men and will harp about rights of women who are well educated and can earn easily, but will expect alimony/maintenance from their husband


  7. This country is heaven for women, they are born with no responsibility what so ever , men are legal protector,savior for them . Media,System, everyone or anyone talk about women rights, women empowerment but not one talk about women responsibilities, liabilities. it is presumed that women is responsible, liable by default , no legal binding is enforced on her. this is why they are enjoying this free privilege given by system/law to them. If system/law/govt give me (men) such legal protection as you don’t need to work/take any responsibility but you would be provided shelter/ food/education/ health/future(like every other women get in this country free of cost). I would say no rather want to work hard and earn my breed and butter.
    If Men are provided with this privilege this country will stop running .


    • These are ridiculous remarks regarding women being useless. The women who fight for empowerment are those that have already been empowered by society and their families. Those women who do not have a job and do not work for their families are generally raised in a cultural, social, and political setting that insists that men are the ones who will earn and henceforth support the family. It is a tragic cycle of disempowerment that is very hard to break. This past remark acts like women are privileged to not have the same rights as men in a patriarchal society. What about the single women raising their children and elders who do not have the same rights at men and are forced to work for low wages? The media and activiists that talk about womens empowerment are fighting for a change in the social and political structure to give women more responsibilities. To say this country is heaven for women is highly ignorant. Please go educate yourself and see the struggles of poor single women and women living in abusive environments before you make such bold remarks.


      • Acrylically.Motivated,

        What do you say when over the past decade the Labour Force Participation Rate for women has fallen drastically. You can find relevant data in the article titled ‘Women in Workforce’.

        Further, well educated women donot seek employment as is evident from the NSS Surveys. You can find the relevant data in the article titled ‘Why Should Women Study?’.

        Such is the burden of provider and protector on men that even young boys are forced into child labour. We have 5.9x times more working boys than girls in the urban areas. Relevant data can be found in the article titled ‘Child Labour In India’.


  8. I have not refuted any of the claims you have just made but I am guessing you completely agree with the misogynistic claims of Kamal ‘ This country is heaven for women, they are born with no responsibility what so ever , men are legal protector,savior for them’.

    You don’t think things will change over time like it has in western nations for womens empowerment. Systems do not change overnight. Societies do not change over time. Access to education is just one barrier crossed.


      • Globally, women are mainly responsible for child-rearing, cooking, and housework. Even in households where both guardians are working, studies show that women still tend to do most of the household chores along with preparing meals for their family. There is definitely increased pressure on men to feed their families but this can be reduced by tightening the gender gap. India has one of the world’s widest gender gaps which is perpetuating rape, domestic violence, and sexual harrassment at work.

        Why exactly are you opposed to gender equality? Even if educated women are not joining the work force, empowering women and educating men on gender equality still produces a better society where everybody is respected and one gender is not viewed as inferior to the next therefore reducing infanticide and rape.


        • Your response does not seem coherent to the question asked by me. Could you let me know what do you mean by ‘Gender Gap’ and enlighten us how is it responsible in increasing rapes, domestic violence etc…?

          Yes, I am all in for gender equality and equal responsibilities for women. Let’s start by

          1) Making laws gender neutral such as rape laws, domestic violence laws, sexual harassment at workplace laws, maintenance and alimony laws
          2) Doing away with various reservations which are there in all walks of life
          3) Scrapping the tax benefits provided

          And yes, do google time use survey and let me know how many hours are put in by women in housework (cooking, cleaning etc…) and compare it with the work put in by men.

          Let’s all stand up for the cause of equality…


  9. There r two sides of the coin. I personally know of a person who has severe arthritis, low bone density and respiratory issues. He has been operated also. These were completely overlooked by the presiding judge when she gave her IM judgment. The husband felt as if he was just a money making machine. Rather than take care of his health, he still has to work even now because he has been ordered to pay even Rs 150 pm of ice cream supply apart from other thousand of exp. Luckily He seems to be recovering from his health ailments now. But if he could not have then we all can imagine his plight. All this time his graduate wife enjoys her life and has not made even one single rupee on her own.


  10. The factual narration above just underscores the basic inherent divide between the sexes which is being pushed under the carpet by feminist for a false sense of pride.
    That divide is pretty easy to see. Go anywhere in the world and the famil will always expect the male to support other members. He is not only psychologically made responsible but also genetically. And salute to the male that he takes this up without blinking an eye lid.
    Why humans, thus male behaviour is easily evident among more evolved species like elephants, lions, monkeys etc

    Instead a few feminists will thrust it down the throat of the society very artfully that women have all the rights but no responsibilities. These feminists as per me are either power hungry or have a genetic disorder where testosterone is extra active and produced in more than required quantities


  11. Why should all the three women need to be dependent on this old man?
    Why not every one start earning too and share the challenge of earning the bread and butter to the family?
    When every male protects his family unconditionally and also pays taxes to the Indian government, why women empowerment is being made at the cost of men? Just for gaining some votes on the name of women empowerment?
    No matter if it has justice in this attempt or not?
    Why shouldn’t a girl be treated as equally responsible for having a consensuous sex with a male in a live in relationship?
    Why consensuous sex be termed as rape? Why women enter into such kind of relationship at all with men? Doesn’t they drive men for sex? Are men and boys not getting subjected to rape in India?

    Men need a Ministry to get justice for innocent men who are suffering in the hands of exploiters.


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