This Is Why We Want Complete Closure Of WCD Ministry Now

WCD Ministry

A tsunami of comments from Indians disgusted by Women and Child Development Ministry’s (WCD Ministry) male hating regressive policies showed that Maneka Gandhi’s ministry should cease to exist anymore.

Her recent interaction with FB users’ exposed most dangerous and regressive National Policy for Women drafted by her WCD ministry. For the first time, Indians have seen how a ministry funded the taxpayers of India can spread hatred based on gender.

In a reply to a question asked by Amit Deshpande on what her ministry was planning to do to arrest drop out rate of boys, she said – ‘Not Under Me’.

Maneka Gandhi to Amit Deshpande

Clearly, a minister entrusted with the responsibility of boys’ welfare showed how much hatred she had for boys. Even as a minister for boys she completely shunned her responsibility to look into their welfare, when for girls’ education her WCD ministry is coming out with new policy measures almost every other day. Even in National Policy for Women she had made special provisions for girls but when reminded about boys she shunned her responsibilities.

Her double standard came to light when in another reply she said that her women’s ministry would work with the health ministry to prioritize critical care from certain diseases for women patients –

WCD Ministry to prioritize women's health

This clearly showed the hateful attitude of the ministry for child development to our boys and that Maneka’s ministry was not interested to ensure the welfare of boys even for education by collaborating with the education ministry when for matured women they are ready to collaborate with another ministry. This is nothing but criminal attitude to destroy our boys and future of our country. Clearly, the conspiracy by the child ministry is to make all boys unsuitable for education system by making girls more competent. Even little kids are not spared by this hatred of their minister and this is a reason good enough to shut down the ministry that creates such policy.

FB users were shocked when she stated “All the violence is male generated”

All violence male generated - Maneka Gandhi

This distasteful attitude from a minister came out when she was asked about ‘Gender Sensitization’ in schools. Her answer clearly showed that her ministry’s attitude to consider all young boys as perpetrators of crimes and thus raises serious questions about the need of such a ministry that hates country’s children. This also raised serious questions about the much-believed theory of mothers being kind to the children when as a minister she had shown the destructive attitude towards our boys.

To another question on ever-increasing male suicide by a concerned citizen Deeptangshu Shukla –

Maneka Gandhi on male suicide

She had not only ignored ever increasing male suicide in India but also told lies in open forum that the number of suicides in females will be double or triple the number of male suicides.

NCRB Suicide Stat 2014

Clearly, she had completely trashed NCRB suicide data that shows for all age groups male suicide in India had always been more. When marital status is taken into consideration then it is seen more than double married men commit suicide in India–

Suicide by Marital Status

As a minister, WCD minister is not worthy of anybody’s trust for falsifying data and claiming others as liars.

In this reply, she had also told another lie in this context that “Marital Rape” law has already been there in India and has never been used, whereas we know how she had been changing her version on marital rape in recent past.

When she tried to trash NCRB data, concerns were high as the new National Policy for Women drafted by her also talks about streamlining data received through various sources like NCRB, NFHS etc. Tensions were high as many feared that in future this ministry will try to manipulate all data in such a way that all data is fudged so that catching ministry lies become impossible.

If the above misinformation about men by her was not enough, she continued to show her hatred towards women as well. While she was advising women to write to her for specific cases of abuse by their daughters-in-law, she had termed a mother as ‘liar’ while the WCD minister was the one telling lies as exposed by FB users –

Neelam Nath1

Clearly, Maneka Gandhi had been a disgrace to the nation. She had not only showed extreme male hating attitude but also demeaned a mother who wanted justice. Neelam Nath on many occasions complained that her educated daughters had shown extreme cruelty to her and sought justice and the ministry had always given false promises to her. When the ministry double standard was exposed by Neelam she was branded a liar.

This clearly exposed that the ministry’s intention is not to see women empowerment but to empower only criminals and create false hopes.

To a proposal of Men’s Ministry, she commented that what would that ministry do, that men don’t have today –

WCD Minister on men's ministry

This showed her autocratic nature and her hidden hatred against men to subjugate all their rights. If National Policy for Women or benefits announced therein for women is closely studied it can be understood what kind of bias she is trying to create. The comment from Dev Sonar clearly highlighted how laws drafted by her ministry was biased and how judiciary under the guidance of her ministry is creating male hatred and punishing Indian males. Her comment came as a cruel anecdote for all who had slight faith in her ministry.

