Sensational Expose’: Nirbhaya’s Parents And Mukesh Were Coached By Leslie Udwin

Mukesh was coached

International journalism and filmmaking are shamed by BBC and their criminal accomplice Leslee Udwin as the co-filmmaker of documentary India’s Daughter revealed that Mukesh the Delhi rapist was coached by the documentary maker Leslee to say words from her script. An aspect already brought to everyone’s notice by The Male Factor immediately after it was released. It was evident from the way script was moving and the scenes were shown –

We were first to expose India’s Daughter, here

Beware! India’s Daughter is scripted

As the news above states that Leslee not only flouted all GOI rules but also broken the trust of all who helped her by fudging the individual opinion and forcing them to read out from a script.

While filing the complaint with Anjali, the co-producer of the documentary said –

“Today I accuse Leslee Udwin of committing acts of cheating, criminal breach of trust, misappropriation, dishonest execution of agreements and dishonest concealment of property not only against me but also the Union of India. She has also tricked other Indians including ministers and ministries  – everything is detailed in the court document. We have evidence that will stand the test of scrutiny in a court.”

Also as we see how the plan to make India’s Daughter started, we notice that Leslee Udwin wanted to make a “Fiction” movie on rape in India from a rapist’s viewpoint.

The point to note that a strict guideline was set to shoot the film but Leslee flouted all norms and “coached” Mukesh on what to say on the video. Not only that, Leslee Udwin has also coached Nirbhaya’s Parents on speaking from her script.

By sponsoring this film and showing the same, BBC has shown their low standard of journalism and a strong global desire to demean India. Even though this revelation comes very late from the co-producer but this surely makes a strong point for GOI to ban BBC in India.

We from The Male Factor demand strong punishment for Leslee and all others who had been involved in any manner with the promotion of the film. We also thank Anjali Bhushan for this expose’ but we feel she should have made this earlier when India’s Daughter was released. Now India’s image is already being slammed in international media for which Anjali is partly responsible too.



  1. Did you notice one thing? Leslie Udwin is a Jewess. And so is Wendy Donigner who wrote a book degenerating Hinduism by creating false stories and sex stories, which are non existent, in Hinduism and are nowhere to be found. Why are these Jews increasingly defaming Hindus, India and Hinduism?


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