Shocking! Male Life Expectancy Is Decreasing Globally

Life Expectancy

The recent global survey on life expectancy projects how men in India are increasingly deprived and forced to die silently.

They say women are murdered not only in the womb (mother is responsible, but never talk about the mother) but also after birth. That is how feminists have projected a bad story about Indian fathers and their families over all these years. However, the recent global study on life expectancy at birth reveals a completely different picture –

Title=”Global Survey on Life Expectancy”

  • average Indian woman now lives 67.5 years. Compared to Average Indian man living only 63.4 years. So, are the men getting killed? Yes, at least NCRB data says so.
  • Average Indian man now lives 15 years more compared to what they used to 4 decades back. However, this life expectancy increased to 18 years for an average Indian woman.

  • Globally male LE increased by 11.1 years, and female LE increased by 12.1 years

  • An Average Indian man is expected to stay healthy only till 54.6 years, but a woman is expected to stay healthy until 57.1 years

While the increase in life expectancy is a good sign but everyone needs to stop whining about female feticide, female infanticide and bridal death. Looks like these are comparatively non-issue. The major issue facing India is the suicide rate in men and this has been alarmingly high all these years without no one even bothered to take preventive action.

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