Nonagerian Illiterate Woman Wins Maharastra Gram Panchayat Election, Creates Sensation

Gangubai Bhambure, Khed, Maharastra
Indian Express story on the matter

The feminist created myth that India is a patriarchal society and Indian women are not valued took a severe jolt when in recent Maharastra gram panchayat election a nonagenarian illiterate woman won the election and is now all set to become the first sarpanch (head of the panchayat) of the village. Gangubai Bhambure (93) was initially not interested but her grandson had convinced her to contest the election and win.

This news is significant because Indian women and especially the village women are always projected globally as oppressed women. The example of Gangubai Bhambure will be an eye-opener for the world. Nowhere else in the world we have such aged woman becoming a leader.

It is said that her good connection with the people of the village had made it possible for her to win. People often call on her for their personal issues and Gangubai always helps them.

India has many firsts to show to the world. Hope feminists who are always busy spreading lies about the life of our village women will take their lessons from Maha Gram Panchayat election results in Khed and get moving with real development work as Gangubai is all set to start.

We wish Gangubai all the best as she will soon start giving public speeches and learn to sign documents. Really, there is no age limit to learn new things and lead. Another gift to the world by the so-called patriarchal and regressive India.


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