“I Was Attending My Mother in ICU, When Police Came To Arrest Us At Midnight” – IITian Narrates His Story

Deeptanshu Shukla

“My mother was in ICU and I was attending her at the hospital when police came to arrest us at midnight for a crime that I did not commit.” Deeptanshu Shukla, an IITian who was a topper in his school had never imagined the hard realities of life until he got married.

On 17th November 2012 police had arrived at his house and woken up his septuagenarian grandparents with questions like “where are the criminals? Where have you hidden them” etc?

In his TEDx talk, Deeptanshu had discussed his situation when he had to face a false 498a case and undergo extreme misery. An IITian who would want to contribute more to Indian economy by his professional contributions was made to fight his false case for more than 2 years to disprove the same. With the example of Russel’s teapot analogy, he showed that how impossible it is to disprove something that didn’t happen.

India’s criminal justice system has shifted the burden of proving innocence to the accused in certain cases. That means when someone is innocent and had not committed any crime, he still needs to prove that he had not committed the crime. This had created a legal system which is pro litigation and not pro-justice. So one can file any frivolous complaint on someone else when one wants to take revenge and then the falsely accused person needs to prove the negative which is almost impossible.

That transpires to is a stockpile of criminal cases in India. This was evident when Chief Justice of India had to cry in front of The Prime Minister Mr. Modi for more judges. But will more judges or more courts solve this problem?

Deeptanshu has also raised a point that without trying to stop the inflow of cases into the judiciary; we have tried to encourage the inflow of cases. Instead, if false testimony and false cases are punished that would lead to a reduction in cases and will uphold justice.

Let’s see his complete speech at TEDx JNTUK –

What inspires us is the commitment of his group Save Indian Family who has provided a support system for many men in Madhya Pradesh. The comment section of this Youtube video says it all –


We wish all the best to Superheroes like Deeptanshu who had been fighting tirelessly to uphold justice.


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  1. The unfair law of India term you criminal the moment you get married and will treat u as FREE ATM machine irrespective u do good or bad job. Its called Legal Terrorism . So , before marriage in India think 100 times . In spite of Gender neutral law when men in Japan and China refuse to marry , it seems Indian men still sleeping in 16th century and not ready to wake up inspite so many unfair laws start form 498a, Dp3, section 125, section Dv and off course Rape law !! All those cases the law make assumption all women born in raja harish chandra family ( Never lie) and all men born in Criminal family only.

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    • It needs real courage to fight against a decaying system. I am sure more people will join the movement to correct our system and establish peace and harmony for all in every section our society.

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      • Well said Aditya. The whole problem lies in our “societal and legal double standards” AND “western powers” with vested interests; who wants to “project” otherwise the weak and inferior gender as equal and/or superior to OTHER gender. By doing so:

        They want to destroy our great Hindu culture.
        They want to increase their “profits and stake” in different sectors.
        They want to take “revenge” for their “never clearly PROVED, never clearly ESTABLISHED and never even EXISTED “oppression” !!!

        It doesn’t need anything more than “common sense” to understand, for example, let’s look into a case:

        The S****y C**t who chased and “physically assaulted” a person (opposite sex) in a “public park” didn’t do that because she was brave, strong (or whatever f*****g attributes they want to use). She CLEARLY knows that the other person WILL NOT and CANNOT “RECIPROCATE”, the other person will not “KICK & PUNCH” her; because she is a “SHE”, the public “Sympathy and Support” will go to her and they will come to “her” rescue. Because she is a “SHE”, she will go “un-punished”, Because she is a “SHE”, she will not have to face any “consequences”.
        (ALL this happened in a broad daylight and in public park; on the pretext of “VERBAL abuse” which nobody “heard” and no evidence to prove the “allegation” – MERA BHARAT MAHAN !!!)

        NOTE: Just imagine the above scenario if our laws are “gender neutral” and nobody will get “automatic sympathy and support” and nobody will believe and take what one “gender” said as TRUE; That person could have beaten her to “pulp” in split second AND she would NEVER have dared again to “physically assault” someone, especially “opposite gender” !!!

        It amuses me when these fcs say ALL men are rapists, just because they are “hardly” handful of cases BUT cannot tolerate if we say ALL women are sluts/whores, even though there are “considerable” number of women who SLEEP for money/favors/promotions. Ironic !
        ((But of course, we don’t say that, because we have women in our families and we RESPECT & TREAT them with dignity. But again, they forget that their Grand Father/Father/Brother/Cousins/Sons are MEN !!)

        Let’s fight back ! After all, it’s MEN who built this Civilization, it’s MEN who Invented, Innovated and Pioneered almost everything (Science, Technology, Medicine, Communications, Engineering, Transport/Locomotives/Logistics etc.) and “OTHERS” are “basking and enjoying” on the fruits of our labor.

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        • @Partha, sorry to trouble you and I understand your concern when it comes to “a few words”. I will try to avoid using those words.


  2. Culprits are not women. Real culprits are the nuts and bolts of judiciary system from the Chief justice of Supreme Court to a small constable of police station. They have tacitly nurtured a black money factory system which works as a business establishment giving share of profits to its shareholders with no investment.

    The foundation of this business was laid by British which our country gladly adopted and over years this business developed by leaps and bounds. This well suits our democracy. A democratic activity is that which benefits many people at cost of de-benefits to less people irrespective of its being right or wrong. We all know for example an accused spends from Rs 1,000/- to 10 lacs of rupees for getting bail. Most of this money gets converted to unaccounted money. This money is collectively distributed to police force, court officers, lawyers and their clerks and arguably to judges. This is a democratic activity because around 100 people are benefited and only one people, the accused is de-benefited.

    What Deeptanshu has experienced is tip of iceberg. He got rid of dilemma in 2 years. My wife lodged 10 different criminal cases upon me u/s 498A, 307 (attempt to murder), 354 (molestaton of wife), 420 and many more. I am fighting them out from last 4 years and have started to enjoy the inevitable rape on me. Once in June last year and in July this year a magistrate suddenly issued arrest warrant although the accused persons were on anticipatory bail and I had to cough up nearly 1 lac of rupees to escape arrest. Entire money was fed to the system and got converted to black money, whereas my money was white.

    From time to time some crocodile tears are visible which create sympathy in public. Even if we increase the court space and number of judges by 10 times the situation will remain same. This will only scratch the surface.

    Remedy lies in following lines:
    — Provide certified copies free of cost, on Internet.
    — Make e-filing and e-redress easy.
    — Let the judges cross the accused persons directly in an office like environment at same floor level where the accused is offered a chair and he / she can speak his / her mind.
    — Most of cases should be finished in one week.
    — Over 90% of cases are from police and most of them and conjectured for vested interests. Those policemen should be severely punished. In my case many police officers from OC to IO contemplated to put me behind bars by slapping section 354 (molestation) of wife knowing fully well that a husband cannot molest wife and even after my showing them video of my presence in public place at the time alleged molestation took place.
    — Let there be curb on fees taken by lawyers. Maybe there is some Queue system. Money may be taken by court and court appoints lawyer for a case.
    — The public prosecutors religiously chants mantras to put accused behind bars even after knowing fully well that accused is innocent. The licenses of those PP’s should be cancelled.
    — For deliberately lodging false cases severe punishments should be there and this should be determined in a week.
    — Judges delivering wrong judgments should be demoted. Lawyers harassing clients should be banned.

    We don’t need any much improved infrastructure to check the rising amount of cases, only minor changes as suggested above will do the magic. Most complex problems of universe have simple solutions.


  3. You are right that the lawyers who harrass innocent victims knowingly, and defend wrong doers knowingly, they are the real culprits.


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