This becomes more concerning for India as the WCD ministry also have plans to sensitize police, judiciary, lawyers and law schools that only gives us an idea about how the ministry is trying to deny justice for men and boys. If false cases by women are any indicator of our broken judicial system we still remember how the Chief Justice of India had to cry in public for more judges. The heavy burden on the judiciary is mostly attributed to this ministry that created so many gender biased provisions that the judicial system is collapsed today. Maneka Gandhi and her Women’s ministry is solely responsible for this.

When Hardik Mehta spoke about privileges Indian women get she told a bunch of lies and sketchy stories of how women are violated. All her lies were busted by FB users with relevant news and media Stories. Even though she said “there is enough cake for all, but women are seated at the table

Maneka Gandhi on Female privileges

Clearly, this reply came from a disgraceful mind that not only hated men to the core but also had several negative male stereotypes in mind. It is indeed shameful that India has her as a minister that creates lies based on fictitious stories. Even if her story of millions (no time frame given) was being killed in the women’s womb she had considered only men (not mothers) as the culprits, She said many girls are not sent to school when Gender Parity Index (an index to show gross enrollment in primary education) is 1 (meaning complete gender parity at primary level) as per census 2011 and so on. Question is how a ministry that creates only male hatred still exist in India?

On one hand, the ministry creates single women by giving them more benefits on divorce and then talks about giving them further benefits for being single women. All these at the expense of taxpayers’ money.-

WCD minister on empowering women

Clearly, women’s ministry is the sole reason why a number of single women are on the rise. In one hand this ministry is creating more biased legislation to snatch away property from husbands, she is also talking about giving more benefits to single women thus creating a ground to destabilize our economy. While men being forced to pay more taxes, women are given tax benefits or property rights in whatever men own.  Thus her women development ministry is creating an opportunist economy where only criminals are won.

Added to this, in her recently drafted national policy she plans to give more land to women and giving them discounts on registration tax. Clearly, all this effort is to suppress men’s rights and their needs. So, when another user asked her opinion about men’s ministry, she said “Another Joke”.

Maneka Gandhi - Ministry of men is joke

Clearly, men and their welfare are considered a joke by her. This is the true face of a minister who was also voted to power by men. Surely men in her constituency and their welfare are a joke for her. She does not consider men as humans.

When asked about prevention of male suicide in another interaction she said there are many laws to protect any human from any abuse –

Prabha Naveen

However, this ministry (WCD Ministry) did not keep this in mind while bringing a new law to Curb Domestic Violence (only) against Women.  Those laws were not found enough by her ministry clearly shows the innate intention of the ministry to continue violation of basic human rights in India.

The double standard of Maneka has exposed again when she contradicted her own previous comment and said Indian marriage system is not breaking down

Maneka Gandhi on marriage system

Whereas in a reply to Hussein Ali (shown earlier) she herself told the number of single women is increasing. This kind of double standard by a minister is dangerous because it clearly shows how the ministry is trying to eyewash Indians to get support for their tyrannical policies.

Clearly, men could see the bias nature and hatred of the ministry.

Maneka Gandhi - distribution of resources

Her reply that one does not have to take anything from men to give it to women and “there is enough to go around” sounded so frivolous that when in National Policy for Women deprives men to give all benefits to women.

Clearly, WCD ministry’s only agenda is to create extreme hatred against Indian men and women both. The women’s ministry is only full of hypocrites who give false hopes to women whereas in reality, this ministry is trying to destroy every common Indian citizen by its lies and false information. No amount of this hypocrisy can actually create a welfare state.

Having such a ministry that works against the welfare of the nation is a great danger ahead of us. A Women and Child Development Ministry that create hatred against little boys and differently able males in India; a WCD ministry that talks about selective male sterilization to ensure women’s reproductive rights; a women’s ministry that wants to take away access to nutritious food from men; a ministry that talks about monitoring media and males while implementing its biased policies and laws; a women’s ministry that openly advocates brain washing little kids and injecting male hatred in the name of gender-sensitization in schools is a ministry that clearly exists to curb our human rights and is no more needed. Such tyrannical WCD ministry is a danger to the nation and it must cease to exist any longer.



