My Wife Has Sex With Stranger in Front of Our 7-Year-Old

Message from a reader

Hello brother,
I live in __________.

I m 32 and my wife is not living with me since October2014. She stays at her home in ________ with our 7 years old son. I’ve requested many times but she doesn’t want to come back to me.

During these past time, I have witnessed her many times with different unknown men with her and when asked she always defend and protected their (those men’s) identities from me and totally became aggressive to me. My son has told me about a man who often comes to their home mostly during the night and he starts making love with his mom on the bed in front of him. That’s in brief. So what I do now sir? I m suffering. My son is also suffering from mental anxiety and depression so far as I have talked with my son..I am helpless. I am very worried about our son…

My Wife cheating me


Nowadays adultery related issues have increased manifolds in Indian marriages. (This is more likely to increase after the recent decriminalization of adultery). This was so far more for housewives as they were not be punished for this behavior. (Now after scrapping the criminal provision it is likely to increase). We have not made anything like women’s responsibility. So it is their wish to take care home and children not compulsion. There is absolutely no compulsion for today’s women to be a good person, forget about being a good wife or a good mother. Those who become one is their wish.

These women are now pampered from their childhood and they don’t know what is their responsibility? Feminism has taught them not to bear children and specifically ignore male children. While your case is an example of a horrible mother and wife, this is not rare. Husbands and children do not have any recourse from such crimes committed by the women in the house. Nowadays, many demands making prostitution as legal and once that happens husbands will not have any legal remedy at all because the weakest ground for divorce 9adultery) will vanish once prostitution becomes legal.

Psychologists have found out negative impact on a child’s mind if one is exposed to sex at an early age. This article on The Psychology Today explains that well. A male child’s first love is his mother and the first hero is his father. Once he sees his father (you in this case) being incapable of saving him, or his mother, he himself feels weak from within. He cries because he thinks his mother is attacked by the stranger and he is not able to do anything. His male existence gets a jolt.

Children often try to imitate the actions of their parents. In your case even though the child is not directly involved in the act, his exposure to sex by his mother at such an early age will make him more violent and will lead him to go astray in future. The psychological damage thus could be irreparable.

To come out of this traumatic relationship and to save your child, there is a very thin possibility. It depends on how strong your wife is and how robust is her backup relations. Because the law didn’t give you almost any possibility to come out of this relationship with grace and with your child. To test her strengths and your possibilities of coming out of this relation and to save your child, I need to speak with you.

So, please do contact me or MRA helpline number at the earliest to understand the next steps.

Wife sex, wife sex with stranger


If you are suffering like this in your marriage. Please let us know. We will publish your story anonymously.


  1. Get evidence, need not be hard evidence, even pics and witnesses of your wife and other men are circumstantial to getting her to court for judgement.

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    • Your suggestion is good but it will not be easy for Him to that. The mere utterance of “He abused me” by a smelly **** is enough for a Man to get arrested !

      That said, I hope our fellow will be out of this “torture” in due course of time. May GOD give him the strength.


  2. I need not to emphasize that this is not rare, but on the contrary quite common. And to top it all I seen worse, women exploiting small boys even infants sexually for their pleasure and others (especially husband’s or son-in-law’s agony), even if the infant is their own blood. Even neighboring aunties joining for fun. What to talk about rape of men by women (wives). Marital rape law if introduced in India cannot be allowed to made without making it gender neutral.
    So sit tight, and watch the world unravel itself in dastardly fashion because men and women became complacent and gave too much freedom and free thought to the concept of freedom without responsibilities along with the stereotyped victim group is always right concept to run amok with the fallacy of victimhood celebration – “A left is always right mentality, coupled with right is always wrong, so need to be left or butted out”. I need to copyright the above statement in quotes. So use it with my my ID displayed here.

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  3. What you need is to act smart. I don’t know about you but my blood surely would have boiled beyond bounds. I might have killed her in the rage.

    Regardless, the point is to act smart and wise.Please hire a personal detective from a reputed background firm. He will set cams when the time is right,in your wife’s room, you will get the evidence. Not just that, I advise you to get a recording of over one week.

    So, what city he lives in? Nobody would b able to identify him anyway, but I want to see which cities are so affected by feminist modernism.


  4. You have to record! Not recording is a mistake that we in our family have done. Please record it all. Adultery might be decrimanalized but this kind of behavior around a child affects the child and that should be considered. Record it all and get a good lawyer. I know of friends who have won cases as they email proofs(although emails not accepted in court) … yet it worked at the police station and in the society …
    Does she care for society? If she does such proofs might make her compromise to move on and give the child to you…..


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