Here’s What Went Behind Arnesh Kumar Judgment You Need To Know

498a timeline
498a Timeline

On 27th July 2017, a two judges bench of Indian Supreme Court has set new guidelines in dowry case investigation. In their judgment, Justice Adarsh kr. Goel and Justice Uday Umesh Lalit have set new guidelines in the proceedings of dowry cases in view of heavy misuse of the law. Some key points mentioned in this SC judgment are –

  1. One or more Family Welfare Committees to be set up in every Indian district by the District Legal Services Authorities.
  2. These committees will comprise of three members from the civil society.
  3. The committee members will not be called in as witnesses in any case
  4. Every 498a complaint will be sent to such committees for review. The committee may interact with parties and will create a report.
  5. The committee will submit their factual report to the authority who referred the case to them within one month of the date of receipt of the complaint.
  6. The report may contain the committee’s factual views about the cases.
  7. Till the report of the committee is received, no arrest can be made in 498a cases.
  8. The report may then be considered for further action by the investigating officer or the magistrate on its merits.
  9. Bail applications, if filed with one day’s notice should be judged on the same day without any delay.
  10. Impounding of passports and issuing Red Corner Notice for NRIs staying abroad, will not be a routine.
  11. Judges can club all related cases between two parties arising out of matrimonial disputes
  12. Personal appearance of outstations persons may not be required or can be done through video conferencing
  13. These new guidelines are not applicable for offenses involving tangible physical injuries.

The new guidelines not only stop the automatic arrest of people based on a mere complaint but will also provide a remedy to reconcile without any harsh and drastic measure on any family. While this can be seen as a much-needed breather for husbands’ families and stop of harassment of distant relatives of husbands’, many are also seeing these measures as incomplete that can lead to one more round of harassment of the husbands in the hands of Family Welfare Committees.

The new Supreme Court directives clearly aim at ending unnecessary cases in matrimonial disputes which are currently clogging the judicial system, which in a way denies justice to everyone. The reconciliation process in Family Welfare Committees, no immediate arrest, creating a legal breather for distant relatives and NRIs, closure of the criminal complaint (under 498a) if the discord is due to matrimonial disputes, faster granting of bail, power given to the District Judge to club all related case into one, exemption of personal appearance of the family members particularly outstation members will help in reducing the pressure of huge number of cases on judiciary and will also provide breather to common people who are otherwise forced to commit suicide under such legal pressure. Since civil society will be involved in Family Welfare Committees, many cases may see easy reconciliation without being a trouble to the judiciary.

However, feminists and specifically lawyer groups are not happy about these new guidelines, most of which is actually a repetition of earlier directives to stop automatic arrest or doing proper investigation before the arrest. It is easy to understand that feminists see a potential threat of losing huge income from the 498a- extortion industry they run. Many such groups are already raising their voice in different forums and also organizing paid street protests.

However, these new guidelines didn’t come only because of SC observation from the case in discussion. The history of 498a misuse has been long.

Home Ministry Confirmed 498a misuse in 2014 in Rajya Sabha

To a question of Hon. Rajya Sabha Member Mr. Dilpbhai Pandya on 17th December 2014, the then Minister of State for Home Affairs, Sri Haribhai Parathibhai Chaudhury has agreed that the Ministry had received innumerable representations and reports that IPC 498a was misused. His answer also stated 243rd Law Commission Report that 498a should be amended and implementation of CrPC 41 and 358 to check misuse of 498a.

Minister also mentioned that all State and UT governments were asked about their views on the misuse of 498a and based on those the Home Ministry accepted Law Commission recommendations and initiated proceedings to curb the misuse.

Home Ministry expressed awareness of 498a misuse in 2015, too

To a question (Q # 1495) of Hon. Member of Rajya Sabha, Shri Mansukh L Mandaviya, the Minister of State for Home Affairs has confirmed on 11th March 2015 that the govt was aware of several courts expressing concerns of abuse of 498a and rape cases. The Ministry also confirmed that it had issued two advisories to State and UT authorities to curb such misuse. This reply in RS also stated that any victim of 498a misuse may invoke provisions under IPC 182 for false cases.

Home Ministry Confirmed 498a misuse again in 2016 in Rajya Sabha

In a follow-up question (Q. #374 on 27th April 2016) by Hon. Member Shri Mansukh L Mandaviya, the Hon. Minister of State for Home Affairs, Shri Haribhai Parathibhai Chaudhuri stated in the upper house of Indian parliament has said that while law and order is a state subject, the ministry had issued guidelines to curb abuses laws like Rape and 498a.

Lok Sabha member wanted a timeline to amend IPC 498a

In view of high abuse of IPC498a, Hon. Lok Sabha Member Shri Anurag Singh Thakur has asked (Q #1383, 3rd May 2016) the house when the govt. was looking for amendment of 498a in view of several misuses and reports from Justice Mallinath and various reports from Law Commission.