    • I appriciate your work,you are looking tomorrows future of men/boys in present unfair the time to wakeup social peole to raise their voices, if not able to do much more but only stand by us for making reform in unbiased law.To create better future for indian future generation.
      Am always stand with you, for reforming better society & its my dutiy to need any support from maharashtra am always there.

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  1. She is a disturbed woman of a good husband. Hence all her revenge is now on general men. And in this process she is hell bend to break every family. I wish and pray people pity her and dont fall victim to her whimsical fanatic and manipulative regulations. She is a venom being spilled on Indian families.
    And friends plz stop addressing her as Mam. It is a high time when these misandrists be shamed and given any respect.

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  2. Feminists like Indira Jaisingh is smashing Indian families by injected funds from abroad. WCD ministry is per se injecting money of Indian tax payers to destroy Indian families. As per feministic logic, family is the oppressor of women. So their prime aim is to destroy the basic family structure in India. This is the greatest EVIL of our century.

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  3. By her pervert logic, only daughter-in-law is a woman in a family that needs protection and mother-in-law has no rights to demand protection from her ministry. Even in courts when it is proved beyond any doubts that a case has been filed on false affidavit by daughter in law, no case of perjury is initiated by law enforcing agencies. Manaka Gandhi’s biases are clear reflection of her troubled childhood and married life that is well presented in a book El Sari Rojo (Spanish) The Red Sari by Javier Moro. With such strong gender hatred she is not fit to be a minister.

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  4. Surely she is unfit to be a minister. The biggest problem lies with most of the men, many men not realizing this. Feminism is there in the blood of men it self. No matter how much you say to friends and co-men people will not trust. Most of the time i am spending on waking up the men, if i get little time i will try wake up the men. I tried many forums, failed many times. Finally i am seeing some positive in quora.

    Men instead of wasting the valuable time on chatting, face book , twitter, better to invest some time on fighting against this injustice through forums, face book, twitter.

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  5. Posted by Masculism in India on Wednesday, June 1, 2016


  6. The MGTOW mindset exists to free men from the burden of dying for women’s entitlement, women’s rights, women’s narcissism, women’s enforcement of male disposability, women’s cluster B personality disorders, women’s hatred of men and women’s desire for widespread cultural misandry. The naive men that fall prey to these women’s sociopathy we call “white knights”. Why? “Captain-save-a-hos” are as deadly to the masses of men as “women’s groups”. Powerful men and entitled, narcissistic women are men’s true enemies. No-fault divorce was devised by NAWL (National Association of Women Lawyers) to grant women the power to dispose of their husbands while simultaneously giving women the power to retain their X husbands current and future assets and income – all while screwing their next door neighbor’s underage son – and forcing their X husband into suicide. This is the US today. To this day, these same folk are devising new and improved ways to destroy males in the US. Thanks to no-fault divorce, trillions in wealth have been transferred from naive men to women and untold hundreds of thousands of men have taken their own lives – in the US alone.

    When you drive down the road, how much of what you see was built by women? What wars did women fight and die in to secure rights and privileges for men? Recognize your place beneath women yet?

    American MGTOW stand with and support our fellow hated males from all continents the globe over.

    The most popular MGTOW site in the US is There are many others, too.

    Welcome to feminism, my brothers. It’s an uphill battle – but worthwhile. Never too late to stand up for one’s self – even if you’re a man.

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  7. I didn’t even read through the article.What is there to read about Truth :).
    CLose WM and NCW or Bring NCM and Ministry for Men and Men child.


  8. When Women and Child Development ministry says boy child is not under them and doesn’t work for there welfare how come they make policies for male sterilization??

    Double standards of this party will loose all male voters.
    I urge all to never vote for such #antimen. #antifamily. #antination party.

    Humble request to our PM Modi ji to sack Menaka ji for being biased .
    Stop discrimination, both GENDERS EQUALLY IMPORTANT FOR SOCIETY.

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