Debunking Feminist Logic On Indiatimes Post On #LawsAgainstMen

Feminists say this law is unfair to women, they can’t raise a complaint against their adulterous husband

IPC 497 – Read the law carefully, you will know that no woman can ever be punished. If you are a lawyer yourself you should have known this. Also how many such cases are proved in recent past? Almost none. Point is proving such cruelty is made next to impossible for men. Even DNA test permission is difficult to get from courts. When a man cheats his wife can still file divorce under cruelty and she gets maintenance and alimony on filing for divorce. So women always get better treatment under this law. Feminists arguments are all baseless. (This law is now repealed by the Supreme Court of India)

Feminists have a problem with the explanation of the law and the stats, too

Section 498a – Yes it is not a dowry law but that is how it is filed in all courts and it is the advocates like you who proudly file such cases to get some easy bucks. To understand the statistics you need to check the NCRB crime data and calculate the conviction percentage only in 498a cases that are not clubbed with 304B cases. It will come to ~98%.

To debunk the male suicide stat feminists bring in dowry death

Dowry Death and Suicide – Not all cases filed under IPC 304B is dowry death. Many a times wife suicide is termed as dowry death. That is why in 85% such cases we see acquittal. The suicide stats can be obtained from NCRB data available in public domain. Also when you quote a newspaper report to understand crime stat that shows your incapability and immaturity to understand crime and statistics. Looks like your clients need to be careful about your incompetence.

Feminists say NFHS survey finds 40% Indian wives suffer from DV. Debunk 98% cases are false –

Domestic Violence – Do you understand statistics? I can see you don’t. NFHS study was done in a biased way without trying to find out the same Domestic violence against men. Also, their result is only valid for the small biased sampling they have done. India is huge country and statistical analysis of any such survey is even more complex. The statistics that 98% of DV cases are found to be false also comes from a WCD minister reply to a question in parliament. If that is fake, then I am not sure what is to trust. So be little educated, please.

Feminists challenges this

The template of 498a – Evident when we see the affidavits filed in different courts by the lawyers. We are present all over India, and our victims bring their affidavit copies that clearly shows this. Well, lawyers like you can’t save your face here because every day we find unrelated details being mentioned in affidavits and complaints. Since there is almost no punishment for such false complaints about the women or their lawyers, you get away easily wasting courts’ time and plundering Taxpayers’ money.

Feminist lawyer says it is not easy to put a man behind the bar on the frivolous complaint, without evidence –
354 and 354A – How simple is it to put a man behind the bar. Oh hello< please come to reality. Many such innocents are every day being exploited by the women and lawyers like you.


Feminists want to understand this stat
Rape cases – 53 %? It is actually 75% and you will find that to be true when you check and analyze NCRB stats. See how many cases are decided by courts and how many convictions and then calculate the percentage, you will know 53% is actually a lower number.

Feminist says it is not specifically written in Domestic Violence Law
Well, it is not specifically written in Domestic Violence Law and that is true. But these are the complaints you lawyers make in your Domestic Violence complaints in courts. If these are not domestic violence then how do the courts accept them without punishing the lawyers for frivolous complaints?

Feminists say, no this is also not specifically mentioned in Domestic Violence Act, 2005

In adultery, can you tell me how can a husband prevent his wife from meeting her lover? If he does he gets all sorts of cases and that is a reality. You advocates help women in filing false cases including rape and then the wife is given maintenance, his house, and everything. Not everything needs to be written in a law and you should know this if you are a lawyer. It can come under mental cruelty under domestic violence and there are innumerable complaints made in that regard.

So dear feminists stop fooling around. People understand these things clearly today. Indiatimes might have removed their post, but we will not. Your fake knowledge is exposed to all.


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  1. bulshit … u men know only to crib….. these statistics are biased and skewed to satisfy some men who want to bring patriarchy back in Indian society and control women like in muslim nations.this is consipray by foul crying n fake data…every gal faces regular harassment on the road as a day-to-day routine. Even mothers of chauvenists will agree. how can someone b overconfident abt deir fraudulent data


  2. you know where the irony is :

    If a man stops his wife meeting her lover, it is domestic violence and the man is screwed by his wife and the law.
    If a Man tortures his wife to go to his lover, the wife has every right to file a case of domestic violence against the man, but she cannot.
    It is the love, humanity and loyalty that screws us.


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