Criminal Law Journal analysis showed heavy misuse of IPC 498a

In their October 2016 issue, the journal published a research done by Nityanand Kumar and A Dutta of Dept. of Forensic Medicine and Technology of a College in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh has analyzed several cases and showed uncontrolled misuse of 498a. They analyzed several judgments from various High Courts and Supreme Courts and found the following reasons behind filing 498a complaints–

  1. The motive for Extortion of Money
  2. 498a lodged when the husband was impotent
  3. The tendency to include all family member including unrelated members
  4. Exaggerated versions of the victim
  5. When a sister in law wanted to adopt her child
  6. To cover up for her fraudulent acts
  7. Under possible instigation of her relatives and lawyers
  8. To hide her extra-marital affair
  9. To get a divorce easily
  10. For the purpose of grabbing husband’s property
  11. To satisfy ego
  12. The exorbitant claim of dowry given


The researchers also observed that many times women filed 498a cases to show their influence and against anyone who sympathized with the accused family. They found cases where victims had filed multiple complaints of same nature in different jurisdictions. Their research also exposed insensitive attitude in the lower judiciary and a section of the bar towards false cases. By giving examples from different judgments the researchers had shown how police take blatant action by going out of their way. This research showed why how blatantly women are misusing 498a.

So it is evident from the discussion above, the amendment of legal procedures in 498a was inevitable both for the Indian Supreme Court and for the Indian Govt. This was needed to restore public faith in the judiciary and legal process. With Govt. acknowledging the fact that any falsely accused can invoke provisions of IPC 182 against women shows what kind of havoc the misuse has created. However, the feminist groups and lawyer lobbies protesting against these guidelines only show how their interests are hurt in the legal terrorism industry.

This was much-awaited move from Indian Judiciary’s point of view as well. With ever-mounting pressure on the judiciary, it was important to curb a number of cases pending in our courts. Trying to curb the cases at the root or clubbing together several cases arising out of same matrimonial dispute will surely lead to a cleaner and faster justice in India.

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  1. Thanks, at least there is now some awareness about misuse of these laws. Not only 498(a), but all laws regarding divorce need serious review.
    I am one of the unfortunate fathers who have seen his son tortured, traumatized & blackmailed by his quarrelsome wife and now I see him being looted by her with the able support of most perverse gender eccentric laws. Fed up of everyday bickering & quarrels which would invariable leave him deeply depressed and at time bleeding, my airline pilot son decided to file for a divorce. This was a painful decision to take after a marriage of over seven years and a male child of six years.
    Most of the times, reason of quarrel was old parents staying with the family and her extreme greed to get all our movable and immovable assets in her name. She had unique knack of forcing her will on him. He being a pilot has to go for flight at odd hours and therefore his rest hours depended on his flight schedules. She would invariable pickup fight at his resting hours and keep nagging with her unreasonable demands to throw his parents out, put the house in her name, her mother is alone and would stay with her and, many other unending unreasonable demands. Quarrel normally left my son with deep nail scratch injuries as she is a very violent person. Some of these fights were recorded by my son on his mobile.
    During the pendency of divorce petition in lower court filed by my son, she flooded us with cases in different courts. Maintenance let and Visitation Rights in lower court, case under DV Act 2005 ACJM court and Review petition for Maintenance let, in High Court.
    The High Court Judgement in review petition for maintenance is total disaster. It clearly shows the prejudices and biases of our legal system. Not only the laws but the system is blind to see the facts, where a lady is involved. All the proofs submitted were twisted and manipulated to prove husband at fault. Court made extra efforts to prove lower court judgement faulty as it failed to ask details of earning of husband but blindly depended on statement given by the wife. She was making contradicting statements in lower court and the high court, but that glaring fact was totally ignored. Lower Court she stated she is working but high court took her unemployed house wife, she stated that her father was a Instructor of Pilot, in thereby giving impression that he was a pilot and earning salary that of a pilot, where as he Manager Operation & Technical Training at CTE Hyderabad and, best getting salary of a professor. With that impression set on the court she went on to say that she was living in great luxuries before marriage. Whereas the fact is, CTE has no such position as Instructor of Pilot. As an Instructor and he were teaching subjects like dangerous goods, radio aids etc, not only to the Pilots but to all other category of Air India staff too. His family was a middle- class family with two daughters. The family comes from western UP Sahadra, adjacent to east Delhi. The court based judgement on argument that the wife is highly educated and from a very sophisticated rich family, use to luxurious life. Court completely failed to see responsibilities and obligations of husband, that he has old ailing parents and a child of 9 years and heavy house loan repayment. Court also fails to see gluttony and greed of the wife and fully helped her with unreasonable explanations.
    Question is not that the order is passed against my son, but it will encourage many such greedy wives to force a divorce on rich husbands. It may become a tool to become rich overnight. Justice demand that no order be made to break families to make it profit making business. Rules are framed for the protection of women in society that is very valid and just but, blatant misuse of these rules ably supported by bias and prejudice court judgments cannot be justice. Judges bigotry could ruin a man’s life and destroy his family.
    Question is; where could we go for JUSTICE?


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